Republic Day of India is one of the most important days in the country’s calendar. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect, making India an independent and sovereign nation. It is also a day to honour India’s struggle for freedom and the hard-fought victory that established India as a republic.

The Constitution of India provides the framework for the governance of the country and ensures that all citizens are treated equally, regardless of their caste, creed, or religion. It is a day to celebrate the rights and privileges of all citizens and to honour the brave patriots who gave their lives to make India an independent nation. Celebrated on the 26th of January every year, it commemorates the proud history of India and its people, as well as the progress made over the years.

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Schools across the country use this occasion to teach children about the importance of the day and how to be proud of the country’s rich heritage. On this day, schools across the country conduct special assemblies and activities to commemorate the day. The National Flag of India is hoisted, patriotic songs are sung, and the national anthem is played. Children often participate in various activities, such as essay writing, poem recitation, painting, and cultural performances. These activities are not only fun, but also help to instil a sense of patriotism in young minds.

Interesting activities to do in school on Republic Day of India

Republic Day is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of the day and to instil a sense of patriotism in them. There are a variety of activities that can be done in school to make the celebration of Republic Day an enjoyable and memorable experience. To make learning about Republic Day more fun and engaging, we have compiled some interesting activities in this blog that can be done in school on the day.

Indoor activities

1. Quiz

Hold a quiz competition related to the history of India , Constitution and more in the classroom.

Quiz Competition Republic Day

2. Debate

Hold a debate with the “importance of Republic Day” as the topic. You can split the students into two teams and give each of them an opportunity to express their point of view.

Republic Day Students

3. Poster making competition

You can hold a poster making competition on the theme of Republic Day and even reward the students who create the best posters.

Poster Making Competition

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4. Essay writing competition

Organize an essay writing competition on the topic of “What does India’s Republic Day mean to me?” and let your students’ creative juices flow.

Essay writing competition

5. Write a poem/song

This does not necessarily have to be a competition. You can ask the students to write a poem or song on the occasion of Republic Day.

Write a poem song

6. Make a collage

Make a collage about the Indian Constitution. You can ask students to contribute and even help them put together the collage and display it in school.

Make a collage

7. Short film

There is no limit to creativity these days especially with the availability of technology. You can ask the students to make a short film within the class room on the theme of “India’s freedom struggle” and showcase the works in school on Republic Day.

Short film

8. Fancy dress competition

Organize a fancy dress competition where students dress up as freedom fighters and personalities relevant to the day.

Fancy dress competition

9. Musicals

Hold a musical show with your talented students regarding the history of India to remind everyone of the day’s significance.

Musicals Activity

10. Exhibition

Let your students collect photographs, newspaper clippings and souvenirs that reflect the themes of patriotism and India’s journey to being a republic.

Republic Day Exhibition

11. Letter writing

This is another activity that does not have to be a competition. Ask the students to write a letter to a freedom fighter thanking them for their contribution.

Letter writing

12. Painting competition

Give students a theme related to Republic Day and let them bring to life what they have in mind regarding the theme in the form of paintings. You can even reward the best paintings.

Painting competition

13. Role Play

This activity is both fun and informative. You can organize role play in the class room where students can impersonate any of the personalities who have had a role in India’s freedom struggle or even act out scenes from the various well-known moments of India’s struggle for freedom.

Role Play

14. Create scrapbooks

Ask students to collect news pieces, images and everything related to the history of India and put together a scrap book. You can also have them gift their scrap books to other students.

Create scrapbooks

15. Short story writing

This is yet another activity that helps students get creative. You can ask the students to write a short story based on “India’s struggle for freedom.”

Short story writing

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Outdoor activities
1. Flag hoisting

Our national festivals always start with flag hoisting. Invite an eminent personality or the heads of the school to hoist the national flag to kick start the Republic Day celebrations.

India Republic Day Flag hoisting

2. March past/parade

Conduct a march past ceremony or Republic Day parade performed by the students, waving the Indian Flag.

March Past

3. Skits

Team students and organize skits that showcase the journey to India’s freedom and being a republic.


4. Patriotic tag

Organize the patriotic version of the popular game of tag. Let the students tag each other while reciting patriotic slogans.

Patriotic tag

5. Patriotic charades

Charades has been a favourite game, especially amongst students. This Republic Day, organize a game of “patriotic charades” where teams of students can compete to act out scenes related to freedom fighters.

Patriotic Charades

6. Patriotic treasure hunt

Treasure hunt, but make it patriotic. Leave clues related to India’s history in the school premises and let the students search and find them. You can even reward the student who finds the most clues.

Patriotic treasure hunt

7. Patriotic bingo

This is yet another patriotic version of one of the popular games among students – bingo. In the game of “patriotic bingo,” students can fill out cards with patriotic slogans.



8. Singing competition

Organize a singing competition, where students can sing patriotic songs. This can be a solo or a group event.

Singing competition

9. Dance off

Dance offs bring in the festive mood and enthusiasm among participants as well spectators. Have a “patriotic dance off” where teams of students can dance to patriotic songs.

Patriotic bingo

10. Capture the flag

Organize a game of “patriotic capture the flag” where teams of students can divide into two teams and compete to capture the flag.

Capture the flag

11. Republic Day stalls

Organize Republic Day stalls and let students volunteer to sell souvenirs and materials related to the day. You can even donate the money raised for a national cause.

Republic Day stalls

Tips to celebrate Republic Day the fun and safe way

Celebrating Republic Day in school is a great way to teach children about their country’s history and to instill a sense of patriotism in them. However, it is important to ensure that the celebration is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Here are some tips for a fun and safe Republic Day celebration in school.

  • Choose activities that are age-appropriate and relevant to the occasion.
  • Ensure that the activities are conducted in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Make sure that the students follow all safety guidelines and adhere to the school’s code of conduct.
  • Encourage the students to treat the national flag with the utmost respect.
  • Ensure that all activities are conducted in a respectful and dignified manner.
  • Make sure that all activities have an educational component to them.
  • Encourage the students to show respect and appreciation for their country and its history.
  • Ensure that the students are aware of the importance of the day and the significance of the Indian Constitution.
  • Provide adequate resources and materials for the activities.
  • Make sure that all the activities are conducted in a fun and engaging manner.

Educational App Cost Development

Republic Day of India is an important day that marks the country’s adoption of the Indian Constitution. Schools across the country organize various activities to commemorate the day and to teach children about its importance. There are a variety of activities that can be done in school to make the celebration of Republic Day an enjoyable and memorable experience.

From quiz competitions and poster-making to debates and outdoor activities, there are plenty of interesting activities that can be done in school to make the occasion a fun and engaging one. However, it is important to ensure that the celebration is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. By following the tips given above, schools can ensure that their students have a safe and enjoyable Republic Day celebration.

In the classroom setup, it is impossible for educators to provide undivided attention to each student, understanding their learning difficulties. The least they can do is to clear the students’ doubts if they ask. This is where learning apps become relevant learning apps for 3rd graders.

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Learning apps can either be used as the sole source of learning or as a support system to the traditional learning process. Since most learning apps are subject, age and grade specific, and come with options of personalisation and customisation, allowing learners to get the most of the benefits that aid their learning process.

Talking about grade-specific learning apps, we discuss the best learning apps for 3rd graders here.

The Top 12 Apps

1. Kahoot! Big Numbers

Kahoot! Big Numbers by DragonBox is a math learning app that develops the addition and subtraction skills of students through games. The app takes students on an adventurous journey through the magical land of Noomia where they have to solve the different challenges that involve math.

kahoot! big numbers

In the game, students have to collect and trade resources to earn new items and unlock new levels. They must also put their addition and subtraction skills to use to manage their resources and advance in the game. The challenges get harder as the game progresses. In the process, the students also learn to solve problems involving long addition and subtraction.

Kahoot!Big Numbers app is available for download in both

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2. Third Grade Learning Games

Third Grade Learning Games app helps students of 3rd grade learn through games. The app features 21 educational games that help them through different subjects, include math, language, science, and also help them improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The lessons in the app follow the third grade curriculum, thus giving the students the rightful learning aid they need. The games and voice narration in the app would keep the students engaged.

third grade learning games

Third Grade Learning Games app is widely used by third grade teachers from around the world to help them learn math, language and STEM subjects. It is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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3. Readability Reading Tutor

Third grade is when most children start reading books and everything that includes long sentences on their own. The Readability Reading Tutor helps students to improve their reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills. In the process, the children will also learn and understand the language better.

The app comes with readability prompts that the children can read out aloud, with the app helping them with their reading and pronunciation. They can also have the app read it aloud by clicking on the speaker icon if they are stuck.

Readability Reading Tutor

Another feature is the comprehension, which is interactive. The app asks the students questions based on the part they just read and they can reply verbally.

The app also allows students to create a personalized vocabulary list, helping them learn new words, and also practice and review the words they learned.

Readability Reading Tutor app is available in

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4. ScratchJr

ScratchJr app introduces 3rd graders to the world of programming.  They get to create their own stories and games in the app making learning to code fun.


Children can make their characters move by putting together programming blocks. The app also provides options to modify the characters and add voice or sounds making it engaging and fun for the learners. The best part about the app is that through the app, they not only learn basics of coding, but also opportunity to improve their critical thinking, problem solving and academic skills.

ScratchJr app is available for download in the

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App Store:-(

5. News-O-matic EDU

News-O-matic EDU is a news app for young children to keep them up to date about what is happening around the world. It is like a digital newspaper that comes with all news of sports, science, and the world as a whole.

The app publishes 5 news pieces of different lengths per week day that students can read to keep themselves updated about what is happening around the world. The detailed images and illustrations in the app make it more engaging to the readers.

News-O-Matic EDU

The app also features a newsroom where students can make drawings or ask questions about the news. There are also puzzles, games, fun facts and much more for students to explore.

News-O-matic app is available for download in both

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6. Epic!

Epic! is another  learning app for 3rd graders that helps them improve their reading skills. The app features a digital library with over 40,000 children’s books for students to choose from.

The app comes with audiobooks, read-to-me books and plenty of interactive learning videos. Students also get personalized suggestions with regard to the books based on their preferences and reading level.


Epic! app also features quizzes that students can attempt and get rewarded. It also tracks the progress of each reader and sends weekly reading reports to their parents.

The app is available in

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App Store:- (

7. app is a learning program that comes with a huge collection of activities for students, based on different subjects. The subjects covered under the program include math, art, music and much more.

The app features over 10, 0000 learning activities, and 10 levels of over 850 lessons for students that were designed by teachers and educational experts.  All these activities are created in such a way that students are entertained while they learn. Through them, app ensures self-paced and independent learning for students.


