Traditional classroom teaching alone cannot motivate every student. Given that children love entertainment, inspirational movies are an effective and easy medium to motivate them.

If you are a teacher or a parent, you might understand this very well. It is essential for students to feel affection towards learning.

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It is not difficult to screen a movie today. We have smart classrooms with projectors and screens. Here are some good inspirational, educational Hollywood & Bollywood movies that can motivate students from schools and colleges alike. These teach students the value of hard work and proper education.

Here is our list of best inspirational movies of all time for students:

1. Good Will Hunting (1997)

IMDb rating – 8.3/10

Cast & Crew: Good Will Hunting boasts an illustrious cast including Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Stellan Skarsgard. This American film was written by Affleck and Matt Damon while it was helmed by Gus Van Sant.

Story: Matt Damon played the title role of a 20-year old young man. The hero is gifted with high potential in mathematics and chemistry but doesn’t realize what his potential can offer.

The film will inspire students to discover hidden talents they have.

2. The Great Debaters

IMDb rating –7.6/10

Cast & Crew: Starring Denzel Washington, “The Great Debaters” is an inspirational American movie movie released in 2007. It was directed by Denzel Washington himself and its producer was Oprah Winfrey.

Story: It is based on an article written about the Wiley College debate team.

Thinking of teaching or training others? This movie is the dramatic retelling of the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor who inspired his students to challenge Harvard at the debating championships.

This is a heart-warming tale to lift the study spirits of the students, especially if they have been inspired at some point by a wonderful teacher who saw their potential.

3. Lean on Me (1989)

IMDb rating –7.4/10

Cast & Crew: Written by Michael Schiffer and stars Morgan Freeman, directed by John G. Avildsen.

Story: Do you need a second chance at study or your career?

Based on a true story, Lean on Me is a dramatized biographical film An unorthodox teacher returns to the idyllic high school from which he had been fired as the principal, only to find it devoid of the success it used to be.

This movie will help build you up and get you through that pile of study! There is nothing like a true story to really lift your spirits.

4. The Paper Chase (1973)

IMDb rating –7.2/10

Cast & Crew: Directed by James Bridges, The Paper Chase is an inspirational Hollywood movie starring Timothy Bottoms, Lindsay Wagner, and John Houseman.

Story: Sometimes study does not come easily – often we need to learn to “set the mode”.

The Paper Chase focuses on the hardworking and studious James T. Hart who faces many challenges during his first year at Harvard. The movie is perfect for anyone struggling and finding it difficult to keep the motivation alive.

5. 21 (2008)

IMDb rating –6.8/10

Cast & Crew: 21 is a 2008 American movie directed by Robert Luketic starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey.

Story: The film is inspired by the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team as told in Bringing Down the House, the best-selling book by Ben Mezrich.

There is a typical situation: a talented student entered Harvard University, but he has to demonstrate his unique experience no other students have in order to get a scholarship.

Taking into account the fact that last year this scholarship was won by a student from Korea who had no leg, this task appears to be not easy at all. But the student is lucky to meet a math teacher who has noticed his talent to count and offered an unusual deal to him…
If you don’t know what to write in your motivation letter for all professors to notice you, this movie is a real must-watch for you then.

6. Forrest Gump (1994)

IMDb rating – 8.8/10

Cast & Crew: Directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks

Story: This Tom Hanks movie tells the inspiring story of a man with low IQ who achieves many incredible feats. He wins the Medal of Honor for bravery, becomes an expert Ping Pong player, inspires the famous dance of Elvis Presley, and makes money by selling shrimps.

It is a truly inspirational story that every student should watch. The movie conveys that nothing is impossible if you are willing enough. There is a famous in the movie – “ Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get” from the movie remains popular to this day.

7. Theory of Everything (2014)

IMDb rating –7.7/10

Cast & Crew: James Marsh directed this movie starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones

Story: This Movie depicts the story of Stephen Hawking, the greatest cosmologist and physicist of our time. As a brilliant student of Astrophysics, he shockingly learns that he is suffering from motor neurone disease. Doctors predict just 2 more years for him to live.

But, he remarkably defied medical calculations and went on to live up to 76 years of age. During this period he became the famous man he is today with his eminent contributions to the world of Cosmology and Physics.
This movie is inspirational for all students, especially ones with special needs. There simply isn’t a boundary for what you can achieve with what you have.

8. 42 (2013)

IMDb rating –7.5/10

Cast & Crew: This Brian Helgeland helmed movie featured Chadwick Aaron Boseman in the lead role also starring Harrison Ford.

Story: This inspirational sports drama portrays the real life story of America’s baseball icon Jackie Robinson. He was the first Black player to feature in the Major League in the Modern Era.

The movie can teach students a lot about racism that was in practise in the USA. It can help students understand how difficult it can be to overcome challenges and why they should persevere.

9. The Social Network (2010)

IMDb rating –7.7/10

Cast & Crew: “The Social Network” is an American drama movie written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher in 2010. Jesse Eisenberg depicted facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg while Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield played supporting roles

Story: This Inspirational Hollywood movie shows the journey of Mark Zuckerberg from a Harvard student to a multi-millionaire is really an inspiring one for everyone; it might inspire you to become an awesome genius like the man himself. The Social Network, tells that every student can turn their dream into reality.

10. The Breakfast Club (1985)

IMDb rating –7.7/10

Cast & Crew: It’s an American comedy drama directed, written and produced by John Hugges in 1985.

Story: This movie is about how 5 students from different backgrounds end up together for a detention and open up to each other.


The Breakfast Club shows that students can find friendship in the most unexpected ways. Regarded as an evergreen teen cult movie, it is a must watch for every student.

11. Freedom Writers(2007)

IMDb rating –7.6/10

Cast & Crew: This movie was directed by Richard LaGravenese and featured Hilary Swank and Patrick Dempsey

Story: “Freedom Writers” is an inspirational movie based on a young teacher who inspires her troublesome class to pursue studies even after high school. She has to contend with at-risk students who are divided among themselves, opposing teachers, struggling marriage and money shortage.

Students who watch this movie are bound to see their teachers in a new light.

12. Life of Pi (2012)

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Cast and Crew: Released in the year 2012, this movie directed by Ang Lee features both Indian and foreign actors. The film stars Suraj Sharma as Pi, Irfan Khan, Tabu, Rafe Spall, and Gerard Depardieu. The film won many awards at premiere film festivals around the world. It won the Golden Globe awards for the Best Director and Best Picture – Drama.

The Story: The plot of the movie revolves around the life of Pi Patel, a 16-year-old born a Hindu but follows all three religions for the love of God. The film talks of the boy’s life story as rendered to a novelist about how he survived a shipwreck and marooned in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger for companionship on a lifeboat.

The film will teach students how to realize hidden strengths when pushed to a corner.

13. Stand and Deliver(1988)

IMDb rating –7.9/10

Cast & Crew: Directed by Ramón Menéndez, starring Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips, Will Gotay and Vanessa Marquez

Story: This movie is based on the real story of a high school mathematics teacher named Jaime Escalante.

It shows how an idealistic maths teacher supports his “no-hoper” students to study by adopting unusual teaching methods. “Stand and Deliver” is really an inspirational movie for those who think they are hopeless in their studies.

14. Rush (2013)

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Cast and Crew: Written by Peter Morgan and directed by Ron Howard, the movie stars Chris Helmsworth and Daniel Bruhl. Produced on a budget of 38 million USD, the film is a racy one which won the BAFTA Award for Best Editing.

The Story:  The plot of the movie is centred around two F1 racers of the 1970s – James Hunt and NikiLauda who are intense rivals and how they stretch to their very limits to prove their supremacy on the tracks. The movie is for the driving buff with exhilarating race sequences on the screen.

Students can get a feel of the gruelling conditions during an F1 race and how the rivalry spurred the other to fine-tune their skills.

15. Boyhood (2014)

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Cast and Crew: Written and directed by Richard Linklater, who is famous for his ‘Before’ trilogy, the movie stars Patricia Arquette, Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, and Lorelei Linklater. The film was lauded for its extraordinary undertaking of being shot for over 12 years. The stars showed up and the film every year when their schedules allowed them to do so.

The Story: The unique point of this movie was that it was shot over a course of 12 years and renders the story of a boy’s life over 12 years’ time. Incidents that occur in MJ’s life when living with his mother after his parents’ divorce form the main part of the film. The film traces in all emotional depth the life of the boy during his teens. The film shows the poignant moments of fatherhood and motherhood as well.

The film provides a great chance for children to understand the happenings in their parents’ lives in the context of modern times.

