You are never too old to keep learning.

If you thought learning comes with an age limit, it is time you change your mind. There are many examples of people in this world who have pursued learning at later stages of their lives, for their passion for it. One example is Karthyayani Amma – a nonagenarian from the Indian state of Kerala, who passed the literacy examination with flying colours at the age of 96. She had to stop her education due to responsibilities in life; but, ever since she got the opportunity to continue her education in her nineties, Karthyayani Amma has remained unstoppable.

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There are many such people who exist among us and are still looking for an opportunity. Sometimes it is the responsibilities in life and sometimes it is the physical and intellectual disabilities that make learning a far-fetched dream for many. However, with technology being an integral part of the field of education today, there are plenty of options for you to continue learning without actually having to wait until you are free of all your responsibilities.

Today, there are many apps – learning apps in general as well as learning apps for adults that help you to learn the subjects of your interest at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. Even if it is just about expanding your knowledge, upgrading your skills or earning an actual degree, it is all possible with the help of learning apps.

Best Learning Apps for Adults


Here is a list of the best 15 learning apps available for adults.


1. Duolingo

Whatever the purpose – be it your love for learning or upgrading your skills for the sake of your job, if you want to learn a new language, Duolingo is your go-to app. The app comes in a gamified format with tons of exercises and lessons that help you develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the language of your choice. At present, Duolingo teaches 41 different languages, out of which 38 are for English speakers.

Duolingo App

Duolingo is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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2. 2048

If you are in for brushing up your math skills and having fun at the same time, 2048 is the app for you. It is a math-based puzzle game app for adults that makes you put your math as well as logical skills to use. Your goal in the game is to join the given numbers to get the 2048 tile. You can move the tiles using the arrow keys and when two tiles of the same number touch, they combine into one.

2048 Adult Apps

You need to continue until you get two tiles with 1024 next to each other and they merge to form the 2048 tile.

2048 app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

3. Coursera

Remember the learning programme you never got to pursue because your dream university was far away from your home country and flying there seemed to be an expensive dream? Well, now it is possible through Coursera – the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform that gives you an opportunity to pursue the courses of your choice from top universities online and earn a valid degree, diploma or professional certificate.


In 2021, Coursera has been offering over 4000 courses by 150 universities, including top educators like Yale University, University of London and Stanford University and more, and tech giants, like Google, Meta and IBM.

Coursera app is available for download on

Google Play Store:-  (

App Store:- (

4. Braille Tutor

Sighted or visually impaired, take your first step towards learning Unified English Braille (UEB) through Braille Tutor app. The app comes with plenty of interactive lessons that allow you to practice and learn Braille. The free version of the app offers exercises to practice writing and contractions – of, the, and, for, and with. You can also go for an in-app purchase worth $1.99 for advanced lessons that teach you shortforms, word signs, group signs and much more.

braille tutor app

Braille Tutor app is available for download in the

Apple Store:- (

5. Wikipedia

How can we leave out the most popular app that brings a plethora of information at your fingertips? Yes, you know the website and it has an app version for mobile devices as well. Be it any topic – history, math, science, entertainment and much more, Wikipedia helps you expand your knowledge in the blink of an eye.

Many of the information in the app are accompanied by images that give you a better idea of the information you are reading.

You can find Wikipedia app in

Google Play Store:-  (

App Store (

6. Codeacademy Go

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills of today, with basic coding skills being one of the requirements for many jobs, especially in the IT field. There are even reports suggesting that coding would become a must-have skill in the near future. So, if you are planning to learn to code or to upgrade your coding skills, Codeacademy Go is one app you can rely on. It is a great code learning app for beginners and comes with lessons based on different topics related to coding.

codeacademy go

You can attempt the quiz at the end of each lesson to review what you have learned. You get to learn web development and different coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, SQL and much more, in the app.

Codeacademy Go app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store (


If astronomy is your thing, there is no better app than NASA to fill you in with all space-related information. Learn about the different space expeditions, upcoming missions and the latest space news in the app. The app also has a huge collection of images and videos, and other content, such as news, features, etc.


You can also access new content on a daily basis that would help you keep yourself updated about what is happening in the field of astronomy.

NASA app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store :- (

8. Highrise – Virtual Metaverse

Learning does not have to be strictly academic. It also includes the development of your social skills. Highrise is a social networking app where you get to create your own avatars, interact with other users through private or group chat, attend virtual parties, build your own virtual world, and much more.

highrise app

The app also has many fun activities that you can join and meet new people in the metaverse.