The content in the app include books, videos, puzzles, games, songs, animations and activities that can be printed, all of which provide a complete understanding of concepts for students and make them ready for the next level of schooling.

The app also keeps track of the students’ progress. This helps educators and parents to understand the areas of learning the students need much more focus on. app is being used widely in classrooms across the world. It is available in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

8. ABCya! Games

ABCya! Games is one of the popular educational games apps that have been here for a decade. The app is packed with over 250 games and activities that ensure that students have fun while learning.

The different games in the app cover a number of topics, which include math, reading, typing, logic, word and strategy games. All these games help students to improve their skills in the academic subjects as well as in improving their problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking skills.

abcya games

In the ABCya! Games app, new content is added on a monthly basis. Students can browse through the topics, based on age and skill levels to find the games suitable for them. The games can be accessed with a subscription.

The app is available in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

App Store:- (

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9. 3rd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Reading is a comprehension prep app for 3rd graders. The app intends to improve the reading and comprehension skills of students.

The app features age-appropriate content for students of 3rd grade.  The passages and stories featured in the app are a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

3rd grade reading

There are plenty of passages or stories that the students can read and later answer the question sets based on them that intend to test their comprehension level. There are also options to listen to the audio of a story and read along.

The app monitors the progress of the students and also emails them the results. This helps parents, educator and students to understand the areas the children need improvement in.

3rd grade reading app is available in both

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App Store:- (

10. 3rd Grade Math: Fun Kids Games

3rd Grade Math: Fun Kids Games app makes math learning simple and fun for students. The app, through its collection of math-based educational games and videos, totally transforms the way 3rd graders approach the subject.

Through the app, the students learn all necessary math concepts, such as multiplication, division, fractions, measurements, and so on.  The app can also be personalized based on the requirements of the students to ensure that they completely understand the concepts at their own pace.

3rd Grade Math Fun Kids Games

Each of the lessons in the app includes games and animated lessons to keep the learners engaged. The lessons cover all major math concepts for 3rd grade.

3rd Grade Math app is available in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

11. iTooch 3rd Grade App

iTooch 3rd Grade  App is the fun way to learn Math, Language Arts and Science for 3rd graders.   The app comes with over 4500 exercises and over 1550 activities, making it, by far, the biggest collection of the US National Common Core Standards based educational activities available in the App Store.

The app features three main subjects—Math, Language Arts and Science, with 40 to 60 chapters based on each subject. The chapters include lessons, examples and images. There are also about 2500 questions for each subject in the app that come with clues, descriptions in detail and also images.


The app provides an exciting learning experience to students, allowing them to go back and review everything they have learned within the app.

iTooch 3rd Grade App is available in the

App Store:- (

12. Spice Pig Math

Spice Pig Math is an action-game based app for students to practice times tables up to that of 12. The retro-based visuals and sounds of the app are capable of grabbing the attention of students and give them all opportunities to have fun while learning.

The app features four modes. Review mode- to understand multiplication visually, Relax in Puzzle mode: to answer to the times tables based questions as the students want, Free-for-All:  where students can simply play a game and take a break from learning, and finally, the Challenge mode- where students put all their skills and knowledge in action to complete the mission of saving Space Pig’s friends.

Spice Pig Math

The first two levels of the game are available for free. The rest of the levels can be unlocked through a single in-app purchase. This game is suitable for anyone who is new to time tables or is in the process of learning them.

Space Pig Math app is available in

Google App Store:- (

App Store:- (

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Third grade is when the basic foundation of education is built in a student, familiarizing them with basic concepts and preparing them for the higher classes where detailed learning happens.  At the same time, they take one step forward towards learning much more than what they already did in the previous years.

For example, in terms of reading, this is the point at which children start reading longer sentences and story books. In Math, they will be introduced to concepts of multiplication and division. In science, they will get to learn more about the living and physical world, and also make observations and record them. In social studies, they will be introduced to the different communities, nationalities, citizenship, economic systems, leaders, etc.

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Learning apps can be of great help at this point. They help students to understand the concepts in a fun and engaging manner, and ensure that they learn as they play.

Apart from the above-listed 12 learning apps for 3rd graders, there are plenty more available already.  Also, a lot more of the apps are awaiting release or are in the process of development.  All you have to do is to choose the one that best suits the preferences of the learner and let them enjoy learning!

Fourth grade is a crucial turning point in the life of students. It is the last stage of learning the basics and preparing for the big leap— learning the concepts of all subjects in detail. It does sound challenging. But, to be honest, it is not really a big hurdle. After all, we all have gotten past it without any major hiccups.

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Unlike the olden days, learning resources have now become more accessible, thanks to the advancement in technology.  There are plenty of apps that aid in learning. They would help the students to learn all basic concepts that are required before they step into the world of detailed learning.

Best Learning Apps for Students

Learning apps are not anything new in the world of education. They have been created since more than a decade ago. And with years, the number has only increased, along with their popularity. Though many educators were still sceptical about the advantages they offer, the pandemic and the following changes to ensure uninterrupted learning have caused them to trust the apps.

Students have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to learning apps. There are apps that are subject specific and also ones where students can learn all subjects at one place. Many of these apps also come with options of personalisation based on the requirements of students.

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Here is a list of the 12 best learning apps for 4th graders.

1. Fourth Grade Learning Games

As the name suggests, Fourth grade learning games app lets students have fun as they learn. The app is packed with 21 engaging educational games that help students learn the basic concepts all major subjects, such as Math, language and STEM. The games also challenge the problem solving and critical thinking skills of students.

Fourth grade learning games

The lessons and activities in the app have been designed based on real fourth grade curriculums, with the lessons and activities approved by 4th grade teachers. The visual elements and voice narration in the app add to the fun, and give the students the encouragement they need as they learn their way through fourth grade.

Fourth Grade Learning Games app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:-(

App Store:-(

2. Everything Machine

Everything Machine by TinyBop is the perfect app for curious minds. The app allows students to build any machine using hardware and sensors, while introducing them to programming.

The app comes with a simple drag and drop visual programming language that students can utilise to connect the camera, microphone, speakers, sensors and so on  to create any machine that suits their imagination; stop-motion camera, kaleidoscope and light to name a few.

everything machine

The app provides a free Everything Machine Manual with instructions that students can follow to start building. In the process, they also learn the basics of coding and machinery. There are also options to play with a friend and sharing your inventions that make it more engaging and fun.

Everything Machine app is available in the

App Store:- (

3. IXL-Maths and English

IXL-Maths and English is a learning app that is exclusively for learning Math and English.  The app comes backed with many engaging activities and exercises based on the Grade 4 Common Core Standards.

The notable benefit of this app is that it allows self-paced learning. It is a boon to many who struggle with the subjects and would need their own time to understand the concepts.


Another advantage is that the students can access the activities and exercises anytime, anywhere. Students can also understand their progress based on the rewards and immediate feedbacks they receive on completion of the activities.

IXL-Maths and English app is available in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:-(

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4. Crazy Gears

Crazy Gears is yet another app for the curious minds. It is a modern-age digital puzzle game that challenges the critical thinking and reasoning skills of students.

In the game, students come across different challenging levels. They have to play with different kinds of machines, like gears, rods, chains and pulleys to get through each level. In the process they learn the working of different mechanisms involved and the effect they have on each other in the building of a machine.

crazy gears

The challenges in the app have been created with the aim of making the learning process of STEM/STEAM subjects efficient and meaningful.  They instil the interest to explore and learn the properties of mechanisms in students. It also helps them understand the major Physics concepts, such as gravity, motion and tension with ease.  And all these are achieved in a fun and engaging manner through the app.

Crazy Gears app is available for download in the

App Store:- (

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular learning apps to ever exist. It can be considered one of the best learning aids, when it comes to academic-related subjects.

The app comes with thousands of educational videos, and unlimited exercises and tests for all major subjects, such as Math and Science. All the content within the app is based on the CBSE and NCERT syllabus.

Students can learn all basic concepts in the app and also practice what they have learned by attempting the exercises and tests. They also get personalised recommendations on videos and exercises based on their preferences.

khan academy

The best part about Khan Academy app is that it encourages self-paced learning, thus giving opportunities to every student despite the learning differences. It also helps in building a strong foundation which would help the students as they succeed to higher classes where detailed learning of concepts happens.

Khan Academy app is available for download in both

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App Store:- (


NASA app is a great resource for space related content. Whether it is to contain your curiosity or whether it is for research and projects, this is one of the best apps you can undoubtedly rely on.

Owned by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA, you can access the latest news and features, images and all information on anything space related, be it galaxies, planets or the different space expeditions conducted by the agency. You can also watch live streams in the NASA TV and also pick your favourites among the images in the app.


It is a very informative app that helps students to enhance their knowledge and to inspire them. The NASA app is available for

download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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7. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a popular learning app that teaches children to code. What makes it different from other coding apps is that the app gives the students the freedom to build anything they want, be it games, art, stories or more.

The app comes with a library of self-guided video tutorials that teaches them to build programs. They can also access the projects created by their counterparts and play with them to create something of their own. In short, Hopscotch app helps students to learn the basics of coding, while having fun.

Hopscotch app comes with subscription plans to access advanced features. It can be downloaded from the

App Store:- (

8. Kahoot!Geometry

Kahoot! Geometry, as the name suggests, is an app that teaches geometry to students through games. The app encourages students to explore and learn the concepts of geometry.

Kahoot! Geometry app features over 100 puzzle games that help to create a deeper understanding of the concept in students. They can make use of the shapes and their properties in the app to explore the different geometry-based mathematical proofs.

Kahoot Geometry

The app also features some playful characters that make it more fun and engaging to young children. Also the activities and puzzles are designed in such a way that it keeps the students intrigues to the point of them  not realising that they are actually learning  as they play.

Kahoot!Geometry app is available in both

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App Store:- (

9. Learn French by Mind Snacks

Learn French by Mind Snacks helps children learn French language through games.  The games include those that can be unlocked through playing and those that can be purchased within the app.

The games in the app help students to memorise words, learn the gender of words and practice conjugation of verbs. The app also features audio clips by native audio speakers to help them learn the accurate pronunciation.

Learn French

The app offers two types of practice to master the language. The first method is to learn to say the words in images. The other method is to listen to the words and relate them to the images.

The app is absolutely free and even works offline making it possible for students to access it anytime, anywhere. Learn French by Mind Snacks is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

App Store:- (

Top 12 FREE Educational Apps for Kids (Check it Now)

10. Science for Kids by Tappity

Science for Kids by Tappity app encourages children to learn science through participation. The app covers all major science subjects—-space science, life science, Earth science and physical science.

