Online communication tools have become the new normal since the world started adapting to the changes brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. Google Meet has been a popular communication tool used by business organizations to carry on with their work. Now, educational institutes have also adopted Google Meet for education to hold webinars, video conferences, staff training, online classes, etc.

Though it is a well-known platform, Google Meet for education requires further improvement to make it 100% efficient, to be used as an education app.

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Limitations in Free Version

With a limit of 30 participants per video call, Google Meet will not be able to accommodate a bigger team with its free version. This becomes a problem when it comes to classroom management. Some educational institutes opt to split the team and hold sessions for each team separately, which can be a hassle for the educators. Also the option does not really work for staff training because of time constraints. Therefore, the only option left is to buy the paid version.

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Multimedia Documents

When we say file sharing, it is not just images or text. It also includes multimedia documents at times. However, it is not possible to share multimedia documents through Google Meet.

Limited Features

Google Workspace comes with various tools and apps that users can put to good use, while using Google Meet. However, the features of Google Meet, in terms of productivity, interaction, and remote collaboration, are limited compared to other applications serving the same purpose.

For example, Google Meet does not have its own annotation feature, which is a necessity during video conferences. Annotations help the users to point out specific parts of a presentation and encourage interactions among participants. At present, such extra features are added using Google Chrome extensions from third party developers.

No Desktop Version

Google meet app has optimized iOS and Android versions for mobile devices; but, there is no specific desktop version of the app. It can only be accessed from a web browser for desktop.

Consumes Hardware Resources

The hardware quality of a device affects the user experience of the apps used in it. Google Meet uses up a large amount of hardware resources, making it difficult for devices with outdated processors and RAM to run a video conference.

Requires Strong Internet Connection

Live meetings and interactions being interrupted due to poor network is a common issue faced by most communication tools. Google Meet also requires strong Internet connection so that the meeting/conference happens without any hindrances.

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Accidental Call Drops

Sometimes, technical or network issues cause Google Meet to drop some members from a meeting, especially those attended by a big number of people. However, the app does not have provisions to add back the group members.

Better Options

Most of the above-mentioned issues can be a major let down when it comes to the efficiency of Google Meet for education. It is not wise to wait until the problems would be resolved in the future since the need for an efficient way to communicate has to be met at present. The better option is to go for video sharing and hosting platforms, like Vimeo and YouTube.


Google Meet for Education Vimeo

Google Meet and Vimeo are entirely different applications that seem to serve different purposes. But if you look closely, both have features can help businesses organizations or educational institutes in achieving what they prefer—to impart knowledge. Now, why does Vimeo seem to be the better option?

Let us find out.

Set Privacy

Maybe the file you share is not meant for the entire group. Vimeo’s privacy settings will help you to share the uploaded video content with a particular person or group of people as required.

Maintain Quality of Videos

Sometimes, live online interactions lack quality due to poor network connections. The interruptions will cause you to miss out certain details discussed, which can be a hassle during online learning

Vimeo allows you to share video content without compromising the quality that the team can watch whenever they want. It is because Vimeo has strict guidelines that users must follow while uploading the videos for the application to accept them. This makes the processing load lighter, and as a result, the user can use the best encoding techniques to upload high quality videos.

Replace Videos Without Losing URL

Vimeo allows you to replace an existing video with a new one under the same URL. This makes it easy for the educators since they just have to share the URL once.

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Password Protect Videos

Vimeo is a platform accessed by many. The app allows you to set a password for the video content you upload so that it will be accessible to only a particular group of people you want to share the content with

Groups and Albums

Vimeo comes with social resources, like groups and albums. Groups act as a meeting place to discuss and exchange knowledge. You can gather and share videos compiled through Albums.


You can use Vimeo Livestream to hold live sessions. The chat section can be utilized to make the session interactive.


Google Meet for Education_YouTube

YouTube is another video hosting and sharing platform that works better for education. Popularly known as an entertainment platform, educational institutes and organizations have been using YouTube for online learning and information sharing even before the pandemic.

It is free

YouTube, like other platforms, has a free version and a Premium version that provides additional features. Businesses or educational institutes can create and upload videos for free in their YouTube channels that the students/trainees can access for free. Also, YouTube allows integration of the videos uploaded on a channel into any website to ensure efficient learning.

Can be Accessed By All

Even if it is for staff training or for online classes at school/college level, the trainers/educators usually have to find time out of their schedule to explain the concepts. With YouTube, they can just upload the videos that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere and learn. Learners can also make use of the platform to search and learn more about the topics.

Mobile and Microlearning

YouTube provides opportunities for mobile and microlearning, in terms of online education. You can upload videos with long time duration as well as shorter videos that last 10 minutes or less in YouTube as per convenience. Learners, especially those with short attention span, usually prefer shorter videos for online learning.

YouTube Live

YouTube Live allows you to create livestreaming sessions. The comments section under the livestream can be utilized for interactions and clearing doubts.


YouTube videos are accessible anywhere, anytime, and across different mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. It is also compatible with any screen size and does not affect the video quality.


Google Meet, being a popular communication and collaboration platform, is preferred by many. With the pandemic, the number of users has also increased. But Google Meet for education still has a long way to go to ensure a smooth and efficient online learning process. Therefore, it is better for businesses and educational institutes to choose better alternatives, such as Vimeo or YouTube.

Now, to choose among Vimeo and YouTube, see here.

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The advancements in technology are making our classrooms smarter with scientifically designed education apps and smart school software. More than just chalk and talk lectures and daily homework lessons, teachers are taking the learning experience of their students to a new level by utilizing the present era technology tools. Rather than the heavy text books, students are now taking their gadgets to school which gives them a collaborative learning experience. Teachers are taking the role of support givers than the conventional passive teaching when students work closely with their peers to have a self learning time.