16. The Blind Side(2009)

IMDb rating –7.7/10

Cast & Crew: The Blind Side is an American biographical sports drama film written & directed by John Lee Hancock in 2009. Sandra Bullock starred in the leading role.

Story: It is based on the real story of Michael Oher, who was adopted by a loving, supportive family – the Tuohys. Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband Sean offer him shelter for a day and extend their welcome indefinitely.

Leigh Anne discovers Michael’s strengths and helps him understand his strengths better. This, in turn, has a positive effect on his football skills. Finally, he becomes a successful football player, with strong support from the Tuohy family despite going through some rough patches.

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17. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

IMDb rating –7.7/10

Cast & Crew: Helmed by Gabriele Muccino, this biopic featured Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith as Chris Gardner and his son respectively.

Story: The Pursuit of Happyness is an American biographical drama film based on the life of entrepreneur Chris Gardner directed by Gabriele Muccino in 2006.

In this movie, Will Smith plays the role of Gardner who goes from being a homeless salesman to the owner of a brokerage house with his sheer determination and will power.

18.Warrior (2011)

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

Cast and Crew: Directed by Gavin O’Connor, the movie stars Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, and Tom Hardy. Nick Nolte was nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

The Story: The film tells the story of two MMA champions who meet for a fight without knowing the fact that they are estranged brothers. The two brothers fight tournaments for different reasons and end up fighting one another. The brothers reconcile their differences in the end and the movie closes with the smiling shot of the father.

The film presents some great shots on MMA fighting with the major theme being reconciliation and redemption of the human spirit. The power of forgiveness and family bonds are well explored in the movie.

19. Half Nelson (2006)

IMDb rating –7.2/10

Cast & Crew: Half Nelson, is an American drama film directed by Ryan Fleck in 2006 and written by Anna Boden & Fleck. Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps and Anthony Mackie played the lead roles.

Story: This movie focuses on an inner city middle-school teacher who becomes friends with one of his students after she finds out that he has a drug habit. As compared to other movies based on good teachers, Half Nelson tells the story of ordinary people facing genuine problems but still maintains hope.

20. The Internship(2013)

IMDb rating –7.2/10

Cast & Crew: It’s an American comedy movie, directed by Shawn Levy in 2013, written by Vince Vaughn & Jared Stern and it was produced by Vaughn and Levy.

Story: The Internship is about Billy and Nick, two middle-aged salesmen, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who lost their jobs due to the arrival of digital age and how they manage to get a chance to do internship with Google and prove their worth.

21. Everest (2015)

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Cast and Crew: This biographical adventure film was both produced and directed by BaltasarKormakur. The film was scripted by Simon Beaufoy and William Nicholson. The movie stars Jason Clarke, John Hawkes, Emily Watson, and Keira Knightley among others.

The Story: The story set in Everest and recounts the disaster that took place in the year 1996 in the mountain. Two expedition groups fight to survive as they are faced with difficulties during the climbing as well as the descent. The film portrays intense peril and the thrill of being able to view climbing up Everest.

The film shows, how in reality, things can go wrong, not in the way that one hopes and what is usually shown in happy-ending movies.

22. Dead Poets Society (1989)

IMDb rating –8.1/10 

Cast & Crew: Dead Pets Society was written by Tom Schulman and directed by Peter Weir. Late actor Robin Williams played the lead role, the other actors being Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles and more.

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Story: This classic movie follows a group of students and their free-spirited English teacher – John Keatings, who uses poetry to encourage his students to express themselves.

The teacher, with his unique ways, teaches them to be true to themselves and make the most of life. It is a timeless story that teaches us to think for ourselves and to follow our dreams.

23. October Sky (1999)

IMDb rating –7.8/10 

Cast and Crew: Based on the book – Rocket Boys written by
Homer H. Hickam Jr., Lewis Colick prepared the screenplay of this biographical movie and was directed by Joe Johnston.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal played Homer Hickam – the author of the book the movie is based on. Chris Cooper, Laura Dern, Chris Owen and William Lee Scott were some of the other actors who starred in the movie.

The Story: The movie follows the journey of Homer Hickam from being a coal miner’s son who took up rocketry inspired by the launch of Sputnik 1 much against his father’s wishes and went on to become a NASA Engineer. It is an inspiring story of courage and determination and teaches us to never stop reaching for our goals.

24. The Imitation Game (2014)

IMDb rating – 8/10

Cast and Crew: Based on the book – Rocket Boys written by
Homer H. Hickam Jr., Lewis Colick prepared the screenplay of this biographical movie and was directed by Joe Johnston. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal played Homer Hickam – the author of the book the movie is based on. Chris Cooper, Laura Dern, Chris Owen and William Lee Scott were some of the other actors who starred in the movie.

The Story: The movie follows the journey of Homer Hickam from being a coal miner’s son who took up rocketry inspired by the launch of Sputnik 1 much against his father’s wishes and went on to become a NASA Engineer. It is an inspiring story of courage and determination and teaches us to never stop reaching for our goals.

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25. I am Kalam (2010)

IMDb rating – 7.9/10Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth, 2007)

Cast and Crew: The Hindi-language film, I am Kalam was written by Sanjay Chauhan and directed by Nila Madhab Panda. The movie stars actors Gulshan Grover, Harsh Mayar, Pitobash, Hussan Saad and Beatrice Ordeix.

The Story: I am Kalam tells the story of Chotu – a child labourer who dreams of becoming someone like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who was an Indian aerospace scientist as well as the country’s 11th president. The movie inspires you to be optimistic in life and to face all your problems with a smile.

26. The Man Who Knew Infinity (2019)

IMDb rating – 7.2/10

Cast and Crew: This British biopic on the life and academic career of legendary Indian Mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan was written and directed by Matt Brown. Actor Dev Patel dons the role of the Indian Mathematician, while Jeremy Irons, Malcolm Sinclair, Raghuvir Joshi, Dhritiman Chatterjee and many more actors play other important roles.

The Story: Based on the 1991 book titled The Man Who Knew Infinity written by Robert Kanigel, the movie explores both personal and professional life of the self-taught Indian Mathematician – Srinivasa Ramanujan. As much as it inspires you to keep fighting to achieve your dreams, the movie also makes you realize that talent and hard work are not the only factors that define success. Being resourceful and grabbing the right opportunities are as important.

27. Whiplash (2014)

IMDb rating – 7.2/10

Cast and Crew: This British biopic on the life and academic career of legendary Indian Mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan was written and directed by Matt Brown. Actor Dev Patel dons the role of the Indian Mathematician, while Jeremy Irons, Malcolm Sinclair, Raghuvir Joshi, Dhritiman Chatterjee and many more actors play other important roles.

The Story: The movie tells the story of 19-year-old Andrew Niemann, who dreams of becoming one of the greatest jazz drummers in the world. It tells you how behind every success, there is a story of giving blood, sweat and tears and breaking out of the limits.

28. Zootopia (2016)

IMDb rating – 8/10

Cast and Crew: This Oscar-winning animated film was directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore based on the screenplay by Jared Bush and Phil Johnston. Ginnifer Goodwin voices the role of Judy Hopps – the main character of the movie. Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate and more have also lend their voices for the movie.

The Story: The movie follows the life of Judy Hopps – a rabbit who realizes her dream of becoming a police officer in the city of Zootopia, in a fictional world populated by anthropomorphic mammals. But things take a turn when she is pushed aside despite being a high performer at the academy and has to face many obstacles to prove herself. The movie inspires you to never quit and to face your problems with your head held high.

29. Queen of Katwe (2016)

IMDb rating – 7.4/10

Cast and Crew: Queen of Katwe is a biographical sports movie written by William Wheeler and directed by Mira Nair. It is based on the life of Phiona Mutesi – a Ugandan chess player. Madina Nalwanga plays the role of Mutesi in the movie.

The Story: The movie is about how the life of a Ugandan girl changes drastically after she is introduced into the world of chess. The movie inspires you to dream big despite the circumstances you come from.

30. Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth, 2007)

IMDb rating – 8.3/10

Cast and Crew: Taare Zameen Par is a Hindi-language movie written by Amol Gupte and directed by Aamir Khan. Indian actors Darsheel Safary and Aamir Khan play the main roles in the film.

The Story: The movie tells the story of Ishaan Awasthi – an eight-year-old boy labelled as lazy and trouble maker, when in fact he has learning difficulties that people around him fail to recognize, until he is transferred to a boarding school where he meets an art teacher – Ram Shankar Nikumbh who identifies Ishaan’s learning difficulty as dyslexia and also recognizes the boy’s talent in art and helps the young boy overcome his problems.

