Educational apps have made a phenomenal change in the way we manage classrooms and schools, and in the way we learn. The best part about these apps is the availability of information at our fingertips in different forms. Many of these educational apps have served as a one-stop learning solution where many things in terms of academic aspects can be achieved at the same place, rather than having to go for different sources.

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There are plenty of educational apps available these days that serve different purposes. You can use them to study, to stay organized, to be productive and what not.

Many of the educational apps can be accessed absolutely free of cost. There are also some apps of which the basic version is available for free, but would require subscription plans and in-app purchase options to use advanced featured. Also, there are fully paid apps that can be downloaded only by paying a certain amount of money.

Best Free Educational Apps for Students

The following list consists of some of the best 12 educational apps for students that are available for free. You can check them out here.

1. Duolingo

Yes, the popular language learning app is available for free. Duolingo offers over 95 different courses in 23 languages that include English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Latin and much more.

The learning process in Duolingo is mostly game based that makes language learning enjoyable and fun. The visual elements of the flashcard-like game in the app give you a better understanding of the words. It also helps you to build your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills.

Duolingo App

You can also attempt tests to analyse your proficiency in the language you are learning. The app monitors your learning progress and performance, giving you an idea of what part of your learning needs more attention.

Duolingo app helps you to master all aspects of language learning, be it reading, writing or speaking. It is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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2. SoloLearn

Technology has brought the world closer by helping them stay connected and it will continue to happen in the future as well. Therefore, knowledge in coding is expected to be an essential requirement in the days to come.

Many educational institutions have already introduced the subject to their students from a young age. There are educational apps for that extra support or to help the students to advance to the next level of learning to code, and SoloLearn app is one of the best choices.

sololearn logo

SoloLearn app comes with over 25 programming courses and a library with plenty of free code learning content under different topics for learners with any knowledge level, from beginners to experts. The app also keeps posting new content on a daily basis.

The app also comes with a community of over 40 million coding students, where they hold discussions based on various topics, solve problems and create new content to practice coding.

The app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:-  (

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another popular educational app that is available for free. The online learning platform is perfect for students as well as adults who are looking to improve their knowledge.

Khan Academy app offers over 4000 courses in different subjects, including Maths, Science and Humanities, all based on NCERT or CBSE syllabus. The app also comes with a free, personalised learning library.

khan academy app logo

Khan App features videos, interactive exercises and articles on different subjects that allow in-depth learning. It also has a personalised dashboard for each learner where they can view their learning progress.

Khan Academy app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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4. TED

TED, the popular platform known for TED talks by experts from all walks of life gives you access to all of its content for free. The app features over 3000 TED Talk videos based on different topics, all presented by renowned musicians, tech geniuses, business giants and others who have proven their worth in their respective fields.

In the app, you can browse through the TED Talks library to access the video of your choice. The videos come with subtitles in over 100 languages. You can also listen to podcasts in the app.

ted logo

If you have no idea as to which video to choose, you can use the” surprise me” feature for video suggestions. TED app also has bookmark feature to bookmark your favourite videos.

TED app is a great source if you are looking to fulfil your curiosity or if you want to improve your knowledge.

The app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:-  (

Play Store:- (

5. Lumosity

Lumosity is a well-known brain training app that you can access for free. The app helps you to achieve the goal of enhancing your skills, in terms of memory, critical thinking, problem solving and flexibility through games.

You can start with a free 10-minute FIT test to set your baseline scores, and to see where you stand compared to your peers. The app also features over 40 activities that challenge your memory, logic, language skills and much more. You can also go for personalised challenges based on your preferences and training habits.

Lumosity App logo

Lumosity app also provides you with training insights which helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as you progress. Your gameplay analysis provided by the app helps you to better identify your cognitive patterns.

Lumosity app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

6. Photomath

Photomath app can be a saviour when you struggle with your math problems. Did you know that the app is available for free?

The app comes handy when it comes to solving any Math related problems, from simple ones of which you need to check the answers to difficult problems you are having a hard time solving.

Photomath app logo

All you have to do is to click a picture of an equation or scan it and upload it in the app. In return, you will get the step by step solution to it so that you get an idea of what needs to be done or where you went wrong.

Photomath app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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7. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster dictionary, the popular American dictionary, is available in its app form and is absolutely free. Finding a right word or figuring out its meaning, it is a great accompaniment when you are learning English language. It is one of the most commonly used dictionaries around the world and is often used for reference, learning and building your vocabulary.

The app also features word games and quizzes that help you to learn new words and test your vocabulary. The word of the day feature in the app is also a great way to learn new words in the app.

Merriam Webster Logo

Apart from the meaning of a particular word, you can also find synonyms, antonyms and example sentences that help you to understand how that word is used in a sentence. Another feature is the audio pronunciations by native English speakers so that you learn to accurately pronounce it.

Merriam-Webster dictionary app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is another popular app that helps you in language learning. It can be termed as a writing assistant that helps to correct and edit your grammar, spelling and punctuation as you type.

Grammarly can be considered a proof read app that helps you to identify errors in your writing by checking it for issues. It also notifies you about the errors and guides you about what should be written instead.

Grammarly App Logo

The app also comes with advanced features, such as synonyms, that help you to improve your vocabulary, spelling and writing skills.

Grammarly app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

9. Timetable

Timetable app helps students to easily manage their school/university life. You can enter all your academic schedules in the app and get reminded so that you would not miss out on them.

Apart from class timings, you can also enter schedule details for home works, exams, tests and assignments, as in the timings, due date, name of teacher, etc. The app notifies you when about the schedules on time, and also reminds you to study. Another feature is that the app mutes your phone automatically during your study time.

Timetable App Logo

The schedules are organised in the app as a table or grid. You can also search for a particular task in the app.

Timetable app is available for download in the

Google Play Store:- (

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10. Daylio

Daylio is not exactly an academic related app. It is rather a mood tracker app that helps you to keep track of your mental health.

Daylio app acts as a private journal where you can note down anything about yourself. You can customise the app based on your personal needs.

Daylio App Logo

It helps you to analyse your habits, keep track of your emotional needs and helps you to realise the factors that affect your mood both positively and negatively.