There are several classroom apps that are designed for diverse mobile platforms and here we discuss the top education apps that are made exclusively for Android.

1. Photomath: Is solving mathematical problems a nightmare for you? Now things are pretty easy and interesting with Photomath A snap of the problem gives you step wise solution of the problem. This Android app covers a number of areas such as logarithms, fractions, systems of equations, integers, algebraic expressions, decimal numbers, linear equations and trigonometry. The handwriting recognition and smart calculator features are the highlights of this application.

2. Memrise: This app is the best app winner of the year in Google Play Awards. The Memrise app helps you learn new languages and improves your reading, writing and speaking. The app provides an innovative approach to make things possible with chatbots and over 30K native speaker videos. The app trains you to talk as if you are the native speaker. The app covers training in pronunciation, vocabulary, and practical grammar of popular languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean and a lot more.

3. Curiosity: This is an amazing app that makes you smarter in the new generation world by reading, writing and thinking smarter. The Curiosity app lets you learn more and more about the world with several interesting and inspiring articles and great videos. You have easy search access to about 1 million videos and 5,000+ articles on diverse topics. You can personalize the app by setting the favourite option in app and have favourite categories. And the next time you can follow the favourites to have access to the matter of your interest.

4. Google Classroom: Users with a personal Google account can get free access to this amazing app that help to organize the classrooms better. The Google Classroom app lets easy communication among students, teachers and parents, and helps them to stay organized. This affordable and secure app allows paperless assignments that save a lot of time and teachers can make the classes more productive. With everyone having an account, class discussions online can be set up instantly and sending common announcements are now a lot easier.

5. Math Tricks: The mathematical calculations are a lot easier and speedier now with Math Tricks app that gives you interesting mathematical tricks. Students who are not fond of classical methods can find maths a lot more interesting and engaging with these tricks. The app provides 15 levels for all these tricks and covers all basic topics such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square and more. This free app works with timer and scores to help them learn better within the time frame and with a competitive mind set.

6. Lumosity: This is an ultimate brain training program which is loved by over 85 million people globally. The Lumosity app features about 30+ brain games that are designed to challenge your memory. You get your daily workouts with games which are meant to test and improve 5 core cognitive abilities. A group of scientists and designers are working on these games to train the brain in many different ways with carefully crafted ‘Workout Modes’.

7. Edmodo: Communication among fellow teachers, students and parents are a lot easier and better. The Edmodo app lets to organize classes in one single place and teachers can discover and share resources easily. The app features real-time direct messaging for better communication and the ‘Assignment Center’ is the place to learn about the assignments and quizzes to come. Students can access the app from their phone, tablet or computer to join or facilitate discussions with the group.

8. TalkEnglish: Students can improve the spoken English with interactive conversation. The TalkEnglish app helps you do it with practice tools that are designed to learn and improve the language. The education app covers conversation lessons that lift up your listening and speaking skills and even boost your confidence to make a flawless conversation with the native speaker. This interactive tool has lessons to help beginners as well as for those seeking to improve their business talks.

9. Kahoot!: Your daily learning and homework sessions are taken to a new interesting platform. The Kahoot! app is a game-based platform that works well in social settings as well as classrooms. The free learning app can be accessed despite time and location. Teachers use this app to give game based assignments for homework in place of pen and paper works. In addition to group setting games, the app also gives option for single-player mode quizzes.

10. ClassDojo: A classroom community can be set up with ease using this communication app. The ClassDojo app lets teachers to virtually bring parents into classrooms and let them update on their child’s activities. The app also enhances quality teaching with features such as Noise Meter and Group Maker. The class works can be made visible to parents by adding it to digital portfolios. Instant messaging option lets teachers to safely make conversation with parents. Educators from over 180 countries are currently using this app.

11. SPM Science: This is a great app for students who are preparing for Science exams. The SPM Science app helps students to have a better self study time in which the key concepts can be revised, recalled and retained. The app organizes the revision notes in the form of study cards to help them to view and access it with ease. The important points of the lesson are better made in the form of diagrams, tables, infographics, colours and graphs.

12. Snapask: Solving homework assignments are a lot easier than before. Do you spend a lot of time sitting with unresolved problems due to lack of reference or assistance. Using the Snapask app, just take a snap of your problem or text it and post it and you would get expert answers from about 38000 tutors. The step wise details or description of the answers would let you understand problem solving better. A wide range of subjects are covered that includes Maths, English, Chinese, Geography, History, Science, Economics, Business, Accounting, and Information Technology.

13. Schoology: This learning management solution can be a great addition to your Android device. The Schoology app takes classroom management to a new level. Let it be assignment submission or performing assessments, the app can be really handy. Students and teachers can join in interactive discussions and collaborate well. This app lets you have an engaging and productive academic experience despite location and time. Users just need to set up a Schoology account and a better learning world is within your reach.

14. Plickers: Teachers can poll the student group for free with this amazing app. The Plickers app lets you do it without any student device. A card can be issued for your student group with which they can give a response and teacher can scan them with their Android device. This is a better way for exit tickets, instant polls and for assessing the understanding. The student-by-student responses would be directly saved at

15. Flashcards Deluxe: This is a comprehensive flashcard app that makes your learning a lot easier. The Flashcards Deluxe app comes with multiple smart study modes that target the missing cards and its Text to speech (TTS) audio feature lets you study offline. The spelling tests helps you improve the vocabulary and you can categorize your cards for better learning. The app features easy navigation and assessment can be made with 3 response levels. The other highlighted options of the app include slideshow mode, Google Drive support, Dropbox and flash card back up.