Highrise is available for download on

Google Play Store (

App Store (

9. AmazingTalker

There are plenty of apps that teach you the English language from scratch. But what about an app that helps you achieve your language learning goals by allowing you to choose your own tutor and providing lessons tailor-made for you? And the best part is you can do this anytime, anywhere at your own pace. Sounds cool, right? That is exactly what AmazingTalker app does.


The app helps you better your communication skills through video teaching, quizzes and articles.

AmazingTalker app is available for download on

Google Play Store (

App Store (

10. Proloquo2Go

There are plenty of learning apps that are sometimes aimed at a general crowd or that are aimed at a specific group of people. Proloquo2Go app belongs to the second category. It is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that gives people with speech difficulties a voice. This app is suitable for anyone with speech impediments due to conditions, such as autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc.


They learn to communicate by conveying their needs and messages through the app. Proloquo2Go app is flexible and customizable and comes with different voices and accents to choose from.

Proloquo2Go app is available for download on

App Store:- (

11. TED

TED is not your regular “learn your fundamental concepts” kind of app. Instead, you learn from the experiences of different personalities across different industries from around the world. The app features plenty of short talks by known figures in their respective fields. As they take you through their life and career journey, it will definitely send a spark of a new idea or a new knowledge in your mind.

ted logo

TED talks are usually comprehensible despite the topic each of them is about. You also get to download your favourite videos for offline viewing as well.

TED app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

12. Blinkist

If you fall in the category of adults who cannot afford to spend hours reading a book, Blinkist app is your saviour. Blinkist app features a huge collection of summaries of many non-fiction books across 27 categories as well as podcasts. You also have options to listen to audio versions of the books.

blinkist app logo

You can also enjoy reading your favourite books in offline mode in the app.

Blinkist app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

12. Khan Academy

If you plan to restart from where you left off or if you want to review the fundamental concepts that were long learned and forgotten, Khan Academy is your go-to app. The app offers free online courses, lessons and practice sessions across different subjects, including math, art, physics, chemistry and much more. khan academy

The lessons are in the form of short videos that you can access for free.

Khan Academy app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

14. Udemy

Another MOOC like Coursera, Udemy offers plenty of courses across different subjects. The only difference is that the app does not provide you with any degrees or certifications other than the certificate of completion of a course. More than academic learning, the app helps you upgrade your professional skills. Anyone can upload a course from anywhere and you can choose to learn any of those courses after purchasing them. You also get to view your learning progress in the progress bar of the app.

You can download Udemy app from

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

15. SoloLearn

Gamification and coding lessons combined make the learning process fun, and that is exactly what SoloLearn app does. The app features lessons that teach you how to code. Along with that, there are also coding challenges where you can compete with your peers and earn XP.

sololearn logo

You also have the option to share the code you created with other members of the community and receive their feedback. There is also a leaderboard that lists the top coders using the app.

SoloLearn app is available for download on

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

There are plenty of learning apps that are already available in the market and those that are awaiting release. But it is a fact that the majority of these learning apps are meant for young students and not specifically adults. Yes, some of these apps, like the ones listed above, are suitable for adults as well. But there is still a need for more learning apps meant exclusively for adults as well, that would help them learn a specific concept or a specific skill of their choice instead of making compromises.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App

If there is an app with great content capable enough to pique the interest of adults, we would not hesitate to purchase it. Obviously, many of us adults spend a lot on gaming apps. So why not on educational apps, which give us an opportunity to learn something new or enhance our skills? It is time education providers and educational app makers give it serious thought because times have changed and adults love to learn too.

Due to the outbreak of the widespread pandemic Covid-19, classes have moved online and remote learning is carried out everywhere.

Remote learning was reported because of its role in supporting learning and maintaining a routine and sense of normalcy for kids when the schools and colleges continue to remain closed. You have to manage your work and ensure that your family’s basic needs are all met. At the same time, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of keeping your children engaged with learning at home.

It is not easy to come up into terms with this new reality easily, but fortunately, I have listed some tips below that can help you to reduce the stress in this transition process.

#1: Set and Follow a Schedule

remote learning tips

You should try to make it closer to the school schedule as possible. This will make things easier for everyone.