Daylio app is available for free in

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

11. LiveCarta

Livecarta app is a digital library with all books and learning materials in it available for free. You can read the books in offline mode as well.

You can use your LiveCarta account to sync all the reading resources across different devices you use. You can also read the books, add highlights and notes and sync the changes made across the devices.

Live Carta App

The app also comes with features where you can search for keywords within the book or a specific chapter. The read aloud feature allows you to listen to the stories anytime, anywhere. You can also customise the read aloud feature, in terms of voice, speed and pitch.

LiveCarta app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

12. Study Tips

Study Tips is the app you need if you are looking for study hacks. The app gives you tips to study and also to remember more information in less time.

Study Tips app consists of a list of tips and tricks to learn that will help you achieve the different academics related goals. The app helps students to better manage their time and be productive, and also to develop good study habits.

Study Tips App Logo

The different tips provided by Study Tips app include those for studying effectively, maintaining the environment for learning, remembering information within a quick span of time, preparing for tests and exams, and so on.

Study Tips app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Costs Idea

Apart from the above mentioned apps, there are many more educational apps that are available for free. These apps help students be more responsible and committed towards their academic goals. Also, they get to organise and maintain their school/college life, and also to be productive without losing focus.

Most of these apps come with different elements, such as gamification and colourful, eye-catching interface that make it appealing to users. It interests them as the elements make the app more fun. As we mentioned earlier, the different apps serve different purposes. You can look for the best, free-to-use educational app that suits you and helps you to achieve all your academic goals.

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Languages are powerful.

They are a bridge to a new country, window to a new culture, and a new perspective for you to view the world.

Most syllabi around the world have made learning an extra language, preferably a foreign language, mandatory. Some even consider learning languages as a hobby. Also, since work culture has become more diverse and global, there has been a need to learn new languages for communication purposes.

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Whatever the reason, desire to learn a new language is becoming undoubtedly popular, and a language learning app can help you achieve your goal.

Why language learning apps?

Talk about convenience.

Dressing up, and commuting all the way to an institute for an hour’s class per day to learn a new language sounds tiresome. Why take so much effort when you can just learn using a laptop or smart phone?

Most language learning apps are customisable as per your convenience and you can also gain access to personal trainers to learn a new language. Sounds cool, right?

So, Which are the best language learning apps available?

There are plenty of language learning apps that for web, iOS and Android use. You can check which one suits you the best and go for it.

Here is a list of top 12 language learning apps available in 2023.

1. Duolingo

If you feel the name sounds familiar, it is because Duolingo is one of the hottest language learning apps out there.

Duolingo app offers over 30 language learning options and 19 languages, including French, Italian and Japanese to choose from.
The best part of it is that you get to learn through games. The makers of Duolingo opted for gamified learning to make it more engaging so that the learners remain consistent and focused through the learning process.

You can accomplish tasks, earn rewards, level up, compete with other learners, and move up the leader board. Duolingo also provides you with daily exercises and quizzes to improve your grammar and vocabulary. The quizzes include recognizing vocabulary, and listening and speaking practices.

The app also has some additional learning features. Duolingo stories comes with short stories for learners of Spanish, French, German and Portuguese at beginner and intermediate levels to practice reading. Duolingo Event connects learners from different cities on a weekly basis to practice language conversation.

The app has both iOS and Android versions. Duolingo is available for free and you can get some extra benefits through in-app purchases.

2. Memrise

Memrise is another fun language learning app for users at beginner and intermediate levels. The app offers 20 language options and features a variety of games to learn while having fun.

One of the most interesting features of Memrise is the collection of videos of native speakers shot at their hometowns. You get a sense of the accents and culture through the videos. Another feature is the simulated text-message conversations that allow you to use the language you are learning in different ways.

Memrise app monitors the number of words you learned and the total number of words you mastered during lessons.
The app uses memory techniques to help users learn a new language. It also uses an algorithm to provide a customised learning experience to learners.

Memrise app is available for web, iOS and Android. The first level of any language learning course is free. You will have to subscribe at a rate of $8.99 per month to gain access the next levels.

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3. LingoDeer

LingoDeer is a popular language learning app with some awesome content for those who wish to learn a new language. The app offers lessons in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, and English languages.

LingoDeer app makes language learning fun with its different features. The interactive lessons will help you with your vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking skills; all you have to spend is 10 minutes per day on the lessons. There are also placement tests, grammar lessons, flashcards, quizzes and much more in the app that make your language learning process easy.

LingoDeer is available for Android and iOS. Majority of the lessons in the app are available for free. You can upgrade to Premium if you want access to more lessons.

4. Babbel

Babbel app uses “speed repetition” method to help you remember the vocabulary. The app also features interactive courses for learners from beginner to advanced levels.

The lessons include exercises for reading, writing, listening and speaking that will help you to master the new language to the point of holding conversations. The lessons are short, about 15-20 minutes, making it easy for you to fit in language learning to your schedule without any hassle.

Babbel app is available for web, Android and iOS, and offers 14 language options. The app offers the first full lesson for free. The rest of the lessons can be accessed at a rate of $6.95 per month.

5. Busuu

Busuu app stands out among the list of language learning apps for various reasons. Unlike how you begin directly by choosing a course in the rest of the apps, you have to start by taking a placement test in Busuu app. The test determines your proficiency level and helps you to choose your lessons accordingly.

The app offers various activities for learners to develop their vocabulary and grammar, by focusing on improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You can also practice what you have learned and receive feedback from native speakers. The app claims that 22 hours spent on the Premium version of the app equals a college semester worth language learning.

Busuu app also includes a “Study Plan” feature where you can set goals and receive reminders, and a word review feature, “Vocabulary Trainer.”

The app works for both iOS and Android, and offers 12 language options.

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6. FluentU

If you are looking for an app to learn a new language at your own pace, FluentU app is the one. The app features a curated video library with genuine video clips of movie trailers, news segments, etc. in different languages.

The videos come with annotated captions, giving you access to the meaning of words, related images and meanings. You can see how a word is used in the videos by clicking on it.

The app also has an algorithm that considers the learning history of the user and provides you with questions based on what you have learned.

FluentU app works for iOS and Android and offers 10 language options at present.