This is a heart-warming tale to lift the study spirits of the students, especially if they have been inspired at some point by a wonderful teacher who saw their potential.

Share your favorite inspirational movies with us in the comment section

Education and entertainment seem like two different aspects when you look at traditional methods. However, modern-age kids don’t learn like that. They love enjoying the process of learning.
Thanks to a variety of applications, edutainment games are available now for kids. Here is a list of top edutainment games that can help your kid learn in a fun way.

Best Free Edutainment Games Apps ( Check it now)

Remember our childhood when we were asked to keep away from any kind of media when it was time to study?

Until few years back, blending of education and entertainment was unthinkable. Back then, who knew “edutainment” will be revolutionising the way we learn in the future?

Edutainment literally means education through entertainment. It can be video games, television programmes, or any other means that combine learning and having fun.

Edutainment Games

Who does not like to play games?

It is entertaining and engaging that sometimes, we do not even realise that we spend hours on it. So, when you combine education and games, the result would obviously be better understanding of concepts, while keeping the learners engaged.

Educational games are one of the most preferred ways of learning these days.

According to the reports of 2019, 74% teachers across the world have been using digital game-based learning approach as they teach. Also, the use of gamification has been reported to have contributed towards improvement of student productivity by 50% and test scores by 34%.

Today, there are many educational games available that focus mainly on one or multiple subjects, and also, serve different purposes. Here is a list of the best 16 educational games of 2023.

1. Two Dots:-

Two Dots app is a simple puzzle game that tests your colouring speed and skills. It requires you to connect dots of the same colour to create shapes, thus improving your focus, logical skills and competitive spirit.

Two Dots

The game comes with 2875 levels and are available in both online and offline modes.

Two Dots app is available for download in Google Play Store

2. Faces iMake

Faces iMake up app is comprehensive and quirky, and empowers your creative side of kids as you create pictures.

The app has an impressive graphics quality that includes a variety of artistic elements. Kids can explore their artistic side by creating pictures and find the artist inside themselves. The application also offers a music option, which makes it more entertaining for kids.

faces imake

Faces iMake app is available for download in the App Store

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is primarily a language learning app, and it makes the learning process fun through games. The app comes with gamified lessons and exercises that make it easy for you to learn a new language.

Each part of the language learning process consists of advanced activities. This helps to revise what you have learned and improve your language skills, in terms of vocabulary pronunciation and grammar.

Duolingo App

Duolingo app is available for download in both Google Play Store

App Store

4. Math Blaster HyperBlaster 2

As the name suggests, Math Blaster aims to improve your mathematical skills through an arcade-style game. The app features several mini games for each topic—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on.

Math blaster App

Through the games, you can improve your math skills by learning all basic math concepts without getting bored. The game levels are not complicated and you can handle them with ease.

Math Blaster app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store

5. Spacechem

Spacechem is a puzzle-based game where you role play as an engineer, build machines and buildings, fight monsters, all while learning science concepts. Your character in the game has to handle the construction of the building, elaborate plans and manage your counterparts, putting your inner strength and abilities to test.

Spacechem app

Spacechem comes with over 50 puzzle games. It also features cool graphics, designs, structure, and features, to keep you addicted.

Note:- The app is not available in either Google Play store or App Store at present.

6. MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUp is a very popular set of mind games that helps to improve your focus, visual attention, and memory skills. The best part about these games is that it can be personalised based on your abilities and age.


You can see the records of your progress and achievements in the app. You also have options to upgrade your avatar using in-app currency that you earn as your progress through the games.

MentalUp Educational Games app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

7. Lightbot

Lightbot app features a game that introduces you to the world of coding, while helping you improve your technical and problem-solving skills. The game comes with 50 different levels and cool graphics.

The app features robots that you can control as they turn on the lights in each maze. You can enter the different symbols given in the app to guide the robot in order to complete the task.

Lighbot is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

8. Dinosaur Park Math

Dinosaur Park Math is a math game suitable for primary school students. The app helps children to learn addition and subtraction of numbers from 0 to 20.

The game comes with over 15 levels and 225 questions in total. The app features building blocks that you can play with as you learn to add and subtract. You also get rewarded as you complete the different tasks in the app.

dinosaur park math app

Completing four components gives you the opportunity to unlock a battle robot at the math factory. As you progress through the game, you can also open up dinosaur fossils and much more using your math skills.

Dinosaur Park Math app is available for download in App Store

9. Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit is a great app to improve your skills in the language of your choice. In the app, you role play as Reader Rabbit and solve different levels of the game as you improve your reading, writing, spell check and grammar check skills.

reader rabbit app

Reader Rabbit game is easy to play. The app comes with colourful backgrounds and animations making it interesting for users. You also receive daily reports where you can see your improvement.

Reader Rabbit app is available for download in the App Store

10. Word Balloons

Word Balloons is an addictive word search game that helps you to improve your vocabulary skills while you have fun. In the game, you have to connect the letters on the balloon in any direction to find the hidden words. The beginner levels are easy to solve, but as you level up, the game gets more challenging.

The game comes with over 2000 levels and can be played in both online and offline modes. You can also solve daily challengers and earn daily bonus coins.

Word Balloons Apps

Word Balloons app is available in both Google Play Store

App Store:-

11. Dragon Box

Dragonbox is a set of math apps that helps students master different math concepts through games. It has different versions; the DragonBox Elements, for example, comes with puzzles that help you to learn concepts of geometry.

DragonBox App

The best part is the visualising features of the app that you get to visually experience it as you solve problems in the app. This helps the concepts to stay in your memory without you even realising it as your entire focus is in playing the game.

You can find the different Dragonbox apps here (

12. Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts app comes with a series of puzzles and tasks that challenge the creativity of students. The games focus on improving your spelling, creativity and reasoning skills.

scribblenauts apps

In the games, you come across a series of obstacles that you must overcome using your imagination. The app also gives you freedom to create your own puzzles that you can share with your peers.

Scribblenauts app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

13. Mind Snacks

Mind Snacks is a language learning app that gives you options to learn Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese languages with the help of games.

mindsnacks app

The app features memory games that help you to easily learn words and phrases. This helps to save your time and efforts where you normally have to rack your brains to memorise the words.

Mind Snacks app is available for download in App Store

Google Play Store:-

14. HyperRogue

HyperRogue is a popular puzzle game that puts your brain to work. In the game, you play a lone adventurer, who collects treasures and tackles enemies simultaneously. As you progress through the game, your enemies grow bigger and stronger.

hyperrogue app

The game is for single players and features some cool visuals and levels. It also includes level editors.

HyperRogue is available for download in both Google Play Store

App Store:-

15. Fish School

Fish School lets pre-schoolers go on an adventurous underwater journey as they take up 8 different activities to learn while having fun. You learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colours as you play with animated fishes featured in the app.

fish school app

The app comes with many visually appealing elements that pique the interest of young children. The activities involve fishes featured in the app forming alphabets that the children have to recognise. They can also find different fishes and matching fishes.

Fish School app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

16. PBS KIDS Games

PBS KIDS games app is a set of over 200 games in one app. It gives students the opportunities to explore different topics while having fun.

It features some of the games that are popular among young children, such as odd squads, let’s go, Luna, Xavier riddle, etc. The games are available in both online and offline modes.

PBS KIDS games feature a colourful and creative design, and fun elements that make it visually appealing and entertaining for the players. It also makes learning easy in a kid-safe environment.

You can find the different PBS Kids games here (

Apart from the above-listed 15 games, there are many more educational games for you to choose from. You can look for the ones that best suit the subject of your interest and age as you choose.

By now, educational games have become a normal part of learning. According to the latest trends in edtech and predictions of experts, we will get to see more of gamification in education in the future.

Reports state that there will be a compound annual growth rate of 14% in use of gamification in education in another three years. It means the market worth of gamification will be $25.7 billion in 2025, which is $12.3 billion more than the current worth.

In simple words, online educational games will continue to exist in the future of education, in more advanced versions.

So does edutainment, which is expected to have a market value of approximately $8.1 Billion by 2032, at a compound annual growth rate of 16%.

Why Edutainment?

Edutainment focuses on both educational and personal development of learners by ensuring that the learning process includes aspects, such as collaboration, communication, creativity, etc.

The average attention span of students last from few minutes to few hours based on age. You might have seen or experienced how the attention of students tends to shift during lectures and many end up finding classes to be “too boring.” That is where edutainment lives up to its name. Edutainment imparts learning without even the students being aware of it since their focus will be more on the fun factor.