The app features a library with learning resources on over 100 science topics. It includes science lessons, activities, stories, interactive science videos and game shows. Tappity Tinkeres, the real-life instructors, enable one-one teaching for each student. They explain the complex science concepts and guide the students through real science experiments.


The science journal in the app also provides the students an opportunity to get creative. They also get to interact with science experts and also play games in the app. Science for Kids by Tappity app is available in the

App Store:- (

11.Squeebles Times Tables

Squeebles Times Tables is a learning app that teaches children times table the fun way. Through the app, children get to learn and practice their times tables and also improve math skills.

The app comes with seven game modes. There is also a training area that helps the students to learn and the tests there help them practice. Squeebles are characters featured in the app and the students have a mission to save them from the Maths Monster by solving problems. They get rewarded on winning the game.


The app also generates the progress reports of each student, which can be accessed by teachers and parents. There are also options to customise the app based on the learning experience of students.

Squeebles Times Tables is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

12. Inventioneers

Inventioneers app is for the curious kids out there, giving them an opportunity to invent, explore and learn. The app features tiny characters named Inventioneers who guide the students as they invent.


The app comes with games which the students can solve to create their own inventions. Meanwhile, they also learn concepts of physics and the science behind different elements, such as air, fire, magnetism, etc. Students can also share up to 4 of their inventions with their friends.

Inventioneers app is available for download in

Google Play Store:-  (

App Costs Idea

One of the best things about learning apps is that they do not focus solely on academics. In the process, they also help to develop other important skills, such as reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking, in students. Also, the visual and gamification elements in the apps tend to catch the attention of children, thus keeping them engaged.

They also make learning possible from any corner of the world at any time that is convenient to the learners, and the amount of learning resources these apps offer is plenty.

In short, learning apps make the learning process accessible and more convenient to students. They can either fully rely on the apps for learning or use them as a learning support as they continue to learn the traditional way.

All that matters is the app you choose suits all your requirements, and gives you the space to learn, with the accurate and efficient understanding of concepts.

Educational apps have made a phenomenal change in the way we manage classrooms and schools, and in the way we learn. The best part about these apps is the availability of information at our fingertips in different forms. Many of these educational apps have served as a one-stop learning solution where many things in terms of academic aspects can be achieved at the same place, rather than having to go for different sources.

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There are plenty of educational apps available these days that serve different purposes. You can use them to study, to stay organized, to be productive and what not.

Many of the educational apps can be accessed absolutely free of cost. There are also some apps of which the basic version is available for free, but would require subscription plans and in-app purchase options to use advanced featured. Also, there are fully paid apps that can be downloaded only by paying a certain amount of money.

Best Free Educational Apps for Students

The following list consists of some of the best 12 educational apps for students that are available for free. You can check them out here.

1. Duolingo

Yes, the popular language learning app is available for free. Duolingo offers over 95 different courses in 23 languages that include English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Latin and much more.

The learning process in Duolingo is mostly game based that makes language learning enjoyable and fun. The visual elements of the flashcard-like game in the app give you a better understanding of the words. It also helps you to build your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills.

Duolingo App

You can also attempt tests to analyse your proficiency in the language you are learning. The app monitors your learning progress and performance, giving you an idea of what part of your learning needs more attention.

Duolingo app helps you to master all aspects of language learning, be it reading, writing or speaking. It is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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2. SoloLearn

Technology has brought the world closer by helping them stay connected and it will continue to happen in the future as well. Therefore, knowledge in coding is expected to be an essential requirement in the days to come.

Many educational institutions have already introduced the subject to their students from a young age. There are educational apps for that extra support or to help the students to advance to the next level of learning to code, and SoloLearn app is one of the best choices.

sololearn logo

SoloLearn app comes with over 25 programming courses and a library with plenty of free code learning content under different topics for learners with any knowledge level, from beginners to experts. The app also keeps posting new content on a daily basis.

The app also comes with a community of over 40 million coding students, where they hold discussions based on various topics, solve problems and create new content to practice coding.

The app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:-  (

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another popular educational app that is available for free. The online learning platform is perfect for students as well as adults who are looking to improve their knowledge.

Khan Academy app offers over 4000 courses in different subjects, including Maths, Science and Humanities, all based on NCERT or CBSE syllabus. The app also comes with a free, personalised learning library.

khan academy app logo

Khan App features videos, interactive exercises and articles on different subjects that allow in-depth learning. It also has a personalised dashboard for each learner where they can view their learning progress.

Khan Academy app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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4. TED

TED, the popular platform known for TED talks by experts from all walks of life gives you access to all of its content for free. The app features over 3000 TED Talk videos based on different topics, all presented by renowned musicians, tech geniuses, business giants and others who have proven their worth in their respective fields.

In the app, you can browse through the TED Talks library to access the video of your choice. The videos come with subtitles in over 100 languages. You can also listen to podcasts in the app.

ted logo

If you have no idea as to which video to choose, you can use the” surprise me” feature for video suggestions. TED app also has bookmark feature to bookmark your favourite videos.

TED app is a great source if you are looking to fulfil your curiosity or if you want to improve your knowledge.

The app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:-  (

Play Store:- (

5. Lumosity

Lumosity is a well-known brain training app that you can access for free. The app helps you to achieve the goal of enhancing your skills, in terms of memory, critical thinking, problem solving and flexibility through games.

You can start with a free 10-minute FIT test to set your baseline scores, and to see where you stand compared to your peers. The app also features over 40 activities that challenge your memory, logic, language skills and much more. You can also go for personalised challenges based on your preferences and training habits.

Lumosity App logo

Lumosity app also provides you with training insights which helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as you progress. Your gameplay analysis provided by the app helps you to better identify your cognitive patterns.

Lumosity app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

6. Photomath

Photomath app can be a saviour when you struggle with your math problems. Did you know that the app is available for free?

The app comes handy when it comes to solving any Math related problems, from simple ones of which you need to check the answers to difficult problems you are having a hard time solving.

Photomath app logo

All you have to do is to click a picture of an equation or scan it and upload it in the app. In return, you will get the step by step solution to it so that you get an idea of what needs to be done or where you went wrong.

Photomath app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

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7. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster dictionary, the popular American dictionary, is available in its app form and is absolutely free. Finding a right word or figuring out its meaning, it is a great accompaniment when you are learning English language. It is one of the most commonly used dictionaries around the world and is often used for reference, learning and building your vocabulary.

The app also features word games and quizzes that help you to learn new words and test your vocabulary. The word of the day feature in the app is also a great way to learn new words in the app.

Merriam Webster Logo

Apart from the meaning of a particular word, you can also find synonyms, antonyms and example sentences that help you to understand how that word is used in a sentence. Another feature is the audio pronunciations by native English speakers so that you learn to accurately pronounce it.

Merriam-Webster dictionary app is available for download in both

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is another popular app that helps you in language learning. It can be termed as a writing assistant that helps to correct and edit your grammar, spelling and punctuation as you type.

Grammarly can be considered a proof read app that helps you to identify errors in your writing by checking it for issues. It also notifies you about the errors and guides you about what should be written instead.

Grammarly App Logo

The app also comes with advanced features, such as synonyms, that help you to improve your vocabulary, spelling and writing skills.

Grammarly app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

9. Timetable

Timetable app helps students to easily manage their school/university life. You can enter all your academic schedules in the app and get reminded so that you would not miss out on them.

Apart from class timings, you can also enter schedule details for home works, exams, tests and assignments, as in the timings, due date, name of teacher, etc. The app notifies you when about the schedules on time, and also reminds you to study. Another feature is that the app mutes your phone automatically during your study time.

Timetable App Logo

The schedules are organised in the app as a table or grid. You can also search for a particular task in the app.

Timetable app is available for download in the

Google Play Store:- (

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10. Daylio

Daylio is not exactly an academic related app. It is rather a mood tracker app that helps you to keep track of your mental health.

Daylio app acts as a private journal where you can note down anything about yourself. You can customise the app based on your personal needs.

Daylio App Logo

It helps you to analyse your habits, keep track of your emotional needs and helps you to realise the factors that affect your mood both positively and negatively.

Daylio app is available for free in

Google Play Store:- (

Play Store:- (

11. LiveCarta

Livecarta app is a digital library with all books and learning materials in it available for free. You can read the books in offline mode as well.

You can use your LiveCarta account to sync all the reading resources across different devices you use. You can also read the books, add highlights and notes and sync the changes made across the devices.

Live Carta App

The app also comes with features where you can search for keywords within the book or a specific chapter. The read aloud feature allows you to listen to the stories anytime, anywhere. You can also customise the read aloud feature, in terms of voice, speed and pitch.

LiveCarta app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Store:- (

12. Study Tips

Study Tips is the app you need if you are looking for study hacks. The app gives you tips to study and also to remember more information in less time.

Study Tips app consists of a list of tips and tricks to learn that will help you achieve the different academics related goals. The app helps students to better manage their time and be productive, and also to develop good study habits.

Study Tips App Logo

The different tips provided by Study Tips app include those for studying effectively, maintaining the environment for learning, remembering information within a quick span of time, preparing for tests and exams, and so on.

Study Tips app is available for download in

Google Play Store:- (

App Costs Idea

Apart from the above mentioned apps, there are many more educational apps that are available for free. These apps help students be more responsible and committed towards their academic goals. Also, they get to organise and maintain their school/college life, and also to be productive without losing focus.

Most of these apps come with different elements, such as gamification and colourful, eye-catching interface that make it appealing to users. It interests them as the elements make the app more fun. As we mentioned earlier, the different apps serve different purposes. You can look for the best, free-to-use educational app that suits you and helps you to achieve all your academic goals.

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It is the era of globalisation and English is one language that binds the world together, in terms of communication.

Nowadays, students and professionals look for better opportunities and are always ready to migrate to any corner of the world that would give them the best of everything they need to achieve their goals. In the process, learning an extra language for communication is crucial.

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English is a global language and it works in majority of the countries around the globe. Learning English language involves learning all elements, which include vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and everything in between. To be honest, it takes a while to fully master it. Educational systems around the world have already understood it that most schools teach English language to students as part of their curriculum from an early age.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in need to learn English language. While traditional way of learning has their own benefits, English learning apps seem to be a feasible solution. You can either use them as a support to your classroom learning process or learn English from scratch at your own pace. This fully explains the continuous growth in number and popularity of English learning apps.

Best English Learning Apps

English learning apps provide a self-paced, personalised learning experience that helps you to learn the language anytime, anywhere.