7. Mango Languages

Mango Languages app is colourful and provides lessons on over 70 languages, making it one of the best choices for people looking to learn languages that are not so common.

The app offers various reading and listening activities that intent to build skills based on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. It also features voices of native speakers at different speeds for learners to understand the pronunciation, and the societal aspects of languages. The app also has a “Jump back in” feature that allows you to pause, play or return to learning. The review feature provides a personalised learning experience to students, by providing them insights regarding their learning pace and engagement frequency.

Mango Languages app is available for web, Android and iOS, and is free for some learners with a library card, if the library they have membership in is connected with the app. The first lesson of the app is free for all learners. Full access to lessons for one language costs $7.99 per month and $17.99 per month for all languages.

8. Mondly

Mondly app prepares you for real-world conversations by teaching you key words and useful phrases. The app is suitable for learners at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Mondly app includes games and interactive lessons to help you learn a new language. It also features voice recordings of native speakers, voice recognition activities to practice speaking, dictionary, tool for verb conjugation, and much more. There is even a version of the app for kids, meant for children aged between 6 and 8 years.

The app offers 33 language options and claims that by the end of lessons, you will learn over 5000 words and phrases.
Mondly app is available for web, iOS and Android. Language classes are available for free for users. You can gain access to further content at a subscription rate of $9.99 per month or $47.99 per year.

9. Beelinguapp

Your love for reading stories and your passion to learn a new language, and you get to do both at one place. Sounds awesome, right? Then, Beelinguapp is the best choice for you!

Beelinguapp offers language learning through audiobooks. When you listen or read along, the respective text is highlighted. You can read narratives, news or listen to music in the language you wish to learn and you can also see the translated version of the text in your native language..

The “karaoke reading” feature of Beelinguapp has a native speaker narrate a story, while you can read along the text to get a better grip of the vocabulary and pronunciation.

Beelinguapp offers 13 language options and keeps updating content on a weekly basis. You can learn multiple languages at a time with this app.

The app is available for iOS and Android. You can access some of the reading content, news, flashcard games, and listen to a song once for free. The Premium version costs $13.99 for the first year and $22.99 for lifetime subscription.

10. HiNative

When it comes to learning languages, the best person to clear your doubts regarding the topic is obviously a native speaker. But finding a native speaker in your area can be a little hard and that is why HiNative app is the best place to ask your doubts.

HiNative app is a Q and A platform where you can ask questions you have regarding the language you are learning to a native speaker.

You can ask questions in the form of audio, images or text.
The app is available for iOS and Android, and is free to use. It offers to answer your doubts in 110 languages.

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11. Daily Dose of Language

If you are keen to learn a new language, but cannot afford to invest several hours of your time for it, Daily Dose of Language app is for you.

Daily Dose of Language app offers 12 language options for you to choose from. You get to learn something new every day with the app. It provides free, 1-minute long mini lessons on a daily basis, on vocabulary, phrases, slang and culture.

Go for the Premium version if you want access to podcasts, video lessons, grammar info, transcripts, and much more.

12. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been here for 27 years and is one of the big names in the world of language learning apps. The app teaches you languages using practical scenarios.

It offers immersive learning through words, images and audio recordings of native speakers that you can learn the language without actually translating everything to your native language. However, if at all you want to see the translation of a word, you can long press it.

Rosetta Stone’s Phrasebook comes handy when you are travelling. You can use it to learn phrases in 164 languages.
The app also comes with a speech-recognition technology that helps you to improve your speaking skills and helps you to speak the language in native accent.

The app offers lessons on 24 languages. You just have to spend few minutes a day to master the language of your choice. It also provides you with free learning resources that you can download.

Rosetta Stone app is available for web, iOS and Android. The app offers a free 3-day trial. You can subscribe at a rate of $5.99 per month for 24 months or $199 for lifetime for further access.

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Language learning apps provides you with a personalised learning experience within the comfort of your home. You can also choose to learn as many languages as you want. Unlike the traditional learning methods, Language learning apps include technology that makes the learning process engaging and fun.

Apart from the 12 apps mentioned in the list, there are plenty of other language learning apps available and there are more to come in the future. You can look into the features and choose the one that best suits you.

Happy learning!

Microsoft Teams is a popular chat-based collaboration and communication tool. It has been commonly used by organizations for interactions, and file and information sharing these days.  Primarily meant for businesses, Microsoft Teams also has an Education version meant for classroom management, live classes, and for online learning. But as a tool for education, as in schools, colleges, or training of employees in an office, Teams still has a long way to go.

Requires Continuous Internet Connectivity

Teams cannot work without constant Internet connectivity. Any issues in connectivity during an ongoing presentation or meeting can cause users to miss out what is being said.

 Confusing File Structure

This is one of the main drawbacks of Microsoft Teams. Online learning involves lots of file sharing. It is not really possible to find where exactly these files are stored, considering the different folders created.

Even if you remember the file location, it can be confusing.  Whatever files that are uploaded during a Teams conversation are stored in the channel root folder. Finding the one you need among them can be quite tiresome. Trying to organize the files might cause the links with the conversations to break.

Education App Directory Banner

Complex Outlook Transition

Microsoft Outlook is commonly used by all organizations and most employees might be used to the email platform. This makes transition to Microsoft Teams a bit difficult. The best way is for all team members to focus entirely on Microsoft Teams and leave out Outlook.

But, at the same time, abandoning Outlook altogether and using only Microsoft Teams is not wise either. Office 365 still depends on Outlook for many other functions. For example, while writing, Teams does not support Group calendars. Also, it is not possible to send links to Word documents through Teams chat. During such instances, email seems to be the better option.

Challenges in Inviting an Outside User

A member from outside of your organization can be added to Teams through External or Guest Access. And then, there are many steps to be followed to make sure that the outside users can access Teams with the right permissions.

Flexibility is Limited

Creating a new Team on the platform requires building everything from scratch. Microsoft Teams is not that flexible when it comes to replicating structures. If you are replicating a Team, everything has to be done manually. This can use up lot of your productive time and affect the efficiency.