Of course, you can incorporate changes as required to suit your circumstances at home, your work schedule, and sleeping times. However, once it is created just stick to it.

#2: Ensure the Availability of Required Tools

remote learning tips

Your children will need many things ready at home to complete their assignments. Whether it be a pencil, paper, gum, scissors, pens, or any other thing, ensuring their availability makes life less stressful.

teacher app

It is also important to ensure that you have a fast and stable WiFi connection. Further, all account log-in information should be kept handy. Finally, it pays to have a PDF reader, note-taking apps, and anything else they need to get their work done.

#3: Make Sure the Home Environment is conducive to learning

remote learning tips

This may be a challenging task, but very important. If your kids remain isolated, you may not be able to keep an eye on them. If they sit at the kitchen table, they may be distracted. When everyone is at home, it is important to create a conducive learning environment.

#4: Chalk out a Daily Plan

remote learning tips

The daily plan is not the same as the schedule. A daily plan involves listing the to-do items for a specific day, keeping the schedule in mind.

#5: Never Teach, Help Them Understand

This is one of the top remote learning tips as far as parents are concerned. Never try to teach your kids, help them complete their assignments. The kind of help needed can vary from one kid to another and depends on grade as well as the subject.

#6: Make Sure they complete their work

As a responsible parent, you must make sure that your kids complete their assignments on time. Leaving anything incomplete, including a clarification sought by the teacher on email, can affect his/her performance.

#7: Help your kids check messages, communicate with school

Encourage your children to check daily for emails/messages from teachers and/or other students and send replies to those emails and messages, if required.

#8: It is about your kid, don’t worry about the work

remote learning tips

This is not easy when there is a lot of pressure from all fronts- home, office, and kids’ studies. But it is all for the well-being  of your child. You will have to take it in your stride. The additional stress brought in by remote learning is not going to last forever.

#9: Learn to understand your Kids’ problems

remote learning tips

Teachers have to learn to find out as to why a student’s performance is going down. In the remote learning scenario, the onus on you. You need to find out why your child is struggling. Is it focus? Is it motivation? Are they yearning for a hug? Do they want you to sit with them?

#10: Make use of the School’s Resources

remote learning tips (1)

Contact your kid’s school for resource support. This is very critical if your kid needs additional support and the school’s special services.

#11: Personalize your Kid’s Learning Space

remote learning tips

It is a good idea to personalize your kid’s learning space in terms of sound, light, equipment, etc. You can also make small adjustments to their schedules.

#12: Encourage him/her to have a Growth mindset

remote learning tips

A growth mindset is not about what or how they should learn. It is all about how they should think about whatever they are learning. Encourage them to develop a positive mental attitude about everything.

#13: Help them Use the Right Resources

remote learning tips

The goal is to help them have a clear idea as to where they should go for whatever they want. This enable them to save their precious time.

#14: Encourage your kids to follow their Passion

remote learning tips

Set apart some time in their schedules on a weekly basis so that they can explore a little bit and find out what their real passion is.

#15: Help them Organize their Learning Environment

remote learning tips

There is no doubt about the fact that the remote learning environment needs to be kept organized for your child to derive maximum benefits. However, it needs to be done depending on your circumstance.

#16: Encourage Ownership Attitude

remote learning tips

Train your children to take ownership of whatever they are doing. The more your kids own their learning, the easier and more fulfilling it will be for all.

#17: Accept the Complexity associated with Learning

remote learning tips

You need to think differently when it comes to helping your children with their school assignments. Know that your children need a lot of support – academic, collaborative, psychological, disciplinary, technological, etc.

#18: Help them to Find Motivation on their Own

remote learning tips

Children are different when it comes to motivation levels and what motivates them. Further, parents-children and parents-teachers-children dynamics are different. However, motivation is one area where parents could be better than teachers. The goal is to motivate them to learn without psychological punishments.

#19: Understand the working of the brain and how learning happens

Read about learning theories and basics of neuroscience.

#20: Make Learning Interesting

remote learning tips

Decide points, set challenges and achievement levels, and draw out visible progress markers. Read a little bit as to how you can gamify learning and how it makes learning more interesting.

#21: Encourage your child to create a Learning Network

remote learning tips

Help your children connect with their peers who have similar goals and attitudes towards life. For example, encourage your child that is desirous studying medicine with other students or groups that have similar ambitions.