Every student is different. The traditional method of learning, most of the time, fails to cater to the requirements of people with learning difficulties. There are many instances where they might not get the extra attention they badly need. Edutainment, on the other hand, encourages personalised learning that allows them to learn at their own pace, while giving them a better understanding of the areas they need improvement in.

Apart from all these advantages, edutainment has much more to offer, making it an economical and intelligent choice, as a method of learning.

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The COVID -19 pandemic has set out a new kind of normal in different sectors, education being one of them. Online learning has become more prominent so as to not interrupt students from attaining education. The result is thriving edtech companies that have been continuously churning out different apps that aid learning.

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Edtech industry has seen a steady growth since the pandemic. According to statistics, the global education technology market size was estimated at $237.6 billion in 2021, and it is expected to hit $998.4 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 17.3%. This explains the springing up of lots of new edtech startups. (Source:

The Top 12

There are plenty of edtech companies in the market today, combining all kinds of innovative technology with education to give the best of online learning to students, while lifting the burden off the shoulders of educators.

Here are the best 12 edtech companies that are reigning the industry at the moment.

1) Byju’s

Located in Bangalore, India, Byju’s entered the edtech industry in 2011. Byju’s started off as a simple learning platform back then. At present, the edtech startup is known to be one of the established names in the industry, still spreading its presence across the world.

As of reports of March 2022, Byju’s app has 150 million users—a sudden leap from 80 million in early 2021. The app has also reported over 2 million downloads worldwide in Google Play as of September 2020. (Source:


Byju’s app provides online video lessons to students from Grades LKG to 12th through their mobile and web apps. It also provides study materials for students to prepare for common entrance exams in India.

The video lessons come with gamified representation of concepts that keep the learners engaged and make learning fun. Statistics of 2020 reveal the amount of time spent by users who used to spend 70 minutes per session on the app twice or thrice per week has increased to 100 minutes per day.

What keeps Byju’s at the top of the list of popular edtech companies is that they continuously keep innovating to create great learning experience for students.

2) Blackboard

Founded in 2011, Blackboard is a Washington- based edtech company that is one of the giants in the industry. The company aids educators in providing quality education to students through its enterprise technology and solutions for teaching, learning, and student engagement.

Blackboard is one of the biggest edtech companies with a total valuation of $700 million. Through its services, the company aims to revolutionize the way online learning works.


Blackboard has a variety of products and services that serve higher education, K-12, businesses and government. They help educational institutions succeed through their services, such as marketing and enrolment, LMS, etc. Blackboard also helps K-12 communities to teach, learn and stay connected. Their products and services are also used by businesses and government to provide skill training.

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3) Coursera

Based in California, USA, Coursera is a well-known MOOC platform that connects learners with over 150 universities. They offer over 4000 courses across different subject areas, thus helping students acquire the best education at their own pace.

Coursera provides on-demand video lectures to learners through their mobile and web platforms. They also have community forums that learners can make use of to interact and learn.

As of the reports of early 2021, Coursera had a total of 82 million registered users. The pandemic saw a rise in Coursera users, many of whom resorted to learning online for their degrees or professional skill upgrading. As a result, the company had recorded a 40 to 50% increase in revenue over the first two financial quarters in 2020. (Source: )


Coursera is one of the biggest startups to provide education through eLearning. The company has raised $313 million through a total of nine funding rounds. Coursera’s total valuation stands at $7 billion.

4) Chegg

Founded in 2005, Chegg is an online learning platform that provides students a wholeseome learning experience. As of the statistics from 2021, Chegg was reported to have 7.8 million subscribers, which is expected to grow with the latest innovations introduced by the company.

Chegg mainly works in three major areas of learning. The platform provides learning resources to students. Learners can opt for online tutoring on the platform. Chegg also helps students with their homework and in self-learning. Students can also buy, rent and sell books in the platform.


Last year, Chegg had introduced Uversity, a platform that allows educators to share learning content. Using student data and AI, the platform provides relevant content to learners, be it in the form of flashcards, videos, quizzes, math, or writing support, to give them a personalized learning experience based on their needs.

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5) Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers aka TPT is an edtech company created by teachers for teachers to interact with each other, share content and tools for teaching.

At present, TPT’s community includes 7 million educators and a catalogue of over 5 million pieces of educator-created content to support students in learning as well as to learn from each other.

teachers pay teachers

The company aims at creating connectivity within the teacher community. Teachers can use the platform to sell and buy worksheets, lesson plans, and additional material from their peers.

A popular online marketplace for original educational resources, Teachers Pay Teachers generates annual revenue of $25 to $50 million.

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6) Instructure

Founded in 2008, Instructure is another edtech start up that provides to the teaching community. Instructure combines LMS and MOOC to provide education to students.

Teachers get to create new courses and also allot assignments. There are also 3000 universities listed in the platform.


At present, Instructure supports over 30 million educators and learners at more than 6000 organizations globally.  It also has over 6 million consistent users.

7) Knewton

Knewton is a New York-based advanced edtech company that focuses on providing a personalized learning experience to learners through adaptive technology.

Knewton encourages smart learning by allowing students to realise their strengths and weaknesses, while helping them improve in the areas they are weak at. The platform provides analytical reports regarding students’ performance to teachers.


Knewton aims at making eLearning easy. They provide personal recommendations to students with regard to what they have to study, analytics to teachers to support students in a better manner and content insights to publishers to create better learning products.

8) Dreambox Learning

Dreambox Learning is an eLearning start up based in Seattle, USA, that makes math learning exciting through adaptive learning technology.

What makes Dreambox different from other education-based companies is that while others create solutions for comprehensive learning, they help students learn math using technology. The combination of education and technology makes learning easy and fun for students.

Dreambox learning

Dreambox allows students to learn at their own pace without having to go out of their comfort zone. For that, first, they analyse the level of knowledge of the students and then, assign courses to help them in areas that need improvement.

At present, Dreambox has 3 million users and has $21.4 million revenue.

9) Simplilearn

Founded in 2010, Simplilearn is one of the few edtech companies that provide professional education. It provides professional certifications to those who complete the courses provided in the portal.

Simplilearn helps employees to learn more about the field they work in and upgrade their skills. This helps professionals to keep pace with the innovations in their field and also look for better job prospects.


At present, Simplilearn is a popular platform that actively provides professional training. It has managed to collect $31 million in funding through four funding rounds.

10) Donorschoose

Donorschoose is a non-profit edtech company that prioritises practical learning. Through Donorschoose, students get funding from donors for their projects.

The company connects donors with students and helps students to go on with their projects without worrying about financial constraints. Through this, they create a learning environment where practical application of relevant subjects happens.


Donorschoose has generated $7 million from three funding rounds.

In the years to come, we might see more edtech companies coming into existence, owing to the popularity of the edtech industry that is expected to continue in the future as well.

11) Go1

Go1 is an edtech company based in Brisbane, Australia, founded in 2015. It is a learning platform that comes with a curated learning and development library containing learning materials and tools from some of the best training providers.

The library is integrated with LMS and HRIS and serves as a one-stop solution for learning and development needs of businesses. There are over 1 50 000 pieces of content available in the library from about 1000 publishers and creators, with more content being added on a weekly basis.


At present, 3.5 million learners use Go1. The company has also integrated communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams with the features of Go1 platform to ensure that learners benefit the most from it.  Go1 has generated $83.7 million over eight funding rounds.

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12) Udacity

Udacity is a popular MOOC platform that offers technology courses. They help professionals attain all necessary tech skills that businesses are looking for in their employees.

Udacity aims to make education accessible and affordable for everyone to achieve their career goals, be it getting the job they want or to advance in their careers. They offer different nanodegree courses and programs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, as well as data science, autonomous systems, and cloud computing.


As of 2020, Udacity had a total of 14 million users, which is likely to have increased owing to the changes instigated due to the pandemic.

Why is Edtech Popular?

There are several reasons for the sudden boom in edtech industry.

Edtech is the new normal

When the pandemic started and changes in the education field in order to ensure uninterrupted learning had become a necessity, even educators that opposed the use of technology in education could not help, but comply.

Since then, technology has had a permanent role in education and its role has only stepped up with time. From learning management systems and similar technology for school management even before the pandemic to applications that support learning, edtech has now become main stream.

Educators are in support of edtech

Many educators, who were used to traditional learning settings, struggled with edtech in the beginning. Though some still refuse to acknowledge it, there are many who agree that edtech already had a role in learning even before the pandemic happened.

There were speculations in the beginning that edtech would replace educators. But when use of edtech became prominent, educators began to see how edtech helped them to fill the learning gaps and guide the students

Instead of taking full control of the learning process, technology has helped to reduce the burden of educators while encourage students to self-learn, while building qualities like responsibility and determination in the process.