Permission Setting Challenges

Most organizations prefer Microsoft Teams because it makes information sharing easy. Though all members can access all channels and all files in the Team and also other features, there are times information sharing has to be more specific. But it is not possible to change the permission settings accordingly at present. For example, you can create private channels in a Team with specific permissions for the channel, but you would not be able to invite guest users.

No Unified Chat

Microsoft Teams does not have a unified chat feature. This makes it impossible to search any information you want from all the conversations. You will have to remember the conversations in each chat and then search for a particular conversation within a specific chat.

Uses up Space

Anyone using Microsoft Teams can create their own Teams and channels. But with each team being created, it takes up space in the institute’s server. Restricting the people to create groups is not a plausible solution, as it requires extra work and maintenance.

No Warning for Similar Team Names

Microsoft Teams does not warn or notify you if you create a team with an already existing name. As a result, more than one team with the same team name will be created, making it confusing to the users.

Channel Limit

In Microsoft Teams, the number of channels you can be a part of is limited. A person can be part of only 200 public channels and 30 private channels. Though it seems enough in most scenarios, it can be a limitation if you want to be part of a few more channels.


Microsoft Teams is too crowded with many tools having similar or overlapping features. This confuses the users, making it difficult for them to choose the right tool.

White Labeling

 All features of Microsoft Teams were not developed by the company itself. There are some features that have been bought from lesser known brands and were rebranded by Microsoft. White labeling is legal. But, it is disadvantageous to the lesser known brands that actually developed those features, since they will never be given credit.

Online Classes

Online education has become the norm considering the pandemic situation requires everyone to remain at home. Organizations and educational institutes are relying on collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, to carry out their activities.

Before, Microsoft Teams was a collaboration tool meant solely for businesses. But with the introduction of online classes, Microsoft came up with Microsoft Teams for Education. But, is Microsoft Teams an effective tool for online learning? Maybe not.

The most reported issue about Microsoft Teams during an online class is the technical problems. A large part of this problem is due to poor network connectivity, which can interrupt the smooth running of classes.

In January, students in Scotland had reported issues regarding Microsoft Teams. The students were not being able to use the “Join” button to join their online classes. There were also reports of services and chat functions being delayed. Similar issues with Microsoft Teams were reported in other countries as well.


In terms of usability, Microsoft Teams is a highly customizable platform. But the teachers/trainers have to work on setting up the class just right even if they are using basic features. Also, grading in Teams is a bit cumbersome.


Microsoft Teams might be a good tool for interaction. But when it comes to sharing content and live meetings, there are few flaws that affect the overall productivity of an organization. That is why using alternatives, such as Vimeo and YouTube, seems to be a better option.


Microsoft Teams for Education_Vimeo

Vimeo is primarily a video sharing and hosting platform meant for the arts and creative industry. But, lately, the application has found its way into the field of business as well. Vimeo allows hosts to password-protect videos, which is great if you are only sending to specific contacts.


Apart from Vimeo being a platform where you can upload and share videos, it also provides a live stream option that businesses can utilize to hold meetings. The chat option that works simultaneously with the livestream can be used for interactions. You can also record your screen, webcam, or both using Vimeo Record.

Keep Your Videos in One Place

This is one advantage Vimeo has over Microsoft Teams. Sure, you can share content through Teams. But you will have to manually record the live lectures, which might not give a good result in case of bad network or similar issues. Vimeo, on the other hand, allows you to store, manage, and host videos and live streams in the video library, which is secure and easy to search, without compromising the quality.

Host Meetings/Conferences Publicly or Privately

You can embed the player on your organization’s website by setting viewing permissions, and also, password-protect videos and live streams. You can also choose to host virtual meetings or conferences exclusively for your team. The videos can also be replaced without changing the URL.

Accessible to Everyone

Sometimes the videos you share is meant for a larger group of audience, may be including some with limitations, in terms of cognition, vision or physical abilities. Vimeo is accessible to anyone, anywhere making it easy for anyone to access.

Make It Interactive

Since Vimeo is mainly a video hosting platform, there is a common notion that the interaction is only one way. But, in reality, it is possible to make the videos interactive with call to actions, video chaptering, or closed captions despite the device used and thus, create engagement.


Vimeo is customizable, thus enabling businesses to create videos that match their branding.

Vimeo comes with a free plan, but it enables only a maximum storage of 500 MB per week. Since businesses need a larger space in the library to store and manage videos, the paid Plus or Pro plan would be a better option, and it is absolutely worth it.


Microsoft Teams for Education_YouTube

YouTube, another alternative to Microsoft Teams, is commonly known as an entertainment platform. It has been around for over ten years and has managed to gather a wide variety of audience for its different video content. Apart from being an independent video hosting and sharing platform, YouTube can also be integrated to other platforms.

Free of Cost

YouTube is absolutely free and is easily accessible to anyone, making it a usable tool to share video content within your organization. You can upload videos, even without having a Google account.

Available Anywhere

Now that the pandemic has transformed work life from offices to the comfort of your home, you will need a platform to connect from anywhere. YouTube allows you to upload videos or go Live from anywhere. A working Internet connection is the only requirement.

Form a Network

Sometimes different teams of an organization have to collaborate for projects and to explain the details to each team depending on their schedules would be a tedious task. With YouTube, you can share the videos containing information related to the projects with all teams at once. They can watch the video whenever they can.

Videos Can Be Watched Again

The best part of using YouTube is that the videos remain there until it is removed by the user. This enables everyone to go back and watch the lessons as required.

YouTube Live

YouTube also has a livestreaming option which organizations can use to hold meetings or conferences, be it for a big or a small group of people.  Interaction between the presenter and the team is possible through the comments section.

YouTube has come a long way from being a platform for entertainment to one used for education and businesses. The best part about YouTube is that whatever you upload is going to stay there until you want it removed.


Microsoft Teams is a good tool when it comes to interactions. But if you observe it as an educational app, there are many features that need improvement. May be the improvements will happen in the future. But, to wait for it until it happens is not reasonable. So the best way is to look for better alternatives, like Vimeo and YouTube.

Now, if you are wondering which to choose among Vimeo and YouTube, see here.

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The world is turning digital and it is high time now that kids learn basic computer skills.

