Educational apps have made a phenomenal change in the way we manage classrooms and schools, and in the way we learn. The best part about these apps is the availability of information at our fingertips in different forms. Many of these educational apps have served as a one-stop learning solution where many things in terms of academic aspects can be achieved at the same place, rather than having to go for different sources.

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There are plenty of educational apps available these days that serve different purposes. You can use them to study, to stay organized, to be productive and what not.

Many of the educational apps can be accessed absolutely free of cost. There are also some apps of which the basic version is available for free, but would require subscription plans and in-app purchase options to use advanced featured. Also, there are fully paid apps that can be downloaded only by paying a certain amount of money.

Best Free Educational Apps for Students

The following list consists of some of the best 12 educational apps for students that are available for free. You can check them out here.

1. Duolingo

Yes, the popular language learning app is available for free. Duolingo offers over 95 different courses in 23 languages that include English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Latin and much more.

The learning process in Duolingo is mostly game based that makes language learning enjoyable and fun. The visual elements of the flashcard-like game in the app give you a better understanding of the words. It also helps you to build your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills.

Duolingo App

You can also attempt tests to analyse your proficiency in the language you are learning. The app monitors your learning progress and performance, giving you an idea of what part of your learning needs more attention.

Duolingo app helps you to master all aspects of language learning, be it reading, writing or speaking. It is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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2. SoloLearn

Technology has brought the world closer by helping them stay connected and it will continue to happen in the future as well. Therefore, knowledge in coding is expected to be an essential requirement in the days to come.

Many educational institutions have already introduced the subject to their students from a young age. There are educational apps for that extra support or to help the students to advance to the next level of learning to code, and SoloLearn app is one of the best choices.

sololearn logo

SoloLearn app comes with over 25 programming courses and a library with plenty of free code learning content under different topics for learners with any knowledge level, from beginners to experts. The app also keeps posting new content on a daily basis.

The app also comes with a community of over 40 million coding students, where they hold discussions based on various topics, solve problems and create new content to practice coding.

The app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:-  (

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another popular educational app that is available for free. The online learning platform is perfect for students as well as adults who are looking to improve their knowledge.

Khan Academy app offers over 4000 courses in different subjects, including Maths, Science and Humanities, all based on NCERT or CBSE syllabus. The app also comes with a free, personalised learning library.

khan academy app logo

Khan App features videos, interactive exercises and articles on different subjects that allow in-depth learning. It also has a personalised dashboard for each learner where they can view their learning progress.

Khan Academy app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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4. TED

TED, the popular platform known for TED talks by experts from all walks of life gives you access to all of its content for free. The app features over 3000 TED Talk videos based on different topics, all presented by renowned musicians, tech geniuses, business giants and others who have proven their worth in their respective fields.

In the app, you can browse through the TED Talks library to access the video of your choice. The videos come with subtitles in over 100 languages. You can also listen to podcasts in the app.

ted logo

If you have no idea as to which video to choose, you can use the” surprise me” feature for video suggestions. TED app also has bookmark feature to bookmark your favourite videos.

TED app is a great source if you are looking to fulfil your curiosity or if you want to improve your knowledge.

The app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:-  (

Play Store:- (

5. Lumosity

Lumosity is a well-known brain training app that you can access for free. The app helps you to achieve the goal of enhancing your skills, in terms of memory, critical thinking, problem solving and flexibility through games.

You can start with a free 10-minute FIT test to set your baseline scores, and to see where you stand compared to your peers. The app also features over 40 activities that challenge your memory, logic, language skills and much more. You can also go for personalised challenges based on your preferences and training habits.

Lumosity App logo

Lumosity app also provides you with training insights which helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as you progress. Your gameplay analysis provided by the app helps you to better identify your cognitive patterns.

Lumosity app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

6. Photomath

Photomath app can be a saviour when you struggle with your math problems. Did you know that the app is available for free?

The app comes handy when it comes to solving any Math related problems, from simple ones of which you need to check the answers to difficult problems you are having a hard time solving.