Learning and technology innovations go hand in hand

When the field of education started adapting to the pandemic-related changes, more than going with the situation, it was an actual realisation that the field really needed a revamp. Classroom learning had its own limitations and sometimes, left a huge gap when it came to things like inclusiveness and adaptive learning.

Including technology in learning in a prominent manner has given a greater purpose to education than just learning the lessons from the textbooks. It teaches students to realise their strengths and weaknesses, get creative, to communicate and so on.

However, too much of anything is not good. So is technology. Though they struggled in the beginning, education providers and educators have managed to create a balance between learning and technology over the years. They have adopted edtech and combined it with traditional way of learning to fill in the gaps either methods have.

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In the future, things might go back to how they were before. Classroom learning might make a comeback, but, surely, it will not take the shine off edtech. Students can resort to both methods to make learning easier and comprehensive, and it can help reduce the burden for educators.

So, edtech will continue to stay as it does now, with many more companies coming up with further advanced technology backing up the education industry in the future.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a special educational edition of the famous block-based game Minecraft. The Minecraft: Education Edition builds on the creativity of the original game to help enhance learning in virtually any subject area. From math to science to history to the Roman Colosseum, students can discover, create, experiment, and make mistakes during the learning process.

When combined with added teacher controls, the combination of an open-world game and the demonstration of higher-order thinking opens up greater levels of engagement among students. Students are able to showcase their knowledge and collaborate in an open, familiar setting, where they feel comfortable taking risks. Minecraft: Education Edition is suitable for students of all ages and classes. Many institutions have utilized Minecraft to provide virtual tours and orientation groups, as well as to help new students integrate digitally during remote learning periods.

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What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

The game Minecraft offers virtual design controls and block-based visuals, and it can be used to create virtual worlds where its players can play as a character and explore freely. There are a lot more sub-games, but we’ll simply focus only on Education Edition options. Over the normal edition, the Minecraft: Education Edition adds specific tools for educators that allow them to govern the virtual environment their students are in. This provides a comfortable environment, allows the instructor to keep students engaged on a topic, and allows for discussions. This game works on a wide range of devices, including laptops, computers, Chromebooks, and tablets. It’s a wonderful idea to provide a virtual world that doesn’t rely on a network connection.

What Makes Minecraft: Education Edition a Good Choice for Students?

It’s no wonder game-based learning is popular among educators. Minecraft is played by students all over the world, with the Education Edition being played in over 115 countries. Because it has a game element, it makes it immediately interesting and engaging for students.

The game creates project-based abilities and allows students to work on problem-solving topics independently or collectively. As a consequence, STEM learning takes place in an atmosphere that develops both digital citizenship and real-world confidence.

This enhances learning and assessment since students can capture a screenshot at any moment during or after the project activity and give it to the teacher for review. It’s also a good approach for students to start building a portfolio of their work.

There is even a Code Builder mode that allows students to learn coding while they play the game. Students can use code for chemistry experiments, and a biome underwater allows students to learn oceanography.

What Makes Minecraft: Education Edition a Good Choice for Teachers?

Teachers may experience the benefits of participating in a community with other teachers using Minecraft: Education Edition. There is a lot to do, from engaging in group discussions to collaborating with other institutions. The website provides a variety of tools teachers can use to learn how to use it. Teachers can watch tutorial videos, download lesson plans, and other materials to aid in learning. Mentors, trainers, and other instructors are available on the site to help them.

Through the Classroom mode, teachers can see a map of the virtual world and zoom in and out to engage with their students. They can also bring a wandering student avatar back to their proper location.

Teachers may also utilize chalkboards to write out tasks and objectives to students, just like they would in the real world. Teachers may also make non-playable characters that function as guides, guiding students from one activity to the next.

How much does Minecraft: Education Edition will cost you?

While the idea of an infinite world backed by a plethora of education-focused tools that kids genuinely want to use seems costly, in reality, it’s not.

There are two alternative pricing options in Minecraft: Education Edition –

1. There is a $5 per user per year price for a small, single-class school.

2. Microsoft offers volume licenses for schools with more than 100 students and several classrooms that want to use the game. This is included in the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions program, and charges vary based on the size of the institution and the plan selected.

Furthermore, hardware must be kept in mind. Minecraft can be run on almost all laptops, PCs, and tablets. The game does not require high system requirements to run.

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Students get easily inspired by the innovations around them which can even change their perspective about life. Artificial intelligence is one such area which has gained much popularity among the student groups and has now become an important element in the digital classrooms. Teaching and learning scenario has transformed to the next level with the widespread acceptance of the technology in classrooms.

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There are lots of movies based on the concept of artificial intelligence which has showcased many aspects of technology for the viewers. Watching AI movies can help students to get closer to the technology and get more motivated to learn more on the domain. AI is undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the scientific world and its possibilities have grown to remarkable levels. Here let us take a look at some of the most fascinating movies about AI for students which can really enhance their love for the technology:

1. Metropolis

This is a 1927 science fiction movie that showcases some classic excellence of artificial intelligence. This is one among the first Sci-Fi films of the time that influenced many similar scripts later. It introduced idea of the human interaction with machines and helped viewers set a perspective to AI. The movie tries to highlight the message that no understanding can be guaranteed between the brain and hands till the heart takes the role of a mediator. This awesome movie was directed by Fritz Lang and key roles were played by Brigitte Helm and Alfred Abel.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Directed by Stanley Kubrick this movie hit the screens in 1968. The key roles were played by Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. It is an epic drama on exploration which was rated as an ultimate trip on artificial intelligence for the viewers. The movie is equally thoughtful and fictional and at times questioning the meaning of life. When you watch the movie in 2018, you will have no idea that the movie was screened when the technology was just in the beginning phase. Students will be amazed to see a machine similar to human in the way of thinking and decision-making.

3. Her

 This 2013 AI movie is the right mix of scientific fiction, drama and romance. The technology shown in the movie is an expected reality in the near future. This interesting plot tells the story of relationship of a writer with an OS which can satisfy all his needs. It was directed by Spike Jonze and the lead roles were played by Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. Samantha is just the software but the emotions and feelings in the voice sound very much human. The connection was portrayed as true and loyal and the OS even questioned about the lack of physical existence.

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

 This movie is one of the best master pieces from James Cameron which made viewers excited right from beginning to the end. It hit the screens in the year 1991 and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton; Edward Furlong played the key roles. In this version, a more advanced robot, the T-1000 was in action to kill John Connor. A terminator is sent from future to protect them and the creative genius was portrayed with a brilliant sequel. It is intelligent in nature and more human in the approach.

5. Wall- E

This 2008 AI movie is an animated story for kids which show a philosophical journey of the sentient robots. The titular has gained the intelligence through the human inventions such as Rubik’s cubes and light bulbs. This awesome movie was directed by Andrew Stanton and the key roles were handled by Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight and Jeff Garlin. The heroine of Wall-E is a true example of how to perceive and shower deeper emotions of love. The movie puts a platform to think deeply about what actually distinguishes robots from humans.

6. The Matrix

 One of the best movies to showcase the idea of artificial intelligence in the most advanced and brilliant form. This action packed Sci-Fi movie was from the directors, Lana and Lilly Wachowski and it hit the screen on 1999. The plot is interesting which says how powerful machines created Matrix that was capable of imprisoning human minds. Interestingly, they feast on the humans’ body heat. It was scary at times to see how machines were powerful over humans and they even created superhuman agents that can keep hackers. The main roles of the movie were brilliantly portrayed by Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss.

7. Big Hero 6

This is an animation movie based on artificial intelligence which is loved by kids of all ages. The plot includes lot of adventure and action with thrilling scenarios. This awesome movie directed by a team of directors, Don Hall and Chris Williams hit the screens in the year 2014. In the interesting plot, viewers can feel good to see a special bond of prodigy Hiro Hamada and plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax. They teamed up with a set of friends to set up a band of high-tech heroes. The cast lead of the movie includes Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit and Jamie Chung.

8. Blade Runner

This movie is rated as a visual master piece on artificial intelligence which was released in the year 1982. The script is in fact a catalyst of intense thought which was directed by Ridley Scott. Deckard was the hero of the movie who was given the task of terminating four replicates which was actually android beings but resembled humans. The leading roles of this scientific thriller were handled by Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young. Once you see the movie, you are made to think a lot and in fact may question the meaning of life, reality, and who are humans.

9. Moon

A lunar experience turned lunatic gets astronaut Sam Bell stuck on the moon with a younger, angrier version of himself which appears from who knows where!