It is only when kids are taught through simple coding games that they will hone their logical thinking and designing skills along with strong problem-solving capabilities.

You will agree with the fact that gaming is not only a pastime; it is  medium to encourage interaction between players.

Through games, kids discover and explore various things through trial-and-error options.

With so many benefits coming out of helping kids to code, here are some innovative coding games that will help them stay abreast with new technologies.

  1. Kodable

True to its name, Kodable is a kid-friendly game that enables kids to learn computer science in a fun-filled environment. You can check out a host of self-guided games that the Kodable website offers, specifically for kids between the ages of 4 and 10. All those kids who are yet to learn how to read can do wonders with the help of this iOS driven coding platform.

Interesting levels which come in the form of mazes help kids learn fundamental programming concepts like functions, loops and conditions along with debugging…

  1. Code Monkey Island

A yet another interesting platform that teaches kids the concepts of computer programming is the Code Monkey Island. Specially designed for kids above the age of 8, this is a crazy yet fun-filled board game that takes about 45 minutes to accomplish. This game basically revolves around the movement of monkeys around an island so that they finally reach their destination (bananas).

Played in a number of libraries, homes and schools, this captivating board game introduces kids to the fundamentals behind the embedded programming concept popularly known as the Boolean Logic.  Kids can also be taught about the manner in which conditional statements help them to code. Priced at $40+, you can order this game so that your kids can learn some programming skills; the exciting way.

  1. Lightbot and Lightbot Jr.

You can check out a number of programming puzzles that are presented in Lightbot and Lightbot Jr. These are iOS and Android compatible coding platforms that teach kids to code.. The aim of the game is to help the robot illuminate all the blue tiles that are placed on a 3-dimensional grid.

To complete the puzzle, you need to run an array of programming instructions on the robot. This puzzle game helps kids master the concepts of planning, testing and debugging along with loops and procedures. While Lightbot Jr. is meant for kids between 4 and 8 years, Lightbot is crafted for kids above the age of 9 years. While web browser version is free, you can pay $3 to download the iOS and Google Play versions.

  1. Robozzle

All the young programming enthusiasts should definitely try their hands at Robozzle. Tagged as a robot-programming game, both kids above the age of 6 and adults can make the most of this game that is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones.

An assembly of community-created puzzles help kids learn the art of programming. Challenging kids’ intelligence, this puzzle game offers the perfect blend of excitement and learning.

Robozzle through its tutorials help kids create indigenous games. While the browser version is free, you may obtain the iOS, Windows and Android versions by paying their respective prices.

  1. Puzzlets

In line with the tagline “Make Game Time, Brain Time”, Puzzlets is a Bluetooth-enabled game that can be either be played on your computer or tablet so as to learn the basics of coding.

Each game helps your kids to code while teaching them color theory and algebraic math. This game emphasizes on the need for innovative thinking that should be honed by the present generation kids.

If you are looking to sharpen the digital and intrinsic skills of your kids, then you can rely on Puzzlets as a promising gaming interface.

  1. Cargo-Bot

Identified as the first game that was developed using Codea, kids can find the iPad app Cargo-Bot both captivating and educative. This game comes with a simple aim and that is to employ a crane to transport boxes back and forward, between different platforms.

However, it is not as easy as it appears to be or sounds. It is through this challenging game that kids will be taught the concepts of programming like looks and debugging.

  1. Bee-Bot

Bee-Bot are kid-friendly robots that teach kids a host of subjects. Kids will be introduced to situations demanding their problem-solving, their sense of direction and estimation abilities.

Alongside these skills, kids can also learn programming languages by following certain instructions. In addition to imparting coding knowledge, Bee-Bot can help kids solve numerical, literary and scientific puzzles.

  1. Machineers

Would you be interested in letting your kids go on an adventurous trip as they start showing interest in computer programming? If yes, then Machineers is the right choice.

Tagged as a game capable of giving youngsters a rush of adrenalin, Machineers keeps your kids hooked to coding. Kids have to interact with broken machines as they begin to employ the principles of coding.

Kids can take the assistance of the “drag-and-drop” function so as to fix all these broken machines. And what are the skills that kids master by playing this game?

Kids will be trained to put their logical thinking to test while they begin to sharpen their reading and writing abilities.

  1. Code Combat

Identified as the most engaging game to learn how to code, kids can pick the classroom edition of the Code Combat game. Your kids will be playing a real game and while they are at the game, they will start picking up nuances about computer science. Poised to transform the way kids learn how to code, Code Combat can be your top bet to teach your kids to code using Python programming language.

The game allows your kids to battle with Ogres in their pursuit to gather precious gems. Packed with the dual benefits of entertainment and learning, you can also teach your kids coding principles when you select the multiplayer programming game.

  1. Codemancer

Last in the list of exciting coding games for kids, but definitely not the least is Codemancer. This is a fantasy game that engages kids while uncovering the magic behind computer coding. This game has many feathers in its cap including occupying the 2nd place in 2016 at the Games Learning Society Show.

This game is meant for kids between the age group of 6 and 12. As part of the game, all the kids have to rely on coding so that they carve a path for themselves in the imaginary world inhabited by fighting sorcerers and their minions.

Key Takeaways

If you as parents are looking to introduce your kids to coding early on, you can check out the above 10 interesting edutainment platforms. All these games expose kids to certain visual blocks that need to be expelled through Python and JavaScript codes.

Alongside enjoying these captivating games, kids will begin to hone their prowess in designing computer games, building apps and working on amazing academic projects.

All your efforts as parents to young kids will eventually bear fruit with your kids getting future-ready by learning how to code.

Now is the age when a rush of technological advancements is changing every sphere of human life. Speaking of one such innovation is the field of Augmented Reality (AR) which is extensively finding its use in the field of education. Introducing a fun element to learning, here are some mobile applications that allow teachers to employ creative teaching techniques in classrooms.

The Multi-Faceted AR Apps for Imparting Knowledge

1.  AR Flashcards – Montessori Teachers’ First Choice

Montessori and preschool teachers enjoying their role of interacting with and teaching toddlers and preschoolers can look up to the AR Flashcard Animal Alphabet AR mobile app. This is an app that can lay a strong foundation for kids who are taking baby steps into learning and recognizing alphabets and animal names. This innovative teaching app which is sure to excite the senses of both the teacher and the learner comes in the form of cards. Students will be excited to juggle with these cards which come with the alphabet along with the corresponding name of an animal. In this manner, these flashcards come in as unique instruments attracting the attention of first-time learners.