Here is a list of some of the best English learning apps currently available in the market.

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1. Duolingo:-

Duolingo has been reigning as the most popular language learning app in the market for a while now. It is one of the most recommended apps for beginners to learn a new language, and has over 42 million active users. Therefore, unhesitatingly, Duolingo tops the list of best English learning apps.

The app provides you lessons in the form of different activities, mostly mini games, based on your learning style, age and experience level. In the process, you practice all important parts of learning English—speaking, listening and writing. The best part is you just have to spend 20 minutes in the app every day.

The gamification elements in Duolingo make learning fun, while the learners master words, grammar, spelling, phrases, and pronunciations in an efficient manner. You also get rewarded on completion of the lessons.

The app also keeps track of the progress of the learners. This gives you a better understanding of your knowledge level and the areas you need improvement in.

Duolingo is available as both web and mobile apps. The mobile app versions are available for download in the App Store as well as Google Play Store.

2. LingoDeer:-

LingoDeer is another popular language learning app that qualifies as one of the best English learning apps in the market. You can use the app to master English language from beginner to intermediate levels.

Like Duolingo, LingoDeer uses gamification in its lessons and review exercises that make language learning fun and interesting to learners. At the same time, the app follows a goal-oriented curriculum with organised daily lessons, and vocabulary and grammar reviews, making it different from its counterparts.

LingoDeer offers English lessons in different languages, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. The lessons are arranged based on different themes and cover a variety of topics. Each of these five-minute long lessons comes with exercises that help learners to practice listening, reading and vocabulary.

The app also includes five-minute long quizzes that learners can attempt. It tracks your progress in vocabulary and grammar, helping learners understand their weaknesses and practice.

LingoDeer has both web app and mobile app versions. The mobile apps are available for download in the App Store as well as Google Play Store.

3. Babbel:-

If you are looking for an app that will help you acquire conversational skills in English language, Babbel is the one. The app mainly focuses on vocabulary and grammar.

Babbel app uses four different methods to help you learn English—image recognition, sound recognition, fill in the blanks and spelling. It also has a custom goal system that learners can use to set milestones and track your progress as you learn. Through these approaches, the app intents to let you have a better understanding of the languages than simply memorising new words.

Babbel provides 15-minute lessons on a daily basis that feature realistic conversations and optional live lessons. It also helps you with your pronunciation by listening to your voice. Another useful feature of Babbel app is that it reminds you to review the completed lessons so that you will not forget what you learned.

Babbel app also ensures personalised learning by allowing learners to choose lessons that interest you. The lessons feature an array of real-world topics that you can easily choose from.

The app has both web and mobile versions. The mobile app is available in App Store as well as Google Play Store.

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4. Memrise:-

Memrise is a free English learning app that helps you learn English words in a fun manner. The app uses creative and humorous ways to help you remember the words.

Memrise app features lessons that help users to speak fluent English within a short span of time. It provides over thirteen different courses that are created by users. Thus, you get an idea of how other users learned a topic you are learning.

The courses for beginners consist of short lessons that make it easy for you to learn every day and also practice the lessons. The lessons in Memrise consist of practical vocabulary, grammar and useful phrases that helps users to get a grasp on conversational English that you can use in the real world.

You can also keep track of your learning progress in Memrise app. It helps you understand the areas you need further improvement in and learn more efficiently.

Memrise has both web and mobile app versions. The mobile app is available for download in App Store as well as Google Play Store.

5. Busuu:-

Busuu is a popular language learning app developed by linguists that is highly recommended for English learning at beginner levels. The app combines human interaction and AI to help users learn English quickly.

Busuu app comes with English lessons that majorly cover topics that help in improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of learners. You can also interact with native English speakers in the app to practice your speaking skills, and receive feedbacks from them as you attempt the exercises given in the app.

With Busuu app, you can observe your learning progress and make changes to your learning style or focus more on the areas you might need to spend additional time in. The app also sends you a weekly report listing your achievements in the previous week.

Busuu app has both web and mobile versions. The mobile app is available for download in App Store as well as Google Play Store.

6. Pimsleur:-

Language learning courses through Pimsleur date back to 1950s when English audio lessons were provided in the form of a series of cassettes. Keeping up with the modern times, now there is a Pimsleur app serving the same purpose.

Pimsleur app offers audio-based English lessons based on a curriculum, along with interactive exercises like flashcards, quizzes, and conversation activities that aid in your learning process. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and the learners are expected to listen to at least one lesson per day.

The lessons include English dialogues where the narrator explains the new words and pronunciations. There are also instances where you should be repeating what the narrator in the audio says. The English courses in Pimsleur app are available in different languages, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic.

The courses can be bought from the Pimsleur website or you can find the mobile app version in App Store and Google Play Store.

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7. Rosetta Stone:-

Rosetta Stone app is one of the most popular English learning apps out there that has a different approach compared to its counterparts. It helps users learn English language from scratch through different exercises.

What makes it different is that Rosetta Stone app does not give you options to learn English in your native language. Instead, you learn English with English.

The app features lessons and also exercises that help you to learn the basic words through images first, before moving to phrases or complex sentences. There are also options for additional tutoring sessions and live streaming. Like in Busuu app, you can interact with native speakers to practice speaking in English in Rosetta Stone app as well.

Rosetta Stone app has both web and mobile versions. The mobile app is available for download in App Store as well as Google Play Store.

8. FluentU:-

If your main aim in learning English language is to learn how to speak, FluentU is the app for you. The app helps you to learn and improve your English pronunciation and conversation skills within a short period of time.

FluentU app is another language learning app with a different approach. In the app, you learn English language through authentic online videos, which include movie scenes, interviews and news reports. This helps you to learn to speak like a native speaker, familiarising yourself with everyday expressions and common slangs.

The videos come with interactive subtitles. If you come across an unfamiliar word, you can just hover over the word in the subtitle to see the description about it. The app also provides video examples of each new word, which helps you to improve your vocabulary. You can also find translations of the subtitles in a different language in the app.

FluentU also provides flashcards to learn a new word. You can test your knowledge using personalised quizzes at the end of each video. The quizzes include comprehension tests where you have to listen to audio snippets and identify words and speaking tests where you have to talk loudly in English.

The app has both web and mobile versions. The mobile app is available for download in the App Store.

9. Mondly:-

Mondly app is a great choice if you are looking to improve your conversational skills in English or looking to learn basics of English language to be used in your daily life. The app teaches you conversational phrases that you can use in the real world.

Mondly app features a world map that you can scroll through to choose among the lessons based on different themes. If you are not able to choose one, you can go for the customized daily lessons in the app. The lessons include quizzes that help improve your language skills and practice tests by Oxford University Press.

In addition, Mondly also has an augmented reality function where you will be able to see a 3D teacher in your surroundings as you turn on the camera of your mobile device.

Mondly has both web and mobile app versions. The mobile app is available in App Store as well as Google Play Store.

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10. Xeropan:-

Xeropan is an interesting English learning app that uses gamification to help users learn English language. The app features a number of fun exercises that include interactive videos, chatbot conversations and weekly lessons.

The app is structured like a game where you go on a time-travel journey through which you will continue to learn the language in the form of lectures, videos simulating real-world scenarios, audio tracks and interactive activities.

Xeropan is suitable for users of any age group and knowledge level. It does not matter if you are someone who wants to learn the language from scratch or someone who is familiar with the basics and want to improve your proficiency.

The app has both web and mobile versions. The mobile app version is available for download in App Store as well as Google Play Store.

Xeropan App Logo

There are different ways to master English language. However, English learning apps seem like one of the best option because of the many benefits they offer—efficiency, self-paced learning, access to lectures and daily exercises at one place to name a few. Also, there are many apps that offer personalised learning, which give an opportunity to anyone from any corner of world, with any level of learning ability to learn English language.

All you have to do is find the app that suits your needs and go for it. Happy learning!

Coding is a part of digital transformation and therefore, is expected to be an essential skill that everyone should have in the future. Even today, many of the job requirements in the IT sector include basic coding skills.

Parents and schools have been encouraging students to start learning to code at school level. As a result, there has been a surge in the number of coding apps in the market.

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Many of these apps focus on teaching one specific coding language, while others focus on introducing coding in general to students.

Why Coding Apps?

First reason is convenience. You can easily access the apps through your mobile devices.

Another reason is that while traditional way of learning coding just teaches the concepts, apps involving puzzles, riddles, and games ensure that learners also learn soft skills, like patience, problem solving, etc. along with coding.

Learning coding is not just limited to high school and college students now. There are coding apps available for students as young as three years of age.

Best Coding Apps for Primary School Students

There are plenty of coding apps available for use based on age group and knowledge level. Here is a list of some of the best coding apps for primary school students.

1. Kodable

Kodable is a popular game-based coding app for children in KG to 5th grades (4 to 10 years). The app features fuzzFamily, a bunch of multi-coloured pompom ball-like characters with faces that end up on a planet full of mazes, named Smeeborg. Learners get to explore the mazes with the fuzzFamily using simple drag-and-drop commands. As they continue playing, they also learn all essential coding concepts.

Kodable App logo

Kodable teaches students the basics of coding to Javascript through different games and activities based on age. It helps them to learn coding through 5th grade, while building soft skills, such as problem solving, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

2. Code Karts

Code Karts is a fun coding app featuring racing cars for children in preschool to KG (3 to 5 years). The app features a set of puzzles in the form of a racetrack with drag-and-drop code and colourful race cars. Learners can drag and drop the direction bricks to guide their cars to the finish line. The app also features a racing mode, where users can test their coding skills by racing other cars.

Code Karts App Logo

Code Karts feature over 70 levels of puzzles. The first 10 levels that involve puzzles with colour matching are available for free. Rest of the levels that come with more difficulty and require more coding knowledge can be purchased in app at $1.99.

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3. Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. is a coding app for students in KG to 2nd grades (5 to 7 years). The app is a bit different from its counterparts where users learn to code while playing games. In Scratch Jr, they get the opportunity to create their own interactive stories and games, using drag-and-drop code. Through the activities, Scratch Jr. allows users to explore their creativity by solving problems and designing projects.

scratchjr app logo

Users can program semi-customizable characters in the app to make them move, jump, dance, and sing. They can also alter the characters in paint editor, add voices and sounds or insert photos, and animate them using programming blocks.

4. Osmo

Osmo coding app is suitable for students in KG to 5th grades (5 to 10 years). The app teaches users to learn to code using physical blocks. Osmo uses these physical blocks along with the device screen, making the coding accessible and tangible for all users. Osmo can be considered a package with coding apps and many additional games.