Sounds crazy right? Exactly!

But you won’t mind taking up this chaotic journey with him for every mishap that occurs is well complimented with a well thought and practically extra ordinary come back for survival.

From a carefully crafted script to an incredibly executed performance, moon is a treat to the taste buds of every sci-fi freak.

Don’t forget the take away- Grow perseverance and mental strength to deal even with the most hopeless situations that life throws.

10. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

 This AI movie is interesting to watch for students as it is full of action, adventure and fantasy. This was directed by the popular director George Lucas who gave us lots of movies to remember. In the plot, Luke Skywalker joined forces with a team with the motive of saving the galaxy from the Empire’s apocalyptic battle station. This top rated movie hit the screens in the year 1977 and the lead cast include Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

11. Aliens

This is one of the top rated movies from the director, James Cameron and it hit the screen in the year 1986. In the interesting plot, Ellen Ripley who has been in hypersleep for 57 years was saved by a deep salvage team. The key roles in this AI movie were played by Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn and Carrie Henn.

12. The Iron Giant

This is an interesting animated movie on AI that is rich with action and adventure. The movie was directed by Brad Bird and star led by Eli Marienthal, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Aniston. It is a beautiful work of art that hit the screen on 1999. It portrays a beautifully bonded friendship between a young boy and a giant alien robot. As the relationship grows, the alien technology of sophisticated intelligence was revealed to the boy, which in turn created some interesting twists.

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The thought of converting this great idea into movies started ever since Metropolis hit the screen about 90 years ago. These are just a few among the many amazing movies made on the concept of artificial intelligence. These top rated movies can help students to learn more about the possibilities of the technology and watching the theme on big screen can change their perspectives about the modern technology. Many of the students have got inspired by watching such movies and got self motivated to bring out the creative side in them and worked more towards using technology in the right way for the society. This is one of the best ways to introduce the modern scientific technologies among the students and instil innovative ideas in their minds.

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Animated movies have now become an indispensable element of student life as they not only give them some fun time but also share some moral values of life. Most of the animated movies for students are truly inspiring and keeps on motivating them to work hard in life and chase their dreams. Even those movies with lots of fun elements convey some message to students in one form or the other and enable them to grow successful. Now parents need not worry about their kids getting addicted to watching animated movies as we have witnessed the positive role of such movies in student life over the decades.

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Here we can have a look at some of the top inspirational animated movies for students that mould their character and inspire them to live a more meaningful life.

1. The Incredibles

This awesome animated movie can be really interesting to watch for students as it tells the story of a family of superheroes. It shows how they fought to rescue their family from the attack of evil. The movie is after all about how to believe in yourself and moreover advices not to be afraid to be yourself. This is an all time classic movie which inspires everyone to be determined on their goals and don’t get distracted by looking back.


 This interesting movie tells the story of cute love between two robots which showcases the importance of love in life. The way movie is pictured is rich with many layers of excellence. As the movie progresses, there are more messages shared for mankind which includes going green and saving habitat. It warns human beings to stop such activities or else to find a new planet to get shifted once they spoil the present hub.

3. Pokemon

 The story revolves around the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his peers. The students will get inspired about the hard training they undergo to reach their goal of becoming a pokemon master. This can more or less relate to the hopes and aspirations of present generation youth. The character of the story is rich with good human values and his willingness to help those in need is truly inspiring for the present youth. The movie conveys several good messages including chasing dreams, hard work, and friendship and helping mentality.

4. Toy Story 3

The plot of the story is interesting for kids as it is about the toys getting wrongly delivered to a day-care center. Woody was in the role of convincing the remaining toys to return home. The movie shares the awesome message of value of childhood, past as well as friendship. The students can learn from the movie about how to value and stick to the things they value the most and how to put in effort to maintain the hope and trust in life.

5. Fairy Tail 

The present generation of youth who are more reserved to the digital age lack the value of relationships and they are not seen as taking enough efforts to maintain the existing relationships. This movie beautifully portrays the friendships, and other relationships and the essence of bond they share between each other. This inspires the present youth to invest some time in relationships. The teamwork, determination and togetherness to achieve what they believe can make a drastic change in the attitude of viewers in approaching life in a better way. Also the movie conveys a truly motivating message “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you help on so long”

6. Grave of the Fireflies

This inspiring movie revolves around the story of a young boy and his little sibling who got separated from their parents during World War 2 in Japan. They fought life to survive the mishaps that happened around them. The movie conveys a beautiful message of dreaming positive in spite of reality. If you are going through some tough days, don’t give up on your dreams and sit in despair. This story can convey the positivity of seeing the good side and looking towards brighter days.

7. One Piece

 This is an awesome animated movie with lots of fun elements that keeps the audience interested throughout the story. This is about a young man who accidentally ate a rubber fruit and his body gained the properties of rubber. The story progresses as he went in search of world’s ultimate treasure with the help of his crew. The way he accomplished his dream is truly inspirational for students to chase their dream despite what life offers in between and to stay positive always.

8. Finding Nemo

 This movie is all about the love of a father for his son as he sets to find him out. In this regard, the movie conveys the beautiful message of family values. The son was lost in the open sea as he didn’t consider the dad’s constant warnings about the dangers of ocean. The other character called dory inspires everyone to never give up on your dreams in spite of the challenges or obstacles that come to your life. The students will get motivated to step outside their comfort zone and it also showcases the importance of teamwork and friendship.

9. Attack on Titan

The movie is centred on three young people who joined the military to fight out the Titans once their home town got invaded. It was full of mysteries that kept the audience waiting to see how the story line brings out twist every time. This anime movie is truly inspirational in the way it showcases the importance of fighting the world for survival. The story indirectly refers to the hopelessness felt by the youth of the society and inspires them to see life from a different angle to live it better.

10. Bakuman

This movie is about the determination and perseverance of a young boy, Moritaka Mashiro who worked along with his classmate, Akito Takagi to achieve the goal of becoming a professional mangaka. Almost all aspects of life are covered in this movie including romance, real life situations, drama and comedy to keep everyone interested till the end. It is truly inspirational in conveying some values to keep in life while chasing a dream such as perseverance, wisdom and diligence. If you are after a goal in life and something is stopping you from it, this movie can lift your spirit and helps you to believe in yourself.

11. A Place Further Than the Universe

 This animated movie tells the story of a girl, Mari Tamaki who always aimed to become great in life but was set back due to her fear for goals. The situation changed all of a sudden when she got inspired by Shirase’s determination of achieving what she wanted in life. The way she worked tirelessly to reach their goals made her to step out of her ordinary circumstances and work towards making her life extraordinary. This movie advices everyone to get inspired by successful people around you and to utilize the possibilities offered by life to grow big.

12. Magic Knight Rayearth

 The hero of the story is courageous and have a “never give up” kind of attitude which is lacking in the present generation of students. She was never seen as waiting for something to happen but approaches life in a more sensible way to get things done. Making things happen despite the limitations and troubles that come your way with a positive attitude is what made this movie inspiring for the viewers.

The listed ones are just a few among the many inspirational animated movies for students that enable them to face the life more positively. While some of them bring out the creative side in them, most of such movies are a good platform for them to learn the moral values in life. It helps students to get closer to the country’s culture and inspires them to learn more about novel areas. Moreover, these movies can improve their social interaction and improves their interest in culture and language.

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Parents have always raised concerns about their kids getting addicted to watching anime movies.

However, research studies have claimed that anime movies can be used as a good study tool for kids. The research analysts have enough points to substantiate the findings. Many of the anime movies can motivate Kids to grow successful in life and teach them the importance of hard work.

Moreover,in Japan learning Japanese is considered of immense value right from childhood. Thus, language is no more a concern for kids as watching anime series can help them to grasp the language gradually.

Some mangas and anime brings out the creative side in them and enables them to think out of the box in real life situations. Here we can have a look at some of the important educational benefits of watching anime series or movies.

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1. Learn More About Novel Areas:  Student life is the phase when they start learning about new things and explore new ideas in life. These movies teaches students about areas which they might not come across in their academic syllabus but are useful for them at some point in their life. For example, they can learn about mental health conditions such as PTSD if they watch School Live and Narcolepsy if they watch Little Busters. Many elements that are projected in some anime movies may seem interesting at present but are valuable or useful later in life.

2. Can Learn Real Life Lessons: Having a good understanding about the real life situations well in advance confers students with the ability of proper decision making . Knowing how the heroes have overcome hardships in life help them to think out of the box,save the situations and grow successful. Even the comedy series are more subtle if you check the element of conveying real life lessons. Anime series including My Hero Academia, A Silent Voice and Orange are popular in terms of teaching real life lessons. These series enable students to learn to respect their parents and be thankful and avoid bullying others and most importantly to get rid of their arrogance.