#22: Help your Kid realize the value of acquiring specific knowledge

remote learning tips

Emphasize the need to develop critical thinking apart from acquiring academic knowledge. This may be a homeschooling tip but, ideally, it should happen in all formal learning scenarios.

#23: Watch News Occasionally

remote leaning tips

Set a limit on viewing news. Young children can get scared. Assure them that they are very safe and that life would soon be normal.

#24: Enjoy Family Time

remote learning tips

Do whatever it takes to enjoy family time. Play cards, make new/favorite dishes, sing/listen to songs, go through old family photos, or play games. Your children will be learning as well as having fun!

#25: Be your Children’s Role Model

remote learning tips

Develop and practice healthy habits. Your children will be encouraged to do the same. You may be working from home, but you should get dressed, take breaks, continue to maintain your bedtime, get sufficient sleep, exercise, and eat right.

This is a stressful time, but it also presents an opportunity. It gives you more time to talk to your children about their interests, strengths, and where they need more support. This is also a good time to bond well as a family.

Teachers are the building blocks of society. Teachers play a pivotal role in molding the character of students. We don’t have to wait until a Teacher’s Day or a Teacher’s Appreciation Week to give thank you notes for them. The teachers toil for the success of the students. So, it is important that we spend at least a minute to let them know how much we appreciate their roles in shaping our lives. So let’s have a look at 30 teacher thank you notes that could be a handful at the time we appreciate them

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Dear Mrs. S

You are the best teacher I ever had! I enjoy coming to school just because of you.




A big thank you to all my teachers for helping me learn. Thanks for your patience and faith in me!


You have been such an inspiration for me. You encouraged my interest in science and helped me to develop my knowledge. Thanks for being an amazing teacher


Thank you for being my guide and mentor. You have shown me the path to success. I shall always remember you in my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.


You supported me through the most difficult times at school. I used to find it really difficult to learn, but you broke down those lessons to easy-to-understand concepts. I am very thankful to you.


As a new student in a new city, I was very nervous to come to school. But then, your smile and confident words made me feel comfortable right from the first day . I shall forever be grateful for it. Thank you!


Thank you, Mr Rao! Your classes are always interesting and fun-filled. I am eagerly coming to school just to attend your classes.


Thank you, Mrs Saraswathi for making me believe in myself and my abilities. I may not have told you before, but you are an inspiration in my life.


This thank you note is for all my teachers and professors! Each one of you is like a rung of a ladder that helped me climb up in life. You have been with me in every step of the way and lifted me higher and higher in life. You didn’t just teach me science and math, but also about life. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


To my dear professors,

This note is more than a thank you note. It is a message from my heart. I am now a fashion designer and that is all because of your guidance, support, and training. You taught me to look beyond the colours and patterns and into the heart of the design. That has what made me the artist and designer that I am now. And for that, I shall forever be thankful to you.


As I step into the real world, I want to thank all my teachers for their patience and support. I do realize that you have protected me with your kind words and deeds. Now that I set off on my adventure, called life, I shall remember all your motivating words. Thank you for everything.


I think I have been very lucky to have such a great teacher like you. It was an honor to be a part of your class. You kindled my interest in literature and took me into a world of fantasy, fiction, and reality. Rare it is to have a teacher who is so inspirational and practical. I am thankful for your guidance and support.

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This is a little note to you to tell you how much I admire and respect you. You are such a passionate teacher and make lessons so fun and interesting that I always look forward for your next class.


I think that I have been blessed to study under such a brilliant teacher like you. Medicine has always been my passion, and you have been an inspiration. One day, I hope to be a doctor at least half as good as you.


I may not have told you, but then just attending your classes make me energized and excited. Your motivational words make me feel confident about my skills and abilities. I thank you for being such a great mentor.


I truly believe that you are God sent gift to my life. You completely turned my life, making me a confident person. Even when I didn’t have faith in my abilities, you believed in me and encouraged me to work harder towards my goal.

A note to say thank you for helping me with my essay. I do know that I am such an impatient person unable to sit still even for five minutes. But then you were so patient with me and helped me write the essay on my own. This is the first essay that I have written by myself, and I am so proud of it. Thank you so much!


Your class was so inspiring! I am looking forward for the next class. Thanks!


I wanted to send you a small thank you message for all your support during this semester. With my personal problems, I was having a lot of difficulty in keeping up with the lessons and the assignments. But you went out of your way to help me get through the difficult personal time and also get back to my studies. I shall never forget all that you have done for me. I am blessed and lucky to have had you as my teacher this semester.