Photomath app logo

All you have to do is to click a picture of an equation or scan it and upload it in the app. In return, you will get the step by step solution to it so that you get an idea of what needs to be done or where you went wrong.

Photomath app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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7. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster dictionary, the popular American dictionary, is available in its app form and is absolutely free. Finding a right word or figuring out its meaning, it is a great accompaniment when you are learning English language. It is one of the most commonly used dictionaries around the world and is often used for reference, learning and building your vocabulary.

The app also features word games and quizzes that help you to learn new words and test your vocabulary. The word of the day feature in the app is also a great way to learn new words in the app.

Merriam Webster Logo

Apart from the meaning of a particular word, you can also find synonyms, antonyms and example sentences that help you to understand how that word is used in a sentence. Another feature is the audio pronunciations by native English speakers so that you learn to accurately pronounce it.

Merriam-Webster dictionary app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is another popular app that helps you in language learning. It can be termed as a writing assistant that helps to correct and edit your grammar, spelling and punctuation as you type.

Grammarly can be considered a proof read app that helps you to identify errors in your writing by checking it for issues. It also notifies you about the errors and guides you about what should be written instead.

Grammarly App Logo

The app also comes with advanced features, such as synonyms, that help you to improve your vocabulary, spelling and writing skills.

Grammarly app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

9. Timetable

Timetable app helps students to easily manage their school/university life. You can enter all your academic schedules in the app and get reminded so that you would not miss out on them.

Apart from class timings, you can also enter schedule details for home works, exams, tests and assignments, as in the timings, due date, name of teacher, etc. The app notifies you when about the schedules on time, and also reminds you to study. Another feature is that the app mutes your phone automatically during your study time.

Timetable App Logo

The schedules are organised in the app as a table or grid. You can also search for a particular task in the app.

Timetable app is available for download in the

Google Play Store:- (

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10. Daylio

Daylio is not exactly an academic related app. It is rather a mood tracker app that helps you to keep track of your mental health.

Daylio app acts as a private journal where you can note down anything about yourself. You can customise the app based on your personal needs.

Daylio App Logo

It helps you to analyse your habits, keep track of your emotional needs and helps you to realise the factors that affect your mood both positively and negatively.

Daylio app is available for free in

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

11. LiveCarta

Livecarta app is a digital library with all books and learning materials in it available for free. You can read the books in offline mode as well.

You can use your LiveCarta account to sync all the reading resources across different devices you use. You can also read the books, add highlights and notes and sync the changes made across the devices.

Live Carta App

The app also comes with features where you can search for keywords within the book or a specific chapter. The read aloud feature allows you to listen to the stories anytime, anywhere. You can also customise the read aloud feature, in terms of voice, speed and pitch.

LiveCarta app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

12. Study Tips

Study Tips is the app you need if you are looking for study hacks. The app gives you tips to study and also to remember more information in less time.

Study Tips app consists of a list of tips and tricks to learn that will help you achieve the different academics related goals. The app helps students to better manage their time and be productive, and also to develop good study habits.

Study Tips App Logo

The different tips provided by Study Tips app include those for studying effectively, maintaining the environment for learning, remembering information within a quick span of time, preparing for tests and exams, and so on.

Study Tips app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Costs Idea

Apart from the above mentioned apps, there are many more educational apps that are available for free. These apps help students be more responsible and committed towards their academic goals. Also, they get to organise and maintain their school/college life, and also to be productive without losing focus.

Most of these apps come with different elements, such as gamification and colourful, eye-catching interface that make it appealing to users. It interests them as the elements make the app more fun. As we mentioned earlier, the different apps serve different purposes. You can look for the best, free-to-use educational app that suits you and helps you to achieve all your academic goals.

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A learning app serves as a virtual link between teachers and students. Institutions are launching educational applications for a number of courses as a result of the expanding trend and demand for e-learning. Without a doubt, the latest trend of educational app access makes institutions and entrepreneurs aware of their business’s development potential.

Educational App Development Cost

The cost associated with developing educational applications is determined by several factors. Your first step is to think about the features, what operating system to choose, how much time you have allotted, and how many unique features there are.