3. Increased Social Interaction: The modern society have witnessed that many of the students are turned to introverts. However, the influence of anime movies has made a noticeable impact on increasing their interaction and they start behaving more social. Kids of working parents can avoid boredom and the depression of being alone in their free time by watching anime movies. This not only takes off their pressure of loneliness but also gives them a feeling of happiness. They can also get connected to other students who watch anime and thus make new friends.

4. Learn About Value Of Relationships: In today’s world, we have seen that the relationships have started losing its value. However, many good anime movies have projected the importance of relationships and the love for anime has persuaded students to keep up such values in their life.. Hopefully, such anime series can help students to understand the value of relationships in life and inspires them to give out some effort to maintain them. 

5. Understand Moral Values In Life: One of the most important benefits of watching anime movies is learning about keeping up moral values in life. The series such as Haikyuu teaches students about the importance of teamwork in getting things done and why they are crucial in achieving success. DBZ is a popular series that inspires students to come out of the limits, push oneself up, keep on practising, set goals and do enough hard work while chasing dreams. The New Game anime series teaches and inspires students about undergoing struggles to achieve what they want in life and to overcome the troubles of starting as a beginner. They also learn other human values such as righteousness, generosity, honesty, courage and patience.

6. Improved Interest In Culture And Language: It is quite common for students to have least interest in the country’s culture as they prefer fun elements. Surprisingly, anime movies are a good option for them to learn more about the Japanese culture in an entertaining fashion. They slowly start having interest in learning more about the culture and related areas. Even if the extent of understanding might be very little, having some sorts of insights into the culture can help them to grow closer to the culture. Also as these movies are made with Japanese audio clips, they can learn the Japanese language a little more easily and get more fluent with it pretty quickly. The students who are born or brought up outside the country can keep in touch with the culture.

7. Improves Creativity And Critical Thinking: This form of storytelling can enhance their creativity and students can start exploring their creative side along with excelling in academics. This improves their drawing skills that help them to start exploring the areas of animation and architecture. Those students who are truly inspired even start designing their own anime characters and develop their own mangas. In fact, this is a good alternative for kids’ stories as this is a form of imaginative story telling.

Parents do realise that the educational value of anime is immense. Watching anime is not always all about fun but the best part is about its learning possibilities. Apart from these benefits, watching anime can teach students about the importance of proper communication.

Like every other areas, anime addiction can have some negatives if kids tend to copy only the hatred or trouble making aspects of anime. Parents have to keep a check on the types of anime being watched by the kids and help them to sort out the suitable ones. If they make watching anime with educational values a part of their routine, parents can find it easy to mould their character right from the childhood.

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Stephen William Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author who always inspired people by the way he perceived and lived his life. He left the world leaving behind all his contributions to Science in March 14, 2018.

He fought life all through his hardship journey and he was holding the role of director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge at the time of his death.

Even when his demise caused a huge emptiness in the world of science, his awesome inspiring quotes are more than enough for a youngster to fight life and live it beautiful.

His quotes are not just limited to the world of science but cover a range of inspiring thoughts that has touched many aspects of life.

Here let us go through some of amazing Stephan Hawking Quotes on love, hope, determination, curiosity, adaptation and a lot more.

1. “As quoted in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, “We are very very small. But we are profoundly capable of very very big things.”

2. Mentioning the insatiable curiosity and belief, he said at Sydney Opera House “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

3. In his renowned book, Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays, he said “I have noticed that even people, who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

4. Talking about the importance of human potential, he told a German paper Der Spiegel in 1988 “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.”

5. During an Oxford University Union speech in 2016, he told “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

6. As quoted in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, “Equations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity.”

7. While addressing an event honouring the 50th anniversary of NASA at George Washington University in 2008, he told “Primitive life is relatively common, but that intelligent life is very rare. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth,”

8. Talking about his passion for the subject, he told PARADE magazine in 2010 “Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion,”

9. Talking to ABC News in June 2010, he told “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win, because it works.”

10. When asked about how he kept his spirits up after diagnosed with ALS, he said “My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus”….“Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”

11. During his talk with ABC World News (7 June 2010), he said “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win, because it works.”

12. As quoted in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, “We see the universe the way it is because if it were different we would not be here to observe it.”

13. In his television series, “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking”, he said “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans. We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.”

14. As quoted in People’s Daily Online (14 June 2006), “The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

15. “For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn’t have to be like this. Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking.”, he said in a British Telecom advertisement (1993).

16. While giving an interview to Spain’s El Mundo, he said “In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind.”

17. As quoted in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, “We find ourselves in a bewildering world. We want to make sense of what we see around us and to ask: What is the nature of the universe? What is our place in it and where did it and we come from? Why is it the way it is?

18. In his book about theoretical physics, The Universe in a Nutshell ( 2001), he said “It surprises me how disinterested we are today about things like physics, space, the universe and philosophy of our existence, our purpose, our final destination. It’s a crazy world out there. Be curious.”

19. Speaking to Google’s Zeitgeist Conference in Hertfordshire, he said “Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.”

20. Talking to ABC News in June 2010, he told “One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.”

21. As quoted in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, “Humanity’s deepest desire for knowledge is justification enough for our continuing quest. And our goal is nothing less than a complete description of the universe we live in.”

22. As quoted in “Return of the time lord” in The Guardian (27 September 2005), “People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.”

23. Talking about the Eureka moment scientific discovery in a lecture at Arizona State University, April 2011, he said “I wouldn’t compare it to sex, but it lasts longer.”

24. In an interview with Piers Morgan, he was asked whether he was the most intelligent person in the world. He replied “People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

25. On account of the dangers posed by climate change, he told in an interview with The Telegraph in 2011 “I don’t think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet,”… “But I’m an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.”

26. While giving an interview to USA TODAY, he said “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”

27. In a documentary in 2013, he said “We are all different — but we share the same human spirit. Perhaps it’s human nature that we adapt — and survive.”

28. He told during his Oxford University graduation “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

29. “Black holes aren’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought. Things can get out of a black hole both on the outside and possibly to another universe. So if you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up — there’s a way out.” he said during a lecture at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

30. As quoted in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, “There could be whole anti-worlds and anti-people made out of antiparticles. However, if you meet your anti-self, don’t shake hands! You would both vanish in a great flash of light.”

These are just a few among many of Stephan Hawking Quotes  that were marked in golden letters among the top inspirational quotes.

His life was full of message to his fellow beings and the upcoming generation to learn how to hope, love and adapt to the changes to live life to its fullest.

His contributions to the world of science are truly great that helped people in this planet to know their universe better.

There was no limit to his ambitions and he also tried to invoke the same spirit and curiosity in the younger generation through his amazing inspirational messages.

He is a remarkable personality in many ways and his groundbreaking discoveries as a physicist made him a worldwide renowned human being.

He was just an average student at school and his never ending curiosity with lots of why’s and how’s have emerged him to a great human being.

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Teaching science is no longer a monotonous job when you have science movies that can be played in classrooms. It is only when education merges with entertainment that students grasp the subject matter. Relying on the broadcast of science movies, you can make a topic much more interesting for your students. For all those educators who wish to go the entire nine yards to teach effectively, here are some science movies that will present a perfect mix of entertainment and information to the seekers of scientific knowledge.

  1. Jurassic Park

You must have heard of this famous movie that became a run-away hit with moviegoers when it was first released across the world in 1993. “Jurassic Park” is a movie which sheds light on a theme park which was created to house genetically engineered dinosaurs. Scientists work very hard in building a DNA from the blood of a preserved dinosaur so as to create many such creatures.

However a twist to the tale comes in the form of a computer expert deactivating the security system of the park so that he can flee with the embryos of the dinosaurs. The thrill of watching deadly and awkward-looking creatures which are extinct is what makes Jurassic Park an entertaining and intellectual science movie for students as well.

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  1. The Manhattan Project

Released in 1986, “The Manhattan Project”is a science fiction movie revolving around a teenager and his girlfriend. Both of them steal the radio-active element Plutonium to make an atomic bomb from a scientist. And how do these teenagers build the disastrous bomb? They dig out information from the internet and refer to published materials. They also rely on random government papers so that they can build the destructive nuclear bomb. Any guesses as to what drives them to such extreme limits? All this is to win number one position in a science fair.

Tagged as a science movie, students will enjoy the fun element that blends with a feeling of fright that surfaces once in a while. All in all, this is an entertaining movie that can demonstrate the singular mindset of teenagers working very hard to pursue their irrational dreams.