Osmo Apps Logo

In Osmo Coding Awbie ( ), learners use bricks marked with commands, arrows, numbers, and loops to create scripts for guiding Awbie, a cute monster, through different challenges and earning rewards, such as strawberries.

In Osmo Coding Duo ( ), users work along with a friend to solve coding puzzles and rescue pets. This version of Osmo, which can be considered as the advanced game, makes use of logic problems with multiple steps to introduce students to coding concepts used in real world.

5. Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur app is a great coding app suitable for students in KG to 2nd grades (5 to 7 years). The app features Daisy, a cute dinosaur. Users can make Daisy move, jump and dance using drag-and-drop commands.

Daisy the Dinosaur teaches students the basics of coding through the different challenges. It also provides a free play mode. The app is easy to understand for children as young as for years, but they might need assistance while reading the instructions.

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6. Box Island

Box Island is an award-winning coding app for students in KG to 5th grades (5 to 10 years). The app features a box shaped character with a face and it takes users on an exciting coding journey where they get to learn coding fundamentals. Users have to apply the different coding basics, like loops and conditionals, to continue playing.

The app comes with 100 levels, out of which the first 10 levels are available for free. Users will have to purchase the rest of the levels in app. Through the different challenges, students learn skills, such as problem solving and also, basic coding concepts.

7. SpriteBox

SpriteBox is a puzzle-based coding app suitable for students in KG to 2nd grades (5 to 7 years). The app features a game with a character named Sprite, and is similar to the famous Super Mario game.
SpriteBox app teaches students to actually code through gameplay.

As they continue to play, the students switch from sequencing commands to syntax to solve problems, learning all necessary coding basics in the process. The app comes with a colourful interface and customisable avatar to make it interesting for users.

8. Tynker

Tynker is a holistic learning system that helps students in Grades 1 to 5 (6 to 10 years) to learn to code. The app comes with a variety of activities for students that help them to learn coding concepts.

Through Tynker app, students learn to code while solving puzzles, and also create interactive stories, games and animations. They get to experiment with visual blocks, and gradually advance to using coding languages, like JavaScript, Swift, and Python to create games and design projects. Some of the levels are available for free, while users will have to purchase the additional levels.

9. CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark Academy is a popular coding app suitable for students in KG to 5th grades (5 to 10 years). The app features plenty of activities and games that introduce students to the basics of computer science and STEM.

CodeSpark Academy comes with challenges such as puzzles where students solve puzzles while learning coding basics and also developing their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They also get to create interactive stories and games with animations that require advanced coding.

10. Coda Game

Coda Game app is a popular coding app suitable for students in Grades 4 and beyond (9+ years). Dubbed as kids’ own game engine, the app provides opportunity to users to create their own games with the help built-in drag and drop languages.

coda game app logo

Coda Game app helps users to create games, like air hockey, flappy bird, and the sort, while learning all basic coding concepts. The app uses visual drag and drop features making it easy for young children to use.

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11. Lego Boost

Lego Boost app is a Lego-based coding app suitable for students in 2nd grade and beyond (7+ years). The app allows users to build their own Lego models and program them through coding. Students can use drag and drop blocks to make their models to move and make sounds.

lego boost app


Users can create five models using the Lego Boost app— a robot, cat, machine, guitar, and a mouse on a car. They can then program the models as they desire. The app also comes with an array of activities and levels that use the models. There are also advanced coding blocks in the app that help students to develop their skills and further enhance the models they build.

12. Nancy Drew Codes and Clues

Nancy Drew Code and Clues is a story-based coding app for students in 1st to 5th grades (6 to 10 years). The app involves an interesting story line where users help three female friends solve a mystery by gathering evidences and dragging visual code blocks into place to move a robot.

Nancy Drew Codes and Clues

Nancy Drew Codes and Clues app allows users to role play as a member of Nancy Drew’s team, where they can choose costumes, find clues, and program a robot puppy to find the project that went missing at the Techfair. The game involves six chapters and the coding challenges advance as the story progresses.

edtech cost idea

13. Move the Turtle

Move the Turtle app is suitable for students in grades KG and beyond (4+ years). The app introduces basic to advanced coding concepts to students in a slow and easy manner.

Move the Turtle features a friendly turtle character that introduces students to programming through a step by step process through different challenges. As they solve the challenges, students get to learn different concepts, such as procedures and variables to name a few. In the process, students learn to think and act as a programmer as they create algorithms to complete the challenges.

Move the Turtle


This helps them to learn to simplify complex problems to smaller steps and familiarise themselves with tools they need to execute the challenges.

14. Everything Machine

Everything Machine is a fun coding app suitable for students in grades KG and up (4+ years). The app introduces students to both programming and engineering. They learn to code and also learn about the devices they can create using different hardware.

everything machine app

Everything Machine app urges students to think beyond their limit by introducing them to coding and helping them build mini apps.

15. Mimo

The last app in the list, Mimo, is a great coding app for students in grades KG and beyond (4+ years). Mimo makes learning to code an easy affair through its different bite-sized lessons for the different coding languages and challenges.

Introducing children to coding at a young age is one way to keep them interested. As they use the coding apps, they are introduced to the fun and creative side of coding that they will not have any problems in pursuing coding or computer science in the future if they wish to.

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Apart from the 15 apps listed above, there are plenty of other coding apps available in the market that you can explore in the app stores. Though coding apps are a great way to learn the coding concepts, interacting with their peers will help the students to further strengthen their foundation in the subject.

Students, especially beginners, often have a hard time understanding and learning the different concepts, and improving different areas of their skills. When it comes to students with special needs, especially those with learning difficulties, it is even more difficult.

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According to the statistics under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2019-2020, 33% of the students who are pursuing special education have learning difficulties ( Source:

Many of these students attend normal schools. This can sometimes be quite challenging for them depending on the learning difficulty they are struggling with.

Educational App Directory List

Common Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties are the result of processing disorders of the brain. This affects all major learning-related skills, like reading, writing, speaking, listening and reasoning.

There are mainly 5 types of identified learning difficulties that students struggle with.


Dyslexia is a language-based learning difficulty that affects the way their brain process of speaking/writing a language. Children with dyslexia often struggle with reading and writing. The common types of dyslexia are phonological dyslexia, visual dyslexia and Rapid naming dyslexia.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Children with ADHD often find it difficult to focus. Therefore, they find learning in a traditional classroom set up difficult. Some of the children with ADHD show signs of inattentiveness, while some are hyperactive or impulsive, or both.


Children with dyscalculia have issues in understanding basic mathematical concepts, such as organising numbers, understanding quantity, place, value and time. They also struggle with understanding and using steps to solve math problems.


Children with dysgraphia have a hard time while writing. They often have a cramped grip while holding a pencil and have illegible handwriting, poor spelling and inconsistent spacing. They also find it difficult to think and write at the same time.

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Children with dyspraxia have a hard time planning and coordinating physical movement because of delayed neurological development. They often struggle with fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination and holding a pencil, or gross motor skills, such as running and jumping.

Apps for Learning Difficulties

Having learning difficulties is not rare. There are many options for students to overcome their difficulties and learn. Many education providers are more inclusive these days. Another common and efficient option is learning with the help of technology.

There are many special education apps available that help students with different kinds of special needs to learn without hindrance. Some of the apps serve multiple kinds of special education needs, while some serve exclusively for a specific need. However, the best part about these apps is that students can learn at their own pace.

Reading and Writing Apps

Writing Wizard for Kids

Writing Wizard app is for children who struggle with writing with their hand. The app makes the process fun and accessible for them. The app comes with plenty of features suitable for beginners. It includes 13 different fonts, worksheets, and interactive games to make it engaging. It also helps children to learn about shapes and numbers. You can also customize the app, with regard to the requirements of users. The free version of the app is available in Google Play Store and there is a paid version in the Apple App Store.

Reading Machine

Reading Machine app suits children with dyslexia or other difficulties in learning to read. They might struggle with unfamiliar sentence structures, complex words, and similar challenges. The app helps the readers understand what they are reading with the help of text-to-speech, phonics support, and dictionary features.

Reading Machine app has more than 125 books for beginners, and provides reading lists for children based on their age and skill levels. The app is available in the App Store.

Rainbow Sentences

Rainbow Sentences app helps children who struggle with forming sentence structures. The app comes with features, like color-coded words, text-to-speech and picture-based sentence lessons, that help children to construct English sentences in a way they understand.
Children can also record as they read and play the recording to improve their reading. Rainbow Sentences app is available in App Store.

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Math Learning App


ModMath app helps children with dyslexia and dysgraphia learn math. The app acts as a tool that helps children solve math problems without having to go the traditional way of learning. ModMath features an easy-to-use custom keypad and digital graph paper that lets children to create their equations, be it simple addition and subtraction or algebra. Children can also share their work with their teachers using the app.

The app is available for free in the App Store, but some in-app features require payments.

Todo Math

Many students struggle with learning math concepts and it is extra hard for children with learning difficulties to grasp. Todo Math app comes with various visual elements helping them to correlate objects with numbers.

The app introduces users to a number. One side of the screen shows the visualised version of the number that they can touch. They can trace the number on the other side of the screen. This will help them have an idea of how the number looks like and what the number value is.

Todo Math app is available for free in Google Play Store and App Store. But you have to subscribe yearly or bi-yearly plan to gain access to extra content.

Language Development

MyTalkTools Mobile

MyTalkTools app is an augmentative alternative communications (AAC) app that is suitable for children with communication difficulties. It helps children with Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, hearing or visual impairments, autism or other conditions that hinder communication ability.

MyTalkTools allows users to express themselves using a sequence of words, sounds and images, text, and text-to-speech. Users can customise the app to view only certain images and play certain sounds that are best suited for them. It helps them to child communicate better.

The app is available to download for free in both App Store and Google Play Store.

Avaz AAC

Avaz AAC is one of the best speech apps that feature a dictionary and plenty of voice clips to help students with speech difficulties. The app also comes with Symbolstix image library that can be customized and used by all age groups.

Avaz AAC app is equipped with an alert button that lets children to tell you in case they need your full attention. There is also a mistake button that lets them to tell you when they make a mistake. It also has a training module for new users so that they can get familiar with the app in an easy and fast manner.

Avaz AAC app is available for free to download in Google Play Store and App Store. Users can use the app for free for 14 days after which you will have to subscribe to continue using it.

Sounding Board Language

Many of the children with Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders are nonverbal or might have a hard time communicating. Sounding Board Language app helps children to express their wants and needs.