Furthermore, the cost of developing an educational app is determined by the specific requirements of each course as well as current e-learning trends. The cost of your project is also determined by the developer’s productivity. You can either hire a professional team to fulfill your requirements perfectly or hire independent freelancers in this scenario.

If roughly estimated, a best-in-class educational software will cost between $15,000 to $50,000, depending on the level of main and must-have features and functionalities. In India, the per-hour cost ranges from $18 to $35.

Development Processes For Trending Educational Apps

To ensure quality app development and deployment, clean processes should be followed from research and requirement gathering to planning and development.

Step-1: Research and Idea: You should have a clear concept about the project if you want to design a successful mobile learning application. You should gather all of the content for the programs you wish to offer in the app. To make your app distinctive and remain ahead of the online learning market, you’ll need to conduct extensive research.

Step-2: App Design: Apps with an appealing User Interface (UI) are more popular on mobile devices. The app’s user-friendly UI allows for easy access to the app’s content. For easy access, use medium-sized items and visuals in the UI.

Step-3: App Development: You can begin the development phase when the design phase is completed. This step includes everything from app functionality to front-end and back-end development. This stage will also include app testing and issue fixes.

Step-4: App Deployment: Simply deploy the app on the operating system of your choice when all app parts have been completed. An application will run well on the selected platform, whether it is Android or iOS.

The advantages of online learning apps

Learning efficiency:-  Educational applications allow students to learn a subject in a more personalised manner. It improves the interactivity and efficiency of online learning.

Flexibility in Learning: – It could be utilized whenever and wherever the student’s schedule allows, helping them to attend lectures from the comfort of their homes.

Enhanced Digital Communication:-  Education applications may also assist parents and teachers maintain a positive connection. Teachers can use the applications to answer parents’ concerns about their child’s progress.

Educative activities:-  Multipurpose educational applications enable students in improving their abilities in a variety of courses, aptitude, and a variety of other knowledge-oriented activities.

Cost-efficient:-  Online learning app subscription fees are substantially lower than what students pay for educators.

Remote Learning:- E-learning applications allow students to learn at their leisure, even when they are not in the classroom. They facilitate speedier learning and enhance students’ capacity to comprehend topics more thoroughly.

Availability:- Educational applications are continually active, letting learners to log in and start studying at any time.

Conclusion:- Countries like India are working hard to keep up with the current app development trends. Outsourcing to a country like India can result in a low-cost, quick-to-market app.

However, estimating the overall cost of developing an app in India is a difficult task. An app developer may predict future issues and design accordingly with a correct cost estimate. App developers may utilize the App Cost Calculator built by Redbytes to turn their ideas into exceptional apps.

You will have better mobile app development outcomes if you can estimate the cost of each stage of app development based on your demands and requirements.

At times, it really becomes a hard nut to crack, to keep our kids engaged. And so, we almost end up with tablets, mobile phones or other such electronic gadgets. Now, the next challenge is about the gaming apps that we are supposed to install.

Get Best Free Educational Games Apps (Check it Now)

So, here is a collection of 24 handpicked best rated gaming apps for kids,that will entertain them for sure:

1. Quizizz Games

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.8
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 32M
  • Last updated: March 30, 2020
  • Download: Android, iOS

Quizizz is one of the best gaming apps for students, used by more than 10 million students, teachers and parents around the globe. It focuses on both learning at home and classroom.


  • Multi-player quiz games
  • Exam sessions available
  • Track your progress easily
  • Play and compete with your friends

2. Phonics: Reading Game for Kids

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.6
  • Installs: 1,00,000+
  • Size: 61M
  • Last updated: August 28, 2019
  • Download: Android

This is a funny reading game customized for kids to develop their skills in vocabulary and spellings. This will also help students to recognize sound-spelling relationships and word families.


  • Unique play-based methodology
  • Spelling games for kids
  • A colourful game interface
  • No third party advertising

3. Kids Educational Games

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 57 M
  • Last updated: January 18, 2020
  • Download: Android

Kids Educational Games app is specially designed for toddlers, Preschool kids, Kindergarten and primary school kids. It has a collection of educational games, logical games, memory games and many more.