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16. CHEMIST: A virtual chemistry lab is within your finger tips without the need of any chemicals and related clean up. The CHEMIST app lets you test, learn and explore the world of chemistry. You can experience realistic simulation with this app, let it be mixing or heating chemicals or examining temperature. You have access to hundreds of chemicals and different apparatus to experiment totally risk free procedures. With accurate calculation of chemical data in real time, you can almost have a visual experience of a chemistry lab.

17. Remind: Simple but effective communication within classrooms are made possible with this great app. With over 23 million users worldwide, the Remind app is creating a buzz among educators and students. School or class groups can make announcements instantly with its real-time messaging feature. It is globally accepted as the app that lets the messages to be effectively translated into almost 70 languages. The app lets you send newsletters or images along with messages and checks who all have read the message in the list.

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18. Seesaw: This is a digital portfolio that is student driven helping them to share their work and learning in the form of documents. The Seesaw app lets the students of all ages to do it independently in the form of links, photos, drawings, text notes, videos or PDFs. The work can be categorized in folders in terms of assessment standard or the subject area. Teachers use this app to browse their students’ work as group or in personal and sometimes flag items for future review or reference.

19. Chegg Study: This education app for Android is great for students to ace difficult homework problems or crack exams. The Chegg Study app gives round the clock solution for your problems with step by step solutions. A vast range of subjects are covered with this app including Calculus, Biology, and Accounting, to Mechanical Engineering. The huge library of solutions that are available with step wise details helps you crack any toughest assignments. The millions of expert answers can be referred to find better way of solving problems.

20. This is a great app to improve your English language. The app lets you do it with effectively with lots of interesting ways. The app works based on scientific algorithm to make your vocabulary better and helps you have a greater understanding of phrasal verbs, English idioms, and homonyms/homophones. The app includes interesting word games such as mix and match, Echo and Fly High. The flashcards lets you to revise particular lessons during exam times.

21. Programming Hub: Learning any novel programming language is now a one step solution with this great app. The Programming Hub app lets you learn coding despite time and location. The app covers comprehensive course materials, coding examples and practice compiler that makes programming easy for even a beginner. The list of programming languages covered is too long that includes C Programming, Java, C++, HTML, R Programming and a lot more. The app can be used offline and you can share the practices with your peers.

22. ArchPlus: Modelling of fundamental 2D and 3D architectural geometries is now easy with this app. The ArchPlus app lets you have a remarkable 3D experience with real physics and shadows with 3D modelling using augmented reality (AR) mode. The app features solar study and wind analysis with appropriate parameters. You can even visualize real-time airflow and perform natural ventilation analysis. This app is really inspiring for those learning in the field of architecture to practically experience what they are studying in the courses.

23. Learn2Learn: This app is a great option to accelerate your career possibilities by getting closer to real-world learning techniques. The Learn2Learn app is referred to as a practical guide that lets you learn smarter and faster in your career and life. The problem-solving and critical thinking can be enhanced using mental models and boost your memory with brain-based techniques. The app that is designed based on evidence-based learning has features to improve your focussing ability and learn more about real life with stretch projects.

24. Fullamark: This app lets you crack competitive exams with proper training that is designed based on the particular individuals and their life style. The Fullamark app delivers high quality courses from reliable education providers with tools that give you a comprehensive learning experience that is fun, social and engaging. You can express yourself using this platform by commenting and chatting. Students can contribute novel ideas or even share inspiring pictures, links and videos.

25. EDpuzzle: Video sessions in the classrooms are now more engaging and interactive with this app. The EDpuzzle app makes it easy and effective with questions and audio notes. The video lessons make the learning experience more engaging for students. The video-assignments can be received at home and students can use it to check their understanding of the subject. This 21st century learning tool lets them learn outside the classrooms. This app is presently offered in English and there are lot more languages to come.

26. Grammar Checker: This advanced educational app helps students to have an English grammar check for the given text. The Grammar Checker app lets you proof read any written content in the form of articles, essays, papers or assignments. This is designed after a thorough analysis by a group of grammar experts. You don’t need to worry about your poor grammar skills anymore as the continuous use of this app gradually improves your grammar usage. The grammar errors can be easily identified and this lets you correct it on your own when framing a similar sentence.

27. Learn 50 languages: This amazing app helps you to learn 50 different languages with ease and use it just like your native language. The Learn 50 languages app comes with 100 lessons that are designed to teach and improve your basic vocabulary in all these languages. In just a minimal time frame, you would get sufficient training to speak short sentences fluently to handle real-world situations. With about 3000 language combinations, you can easily translate languages from one to another in no time.

28. World Atlas: This app provides students with a comprehensive map that covers 260 countries and 230 capitals. The World Atlas app makes learning facts about diverse countries and their capitals and memorizing it a lot easier. The learning is made interesting by including features such as street maps and quiz mode. The app integrates vital information from Wikipedia, Google Maps, Wikitravel, and Weather into one single place to help them learn better about geography. The important sections of the app include information on Olympics, geographic, weather, travel, demographics, and flags.

29. SoloLearn: This free app is a great option for students to learn the basics of coding. The SoloLearn app is popular worldwide with millions of global users learning 12 popular languages including JQuery, C#, C++, Java, Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, and Swift. The app provides real-time support and features personalization options to learn what you actually want. The app lets you learn coding with absolute fun despite where you are and when you want to learn. It is also gamified that lifts the spirit of learning.