The app comes with different pre-loaded communication boards. You can also create your own boards and upload pictures. For example, if your child wants to go somewhere, you can upload a picture of the place in your locality. This helps them to identify where they want to go when you show them the picture.

Sensory Processing Apps

Glow Draw!

Glow Draw! app is for children with sensory disorders and autism.

The app allows children to draw on a black screen using fluorescent lights. The fluorescent lights give children the sensory simulation. It also helps them to improve their fine motor skills required for writing.

Glow Draw! App is only available in the App Store.


Dropophone app is for children with sensory processing disorders, who require lots of sensory stimulation–to use any or all of their five senses—for calming down their bodies and minds.

The app features colourful raindrops with music that users can tap and listen to the sounds they make. There is also a ticking timer creating repetitive sounds that help to improve the sensory functionality of children. The colourful sound-making raindrops and the music help children with sensory difficulties to feel calmer. It also improves their focus and behaviour.

Dropophone app is available only on App Store.

Model Me Going Places

Children with sensory disorders and autism are often overwhelmed and scared about going to public places, especially if they are going for the first time.

Going places app helps the children prepare for a new experience, explaining to them where they will be going and what they will do there. It will help them to get over the anxiety and lets them familiarise with the place before you go there.

Model Me Going Places app is available in App Store.

Organizing and Planning Apps

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner app is suitable for older children with ADHD and other learning difficulties. It helps them to stay organized and keep track of their assignments.

Users can enter their subjects, assignments and keep track of the tasks they need to complete. Children with learning difficulties often find it hard to keep up with their daily learning tasks. You can enter their daily homework on to the app and help them to keep track of the assignments they have to complete.

myHomework Student Planner is available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

Autism Timer

Autism Timer app is a colourful planner app for children with autism and sensory processing disorders. The app helps to improve the children’s organization and planning skills.

Children with learning difficulties often find it difficult to stay focused in class or until their activity ends. It might be because they feel that the activity is too difficult for them to handle or that they would not be able to complete it. The timer in the app helps children to know how much time is left for them to complete the activity.

Autism Timer app is available in App Store.

Speech Delay Apps

Articulation Station

Articulation Station app helps children who struggle with speech delay issues to learn how to pronounce and practice sounds.

The app comes with high-quality images and fun-filled activities to help the children learn. They get to practice at word, phrase, sentence and story levels depending on their skills.

There are 22 sound programs in the app that helps children to understand how letters sound based on their position in words, sentences and stories.

Articulation Station app is available for download in the App Store.


Splingo is a speech and language app that helps students to improve their listening and language skills through fun games featuring aliens and spaceships.

Users can customise the app based on the specific language skills they want to improve. They get rewarded as they complete the tasks. This motivates children to keep learning.

Splingo app is available for download in both Google Play Store and App Store.

How Do These Apps Benefit the Students?

The learning apps help students in the following ways.

Express Themselves

Children with speech delays find it hard to communicate with others and express what they feel, their needs and desires. The apps help them to achieve it.

Learn Life Skills

Children with special needs often have a difficult time trying to do their day-to-day tasks and staying organized. Many of these apps help them to stay in schedule and organized, manage time, and much more.

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Improve Social Skills

Many of the apps help children with social delays to improve their social skills, and emotional and physical regulation.

Lessen the Efforts of Caregivers

Caring for students with special needs requires more efforts. Caregivers mostly get no breaks as the children require constant attention. Since the apps help with the teaching part, caregivers can take a break in between without any worries.

Apart from the 15 apps listed above, there are plenty of other apps available for students with learning difficulties. Every app is different. So is the learning difficulty each student faces. Therefore, it is wise to analyse the struggles faced by your children and the kind of app that works for them before going for the one.

Some children might be facing multiple learning difficulties. In such cases, they would need more than one app to ensure that they get to improve in different areas, thus giving them a chance for holistic learning.

With these apps, nothing can stop the children from overcoming their struggles and soar high!

Languages are powerful.

They are a bridge to a new country, window to a new culture, and a new perspective for you to view the world.

Most syllabi around the world have made learning an extra language, preferably a foreign language, mandatory. Some even consider learning languages as a hobby. Also, since work culture has become more diverse and global, there has been a need to learn new languages for communication purposes.

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Whatever the reason, desire to learn a new language is becoming undoubtedly popular, and a language learning app can help you achieve your goal.

Why language learning apps?

Talk about convenience.

Dressing up, and commuting all the way to an institute for an hour’s class per day to learn a new language sounds tiresome. Why take so much effort when you can just learn using a laptop or smart phone?

Most language learning apps are customisable as per your convenience and you can also gain access to personal trainers to learn a new language. Sounds cool, right?

So, Which are the best language learning apps available?

There are plenty of language learning apps that for web, iOS and Android use. You can check which one suits you the best and go for it.

Here is a list of top 12 language learning apps available in 2023.

1. Duolingo

If you feel the name sounds familiar, it is because Duolingo is one of the hottest language learning apps out there.

Duolingo app offers over 30 language learning options and 19 languages, including French, Italian and Japanese to choose from.
The best part of it is that you get to learn through games. The makers of Duolingo opted for gamified learning to make it more engaging so that the learners remain consistent and focused through the learning process.

You can accomplish tasks, earn rewards, level up, compete with other learners, and move up the leader board. Duolingo also provides you with daily exercises and quizzes to improve your grammar and vocabulary. The quizzes include recognizing vocabulary, and listening and speaking practices.

The app also has some additional learning features. Duolingo stories comes with short stories for learners of Spanish, French, German and Portuguese at beginner and intermediate levels to practice reading. Duolingo Event connects learners from different cities on a weekly basis to practice language conversation.

The app has both iOS and Android versions. Duolingo is available for free and you can get some extra benefits through in-app purchases.

2. Memrise

Memrise is another fun language learning app for users at beginner and intermediate levels. The app offers 20 language options and features a variety of games to learn while having fun.

One of the most interesting features of Memrise is the collection of videos of native speakers shot at their hometowns. You get a sense of the accents and culture through the videos. Another feature is the simulated text-message conversations that allow you to use the language you are learning in different ways.

Memrise app monitors the number of words you learned and the total number of words you mastered during lessons.
The app uses memory techniques to help users learn a new language. It also uses an algorithm to provide a customised learning experience to learners.

Memrise app is available for web, iOS and Android. The first level of any language learning course is free. You will have to subscribe at a rate of $8.99 per month to gain access the next levels.

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3. LingoDeer

LingoDeer is a popular language learning app with some awesome content for those who wish to learn a new language. The app offers lessons in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, and English languages.

LingoDeer app makes language learning fun with its different features. The interactive lessons will help you with your vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking skills; all you have to spend is 10 minutes per day on the lessons. There are also placement tests, grammar lessons, flashcards, quizzes and much more in the app that make your language learning process easy.

LingoDeer is available for Android and iOS. Majority of the lessons in the app are available for free. You can upgrade to Premium if you want access to more lessons.

4. Babbel

Babbel app uses “speed repetition” method to help you remember the vocabulary. The app also features interactive courses for learners from beginner to advanced levels.

The lessons include exercises for reading, writing, listening and speaking that will help you to master the new language to the point of holding conversations. The lessons are short, about 15-20 minutes, making it easy for you to fit in language learning to your schedule without any hassle.

Babbel app is available for web, Android and iOS, and offers 14 language options. The app offers the first full lesson for free. The rest of the lessons can be accessed at a rate of $6.95 per month.

5. Busuu

Busuu app stands out among the list of language learning apps for various reasons. Unlike how you begin directly by choosing a course in the rest of the apps, you have to start by taking a placement test in Busuu app. The test determines your proficiency level and helps you to choose your lessons accordingly.

The app offers various activities for learners to develop their vocabulary and grammar, by focusing on improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You can also practice what you have learned and receive feedback from native speakers. The app claims that 22 hours spent on the Premium version of the app equals a college semester worth language learning.

Busuu app also includes a “Study Plan” feature where you can set goals and receive reminders, and a word review feature, “Vocabulary Trainer.”

The app works for both iOS and Android, and offers 12 language options.

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6. FluentU

If you are looking for an app to learn a new language at your own pace, FluentU app is the one. The app features a curated video library with genuine video clips of movie trailers, news segments, etc. in different languages.

The videos come with annotated captions, giving you access to the meaning of words, related images and meanings. You can see how a word is used in the videos by clicking on it.

The app also has an algorithm that considers the learning history of the user and provides you with questions based on what you have learned.

FluentU app works for iOS and Android and offers 10 language options at present.

7. Mango Languages

Mango Languages app is colourful and provides lessons on over 70 languages, making it one of the best choices for people looking to learn languages that are not so common.

The app offers various reading and listening activities that intent to build skills based on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. It also features voices of native speakers at different speeds for learners to understand the pronunciation, and the societal aspects of languages. The app also has a “Jump back in” feature that allows you to pause, play or return to learning. The review feature provides a personalised learning experience to students, by providing them insights regarding their learning pace and engagement frequency.

Mango Languages app is available for web, Android and iOS, and is free for some learners with a library card, if the library they have membership in is connected with the app. The first lesson of the app is free for all learners. Full access to lessons for one language costs $7.99 per month and $17.99 per month for all languages.

8. Mondly

Mondly app prepares you for real-world conversations by teaching you key words and useful phrases. The app is suitable for learners at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Mondly app includes games and interactive lessons to help you learn a new language. It also features voice recordings of native speakers, voice recognition activities to practice speaking, dictionary, tool for verb conjugation, and much more. There is even a version of the app for kids, meant for children aged between 6 and 8 years.

The app offers 33 language options and claims that by the end of lessons, you will learn over 5000 words and phrases.
Mondly app is available for web, iOS and Android. Language classes are available for free for users. You can gain access to further content at a subscription rate of $9.99 per month or $47.99 per year.

9. Beelinguapp

Your love for reading stories and your passion to learn a new language, and you get to do both at one place. Sounds awesome, right? Then, Beelinguapp is the best choice for you!

Beelinguapp offers language learning through audiobooks. When you listen or read along, the respective text is highlighted. You can read narratives, news or listen to music in the language you wish to learn and you can also see the translated version of the text in your native language..

The “karaoke reading” feature of Beelinguapp has a native speaker narrate a story, while you can read along the text to get a better grip of the vocabulary and pronunciation.

Beelinguapp offers 13 language options and keeps updating content on a weekly basis. You can learn multiple languages at a time with this app.

The app is available for iOS and Android. You can access some of the reading content, news, flashcard games, and listen to a song once for free. The Premium version costs $13.99 for the first year and $22.99 for lifetime subscription.