  • Interactive games to improve basic maths
  • Auditory memory games to develop memory for listening
  • Matrix like games to expand logical ability
  • Shapes and sorting games for toddlers

4. Pictoword

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • Size: 85 M
  • Last updated: April 3, 2020
  • Download: Android,iOS

This is a word puzzle game perfect for all ages. Though it is a addictive game, it helps to boost the brain.


  • No internet required
  • Best for all ages
  • Interesting Brain training games available
  • No ads

5. Kids Quiz GK

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Installs:500,000+
  • Size: 4.4 M
  • Last updated: October 25, 2019
  • Download: Android

This is an education game that helps children to improve and learn general knowledge without getting bored. It will also help them to revise facts and make their minds sharp.


  • Available in Hindi and English
  • Can revise the wrong answers
  • Multi-player option available

6. Spelling Master

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 6.7M
  • Last updated: January 22, 2020
  • Download: Android,iOS

Spelling Master is a simple game for kids to learn common spellings. Besides spelling, kids can also learn pronunciation of words through this gaming apps.


  • 13 spelling categories like fruits, vegetables, body parts etc included
  • Free app
  • High quality images
  • Ad free

7. Mind Games

gaming apps

This app has a great collection of games based on cognitive tasks to improve a kid’s mental skills. It includes nearly 3 dozens of brain games.

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • Size: 15M
  • Last updated: November 10, 2019
  • Download: Android,iOS


  • Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian and Japanese
  • Improves concentration and attention of mind
  • Exercises vocabulary and spelling skills
  • Untimed multiple choice vocabulary tasks available

8. Flow Free

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Installs: 100,000,000+
  • Size: 11M
  • Last updated: December 17, 2019
  • Download: Android,iOS

This is a simple and addictive puzzle game with hundreds of levels and Time-trial mode. The levels range from simple and relaxed to challenging and frenetic.


  • Over 2500 free puzzles
  • Free Play and Time Trial modes
  • Clean and colourful graphics
  • Funny sound effects

9. English Kids App

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.2
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 12M
  • Last updated: January 17, 2020
  • Download: Android

English Kids App is provides fun games for kids to improve their memory power by identifying the images and words. It shows various sections like English Alphabets, English months etc.


  • Personalized app
  • Customized levels
  • Makes learning easy

10. Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

gaming apps

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 6.8M
  • Last updated: March 16, 2020
  • Download: Android, iOS

Ultimate English Spelling quiz is an English language game with hundreds of games and activities to gradually develop English grammar, spelling, pronunciation and many more.


  • 1900 new grammar Quiz activities
  • Special lessons to improve pronunciation, spelling facts, common slangs etc
  • 2500 English Spelling Quiz

11. Math Games- Math Puzzles, Best Riddles & Games

gaming apps

  • Ratings: 4.3
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • Size: 49M
  • Last Updated: February 27, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is a perfect game for all math puzzle lovers and for those looking for interesting activities. It helps students to challenge themselves with unique puzzle combinations to improve their intelligence and reasoning ability.


  • Free Offline Puzzle Games
  • Fb login to save your Progress
  • 15+ Unique puzzle levels
  • Modern UI, easy and fun-filled Puzzle Games

12. Brain Exercise Games- IQ test

gaming apps

  • Ratings: 4.1
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 9.1M
  • Last Updated: February 4, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is an app which provides free brain games for kids as well as adults. It helps to train the brain with many memory exercises.


  • Focuses more on mental ability development games
  • Covers almost all needed lessons
  • Ad free

13. Kids Educational Games for Kindergarten Children

  • Ratings: 4.0
  • Installs: 50,000+
  • Size: 7.1M
  • Last Updated: September 21, 2017
  • Download: Android

This is an specially developed for toddlers with all time favourite animated images, rhymes, funny activities etc.