30. Mindmeister: This app helps you to set up, modify and share the mind maps with your peers. The Mindmeister app has about 5 million users as it lets students to handle the graphical mind maps in a much better way than ever before. Drawing connections between ideas are a lot easy and you can browse public maps too. Map-based presentations can be played on your gadget and the free online account lets you seamlessly sync maps. You can zoom, drag & drop easily with its multi-touch support feature.

31. OneNote: This is an amazing digital note-taking app which is the favourite of many students. The OneNote app lets you hand write, type, draw, or clip any idea or thought from web source into your digital note. The assignments and feedbacks can be shared with ease and you can use it as a notepad at time of team meetings. The app syncs your notes across all gadgets to make future access a lot easy. This also lets you organize your notes despite where you are.

32. Careers360: This is a great app that helps you to make your way to higher studies better. The Careers360 app lets you crack the entrance exams for top courses and discover good institutions. It sends you updates of the upcoming entrance tests in top institutions and receive expert reviews of top colleges. The previous exam toppers would give you preparation tips and you can adapt your learning methods with the present trend. The QnA feature lets you clarify your doubts with experts.

33. Physics Calculator: The physics learning can be really enjoyable with this useful app. The Physics Calculator app helps you to solve physics problems in a smarter way. This quick solving tool provides the answers really fast to help them to cover a lot of problems in their study time. The learning can be interesting with fill-in-the-blank equations and the answers can be verified without any delay. The key physics topics covered in the app includes energy, power, kinematics, thermodynamics, gravity, motion and temperature.

34. Moment Diary: This app gives a great idea of notes making with timestamps. The Moment Diary app serves the purpose of a private diary or a record book which is time stamped. Creative students can use this app to note down their thinking or ideas conveniently in a much better way. Time stampings makes this app special as any information can be traced back to learn when it actually happened, making future references really interesting. The app also assures complete flexibility and privacy of the entered data.

35. Planboard: Lesson planning can be really easy for teachers now with this advanced app. The Planboard app lets teachers to effectively plan lessons in a calendar format. They can create lesson templates using this app to make the idea more convenient. There is also option to include videos and photos in the lesson plans or sync them. The app also lets them to access previous lessons in their plan to make any updates based on future interventions. About 200,000 teachers are utilizing this 100% free education app to minimize their lesson preparation time.

Whether students are finding it difficult to tackle their homework or they are preparing for an exam or if they have the passion to learn a new language, these education apps are making their jobs really easy. These apps are being an integral part of their study time and many of these Android tools are sure to take the best out of the students.



A boundless richness of information in the form of tutorials, videos and ebooks are now available at their fingertips. These listed apps are just a few among many smart apps for the platform and you can browse the Google play store for more.

It is true that technology is getting developed day by day. Nowadays, playing DVD’s and using educational while travelling is not a new thing.  Educational apps are available on both android and iPhone for children to learn and grow along with playing games.

Technology advances to improve the developmental skills of children, such as adding and subtracting or identifying shapes and colours. Reward your wards by enhancing basic skills at a younger age. Parents are supposed to ensure that whether the selected educational apps are appropriate to their ward or not.

Benefits of using educational apps:

  • Allows both children and parent to finish the task together and also increases engagement between parent and child.
  • Boosts technological intelligence at a young age.
  • Teach and continue classroom lessons outside of the classroom and during the summer break.

Education Apps for Android and iPhone infographic

Modern day education has become amazing, thanks to education apps for students and smart software. Students around the globe are benefiting from a really engaging and interactive learning experience.

In fact, education apps are becoming an integral part of student lives. There are hundreds of apps that make studying easier and enjoyable for students on iOS and Android platforms.

These apps come in diverse categories and include ones that can boost your thinking, language, problem solving, memory, comprehension and a lot more.

Here is a list of amazing education apps for students with an iPhone:

3D Brain
Quick Graph
The Homework App
Motion Math: Fractions!
Top Hat Lecture
Socrative Student
Study Blue
Symbolab Calculator
GoNoodle Kids
Kids A-Z
Mad Libs
Chegg Study
Math Bingo

1. 3D Brain

The 3D Brain app lets you have a detailed look into the 29 interactive structures of human brain just by rotate and zoom action of your touch screen. Students can get an idea about how injuries of certain brain areas affect the person’s health.

These interactive structures give detailed notes on the functions, case studies, disorders as well as links related to recent research just by tapping on the desired area.

2. EDpuzzle


Video sessions in your classrooms can be a lot interactive and interesting with this education app. The EDpuzzle app lets students to experience learning through videos outside the classroom by signing into the app.

You can receive video assignments at home with audio notes and questions and even go through videos to analyze your level of understanding before solving the puzzles.

3. Quick Graph


The Quick Graph app features implicit graphs and tracing and works well with all standard coordinate systems. Wire frame and solid visualization, hyperbolic and inverse functions and improved equation visualization are the highlighted features of the app.

This app functions with remarkable speed and you have options to copy, email or save the results to the photo library.

4. The Homework App


Students can avoid the fear of forgetting or timely completion of the home works with this amazing app. The Homework App helps to add, view and finish the homework in a much easier way.

Your homework projects can be organized better and there are options to add sub tasks for works that have multiple steps to complete.

To highlight the importance of certain tasks, you can take snaps or colour code . The reminders help you not to forget the homework and a calendar section lets you schedule your tasks.

5. Motion Math: Fractions!


This education app for students with iPhone from Motion Math is an engaging game for students to learn and understand fractions.