The teacher can point his/her mobile at a printed flashcard that will result in an eye-catching 3D image of an animal on their screen. Then, the tutor can prompt students to tap the animal. When they do so, the students will get to hear the name of the animal and the alphabet the name begins with, that is given out by this intelligent app. Compatible with both Android and Apple phones, this AR app also allows you to save the pictures of all the 26 animals by tapping the “Screenshot” button on the phone.

AR Flashcards Space, as the name suggests, is a novel mobile AR app that is again meant for preschoolers and toddlers. Teachers can use this app when they are planning to conduct an introductory class about celestial objects. This is a befitting app that allows students to be taught with the help of 3D images depicting the various planetary objects along with their names. The “Info” button comes handy to explain interesting trivia about these objects belonging to outer space. This app can be downloaded on all the iOS and Android devices that come with a camera.

If you are looking to introduce your toddler into the world of colors and shapes,the free AR Flashcards Shapes and Colors app is one of the best choices. Tagged as a fun-filled teaching app, this cutting-edge AR technology makes teaching exciting. There can never be a dull moment in the lives of both teachers and students when both of them can make the most of the innovative technology of AR. The app that helps to teach students about various colors and shapes, comes with a color bar at the top of the screen. Teachers can simply press a button for the color and the shape to change. This app can be downloaded from either Apple iStore, Amazon Appstore or the Google Playstore.

2. Chromville Science – A Beginner’s Guide for Anatomy

Compatible with both Android and Apple phones, Chromville Science offers the perfect amalgamation of AR technology and high-quality educational content. Incorporating the concepts related to 8 Multiple Intelligence concerning the different learning stages of young children, this teaching app supports students who are interested in human anatomy. Teachers can make the class interactive by downloading this app on their mobiles before they can start printing the coloring pages. Now, it is for the students to color the templates according to their liking.

This is the spadework that should be done before you can start the app. The next step is to start the app. Teachers can prompt their studentsto tap the “PLAY” button which will again allow them to “SELECT” the correct character. The last step is to “PRINT” the colored pages which are in .pdf format.

Chromville Science is a perfect teaching app to unlock the inquisitive side of students. It is through such creative teaching techniques that students will grasp knowledge going by the maxim that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. They will be able to recapitulate nuances of a subject when they are exposed to pictures rather than subjecting them to black and white information.

3. Anatomy 4D – Your “On the Go” Anatomy Teaching Tool

Anatomy 4D AR App is aperfect aid to students, teachers and medical professionals. All in an attempt to unveil the knowledge about the enigmatic human anatomy and the heart in particular, this mobile app can be used to conduct an interactive class about the various parts of the human body.

You name the human system and teachers can access 4D images in the app explaining the same in detail. From the skeletal system to the muscular and digestive systems, those interested in anatomy will have information about various human systems on their fingertips.

Downloading this app onto your Android phone is an intelligent move before teachers can “PRINT” the huge collection of images that are enlisted under the “TARGET LIBRARY” section. This section lies embedded inside the MAIN MENU which is made accessible to mobile users. Once the image is printed, the teacher should place the printout out on a levelled surface and scan the image, using her phone. This completes the job of the teacher and the onus now shifts to students when the app delivers an unimaginable and life-like 4D image of the human part the teacher earlier scanned. The “ZOOM IN” option is an add-on from the app for students to enjoy a closer look at every organ that makes up a particular human system under study.

Helping mobile users to embark on a virtual journey, the Anatomy 4D app is a perfect teaching app to understand every bit of information concerning various body parts and their interconnections.

4. Unravel the “Under Water” Secrets through the Barcy AR App

Teachers looking to stimulate the imagination of students enamored with the water kingdom can now do it the smart way. The Barcy AR mobile app allowsstudents to imagine being a part of the stunning water world. Compatible with iPhones and Android devices, the Barcy AR mobile app throws light on the various types of marine animals with an imaginary submarine ride as a compelling attraction of this app.

Simulating the unfathomable depths of a water body, this app turns a discussion into a visual treat when students begin to enjoy the sight of marine creatures they are not familiar with. Giving the students the freedom to design their favorite marine character, teachers can harp on the ill-effects of water pollution alongside offering ways to avoid the same. This app which introduces students to various swimming techniques can excite them to register for swimming classes as a move towards “healthy and happy” living.

5. Elements 4D – An Easy Way To Master Chemistry

Elements 4D is an awesome app that provides an easier way to memorizing the periodic table of elementsand chemical reactions. The app features a collection of 4D cubesthat can be prepared by printing the special element blocks on a letter-sized paper and then, cutting them out and folding them. The blocks can then be held in front of any device camera to see the elements in augmented reality. Students can use the cubes to learn about 36 different elements, their names, atomic weights and structure.


They can also try bringing two different element cubes together to see if they react. After selecting one element, the next step is to introduce the second reactant. Then, teachers can move the two blocks close to each other until they establish a contact. If both the reactants are chemically active elements, the app demonstrates a chemical reaction. If nothing happens, you should alter one of the elements that can result in another chemical reaction.

6. Arloon Geometry – An AR App That Makes Geometry Interesting to Teach

Arloon Geometry is the next in the list of stunning teaching apps, employing the state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technologies. Offering a collection of multiple 3D models that explain various geometric shapes, teachers can handhold students above the age of 11 years to learn geometry. Allowing the class to interact with different geometrical figures, this app can strengthen knowledge about spatial visualization-a mental ability of students to visualize 2D and 3D figures.

The long list of topics that can be taught by this app is simply fascinating. Teachers can discuss geometric shapes like prisms and pyramids while going into the depths about their respective properties. Formulae to calculate their areas and volumes are also provided. The app follows a step-by-step process to arrive at a solution using the area or volume formula.