Dear Mr. KMY

At first when you came to class, I was a little scared of you, especially during the practical classes. Then I came to understand that underneath the gruff exterior was a teacher of gold. You pushed me to keep doing better every time. Though you were my chemistry professor just for an year, your teachings have built a strong foundation in the subject, which I appreciate. My heartfelt thanks to you.


Your student


Dear Mam,

As a parent, I know and understand how difficult it is to handle 6-year-old children. But then you are so confidently handling 20 students in your class and still able to give individual attention to each child. I am in awe of you. I have penned this small thank you note to tell you that I am very happy with my son’s development. I can see a great difference in his learning abilities as well as behavior since the last six months. I am very glad and thankful that you are my son’s teacher. You are playing a huge role in crafting his future.


A thankful parent


A big thanks to all my teachers for encouraging and motivating me.


Dear Mrs. K,

This note is a special thank you from your obedient student. When I told you that I wanted to participate in the elocution competition, but had stage fear, you listened to me. You spent your free time in helping me practice my speech and deliver it with confidence. Though I was not able to get a prize this time, I am happy that I overcame my fear and spoke on the stage. It is only because of you that I was able to do this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


All the heroes, scientists, inventors, technicians and even the greatest leaders are created by teachers. Without teachers, the world will not run. Thank You Teachers!


To the World’s Greatest Teacher!

I am so happy to be in your class and learn from you! You rock!



P.S. Could you please come to our class next year also?


You are the most wonderful teacher that I ever had! I like you because you don’t use harsh words. Even when I make a mistake, you smile and tell me how to correct it. That’s why I enjoy your classes. Thank you, sir!


Dear Teacher,

In this Thank You note, I wish to express my thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for me. Without you, I would not have been able to pass this year. You not only made learning interesting, but also fun.

Forever, in gratitude

Your student


Dear Mr K,

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in your geography class in the year 2011. Your classes were interactive and interesting. You sowed the seed of my love for nature and wildlife. Now, I am working in an NGO that aims to make the world a better place. I wish to tell you that I am who I am now all because of you. I shall never forget you and your teachings. (I do hope you remember me!)




To my dear teacher,

You not only taught lessons in the subject but also lessons of life. You have made a great contribution to make my life successful. Thanks a lot!

Your student


Dear Teacher,

There are no words to express my thanks to my teachers. You are like candles, lighting up our lives as you sweat and toil in your lives. A little thank you may not cover all that you’ve done for us. But then I hope it will bring a smile to your face and a cheer to your heart.

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Thank you, Teachers!

Teachers are the ones, who are the most passionate beings to their students. Every successful person will have a teacher in some or the other phase of his/her lives who may have made a change in them. So, we can never limit thanking a teacher. And thanking means a lot to them.

DIY crafts for kids are a boon to the parents who struggle to keep their children occupied and away from the TV and mobile screens.

The craftworks keep them engaged fruitfully. The activities inspire them and expose them to facts visually. It also provides them with the space to be creative.

As for parents, DIY activities keep the children busy at home at a minimal cost. Recycled and unwanted materials can be used for these activities which will keep the costs low.

Buying new toys, which the kids tire out soon, and sending them to art schools are expensive propositions.

These expenses can be avoided and the parents get to spend quality time with the kids too.

We look at 17 awesome DIY crafts for kids that provide a fun-filled activity and a learning experience.

1. Handprint / Footprint Art

DIY Crafts For Kids

The paper or canvas is painted with washable paint. Once dried the child has his/her hand or foot painted.

They place their painted hand/foot carefully in the middle of the dried painted paper.

After the hand/footprint has dried the kids can draw on it according to their imagination. They can picture it to be butterflies, wasps, fishes, elephants etc.

2. Bubble Art

DIY Crafts For Kids

Bubble wrap paper is wrapped on a small cup.

The base of the cup is dipped in different color paints and stamped on art paper or canvas.

The prints look like beautiful flowers of different colors. Stalks can be painted by the kids.

3. Airplane Clothespin

DIY Crafts For Kids

This is very simple to make DIY crafts for kids under the ages of 6. Craft sticks are painted and cut into wing shapes.

These are then stuck onto the clothespin, the longer wings glued to the top and bottom of the clothespin and the shorter for the tail wings.