Motion Math Fractions! app is a simple game in which you can follow a star that tries to make its way back home in a distant galaxy. The different levels of the game motivate you to continue playing. This in turn improves your learning graph. The game helps you to develop a quick and precise perception of fractions.

6. Flashcards+


With this free flashcard maker, you can now learn more quickly and top even the toughest classes with ease. Flashcards+ is an online note card tool that serves best for high school students handling hard subjects.

These flashcards can be viewed on your Apple Watch as well. They can be created in 22 languages with assistance for dialect, pronunciation & speech speed.

7. Top Hat Lecture


This education app lets an interactive lecture experience in classrooms and most of the professors love this tool. Top Hat Lecture turns your mobile into an interactive learning tool to provide an engaging classroom experience.

Students can see the teaching slides on their device synchronously in real time when the teacher moves the slide in her device. Teachers also use this option to give interactive activities such as multiple choice, sorting, numeric response, word answer, and click-on-image.

This app also facilitates discussions and polling, automated attendance and real time feedback of lecture sessions.

8. Elevate


This is a brain training program that can improve your focus , memory, processing speed, their speaking abilities, math skills and a lot more.

Elevate runs a personalized training program that alters over the period in order to maximize outcome. The regular use of this app can enhance your critical cognitive skills which in turn boost the productivity and self-confidence.

The app contains 40+ games, personalized daily workouts as well as adaptive difficulty progression to give a challenging workout.

9. Bloomz


This is an ideal app for parent communications that helps teachers to save a lot of time for quality teaching and other productive classroom activities.

Bloomz lets teachers securely share important information or classroom updates with parents with ease. You can communicate with parents almost instantly using this messaging facility.

Also coordinating events and signing up volunteers are a lot easier with this app. Teachers also utilize this app to give alert notifications for emergency matters.

10. Socrative Student


With the Socrative Student app, you can make use of  quick question polls, quizzes, space races and exit tickets to evaluate your level of knowledge.

Teachers can make use of this app to assess the understanding of the whole class. Without the need for any student accounts, students can use teacher’s unique code to get access to the teacher’s room.

11. Study Blue


Using the StudyBlue education app for iOS users, the study materials can be customized in the form of images and audio. This app lets students to track their progress, quiz oneself and even create study reminders.

Digital flashcards can be created and shared for free. The study materials made for your particular classes can be accessed flawlessly across mobiles, tabs and desktops. This app is creating a trend among students of diverse standards with over 5 million downloads.

12. Memrise


Students can use this app for foreign language learning. With access to interesting games, over 30,000 native speaker videos and chatbots, the Memrise app lets anyone to learn to read, write and speak foreign languages such as German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

The learning can be validated through games such as Difficult Words, Speed Review, and Listening Skills. The Memrise Pro even has options to experience language learning on the go with offline mode access.

13. Peak


Students can enjoy playing while improving their intellectual, thinking and problem solving skills. The Peak app has a range of games to help students to push their skills to the maximum.

Depending on the areas that need improvement, teachers and parents can help them in choosing the game that enhance their memory and attention or one that boost their problem solving capability and mental agility.

There are also choices of games that improve their coordination, creativity, language, or even emotion control.

14. Symbolab Calculator


Are you worried about how to solve difficult maths problems? The Symbolab Calculator app lets you access step wise solution to mathematical problems making you understand the problem and solution in detail.

This maths solver app gives you access to a wide range of calculators such as equation calculator, integral calculator, limit calculator, derivative calculator, and inequality calculator. The app covers different sections of the subject including Functions, Geometry, Pre- Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Matrix, Vectors, and Statistics.

15. GoNoodle Kids

This is a great app for elementary students that help kids to move with the rhythm of cool songs. The GoNoodle Kids has an interesting collection of songs including ‘Don’t Read like a Robot’, ‘Pop See Ko’, ‘Kitty High Five’ and a lot more.

This engaging video app encourages you to be active all the time and helps you to relax with mindfulness. The yoga activities help you to excel as a true performer right from the beginning.


16. Blinkist

Students can grow up as better and smarter individuals with this amazing app. The Blinkist app has the short reads or short audios of the key insights of the top selling non-fiction books.

Students can access these 15 minute modules to improve their knowledge, thinking and perspectives about different subjects. One can customize the playlists of their favourite reads or short audios from more than 2000 plus books. Students can listen or read offline too.

17. Kids A-Z


Kids can use this app to easily access interactive learning content to make their study time more interesting and engaging. The Kids A-Z app gives easy access to range of eQuizzes, eBooks, and eResources in their library.

Your close reading skills can be improved with the interactive annotation tools. The amazing options of this app are a real boost to personalized learning. In the latest version, teachers have got access to monitor the past hour app access details.

18. Mad Libs


This is one of the best word games available for iOS devices. The Mad Libs app comes with innovative swipe gesture that helps students to create stories in an easier and better way and covers 21 free Mad Libs stories.

For the chosen book,  students can experience custom illustrations. The app features a kid-friendly interface and the engaging hints offer motivation and swift your play along. The stories can be shared with your friends.

19. Schoology


This is a great learning management solution that can be accessed with your iOS device and students can have an engaging academic experience despite time and location.

The Schoology app lets the students and teachers to manage the classroom in a better and efficient way. Students can use this app to take part in interactive discussions or craft and submit assignments. This app also lets them to collaborate with friends and do assessments.

20. Hopscotch

This is an award winning programming app with over 10 million downloads. The Hopscotch app lets students to learn codes just by creating games.

Students can refer to the video tutorials or they can make it own their own. You can also apply the remix method to make new interesting games by accessing games from other Hopscotchers. Students love this app which lets them play and learn for free.