AR comes into play when students will be able to make comparisons between different geometric shapes in a virtual environment. Enabling students to understand various geometric shapes from different angles, AR steps in by making these multi-dimensional images look like plane surfaces. A star attraction of this app is the fact that its educational content is in line with the curriculum of schools. To sum it all, this app is a stunning tool that promises the perfect blend of textual content and graphic representations.

7. The Metamorphosis from a Pupa to Butterfly Clearly Explained by an AR App

Life Sciences teachers have a novel tool to excite their students. Life of a Monarch ButterflyAR app,which is compatible with iPads, can be downloaded by teachers who wish to tread the path of creative teaching. Tagged as an interactive app, an iPad dock VGA adaptor and a projector are the accompanying gadgets that are needed to make the most of this educative app. Teachers will excite students by projectingthe life-like simulations of the transformationsfrom an egg into a beautiful butterfly, on a screen.

Science teachers who wish to conduct their classes through video presentations can bank on this teaching app. The app which employs the AR feature follows a step-wise instructional pattern. After the successful completion of a lesson, students will be able to access a pop-up styled book which has a summary of all the important points of the chapter.

Teachers will be able to deliver practical sessions to their wards when the app isteamed with video presentation. Notwithstanding the intelligent quotient of a particular student, this teaching app can help smart students and the below-average ones. This app gains strength from the fact that the educational content is backed by graphical and life-like representations and thereforeis unique.

Coming under the umbrella of a digital storybook for teachers, this app helps teachers delve deep into the enigmatic natural wonders that surround and excite mankind. This teaching app is a perfect bet for students to visualize the beauty of nature that cannot be experienced by the naked eye.

8. History Teachers Make You Go Down Memory Lane With Augmented Reality Freedom Stories

A history teacher who wants to explain the ancient parables talking about the conditions of people of bygone eras can bank on Augmented Reality Freedom Stories AR app. History lecturers can use the app to take students to go down the memory lane about the incidents connected to the period when the US/Canada Underground Railroad was being commissioned. Going back to the time when Harriet Tubman, an American humanitarian who resolved to grant freedom to the American slaves living in Canada, it is through this app that a history class can be made even more exciting.

Teachers who possess an iPad or an iPhone can download and install this AR app along with the flash cards that come with it. Once installed, teachers can print these flash cards. The next step is to launch the app and point the image that is depicted on each of the cards to your device’s camera. This is when students will be thrilled to witness the glory of ancient stories come to life through AR.

9. Star Chart – An Exciting Visual Aid Simulating Outer Space

A classroom discussion about stars and their constellations, planets and the solar system, and the moon is incomplete without the Star Chart AR app. This app is compatible with multiple devices including Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone and Mac Desktop. However, all the above mentioned devices should come with a built-in compass so as to enjoy all the AR features of the app.

This high-tech teaching app can transport them into the captivating world of outer space when students begin to enjoy the stunning looks of the entire universe. Teachers will also be able to demonstrate how to calculate the astronomical distances between a particular star, moon or planet from the Earth.

The app can also be used by students aged between 7 and 18 years to view all these celestial objects even when the sun is shining bright. Teachers can simply point their device to any outer space object for the class to know whether it is a star or a planet. Students who are curious to know the placement of their star sign can use this app to view their star.

Once the teacher holds her mobile to the sky, she will be able to excite the visionary senses of her entire class. It is then that all the students will begin to watch in awe the beauty of the outer space unfolding in front of their eyes. This phenomenon comes in the form of 3D images with visual effects.

Additionally, this app allows teachers to manually set their location to visualize how the sky appears from any corner of the globe. All thanks to the Star Chart AR app, teachers can present the look and feel of everything and anything that happens on the ever-expansive blue sky to their inquisitive students.

10. Aurasma – An Innovative AR Teaching Tool

If you are a teacher who is driven by the zeal to employ the state-of-the-art teaching practices, then you are just a step away before you can achieve this. Simply download the Aurasma AR app, an educative tool specially designed for teachers and you are all covered. This app allows creative juices to flow by engaging students of different ages.

Compatible with iPhones and Android devices, this app helps in the creation of online AR content called “Auras”. Teachers can share the created content that is saved on their phones by connecting with the Aurasma Studio-a free online interface that allows teachers to create and publish their AR content. This app conveniently helps teachers to upload images, videos and animations that can be used to impart education to knowledge-seekers.


Technology aided teaching has become an indispensable part of the lives of every student and teacher. Apart from the use of multimedia technologies, the most modern advancements in the teaching sphere come in the form of AR tools. These apps allow students to experience the look and feel of real-life situations and thereby, transport them into an imaginary world while remaining in their classrooms.

It is true that technology is getting developed day by day. Nowadays, playing DVD’s and using educational while travelling is not a new thing.  Educational apps are available on both android and iPhone for children to learn and grow along with playing games.

Technology advances to improve the developmental skills of children, such as adding and subtracting or identifying shapes and colours. Reward your wards by enhancing basic skills at a younger age. Parents are supposed to ensure that whether the selected educational apps are appropriate to their ward or not.

Benefits of using educational apps:

  • Allows both children and parent to finish the task together and also increases engagement between parent and child.
  • Boosts technological intelligence at a young age.
  • Teach and continue classroom lessons outside of the classroom and during the summer break.

Education Apps for Android and iPhone infographic

There is no dearth for productive tools that are offered by mobile technology. Allowing smartphones to become your pocket-sized tutors, it is through these omnipotent and omnipresent gadgets that you can simplify the process of acquiring and assimilating knowledge about various subjects. Prompting you to stay abreast with the latest skills and information that is available on the internet,

here is the list of some best educational apps that both Android and iPhone users can make use of:

1. Khan Academy (Play Store App Store)

First in the list of “best educational apps for iPhone and Android” is Khan Academy; a totally free-of-cost interface that can strengthen your subject fundamentals. Download this app from Google Play Store or iTunes to lay hands on the basics of various topics including history, sciences, math and economics amongst many others.

Helping you establish a strong foundation about various subjects, Khan Academy can become your key to educational success. This app which promises a strong educational base of basics can help you understand the complex sections of various subjects.

2. YouTube ( Play Store App Store )

If you are of the opinion that YouTube engages online users with entertainment videos, think twice! Offering a host of educational apps, YouTube can be tagged as a perfect platform for practical learning. Scrolling through the long list of tutorials and “how-to” videos will equip you with a number of survival skills.