10. HiNative

When it comes to learning languages, the best person to clear your doubts regarding the topic is obviously a native speaker. But finding a native speaker in your area can be a little hard and that is why HiNative app is the best place to ask your doubts.

HiNative app is a Q and A platform where you can ask questions you have regarding the language you are learning to a native speaker.

You can ask questions in the form of audio, images or text.
The app is available for iOS and Android, and is free to use. It offers to answer your doubts in 110 languages.

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11. Daily Dose of Language

If you are keen to learn a new language, but cannot afford to invest several hours of your time for it, Daily Dose of Language app is for you.

Daily Dose of Language app offers 12 language options for you to choose from. You get to learn something new every day with the app. It provides free, 1-minute long mini lessons on a daily basis, on vocabulary, phrases, slang and culture.

Go for the Premium version if you want access to podcasts, video lessons, grammar info, transcripts, and much more.

12. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been here for 27 years and is one of the big names in the world of language learning apps. The app teaches you languages using practical scenarios.

It offers immersive learning through words, images and audio recordings of native speakers that you can learn the language without actually translating everything to your native language. However, if at all you want to see the translation of a word, you can long press it.

Rosetta Stone’s Phrasebook comes handy when you are travelling. You can use it to learn phrases in 164 languages.
The app also comes with a speech-recognition technology that helps you to improve your speaking skills and helps you to speak the language in native accent.

The app offers lessons on 24 languages. You just have to spend few minutes a day to master the language of your choice. It also provides you with free learning resources that you can download.

Rosetta Stone app is available for web, iOS and Android. The app offers a free 3-day trial. You can subscribe at a rate of $5.99 per month for 24 months or $199 for lifetime for further access.

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Language learning apps provides you with a personalised learning experience within the comfort of your home. You can also choose to learn as many languages as you want. Unlike the traditional learning methods, Language learning apps include technology that makes the learning process engaging and fun.

Apart from the 12 apps mentioned in the list, there are plenty of other language learning apps available and there are more to come in the future. You can look into the features and choose the one that best suits you.

Happy learning!

Learning is important. However, today’s competitive world tends to push students to go extra miles to perform and achieve. The outcome might be the success you desire. But, the adverse effect the stress has on your physical and mental wellbeing is worrisome.

Well, what can you do about your tired brain?

Taking a long break is a great option. But when exams are around the corner or with the amount of lessons and school work piling up, it is almost impossible.

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So, one of the best options would be brain training apps. Brain training apps are created with the idea of focusing on specific parts of the human mind. You can spend few minutes every day in the app and it will help you to control stress-related emotions, such as anxiety, and improve memory and keep your brain sharp.
It is also a great way to take a break from studies and give your brain an opportunity to think and engage, rather than filling it with information.

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Brain Training Apps

There are so many brain training apps available for students that serve different purposes. For example, some apps come with challenges to improve memory, while others will have an extra option that helps you to work on your emotions.

You can look into the apps that meet your requirements and choose the one suitable for you.

1. Lumosity :-

Lumosity is one of the first brain training apps. The colourful app comes with games that focus on improving your memory, attention span, problem solving, speed, and flexibility. Each session consists of three brain challenging games with time limits. You have to complete the challenges before time runs out.

The app comes with a free, 10-minute long fit test that determines your baseline scores, and shows you how you fared in the test compared to other participants of your age. You also gain access to three free games per day.

Lumosity app has both Android and iOS versions. You can upgrade to a Premium plan of $11.95 per month or $59.95 per year, which would give you access to 60 training programs, tips for better game accuracy, speed and strategy, and some additional exercises that help you to focus and relax.

2. Peak :- 

Peak is a popular brain training app available in both Google Play Store and App store. The app comes with short and intense brain workout challenges that focus on improving memory, focus, problem solving skills and mental agility.

The app also assigns you a “coach” that monitors your progress and shows you the areas that need improvement.

Peak app has a free version that allows you to play four brain games per day. You can also upgrade to a Premium version at $4.99 per month or $34.99 per year rates. The Premium version gives you a more personalized experience. You can also gain unlimited access to over 40 games and compare your performance results with other participants.

3. Elevate :-

Elevate is another popular brain training app available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

The app contains many challenging games and personalised brain workouts that focus on improving your abilities to communicate, analyse, focus, and also reading comprehension and other cognitive skills. The difficulty levels of the games increase as you progress.

You can attempt daily training sessions of five games in the free version of Elevate app. The paid version, Elevate pro, offers 14-day free trial followed by a fee of $4.99 monthly or $39.99 for one year.

You also get to play over 35 games and have access to features, like daily reminder to play and observe your progress.

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4. Mensa Brain Training :-

Mensa app comes with exercises that help to strengthen all elements that make your brain sharp. The app offers a training program, created by puzzle experts, that focuses on improving your memory, focus, agility, perception and reasoning.

Mensa Brain Training app only has an iOS version. New users get to enjoy a 7-day free trial subscription.

When you sign up for the first time, you get to attempt exercises that the app uses to check your Mensa Brain Index (MBI). The results would determine your training baseline and you can go back to your trial and continue with the challenges that the app offers. The subscription rate varies for this app.

5. Cognifit Brain Fitness :-

improving cognitive abilities of individuals, which include memory and focus. The app also consists of program that help to improve brain function of people diagnosed with brain conditions, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injuries, etc.

Cognifit Brain Fitness app also comes with online tests to analyse cognitive disorders, like depression, ADHD/ADD and insomnia; each test costs $49.99.

You can track your progress in the app, and also challenge your friends and see where you rank real time. The app sets the difficulty levels of challenges based on the user profiles and also provides game suggestions based on the results.

The app is available in both Android and iOS. The basic free plan allows you to play three games. You can upgrade at a cost of $12.00 per month and $189.99 per year. The upgraded version give you access to more than 25 games.

Educational App Directory List

6. Fit Brains Trainer :-

Fit Brains Trainer is a free brain trainer app that consists of 10 sets of games that focus on different areas of the brain and help you to improve your mental agility. The challenges get difficult as your progress and ensure that you receive an intense brain workout.

You can take up and complete one task from each category on a daily basis, and see your progress in the form of a colour coded graph. The app also provides you training recommendations.

Fit Brains Trainer is free and is available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

7. Happify :-

A happy and stress-free mind can create great results. And that is the outcome that Happify app offers, according to its developers.
Happify app is loaded with activities that help you to be capable of getting a hold of your negative thoughts, and improve your ability to cope with stress, show gratitude, empathy, and much more—all that is needed to remain stress free and happy.

The app consists of lots of quizzes, polls and gratitude journals that apply fundamentals of positive psychology. With all the challenges and tasks, the app intent to ensure that users learn to control their stress and negative emotions, and be happy.

Happify app is free and is available in App Store.

8. Clockwork Brain :-

Clockwork Brain app features a series of fun challenges that helps you to improve your memory, focus, reasoning, language, and fine motor skills.

The puzzles are short and game play is fast paced. Also, the app adjusts the difficulty levels of challenges depending on the users. Sprocket, the robot, will be your guide as you attempt the challenges.

The app is absolutely free and is available in Google Play Store.

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9. Eidetic :-

Eidetic app uses a spaced recognition technique to help users to enhance their memory. The technique helps users to learn and remember words, facts or numbers. It then notifies you to take a memory test after specific intervals. This will help you to remember the information for a long time.

Eidetic app only has an iOS version. The free version of the app offers only a limited number of tests. You will have to pay to gain access to all tests.

10. BrainHQ :-

BrainHQ is a problem-solving app that acts like a fitness coach only that it is for your brain. The app features a series of brain exercises that adjusts to your performance and gets more challenging as you progress.

You can go for a fast, five-minute long training session or an intense brain workout that lasts an hour.

BrainHQ app has both Android and iOS versions. It offers one free exercise every day. Access to rests of the exercises would require a paid subscription.

11. ReliefLink :-

Initially developed to serve as an app for suicide prevention, this app also keeps track of users’ mood using all relevant information related to your mental health.

The app includes unique coping mechanisms, such as voice-recorded mindfulness, and exercises and music to relax, when you are experiencing stress. The map locator in the app also informs you about therapists, support groups and mental health treatment facilities in your location, in case you need professional help.

ReliefLink app is free and is available in App Store.

12. Braingle :-

Braingle app is not your regular games and challenges for brain training kind of app. It features riddles and optical illusions to keep your brain sharp and improve your reasoning skills. You can solve the riddles by yourself or compete with your friends and family.

The app is available in App Store and is free.

13. NeuroNation –Brain Training and Brain Games :-

Neuronation is well known for its brain training programs and scientifically developed online courses that help users to improve their cognitive skills, memory and speed.

They also have a brain training app. The NeuroNation brain training app creates a personalised brain training program for you, by observing your strengths and potentials. The app features 27 games with about 250 levels to work out your brain.

The app has both Android and iOS versions. It has a free version and also options foe Premium subscription to receive further benefits.

14. Personal Zen :-

Personal Zen app features two animated characters who are extremely opposites. One is calm and friendly while the other looks angry. Users can follow these characters as they travel through a field of grass.

The app helps reduce anxiety and teaches your brain to focus on the positive aspects. The app’s Developer says that even a single play session can help you to remain resilient for hours. You get to see the best results if you use the app for 10 minutes every day.

Personal Zen app is available for free and has only an iOS version.

15. Not the Hole Story :-

Not the Hole Story app is for the hard riddle lovers to develop your thinking and to challenge your mind. The app features a book through which it offers the riddles for you to solve.

The app provides hints to help you solve the riddles. The answers will be shown when you give up.

Not the Hole Story app has just an iOS version and is available for free.

16. Brain Kids :-

Brain Kids is an award-winning fun brain-training app for children above the age of 6 years. The app features a series of brain training games that can be played by both students and parents. It helps you to improve your cognitive skills with its different games, which include puzzles, matching game, connect the dots, math, etc.

Brain Kids app only has an iOS version. It consists of three books. You can play the first chapter of each book for free. Rest of the chapters can be bought through in-app purchase.

17. Memorado Brain Training Games :-

Memorado Brain Training Games features lots of brain training games capable of giving your brain an intense workout. The app consists of 24 games with more than 270 levels that help you to work on your memory, focus and cognitive skills.

The games featured in the app were developed by brain training experts with the aim of improving cognitive functions in users. You can set goals and the app will create the brain training program for you and analyse your performance.

Memorado Brain Training Games app is available in Google Play Store and is free.

18. Cognito :-

Rather than memory tests and puzzles, Cognito app trains your brain through secret agent missions and spying games. All these challenges, however, revolve around the main aim- to improve your memory and logic, and to analyse your progress.