21. Chegg Study


Students need not worry about difficult to solve home work problems, assignments or puzzles. The Chegg Study app lets students master any difficult subjects with ease as they can have access to a wide resource of solutions to solve difficult problems.

A huge range of subjects are covered by this app that includes Calculus, Accounting, Biology, and Mechanical Engineering. Students just need to take a snap of the problem and post in the app and they can get the solution from subject experts in as less as 2 hours. Students can access the app round the clock.

22. Blackboard

Students can use this iOS app to stay well connected and be up-do-date and informed about their courses and content.

The Blackboard lets students to experience virtual classes and meetings with web conferencing solution. This Blackboard Collaborate feature makes the whole session really amazing.

Students can utilize the app’s possibilities to take part in collaborative sessions and take relevant assignments or tests. Grades for different assignments, courses, and tests can be accessed at ease.

23. Math Bingo

This amazing app that was featured in The New York Times has been among the top 50 apps for the last 3 consecutive years. The Math Bingo app teaches the elementary operations of Mathematics through Bingo games.

You can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through different levels of the game. You can solve mathematical problems to get the pattern of Bingo rows. This interesting game has time limits and the score varies with the time taken to answer the problem.

24. SparkNotes


This app can be used as a study guide to learn a range of subjects such as drama, poetry, philosophy, literature, shakespeare, and short stories.

The SparkNotes app lets you access 100s of online guides a well as 50 pre-installed guides. You have an option to check in at the location where you study a particular subject and get to know about other users those who have interest in the subject. You have option to try the app absolutely free of cost for the first month.

25. ClassDojo


This is an amazing communication app that makes the interaction between the teachers, parents, and students a lot easy and safe. The ClassDojo app helps teachers to virtually bring parents to classrooms.

Parents can have access to their child’s updates from home. The safe and instant messaging option lets teachers to have a transparent communication with parents on any upcoming activities or special reminders. This app can be accessed for free and teachers can promote a positive classroom culture and a collaborative learning experience.

26. Nearpod


This platform allows teachers to manage content on the students’ iOS devices. The Nearpod app can play a vital role in interactive collaboration and presentation and it can act as a real-time assessment tool too.

Teachers are widely using this app to share synchronized lessons in a much easier way with students and engage them through polls, quizzes, videos and drawing tools. The classes can be made more interesting with interactive Nearpod presentations.

27. Flipgrid


This is a widely used video discussion platform that can help educators to have a wider insight of different problems. The Flipgrid app lets students and teachers to share their voices on different subjects.

Teachers usually post interesting posts and questions on different subjects and trigger discussions. Students can respond to the posts and share their response with friends and promote social learning. This platform also guides students to respect the voice of others.

28. Duolingo


This app with over 200 million users is Apple’s iPhone app of the year. The Duolingo app is an easy and efficient way to learn languages.

Learning a new language with this app can be real fun and the students can choose from a list of commonly used 23 languages of the world including German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Swedish, Spanish and French.

While learning a language, you can go up different levels and compete with your friends to make the whole idea interesting.


These amazing apps can really make an impact to a student’s life and help them to grow up as smarter and better individuals. Most of these education apps are available for free and you can download your favourite one from the official website. Teachers are bringing more apps to the classrooms to make the best out of the present era technology and possibilities. These apps have made the communication between the students and teachers more transparent and that has a lot to do with their enhanced learning experience.

Solving problems and memorizing tables will not make kids better at mathematics, says an education expert. Among the subjects destined to learn, mathematics is one subject that students often find difficult to study. May be the difficulty is due to passive learning process.

Students learn math best only when they approach the subject as something they enjoy. Some students might take longer time in memorizing but they still possess extra ordinary potential in the subject. Trying out something new can transform the classroom. Traditional method of teaching has lost its charm. Technology is taking over the space.

Check out some of the cool apps that can make mathematics fun to learn:

  • Swim with Numbers

Swim with Numbers is one such app that uses the beautiful colour of ocean as its theme. Learning numbers is made fun by the app. This app consists of four sections. Children can get familiar with oceanic creatures along with numbers. The app is also enabled with a tracing activity which provides practice for children to begin writing the numbers in English. Swim with Numbers is a simple yet helpful app for attracting children.

  • Kids Numbers and Math Free

As the name suggests Kids Numbers and Math is a FREE app for kids. Basic mathematical operations and numbers are taught with fun by the app. Numbers are spoken loud in kid friendly manner, making them easy to understand. Depending on your kid’s progress, set the number ranges and the rest is assured by the app. Kids will have immense fun with this app.

Kids will learn to:

  1. Name numbers
  2. Count
  3. Compare numbers
  4. Add
  5. Subtract
  6. Match numbers
  • Math Workout

There is no doubt that Math workouts make the mind sharp and alert.  This app ensures that the brain is given a daily dose of mental exercise. To enhance mental arithmetic skill, Math workout gives math drills. The exercises help in improving maths skill. Math Workout allows tracking the progress with charts of past performances. Daily dose of the app helps in the healthy improvement of the mind.

  • Brain Exerciser

Brain Exerciser is designed for the purpose of giving brain some exercise for its healthy development. The app consists of 3 games that you can play to refresh your mathematical skills.

The Add like Mad is a game that consists of squares where numbers should be added so that they become equal to the value at the top before the time runs out.

The Number Breaker is game where the user needs to destroy all the digits, and the Balloon Solver where you need solve for the right answer to pop the balloon before the time runs out.