3. Ready4 SAT ( Play Store App Store )

Embedded in your iPhone or Android phone is the Ready4 SAT application that can lend a helping hand whilepreparing for a test. Simply download it on to your phone to refer the small chunks of invaluable material that will help you ace in your academic program; even while on the go. As it is a free app, you can access your educational progress with the SAT scores presented by other schools and academic curriculum.

4. Photomath ( Play Store App Store )

As the name suggests, Photomath is a student-friendly app that can handhold students to complete their algebra projects and homework. Tagged as your math knowledge-partner, you can not only solve algebraic equations but will also be understand the logic behind the problem. Allowing you to simply key in or snap a photo of your algebraic problem, the app dons the hat of a math tutor by breaking down the complicated question into smaller chunks.

Adopting a step-wise approach to arrive at the correct answer, it is through Photomath with which you can playfully master the principles of algebra. While doing so, you will be confident about submitting your school assignments in time.

An interesting piece of trivia about Photomath is that this educational app is also referred to as a camera calculator. Using the camera of your phone, you can point to a math problem for which you need an answer and Photomath will help you arrive at a solution in a jiffy!

You will not only be thrilled at the final correct answer that comes from the app but also a step-wise working about how to arrive at a solution. The manner in which you will arrive at the right answer by following step-wise instructions will help you solve other problems with utmost ease.

5. My Study Life ( Play Store App Store )

There should be a method even to madness. In line with this basic philosophy, My Study Life comes as a guiding light to all the students struggling to meet deadlines. Helping you chalk out a day plan, it is through the My Study Life mobile application that you can bring in orderliness to learning.

Playing the role of a school calendar, the notifications you get from the app help you stay in line with the forthcoming deadline; be it your homework or the last date of project submission. The methodical approach that this app offers can simplify the various complexities that school life comes with. Simply download this app and take pride in your recognition as an obedient student who has never missed a homework submission deadline.

6. Mendeley ( Play Store App Store )

Next on the list of learning apps that can be downloaded by iPhone and Android phone users is Mendeley. This is a PDF reader which allows you to collate and manage your research citations. Allowing you to share it with the rest of your class. Permitting you to search for different journal articles, it is through your iPhone or Android device that you can effortlessly access voluminous PDFs; instantaneously.

7. EdX ( Play Store App Store )

Tagged as a unique and free educational app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iTunes, EdX enlists courses that are offered in colleges. The well-curated curriculum of EdX paves way to gather information about curriculum that is taught at premier institutes like McGill and MIT. Helping you enhance your knowledge about various topics like engineering, computer programming, psychology, nutrition and statistics, this app offers a plethora of online and offline lectures supported by quizzes and assignments.

The convenience of accessing course notifications is another benefit that users of EdX will have over others. Offering an ocean of knowledge, EdX is a star educational app helping millions of students signing up for higher education in the above mentioned subjects. It can be also be referred to as a “must have” app for exhaustive learning.

8. Periodic Table ( Play Store App Store )

Everything you ever wanted to know about chemical elements, their atomic weights, atomic numbers and their chemical names can be sourced from Periodic Table. Needless to mention, this is a chemistry app that helps students expand their knowledge through podcasts and informative videos.

Bridging the gap between novice and knowledgeable chemistry students, this app is a top bet for chemistry students to lay hands on in-depth information.

9. TED ( Play Store App Store )

The world of knowledge is definitely a click away with the TED informative app. You can download the TED app to access a voluminous collection of over 1,700 TED talk videos that can be viewed on yoursmartphone or iPhone. Featured in the form of interesting presentations, it is through this app that you can expand your intelligent quotient grasping invaluable information offered by tech and business leaders along with musical maestros.

10. WolframAlpha ( Play Store App Store )

Supported by an assembly of algorithms and information, you can download the WolframAlpha app on to your Android or iPhone to gain insights about any topic under the sun. Tagged as a knowledge engine, this app comes as one of the top educational apps on the strength of authentic and reliable data that you will lay your hands on.
Extracting and presenting information from multiple sources, WolframAlpha can be recognized as a one-stop-solution to education, helping you make the most of everything that it offers to the seekers of knowledge.

11. Star Walk 2 Free ( Play Store App Store )

If you are an ardent lover of the celestial world and are looking to enjoy stargazing on your mobile, look no further and simply download the Star Walk app on your Android or iPhone. Identified as an augmented-reality app which is different from others in one or the other way, it is through Star Walk that you can actually feel that you are a part of the unknown world up there in the sky.

Offering you a real-time view of more than 200,000 stars and their breath-taking constellations, this app which comes with a $3 price tag leaves you mesmerized when you can view other celestial bodies as well. As if this unique experience is not enough, this app comes with a calendar of celestial events while also prompting you to enjoy the multiple shades of the night sky at different points in time.

Keeping human experiences aside, this app dons the hat of an astronomical educational app that provides in-depth information about the enigmatic world above, with unfathomable nuances about constellations, planets, satellites and stars. Hence, this app is not only for students who are exploring the vast topics of astronomy but  also for everyone who wishes to enjoy the dramatic and thrilling information of the ever-expansive blue sky.

12. Duolingo ( Play Store App Store )

Duolingo is a translation app through which you can translate global content into your chosen language; be it Italian, Brazilian, Spanish or German. Not only that, you can effortlessly translate web pages of various languages into your chosen language or other languages as well. Furthermore, users of this app can avail the benefits of language courses with multiple proficiency levels.

13. Quizlet ( Play Store App Store )

Quizlet is a quizzing app allowing you to browse from a huge collection of user-created quizzes about any topic that might interest you; this app comes as a perfect interface to hone your intelligence quotient.

Assisting you to chalk out your personal flashcards, the app employs an awesome combination of audio, text and images as part of its informative layout.

Wrapping It Up 

In spite of the fact that you possess a branded smartphone that runs on either of the two operating systems, you are poised to equip yourself with invaluable information that is enveloped in the form of educational apps. Simply browse through the number of alternatives that are enlisted either on the Play Store or on iTunes so that you can have the world of knowledge at your fingertips.