  • Purely fun-games for kids
  • Lot of activities
  • Cost-free
  • No internet required

14. 2 Emoji 1 Word

  • Ratings: 4.0
  • Installs: 500,000+
  • Size: 37M
  • Last Updated: March 19, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is a unique fun game with thousands and word games with simple rules, mostly by looking at emojis and guessing the word.


  • 400 levels ranging from easy to hard
  • No Time limit
  • No network limit
  • Free app

15. Kids Mazes

  • Ratings: 3.8
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 46M
  • Last Updated: March 19, 2020
  • Download: Android

Kids Mazes is a puzzle game for kids with plenty of different mazes. This is also known as Labyrinth Games. It has funny options like pets, animals, vegetables etc.


  • Kids friendly
  • Easy to play
  • Many options and characters

16. Brain Games

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Installs: 5,000,000+
  • Size: 13M
  • Last updated: March 23, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is an app that provides 32 brain development games, customized to train the learner’s visual memory, concentration, speed, calculation, reasoning and many such skills.


  • Useful to all ages
  • Offline mode available
  • Cost free

17. Great Breakout

  • Rating: 4.2
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 81M
  • Last updated: February 18, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is a sequel of word story, with world’s best popular word games in 2018. It aims at enlarging the learners vocabulary and spelling skills as he passes the levels.


  • Better and smarter game modes
  • No boring rules
  • Thousands of word puzzles

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18. Learn English for Kids

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Installs: 1,00,000+
  • Size: 25M
  • Last updated: March 30, 2020
  • Download: Android

Learn for Kids: Lattukids is a learning game app designed especially for kids to learn English starting from alphabets, words, grammar, pronunciation and many more. It assures to offer a safe learning environment free from distractions.


  • Fun and simple interaction sessions
  • Helps in memorizing words
  • Bilingual

19. Study Tips

  • Rating: 4.7
  • Installs: 1,00,000+
  • Size: 3.8M
  • Last updated: March 7, 2020
  • Download: Android

This app is particularly designed for students who look to get better grades in schools and to develop a better learning strategy by spending more time in studies.


  • Focuses on Skill Tips
  • Test Taking levels available
  • Well organized

20. Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News and Play Games

  • Rating: 4.1
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • Size: 11M
  • Last updated: April 3, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is one of the best Gaming apps that provide entertainment and Daily News Content.


  • Play Games
  • Make money
  • Visit Online Sites
  • Update news

21. Battle Text- Chat Game

  • Rating: 3.9
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 38M
  • Last updated: January 30, 2020
  • Download: Android,iOS

Battle Text is a free word game developed to stretch the limits of a learner’s vocabulary, train their brain and thereby enhance their texting speed.


  • Free to download and play
  • Multiplayer mode available
  • Ad free app
  • 72 different timed stages to play through in story mode is also available

22. Quiz Maker Offline

  • Rating: 4.2
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • Size: 8.1M
  • Last updated: March 30, 2020
  • Download: Android

This is a kind customized questionnaire kind of gaming app which can be played anywhere and anytime.


  • Night mode available
  • Played anywhere and anytime
  • Check progress

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23. Paytm First Games

  • Rating: 3.4
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Size: 44M
  • Last updated: March 26, 2020
  • Download: Android

Paytm Games is an ultimate destination for game lovers to participate, play nad earn money through paytm.


  • Collection of perfect quick break games
  • Multi-player mode available
  • Online and real-time game
  • Adventurous games

24. STEPapp- Gamified Learning

  • Rating: 3.9
  • Installs: 1,00,000+
  • Size: 24M
  • Last updated: April 6, 2020
  • Download: Android,iOS

STEP or Student Talent Enhancement Program app is a educational app developed with a mission to provide equality education through gamification, for children all over the world.


  • Personalized, Gamified and Adaptive learning
  • Content created by experts
  • Rewards and Scholarships
  • Mentorship and Guidance

Get Best Free Educational Games Apps (Check it Now)

However, these gaming apps will help you manage your kids. In fact, these gaming apps will really pave a way for a productive learning process of your kids. With this, you can also teach them to learn with fun.