Brain Exerciser is available for free to download

  • Mental Math Free

Solving mathematical equation with pen and paper is easy but doing it mentally and paper-free is harder. Mental Math Free helps to strengthen the imaginative power of your child’s mind. This app also provides useful tips for solving difficult mathematical problems.  Times table training in the app helps to sharpen multiplication skills. Improve mental math with “hide question” and train to remember numbers in mind.

  • Falling Math

Falling Math is a simple game that helps to enhance the mathematical skills effectively. Before dropping off the screen, the correct answer should be chosen from the right side. Being super fast in calculation is important in the game. If the answer is right, choices will fall faster for the next problem. Time managing skill is developed with the app. Challenge the capability of the brain with Falling Math. The app is free to download.

Students find it fascinating to assess information using technology they are comfortable with. Around 83% of Internet usage is expected to be through mobiles. Hence it is clear that mobile app is a technology students use on a larger scale. Fun, education and technology is a mix that works wonders.

Why apps?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”- Arthur C. Clarke

Application has revolutionised the method of teaching and learning. There are now possibilities round the corners. The ability to learn anything anywhere and anytime can make learning easy as well as simple. Apps make it possible for the children to learn Maths with fun.

Advantages of apps in education

  1. Maintains privacy and security
  2. Foster Collaboration
  3. Saves Cost
  4. Encourages High Adoption
  5. Boosting Student Motivation and Performance
  6. Go Green – Environment Friendly

Having a parent portal seems to be very useful from a school administrator’s perspective. It provides them a single point reference to all the school related activities of a student. But, the people who are first and foremost concerned and connected to a child’s welfare are obviously his or her parents. So, what does our parent portal offer to parents?

Get Best Free Parental Apps (Check it Now)

On logging in, a parent lands to the home page or the dashboard of our parent portal. Here you can find a top navigation pane as well as a side navigation menu. The top/horizontal navigation menu has five options – the Dashboard, Online Payment, Academic Calendar, Notification Center, and Communication Center. In the side menu, the parents can find different modules to generate reports such as Results, Attendance and Fee. Below that, there are also modules related to school work such as assignments and study materials. Let us look at what all of these offers to a parent.

1. Main Menu

Online Payment: Physically going to the school to make payment, or entrusting a child with the fee amount are not the best options for today’s working parents. With our online payment portal, they don’t have to do either. They can conveniently login to the online portal and pay the dues from their internet connected device from anywhere using their credit/debit card or by net banking.

Academic Calendar: The academic calendar will provide a comprehensive view of the various events in a school year. From annual day and exam time to holidays, the parent can know the dates by looking at it. Parents can also find out about the student’s attendance by looking at the academic calendar.

Notification Center: Parents can keep up with the latest happenings by just taking a peek at the notification center. It might be a circular about an upcoming quiz competition or it might be the announcement of the exam schedule. All of this information along with school bus attendance messages will be displayed in the notification center, which is just a click away for parents.

Communication Center: Parents can stay updated about their children’s progress and behaviour in school at the communication center. It allows them to exchange feedback to the school principal or teachers.

2. Reports

Results Module: Parents get easy access to their children’s results from this module. They can see the detailed semester wise reports of how children have performed in various subjects. The results can be downloaded in PDF format for your convenience.

Attendance Module: The attendance module, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive view of students’ attendance. It lets the parent know the number of days their children has been present and absent from their classes.

Fee Module: Want to know how much amount has been paid as fees for the whole year? Parents can now get the complete details using our fee module. They can also find out the details about fee dues. All from their Internet connected device.

3. School Work

Assignments/Home Work: Parents can conveniently find out what assignments are there for their children and download them as PDF files. Once the assignment or home work is completed by the child, parents can upload it as PDF files to the parent portal.

Study Material Module: Study material will be provided as downloadable PDF files in the Academic section. Parents can either view it on the screen or download it according to their convenience.

4. Multiple Profiles

If a parent has more than one child studying in the same school, then the parent can view both children’s details from the same login. For instance, in the case of attendance, a parent can choose which child’s profile needs to be checked from inside the attendance module.


The Online Parent Portal is a comprehensive solution for parents. However, a dedicated mobile application would obviously be more convenient to carry around and access. ParentApp is exactly that and a little bit more. It can do pretty much everything that is possible with the online portal.


Attendance Tracking – Parents can track the children’s attendance on the go, at their convenience.

Results – They get detailed semester-wise results complete with grades received for each subject

Track Fee – Parents can find out if there are any fee arrears

School Bus Tracker –This solution helps parents to pin point the real-time location of their children’s school bus

Notice board – Parents can view schedules, time tables, circulars etc
from the school in PDF format

Communication Center – Parents are notified of critical messages with push notifications, bridging the communication gap between teachers and parents. They can also initiate conversations with the school principal and teachers

Get Best Free Parental Apps (Check it Now)

Feedback Section – This section allows parents to send feedback to teachers on their children’s progress and activities.

The online parent portal will be hosted alongside the school website. It helps parents to communicate with teachers and stay informed about their children’s progress and discipline at school. All details for parents like school circulars, fee payment details, marks and attendance are reported through the portal. Parents with multiple children studying in the same school need only one login to view all details. The ParentApp is the icing on the cake as it provides a solution for busy parents to keep track of their children’s school life.

In the last part, we discussed about our smart English language apps for preschoolers. It was a fun and colourful app aimed at improving your child’s overall language development. But, children need to learn not just about language, but also about numbers. Our smart Math/Numbers apps are ideal for the purpose.