They can be made real colorful and attractive and hung on a clothesline.

4. Firework Paintings

DIY Crafts For Kids

Pipe cleaners, 4 to 5 of them are folded into half and the end twisted to make a handle.

The other end is fanned out in a circle. This is dipped in paint and stamped on paper giving it a slight twist.

The fan is then dipped in different color paints and stamped in the same place on the paper creating vibrant firework-like art.

5. Glow-in-the-dark Jellyfish

DIY Crafts For Kids

Paper bowls are painted inside out with acrylic glow-in-the-dark paints.

10 to 12 pieces of string of approximate length of 36 inches are squirted with glow paint and left to dry. Two small holes are punched in the center of the bowl.

The string pieces are then threaded through the holes so that both ends come out through the inside of the bowl. These form the tentacles of the jellyfish.

This is then hung in a bright room for about 30 minutes. Then the lights are turned off to see them glow in the dark.

6. Mini lid Banjos

DIY Crafts For Kids

This simple banjo can strum tunes. Four loom bands (rubber bands) are placed on over a bottle lid.

They are secured in place with tape. The end of a jumbo craft stick is cut. The craft stick is then painted or decorated.

The lid with loom bands is then stuck to the craft stick with tape. Tuning knobs can be drawn with a marker at the other ends or plastic buttons can be stuck on.

7. Marble Run

DIY Crafts For Kids

This tubular maze can be made from empty toilet roll tubes. A cardboard piece for a base, 5-10 toilet rolls, paint, glue, and marbles will suffice to make this a smooth marble run.

The rolls are painted different colors, some taped together, some connected together by splitting them halfway.

Holes are cut into the towers and the split halves are glued on in downward slants which will allow smooth flow of marbles.

This is a craft for older children as marbles will be dangerous for children under the age of 6. Sourdough balls can be used for younger children.

8. Race Track

DIY Crafts For Kids

Washi or masking tape can be stuck on the floor or a piece of cardboard big enough to house a race track for small cars.

The child can stick the tape according to his idea of a car racing track with parking spaces and repair stations. He can play with his small cars on this track.

Children tire of toys pretty easily. This DIY toy can be replaced anytime to the kids liking and interest. This saves on buying a race track toy.

9. Soap Boat

DIY Crafts For Kids

A rain gutter becomes a race track for soap boats in this DIY backyard craft.

Small bits of triangular fabric is stuck to toothpicks to look like sails. This toothpick is then stuck into small soap bars.

Water is hosed down one end of the rain gutter. The soap boat placed in the gutter then sail to the other end.

This activity will keep the kid running up and down with the boats.


DIY Crafts For Kids

Older children can make bookmarks from different materials. Tassels attached to paper clips are simple to make.

Painting on craft sticks, cutting strips of rectangular pieces and painting them, see how the imagination of the kids are working.

Corner bookmarks from colored paper are very attractive.

11. Balloon Rocket

DIY Crafts For Kids

One end of a string is tied to the back of a chair. A drinking straw is threaded on the other end of the string and then tied to the back of another chair.

Two pieces of tapes about 2 inches in length are attached to the center of the straw. A balloon is inflated and the open end held onto to prevent the air escaping.

This is then stuck to the tapes on the straw. The balloon is pulled to one end of the string and let off. It shoots across the string to the other end. This activity is educative as real rockets functions in a similar way.

12. Marshmallow shooters

The bottom portion of a disposable cup is cut off. The top of a balloon is cut off and the balloon is stretched over the bottom of the cup.

The open end of the balloon is stuck to the edge of the cup using tape. The opposite end of the balloon is tied into a knot.

Marshmallows are placed in the cup and shot out by pulling the knotted end of the balloon.

The force applied in pulling determines the distance to which the marshmallows travel. This is a fun learning activity for children of all ages.

13. Paper Bracelets

Abstract shapes and colors are painted on paper. The paper is then cut into 16-22 strips and folded into wearable bracelets.

The strips are folded in halves. One strip is slipped into another to form a T.

The tail ends are folded at right angles over the outer strip. The paper strips are added on and attached by folding into each other until the bracelet is long enough to go around the wrist.

14. Paper Bead Necklaces

Strips of paper – wrapping, magazine clipping, newspaper – are rolled into beads. Paper is rolled on to toothpicks.

The tail is glued and the bread rolls are taken off the toothpicks and strung together.