You can compete with other users and see how you fared. The app also provides you with data to show the effect the exercises have on your mental agility.

The iOS app has a free version with in-app purchase options. However, if you need those extra details of the data and access to more games, you can go for the paid subscription.

Do Brain Training Apps Actually Work?

Brain training apps are getting popular. But still, many wonder if they really benefit the users like they claim to be.

There are a number of studies that say brain training apps really help improve cognitive abilities of users, while there are some studies that say otherwise.

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However, it is true that brain training apps can bring about positive changes in students by relieving them from the stressful environment for a while. At the same time, this is never a permanent solution for your positive mental health.

But, technology is advancing with time. Soon, we might see more of innovative brain training apps that might fully serve the purpose.

The above-mentioned list consists of brain training apps that help to improve almost all cognitive requirements of students. You can choose from the list, or go for an innovative and customised brain training app that meets all your necessary requirements, by hiring a development partner.

What exactly is grammar, and why is it so important?

Grammar is significant because it gives information that assists in the comprehension of the reader. It is the framework that allows the writer to transmit exact meaning to the audience. Remove grammatical faults from your content and provide clear communication to your readers. Grammar describes the many sorts of words and word groupings that make up sentences in any language. Even as rookies, we can put sentences together—grammar is something we can all do.

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Which app is good for improving grammar?

he number of English grammar checker apps in the market is astounding. It just seems like a more convenient solution than learning the basics of grammar. But that should be the end of the illusion. Even the greatest grammar checker software won’t be able to aid you with current English fluency and accuracy. You need to go back to the fundamentals for it. Instead of digging out those grammar books you read at school, check out these fantastic English grammar apps.

The best grammar apps on iOS and Android are interactive, which should be enough to allow you to get through all subjects, objects, and dangling modifiers.

Below we have mentioned some of the best Apps to improve English Grammar

 1. LearnEnglish Grammar:- LearnEnglish Grammar is a free grammar practice software that aims to enhance the precision of English grammar. Thousands of grammar questions are available in the top-rated learning app to help you practice and improve your English grammar. One of the ideal places to learn English is the British Council.

The English grammar app in this app covers 25 grammar topics, more than 600 interactive activities, and thousands of questions from fill-in-the-blanks to multiple-choice. There is 10 specific type of activity in the grammar questions.
LearnEnglish Grammar is available in two versions, with British English and American English versions, and the content is adapted to reflect the differences in usage, spelling, and pronunciation between British and American English. It is free and you can practice English Grammar wherever you are and whenever you want.

Download UK Edition: LearnEnglish Grammar for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

2. Johnny Grammar Word Challenge :- One of the most popular grammar applications is Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge. It’s a fun timed quiz game in which students compete against the clock to answer as many grammar, vocabulary, and spelling problems as possible in 60 seconds.
This engaging timed quiz app, operated by quizmaster Johnny Grammar, with questions ranging from Basic to Expert level on a range of topics such as Foods & Restaurants, and Activities. As they move through the game, players may collect badges and compete with others on a worldwide scoreboard. The application is absolutely free, and it’s a great way to learn the fundamentals of grammar.

Download: Johnny Grammar Word Challenge for Android | iOS (Free)

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3. Grammarly :- Grammarly is a free grammar tool that may assist anyone in improving their English proficiency. Grammarly is a free online grammar and proofreading tool that can save you from unpleasant typos and grammatical mistakes. It’s also an effective spell-checker that ensures your work is error-free.
Grammarly detects plagiarism by comparing your work to the content of thousands of other websites. It’s like if you have someone reading and assessing your work, pointing out any flaws, and proposing methods to improve it. The free edition of the tool checks for grammatical and spelling errors, allowing you to publish a professional work of academic writing. To improve grammar, you should download the Grammarly app for Android and iOS platforms.

Download: Grammarly for Android | iOS (Free)

4. English Grammar in Use :- For intermediate level English learners, English Grammar in Use is the world’s best-selling grammar reference and practicing app. This grammar application is great for self-study, but it’s also good for classroom additional grammar tasks. To assist with listening and speaking abilities, the app includes interactive activities and integrated audio.

Over 100 million students and instructors across the world use English Grammar in Use to enhance their English communication skills. The material is available to view online or to download on an iPad or Android tablet. The app’s starting offer is free, but you’ll have to pay in-app to access all of the grammar modules.

Download: English Grammar in Use for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

5. English Grammar Book :- This is an older grammar application called English Grammar Book. Users can access a full index of grammatical terminology via the Grammar Book option (e.g., parts of speech, usage rules, types of sentences, etc.). The English Grammar Book app teaches kids how to recognise the different parts of speech in sentences.

It’s a grammar reference and quiz app that includes customised tutorials for various grammar rules. The grammar lessons are arranged in order of difficulty, with all of them grouped together. With 138 grammar points and quizzes, you can understand the structure of English. The application is free to use but contains advertisements.

Download: English Grammar Book for iOS (Free)

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6. English Grammar Test :- One of the most popular grammar applications is English Grammar Test. It has a lot of information, with 1,200 tasks in total and 20 English grammar units in each test. This is spread out across the app’s many skill levels, assessments, and other features. It also tracks your progress and scores. Tenses, Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and other subjects are covered in the app. This isn’t an app that you’ll be able to finish in a day, or even a week. The application is absolutely free.

Download: English Grammar Test for Android (Free)

7. Grow Grammer :- Grow Grammar is a basic English grammar application that teaches kids about sentence structure and how to make and deconstruct them. Many features in the application assist young people in improving their grammar skills along with sentence construction and grammar improvement. Grow Grammar is divided into four stages, each of which is more difficult than the last. Students have difficulties with increasing complexity grammatical structures and sophisticated vocabulary as they go through the levels. Students can study individually or with the guidance of a teacher or parent, progressing through the levels at their own pace.

Download: Grow Grammar for iOS (Free)

8. Grammaropolis :- Grammaropolis is a comprehensive and entertaining application for young grammar freshmen. Grammaropolis is a playful city full of individuals who represent each of the eight components of speech. Grammaropolis offers creative songs, videos, books, quizzes, and activities based on the eight parts of speech in the app version (there is also a Web version), all focused at making grammar interesting for youngsters.
The parts of speech in Grammaropolis are animated characters with characteristics based on the roles they perform in the phrase. Grammaropolis accomplishes the seemingly impossible: making learning grammar fun! From the sinister pronoun that constantly tries to usurp the noun’s position to the motherly conjunction who simply wants everyone to get along, Grammaropolis accomplishes the seemingly impossible: making learning grammar enjoyable!

Download: Grammaropolis for iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

9. Killer SAT Grammar :- Killer SAT Grammar is an outstanding grammar application. Although the grammar studies in the Secondary School years prior to GCSE were intended for American students taking their SATs, UK students will benefit from them as well. Modifiers, subject-verb agreement, direct expressions, the economy of expression, comparison mismatch, indefinite pronouns, and combining two sentences with a comma are all covered by the app as a stand-alone offering.

Download: Killer SAT Grammar for iOS

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10. Grammar Express (Super Edition) :- You may access the whole range of grammar applications by downloading this application. Each one focuses on a different aspect of English use. The Super Edition, on the other hand, maybe a more useful buy because it combines all of them into a single application. You get over 600 pages of grammar courses with over 5000 examples demonstrating each rule, according to their own copy. Take it all in and test your knowledge with the app’s 8500 questions. The app is not cheap. Another option is to purchase individual applications that address your grammatical issues.

Download: Grammar Express Super Edition for iOS

11. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation :- The name tells it all: Oxford Grammar and Punctuation. Over 250 grammar and punctuation rules are clarified and outlined in the app. It makes use of simple language, numerous examples, and supplemental courses to help learners. This one even comes with OCR. That is, you may use your camera to search for words and other information. Offline support, no advertisements, and all features are included in the full version. Some users aren’t fans of commercials. That is, however, pretty normal of any application.

Download: Oxford Grammar and Punctuation for Android

12. Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels :- Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels is an app with 112+ important grammar subjects and 12.000 English grammar questions accompanied by detailed explanations for each one. There are no hidden fees. The Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels app is ideal for students at beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels – a language app is the best approach to learning English. A solid understanding of English grammar is invaluable to every student.
A grammar check is an essential part of this English grammar app, regardless of whether you’re learning English or a native speaker. By improving your English Grammar skills, both your writing and speaking increase.

Download: Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels for Android

13. English Grammar Complete Handbook :- It isn’t your normal grammar book. Each topic is thoroughly explored with numerous real-life examples and simple definitions. This application will not only assist you in learning fundamental grammar, but it will also assist you in understanding complex areas of grammar, which is a unique function. Most grammar learning platforms just provide information on the fundamentals; however, their project offers solutions to common English grammatical problems, and they update their app on a regular basis.

Download: English Grammar Complete Handbook for Android

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14. English Grammar Exercises :- This is an excellent app for expanding your vocabulary and improving grammar. For you, this application functions as an English grammar in-use book. This app contains almost 100 grammar lessons. These topics are presented in an engaging and systematic manner. This will greatly assist you in improving your English grammar, writing, and reading skills. Even if you don’t have access to the Internet, this English learning app works just fine as it can be used both online and offline. This Grammar application is incredibly user-pleasant, with a basic design and a simple user interface. In addition, the application’s quick English grammar lessons make it simple to master English grammatical standards.

Download: English Grammar Exercises for Android

15. Learn English Grammar :- This English grammar app covers 120+ simple grammar topics with easy-to-understand explanations, numerous examples, and colorful graphics. All grammatical subjects are open to the public for free. This English Grammar application is appropriate for students at the beginner and intermediate levels. Over 2000+ grammar questions will help you develop your abilities over time. After you’ve finished your English test, you’ll be able to identify which elements of English grammar you excel in and which ones need more practice. It’s simple to test your grammatical abilities because of the minimalist design and straightforward user interface.

Download: Learn English Grammar for Android

16. English Grammar Test – Yobimi :– This app contains 1000+ English grammar test questions with easy-to-understand explanations, lots of examples, and interesting quizzes. This English grammar application will assist you in learning the concepts of the English language. Your writing and speaking skills will both get better as your English grammar continues to improve. This app is the ideal option for beginners who want to learn English Grammar in the simplest method possible. Everything in the app is unlocked and absolutely free.

Download: English Grammar Test – Yobimi for Android

If you’re looking for more educational apps, check out our Educational Apps Directory. We’ve made a comprehensive list of applications for teachers, students, and parents in one place, so you don’t have to go looking for them elsewhere.

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