13 Top Education Apps for Android and iPhone

There is no dearth for productive tools that are offered by mobile technology. Allowing smartphones to become your pocket-sized tutors, it is through these omnipotent and omnipresent gadgets that you can simplify the process of acquiring and assimilating knowledge about various subjects. Prompting you to stay abreast with the latest skills and information that is available on the internet,

here is the list of some best educational apps that both Android and iPhone users can make use of:

1. Khan Academy (Play Store App Store)

First in the list of “best educational apps for iPhone and Android” is Khan Academy; a totally free-of-cost interface that can strengthen your subject fundamentals. Download this app from Google Play Store or iTunes to lay hands on the basics of various topics including history, sciences, math and economics amongst many others.

Helping you establish a strong foundation about various subjects, Khan Academy can become your key to educational success. This app which promises a strong educational base of basics can help you understand the complex sections of various subjects.

2. YouTube ( Play Store App Store )

If you are of the opinion that YouTube engages online users with entertainment videos, think twice! Offering a host of educational apps, YouTube can be tagged as a perfect platform for practical learning. Scrolling through the long list of tutorials and “how-to” videos will equip you with a number of survival skills.

3. Ready4 SAT ( Play Store App Store )

Embedded in your iPhone or Android phone is the Ready4 SAT application that can lend a helping hand whilepreparing for a test. Simply download it on to your phone to refer the small chunks of invaluable material that will help you ace in your academic program; even while on the go. As it is a free app, you can access your educational progress with the SAT scores presented by other schools and academic curriculum.

4. Photomath ( Play Store App Store )

As the name suggests, Photomath is a student-friendly app that can handhold students to complete their algebra projects and homework. Tagged as your math knowledge-partner, you can not only solve algebraic equations but will also be understand the logic behind the problem. Allowing you to simply key in or snap a photo of your algebraic problem, the app dons the hat of a math tutor by breaking down the complicated question into smaller chunks.

Adopting a step-wise approach to arrive at the correct answer, it is through Photomath with which you can playfully master the principles of algebra. While doing so, you will be confident about submitting your school assignments in time.

An interesting piece of trivia about Photomath is that this educational app is also referred to as a camera calculator. Using the camera of your phone, you can point to a math problem for which you need an answer and Photomath will help you arrive at a solution in a jiffy!

You will not only be thrilled at the final correct answer that comes from the app but also a step-wise working about how to arrive at a solution. The manner in which you will arrive at the right answer by following step-wise instructions will help you solve other problems with utmost ease.

5. My Study Life ( Play Store App Store )

There should be a method even to madness. In line with this basic philosophy, My Study Life comes as a guiding light to all the students struggling to meet deadlines. Helping you chalk out a day plan, it is through the My Study Life mobile application that you can bring in orderliness to learning.

Playing the role of a school calendar, the notifications you get from the app help you stay in line with the forthcoming deadline; be it your homework or the last date of project submission. The methodical approach that this app offers can simplify the various complexities that school life comes with. Simply download this app and take pride in your recognition as an obedient student who has never missed a homework submission deadline.

6. Mendeley ( Play Store App Store )

Next on the list of learning apps that can be downloaded by iPhone and Android phone users is Mendeley. This is a PDF reader which allows you to collate and manage your research citations. Allowing you to share it with the rest of your class. Permitting you to search for different journal articles, it is through your iPhone or Android device that you can effortlessly access voluminous PDFs; instantaneously.

7. EdX ( Play Store App Store )

Tagged as a unique and free educational app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iTunes, EdX enlists courses that are offered in colleges. The well-curated curriculum of EdX paves way to gather information about curriculum that is taught at premier institutes like McGill and MIT. Helping you enhance your knowledge about various topics like engineering, computer programming, psychology, nutrition and statistics, this app offers a plethora of online and offline lectures supported by quizzes and assignments.

The convenience of accessing course notifications is another benefit that users of EdX will have over others. Offering an ocean of knowledge, EdX is a star educational app helping millions of students signing up for higher education in the above mentioned subjects. It can be also be referred to as a “must have” app for exhaustive learning.

8. Periodic Table ( Play Store App Store )

Everything you ever wanted to know about chemical elements, their atomic weights, atomic numbers and their chemical names can be sourced from Periodic Table. Needless to mention, this is a chemistry app that helps students expand their knowledge through podcasts and informative videos.

Bridging the gap between novice and knowledgeable chemistry students, this app is a top bet for chemistry students to lay hands on in-depth information.

9. TED ( Play Store App Store )

The world of knowledge is definitely a click away with the TED informative app. You can download the TED app to access a voluminous collection of over 1,700 TED talk videos that can be viewed on yoursmartphone or iPhone. Featured in the form of interesting presentations, it is through this app that you can expand your intelligent quotient grasping invaluable information offered by tech and business leaders along with musical maestros.

10. WolframAlpha ( Play Store App Store )

Supported by an assembly of algorithms and information, you can download the WolframAlpha app on to your Android or iPhone to gain insights about any topic under the sun. Tagged as a knowledge engine, this app comes as one of the top educational apps on the strength of authentic and reliable data that you will lay your hands on.
Extracting and presenting information from multiple sources, WolframAlpha can be recognized as a one-stop-solution to education, helping you make the most of everything that it offers to the seekers of knowledge.

11. Star Walk 2 Free ( Play Store App Store )

If you are an ardent lover of the celestial world and are looking to enjoy stargazing on your mobile, look no further and simply download the Star Walk app on your Android or iPhone. Identified as an augmented-reality app which is different from others in one or the other way, it is through Star Walk that you can actually feel that you are a part of the unknown world up there in the sky.

Offering you a real-time view of more than 200,000 stars and their breath-taking constellations, this app which comes with a $3 price tag leaves you mesmerized when you can view other celestial bodies as well. As if this unique experience is not enough, this app comes with a calendar of celestial events while also prompting you to enjoy the multiple shades of the night sky at different points in time.

Keeping human experiences aside, this app dons the hat of an astronomical educational app that provides in-depth information about the enigmatic world above, with unfathomable nuances about constellations, planets, satellites and stars. Hence, this app is not only for students who are exploring the vast topics of astronomy but  also for everyone who wishes to enjoy the dramatic and thrilling information of the ever-expansive blue sky.

12. Duolingo ( Play Store App Store )

Duolingo is a translation app through which you can translate global content into your chosen language; be it Italian, Brazilian, Spanish or German. Not only that, you can effortlessly translate web pages of various languages into your chosen language or other languages as well. Furthermore, users of this app can avail the benefits of language courses with multiple proficiency levels.

13. Quizlet ( Play Store App Store )

Quizlet is a quizzing app allowing you to browse from a huge collection of user-created quizzes about any topic that might interest you; this app comes as a perfect interface to hone your intelligence quotient.

Assisting you to chalk out your personal flashcards, the app employs an awesome combination of audio, text and images as part of its informative layout.

Wrapping It Up 

In spite of the fact that you possess a branded smartphone that runs on either of the two operating systems, you are poised to equip yourself with invaluable information that is enveloped in the form of educational apps. Simply browse through the number of alternatives that are enlisted either on the Play Store or on iTunes so that you can have the world of knowledge at your fingertips.

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