Children can use their creative skills in shaping the bead rolls and placing them to their liking and taste while stringing.

15. Mini Volcanoes

This activity is a bit messy and has to be taken place in a safe area as kids can go berserk seeing the chemical reaction.

Vinegar and baking-soda together create a volcanic type reaction. 4-5 paper cups, cut in half and filled with vinegar, are seated in a large dish.

A few drops of food coloring are added to each cup. A scoop of baking soda is dropped into these cups causing it to fizz out.

This is the lava coming out of a volcano. This is a very simple and informative DIY craft.

16. Toy Parachute

A dinner napkin is reinforced with tape on all four corners. Four pieces of string, about a foot long, are tied into holes punched at the four corners.

Two strands on each side are tied together. A knot is made at the end of each strand to be arm-holes.

A light figure or a tiny soft toy is tied to the armholes. This parachute, when dropped from a small height, opens up,  to the delight of the kids.

17. Paper flowers

These paper flowers are made from cupcake liners folded into quarters to look like a zigzag.

The liners are glued together in pairs. Two pairs are then glued together to form a full circle.

A jewel or button can be fixed to the center of the flower. A drinking straw can be attached to the flower as a stem. A group of these flowers can form a bouquet.

To Wrap it up

These simple and easy DYI crafts for kids to keep the children interested and motivated to do more of these activities.

The kids learn easily through activities. The parents and teachers can guide them so that they fully exploit their creativity.

The kids’ interests and aptitudes can also be assessed to an extent.


As you are probably aware, Knowledge and Human Development Authority aims at upgrading Dubai private education sector to international standards.  This government institution issues KHDA ranking to schools after conducting strict inspections regularly. The rankings thus procured speak about the quality of schools.

KHDA usually informs schools about the inspection three weeks ahead of schedule. Obtaining a better ranking in KHDA is a licence for schools to hike their fees. This is to encourage schools to maintain their educational standards

Ratings of KHDA and fee hike depending on it

  1. Outstanding – 6% hike
  2. Good – 4.5% hike
  3. Acceptable – No
  4. Unsatisfactory – No

School Inspections

Schools get three weeks time to make necessary changes for better ranking. Instructions are given to teachers, students and schools staffs for better behaviour. The sole purpose of rehearsals is to impress the inspectors.

Good performance can win schools better ratings. Better rating yields a licence for fee hike. Teachers and students turn to be actors and school a theatre during the inspection day. Things become normal after the day of inspection. Teachers and students are left to no choice, but to go with the flow.

Mock Drills for Perfection

Yes, you heard it right. To reassure that everything is well-organised, schools conduct mock drills of the inspection. Hiring fake inspectors for mock drills is a common practice.

A school borrowed maths teacher from another school, as its own teacher did not have eligibility criteria.

“Teachers from our sister institutions double up as dummy inspectors and come to our school where they hold several rounds of mock inspections to iron out the kinks. It’s like a fire drill, but more exhaustive,” said a teacher

There are more tricks

Certain schools even change the seating arrangement during inspection. Bright students are placed at back rows, average students at front and below average in the middle rows. It’s a psychology that the inspector asks questions to the last benchers. Even if they are unaware about the answer, students should raise their hands.

Schools told some 11- grade students to showcase a skit for the morning assembly during the day of inspection.

“The school wanted to show that such skits are a routine feature. The fact is they’re not,” said a student.

Parents, it’s your turn

Parents also play a major role to make a fool out of KHDA inspections. Schools arrange parents for ‘special briefing’, a weekend before the inspection.

 “We were told not to pack junk food in the tiffin that week and teach our children everyday so that they come prepared,” said a parent.

School authorities force parents to say good things about them. Parents fear that after rated ‘outstanding’, schools issue fee hike.

Teachers are also stressed

Teachers stay back even after working hours to prepare for KHDA inspection. The school management wants teachers to struggle for good ranking. Teachers can scarcely concentrate on their daily lessons due to the preparations for inspection.

“In the past fortnight or so, I’ve barely slept for three hours. Most nights were spent tweaking lesson plans, preparing self-evaluation reports and making teaching aids. KHDA wants evidence of all school activities we have done over the year. We’ve proof of a few, the rest have been faked. But in trying to pack a year’s work in one week, my blood sugar has shot up… I’ve no time to see a doctor,” a kindergarten teacher expressed.