Swim With Numbers

With its beautiful ocean theme, the ‘Swim with Numbers’ app is a great way to introduce your children to the world of numbers. The app covers numbers 1 to 10. There are four different sections in this app to improve your child’s overall numerical ability. The sections are:

  1. 123 – Teaches children to recognize the numbers 1 to 10
  2. 123 Trace – A tracing activity for children to get used to writing numbers in English
  3. 123 Game – It is a counting activity that reinforces learning
  4. 123 Song – Children tend to learn songs faster. The numbers song will help retain what they learn.

Time Bird

Time can be a confusing concept for young children. Preschoolers do understand tiny bits of the concept and the Time Bird app makes the best out of it.

Learn to Tell Time

Your children gets introduced to the clock, the features and purpose of clocks

Both analogue and digital clocks are introduced to children in this section

It explains the hour hand to your child.

There are two different modes – Auto learning and self learning. In auto learning, the minute hand stays at 12 so that your child understands that every time the minute hand stays there, the time is __ o’clock. Self Learning on the other hand allows your child to move the hands around till they learn how to read it.


This part contains a couple of age-appropriate activities that simplify the concept of time; making it easy for your children to understand.

These activities are:

  1. Matching – The child has to match digital and analogue clocks that show the same time
  2. Set Time – This activity asks the child to set time on the clock evaluates the child by asking him to set the time on the clock.

Math Tables

This is a game that will make little multiplication table champions out of your kids. There are two different modes in this game.

The first one is Random Mode, which lets your child practice tables using random questions. The kid should slice or squash the correct answers. There are 5 lives and each incorrect answer reduces a single life.

The second mode is Time Mode. It gives a time frame of 90 seconds within which your child has to answer maximum number of multiplication questions.

Results are displayed in a separate page and points out the tables on which the child has to work more. The app even lets you choose the table you like to practice.

All About Shapes

This is our upcoming application that provides more fun and learning to preschoolers.

That’s it for this week. Next time, we will look into the E.V.K / G.K. apps.

Last week, we had discussed about our Smart apps for toddlers – TinyTapps. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, we are going to explain about our English language apps. We have four colourful and fun apps for teaching English. Let’s take a look at them.

Fun with ABC – Alphabet Learning

This lovely app introduces your kid to the world of English alphabets. It has a colourful interface with jungle theme that children would easily relate to. There are four sections in this app –alphabet recognition (ABC), alphabet tracing (ABC Trace), alphabet activity (ABC Game) and song (ABC Song). These sections together provide a comprehensive learning that children will enjoy. The app is simple to use for both child and parent/teacher.

Small abc

Your child will have fun learning small letters of the English language with this smart app. This app aims to develop and strengthen both visual and auditory associations with alphabets. It also has an activities section that has been designed to build your child’s analytical thinking and recognition skills. This app has a read and writes section that, as the name suggests, is aimed at improving basic reading and writing skills of pre-schoolers. Children become familiar with the letters and their sounds. Apart from that, kids are encouraged to trace or write the alphabets, which have the additional benefit of improving their motor skills.

There is an Activities section too, for evaluating how much the child has learnt and retains in his mind. It incorporates a drag and drop activity that strengthens picture-letter association. Other sections include Blast the Rocket for recognising lower case alphabets through auditory association, Matching Activity that emphasizes on visual association and recognition and Rhythm & Rhyme, which hugely improves your child’s speech, literacy, reasoning, physical, emotional, and social development.


As the name implies, this app encourages children to learn word pairs with opposite meanings such as “hot and cold”, “up and down” and “good and bad”. Children show a tendency to learn certain types of words easily. Opposites are one such concept they grasp quickly. They help children to differentiate and distinguish the world around them. This app includes about 50 opposite words and a game. Opposites challenge and fine tune the cognitive skills of your children.

Rippling Rhymes

Songs are one of the easiest ways for children to learn because they love the rhythm and rhyme. Rippling Rhymes is an app that includes a collection of short and rhythmic songs that make it easy for your children to learn and memorize. Each song is unique and has a special theme. But all of these songs are like stories with a beginning and an end. They are entertaining and add value by incorporating new vocabulary, concepts of alphabets, numbers etc. There are beautiful illustrations, animations, an intuitive user interface and excellent audio quality.

These are the apps that TinyTapps have developed to help pre-schoolers learn more about English Language. Next week, we will explain about the Math/Numbers apps by TinyTapps.

Kids are amazing. They are full of energy and are innately curious. In a world where technology is catching on than the wildest wildfire ever imagined, it is inevitable that kids get captivated by mobile devices. Considering these two factors, the best way for preschoolers to learn is through smart mobile apps.

Brilliant colors, large images of animals, fruits, etc are vital to getting the attention of children. Our designers and developers fully understand this and they have incorporated these elements to our smart apps.

These smart apps are in fact called TinyTapps as they are made for toddlers. They are made to work with the iOS operating system. These apps are great for the early learning years. We’ll be discussing the apps in a 5-part series. This is the introductory part. The next one will talk about English Language apps, the third one will be about Math/Numbers app, then E.V.K./G.K. Finally we will discuss all the remaining apps.

Here is an overview of the apps.

English Language

  • Fun with ABC – alphabet learning
  • Small abc
  • Opposites
  • Rippling Rhymes


  • Swim With Numbers
  • Time Bird
  • Math Tables
  • All About Shapes


  • Colour Carnival
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Animal Adventure
  • Fun with Animals
  • Body parts
  • Community Helpers
  • Means of Transport


  • Hindi Vernal
  • Learn Arabic Alphabet
  • Arabic Flash cards
  • Fun with Quiz
  • My Talking Album
  • Fun with Flashcard
  • Learning Hindi

These are the different types of apps we have. We guess you would have got an idea as to the functions of each app here. In the next part we will be discussing about the English Language apps in more detail.