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Games are one of the smartest and easiest ways to grab kid’s attention for a long time.

They helps to improve the interest of kids for learning and make study time more fun but productive.

However, choosing the right educational game for your kids is important and it is the role of teachers and parents.

Get more Educational Game Apps (Check out Now)

Here let us have a look at some of the top educational games for kids that teach them various aspects of learning without losing the fun element.

1. Fish School HD: This educational game is a very good choice for preschoolers. Learning more about letters, shapes, numbers and colours are a lot easy and funny than ever before with this awesome app. Kids can learn all these things while playing with animated fish. The fishes form the shape of letters and numbers and kids’ role is to identify them.

2. Dinosaur Park Math: This game is designed to suit the kids in the age group of 8 to 12 years which is a good mix of subtraction, addition, and interesting dino facts. The game comprises 15 Dinosaur math levels that come with as many as 225 questions. The kids can make use of their math skills to slit open the Dinosaur fossils to let Junior Paleontologist Pete to open Dino Park. The highlighted features of the game include audio support for every math question, colourful fun graphics, fun dinosaur facts and over 60 Dinosaur games.

3. Boggle Junior: This game is ideal for playing by 1 to 2 kids that introduces word and letter recognition, spelling, matching and memory. This includes two multilevel games, the first one is ideal for kids of 3 years old and second one for more advanced spellers.

4. Balloony Word: This is an interesting game for kids to improve their vocabulary skills by having some fun time. This is a more joyful version of the old hangman game where kids have to guess the words while broadening their vocabulary.. The kids can keep on guessing words and the same time enjoy the fun of popping the balloons. You can make the spelling skills of your kids sharp and challenge them at times by changing the word list dictionary.

5. Math and Letters Air Control: This awesome game lets your kid to exercise both letters and numbers at the same time. The game comes with three difficulty levels and kids can have unlimited fun while learning the basics of Mathematics and English… This educational game runs smoothly in iOS devices without the need of any in-app purchase.

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6. Tower Math™: This is an action packed, 3D game that gives unlimited fun while practicing arithmetic. The theme of the game involves an evil wizard which turned the numbers into monsters. The role of the kids is to free the numbers.. In addition to earning medals for each completed levels, the game occupies the kids with fun sound effects and music.

7. Stack the States: Learning geography can be a tough job for most of the kids and this tricky game helps your kids to tackle the subject with lots of fun. This colourful and dynamic game covers all basics of the subject including state capitals, geographic locations, shapes, flags and more. By learning more states, kids can unlock free bonus games that motivate them to try hard.

8. Bananagrams: Even when kids can enjoy the game the most, this can be played by everyone. This involves building crossword grids. It can be real fun when done in groups of friends or family. While the game drives you bananas with immense fun, it brings in a lot of educational value when played by kids. The kids can learn how to spell words in the most easiest and funny way..

9. ABCya games: This group of games is one of the top most K-5 educational gaming websites for over a decade. The reports say millions of parents and teachers visit the website every month and kids played over 1 billion games in the past year only. The iOS app allows kids to access six free games every week. The option to browse by grade level is one of the highlighted features of the application. You can also help your kids play the right set of games as contents are organized by skill. With a subscription, you can let your kid access over 250+ games and activities.

10. Scribble Naughts: This is a puzzle action video game that makes your kids go crazy as they can use their imagination to juggle nearly anything from a 35000+ word dictionary. With unlimited hours of fun, the kids can explore an open universe.. As puzzles make the kids think out of the box, they can grow up their creative thinking skills. The mobile optimized controls make the game easy to play in any of your hand gadgets supporting Android OS.


To improve the audience reach, most of the games are made available for multiple platforms whereas some of them are exclusively designed for either Android or iOS.

Do you want to be in the list of such smart teachers or parents who improve the quality of the kid’s study time by bringing in fun elements?

Get more Educational Game Apps (Check out Now)

First assess whether the kid needs special care in the nightmare mathematics or if they lack in vocabulary. Then don’t wait to download any of the interesting apps that would work best for your kids.