Unrealistic Picture

Real picture of the school is different from the one shown to KHDA inspectors.  Often unrealistic pictures are the basis of school ratings. This year 80% private schools in Dubai have increased their fees on the basis of the ratings.

Is this of any use?

Most of the parents questions about the advantage of informed school inspections. It’s like inspection for the sake of inspection. Parents are against the inspection method done by KHDA. It’s easy for schools to hide their problems that reduce ranking if the inspection date is already informed.

Explanation of KHDA

The issue had created quite a stir among parents. Jameela Al Muhairi is the Chief of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) at the KHDA. She clarified that there are reasons behind three-week notice period before inspection.

  1. KHDA needs key documents before inspection
  2. KHDA needs to confirm that the inspection is fair, rigorous and well-organised
  3. Students ands parents might not be present during un informed inspection

“We want to work with schools and parents as much as possible to gain an accurate and fair view of the typical work of each school,” she added.

So, what do you think? Would it help if there is a new process set up to make surprise inspections necessary or is the issue just being overblown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.”- Wess Stafford

While schools strive to elevate children’s learning experience to the next level by EYFS syllabus, what are the contributions to children with special needs?

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Each child is unique, so are their requirements. EYFS syllabus that instills love for learning in students is not enough for children with special needs. They deserve something more. It’s not that they lack potential but requires special care to shine.

If you are a parent or teacher of a child with special needs, you cannot afford to teach them with limited resources. Special education needs better research.  Discover the potential of your students with the right support. The tool you might need to polish their intellect is here.

Here are some great special education websites:

  1. is the perfect destination for a wide-range of topics. It’s easy for both parents and teachers to find what they need. This website can help you stay updated about special education information. Articles by expert Jerry Webster is of great use for parents and teachers. You can easily find lessons, activities and general information about special needs education in

  1. Cast

Cast consists of everything related to special education. It is a non-profit education research and development organization. Cast aims at expanding learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.  It consists of 40 talented employees who include world-class educators, learning scientists, instructional designers, literacy experts, policy analysts, and graphic designers, software engineers, along with a first-rate administrative and executive staff.

  1. ADDitude

ADDitude is a magazine founded in 1998 by Ellen Kingsley, an award-winning journalist. The printed material in the magazine is also available in a fabulous website. The site is every inch useful for those living with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and parents of children with ADHD. The site provides clear, accurate and user-friendly techniques from experts.

  1. Understood

Understood has got partnership with 15 leading non-profit organizations like Common Sense Media, CAST, the National Center for Learning Disabilities and more. The site provides great articles with practice tips. The effective Parenting Toolkit in the site includes personalized advice and resources, a simulation tool to understand things from your child’s perspective, a tech finder, and a parenting coach tool. All you need is under one roof.

  1. LD Online

LD online is yet another website which contains articles, multimedia, columns by noted experts, first person essays, children’s writing and artwork, a comprehensive resource guide, community forums, and a referral directory of professionals, schools, and products. The site provides resources for teenagers transitioning between high school and college. This material rich website can be used by people belonging to all age groups.

  1. Do2Learn

Just like the name suggests, the Do2Learn website consists of numerous activities that can easily stimulate social skills and behavioural regulation in children. The site has to its credit, thousands of free pages which provide guidance, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills.

  1. BookShare

Knowledge can never go out of trend. Its mainly reading that enables knowledge. For people with print disabilities, BookShare has gifted world’s largest accessible online library. People with print disabilities due to visual impairments, physical impairments, and learning disabilities can depend on BookShare for books with digital formats.

  1. Bridging Apps

Bridging Apps is an effective site started by two parents and therapists of special needs children. It provides searchable database for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The app is available anywhere and anytime. Bridging Apps provides the best resource for those living with disabilities and helps their parents to teach better.

  1. Apps for Children with Special Needs

Apps for Children with Special Needs concentrate on providing support for parents and teachers of special need children.  The app is developed by the parent of a special need child. This site appears to focus only on iOS apps. Apps for Children with Special Needs consist of videos along with relevant information and advice from source you can trust. This site encourages you to buy sensibly.

Get Best Free Parental Apps (Check it Now)

  1. is used for finding materials of special education. The site is maintained by the largest and independent non-profit organization – Common Sense Education. The site was built by teachers for teachers. Collections of apps are produced by Graphite on various topics including special needs.