  1. Microcosmos

If you are an ardent lover of nature, then “Microcosmos” can excite you in more ways than you can imagine. Typically a documentary demonstrating the life of insects in ponds and meadows, students will thoroughly enjoy the result of 15 years of scientific research that has gone into picturing these little yet interesting creatures. Employing state-of-the-art photography coupled with 3 long years of filming, Microcosmos is a treat to the inquisitive eyes of every student. This science documentary sheds light on how honey bees collect nectar, the manner in which snails reproduce and how spiders catch their prey through their webs.

Students can delve deep into the lives of underwater spiders which create an air bubble as their home. Demonstrating the process of mosquito egg-hatching through awesome slow motion photography, Microcosmos, true to its name is a beautiful presentation of incredible insects and their habitats.

  1. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Released in 1989, students will be amazed at the comic representations of this American science fiction film. When telecast in the classroom, this movie will transform the teaching arena into a comical theater with the loud laughter of students.

Going by the title, this comic movie revolves around an inventor as the central character, his kids and his neighbor’s kids. So what about the movie? The inventor toying with his electromagnetic shrinking machine accidentally shrinks all the kids to a quarter of an inch. The fun element comes to life when these tiny kids are dropped into the trash by the inventor. These kids go through a lot of problems, face obstacles and try their best to ward off insects in the trash dropped in the backyard of the inventor. If you want your classroom to bustle with the giggles of your wards, then this movie along with its sequel named Honey I Blew Up The Kid can he helpful for you.

  1. Back To the Future

This is a 5 star rated American science movie loaded with adventure and comedy in equal shares. Released in 1985, “Back to the Future” is a story of a teenager called Marty McFly who will be sent back into the past. He gets positioned into the year 1955 by the acts of a weird scientist where he meets his future parents but falls in love with his own mother.

That is when his friend steps in to protect Marty to wipe out the damage caused by his journey into the past. All thanks to his friend that he becomes the reason for love to strike the hearts of Marty’s parents. In the end, the weird scientist will be working towards finding a way to bring back Marty to the year 1985.

  1. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Released to the global audience in 2009, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” offers a comical ride with a touch of computer-animated science. Tagged as a fictional story revolving around the central character named Flint, this entertaining movie keeps your students in splits.

Flint, an upcoming scientist invents a machine which is capable of transforming water into food. Although a novel idea, he faces a number of obstacles. When the invention becomes difficult to manage, the responsibility of protecting the town of Chews and swallow comes on his tender shoulders. How he takes up this responsibility forms the crux of this entertaining and creative movie.

  1. Meet the Robinsons

“Meet the Robinsons” is a yet another entertaining science movie with a dash of comedy. Released in 2007, this is a computer-animated science fictional film loaded with funny scenes. Meet Lewis an orphaned child who tries his hand repairing pans and kettles. He is lucky enough to find a family when he meets The Robinsons.

Applying his creative instincts, Lewis comes up with many smart inventions, frightening his potential parents. It is then he realizes that it is not only important to share cool inventions but also to have the support of people who respect and support your unique ideas.

Key Takeaways

Being a subject linked to logic, science when teamed with fiction becomes a treat to the eyes of students. Alongside entertaining them, such movies which carry a streak of comedy as well are in favor of kids’ viewing. It is through such movies that you as an educator can break the monotony that sets into a classroom session and bring in a fresh whiff of air. Such movies can not only engage your students but will also help them learn about the traits that make the central characters a class apart from the rest.

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A popular educational culture attracting students and teachers alike is edutainment. Educational material presented in the form of educational toys, online games, mobile applications and e-books come in as interesting tools paving way for a modern pattern of learning. Making use of digital content as the attractive learning tool, here are a dozen ways in which education and entertainment in combination amaze students.

  1. Engages Kids While Learning

The most common complaint parents and teachers have about their wards is the lack of concentration during class or study hours. Keeping the attention of kids is indeed a challenge for guardians. As a perfect solution to this common issue, edutainment content will help students to assimilate loads of information along with keeping them attentive in class. So if you are dealing with a restless kid, a perfect solution is to get him hooked to learning the fun way through images that will catch his attention.

  1. Digital Curriculum – An Interesting Way to Complete Home Assignments

Another amazing way in which edutainment content encourages learning is when you watch interesting videos or an episode of edutainment curriculum every week. Such videos which illustrate the bookish knowledge help you complete your homework which most of the times seems like a herculean task.

While you are engrossed in watching educative and interactive films, you will be prompted to finish your assignments with the information that is shared through such films. A change in perception takes place when you begin to consider homework as an exciting way to learn. Homework will no longer be a dull exercise but an exciting means to complete additional readings by simply watching video presentations.

  1. Paves Way for Story Telling

Notwithstanding the fact that students spend a great deal of time online watching entertaining videos and online shows, edutainment content does them a favor. Students who acclimatize themselves with the format of online learning through informative films that sharpens their creativity. Each frame of a video narrates a different story and it is through such videos that kids can stand in good stead with their imaginative and story telling skills over their peers.

  1. Intellectual Stimulation – An “Out of the Box” Pattern of Learning

A picture is worth a thousand words! In line with this famous maxim, if you as a student are introduced to the culture of edutainment, you will gain insights about the topic of study through mind-stimulating activities. Experiencing a rush of thoughts and imaginative ideas while you are concentrating on the informative videos that are being played, it is through these videos that you begin to think “out of the box”. Edutainment, in more ways than one helps you fuel your natural curiosity, thus allowing you to look at multiple options to perceive a situation.

  1. Promotes Innovative Problem-Solving Abilities

Through edutainment content, students will be prompted to put their creative skills to the ultimate test. Imagine you as a student who are constantly allowed to learn through educative e-books or videos. You will develop a strong inkling towards learning through images which allows you to look at scenarios from different angles. You will stretch your imaginative skills to such an extent that you will come up with innovative ways to solve a particular problem. In this way, you will register progress with your learning curve that comes in the form of creative problem-solving abilities.

  1. On-the-Go Learning

All thanks to the use of online videos, students who follow the edutainment pattern of learning can make the most of learning on the go. You can watch these videos anywhere, at your own pace and at any time convenient to you.

Imagine taking your kid to the supermarket. While you are busy shopping for groceries, your kid will be immersed in the sea of knowledge that is presented in the form of online videos and educational shows. This way, you will be happy that your kid is assimilating knowledge about a topic of his interest and putting his free time to the best possible use.

  1. Flipped Classroom – Another Interesting Benefit of Edutainment

If you are treading the path of edutainment, then you can make the most of the “flipped classroom” concept. As part of this innovative instructional strategy, you will be assigned short educational videos that should be watched while you are at home. This is your homework which allows you to lay hands on all the information that is necessary to master a topic. While in class, you can engage in long-drawn discussions about the topic with the guidance from your tutor.

  1. Coordination Between Sense Organs

As practitioners of edutainment, you will be learning via online educational content; through your eyes and ears. Employing your innate visual and auditory senses, you can influence your learning curve better when you begin to register a synchronization between your audio-visual (AV) abilities. Tag this with the involvement of the mind power and you will pave the way for an alert mind that makes the most of your AV senses.

  1. Experience The Benefits of Hands-On Learning

All thanks to edutainment, you will be able to experience the benefits of hands-on learning. In contrast to learning from books and listening to lecturers within the four walls of a classroom, edutainment calls for your active participation. You will assimilate knowledge by visualizing real-world issues and problems. Hence, the hands-on training experience that is offered by edutainment lays a strong foundation of fundamentals about the topic of discussion; helping you to instantly recollect what you have learnt.

  1. The Fun Element to Learning Demands a Special Mention

It is common knowledge that children develop skills only when they begin to love what they do. Gone are the days when learning was confined to printed books and boring classroom lectures. Now is the age of edutainment which brings in a fun element to learning. As a practitioner of edutainment, you are lucky to enjoy every moment of gaining wisdom. Allowing you to access education through various modes including television, radio and films, the fun element in edutainment supports the idea of interactive learning and makes education a happy and fulfilling purpose.

  1. Sharpen a Host of Positive Attributes With These Edutainment Tools

Chaos is a part of our everyday life. And when you are introduced to this disorderliness that comes in the form of jigsaw puzzles, you will be putting your patience and perseverance to the ultimate test. Such puzzles will help you unveil the meaningful picture only after going through a series of trial-and-error methods.

Legos are construction toys that will sharpen your creativity while helping you develop motor skills, a keen sense of reason coupled with problem-solving abilities. A game of chess is a good way to foster mental agility while you are introduced to different alternatives that will either help you score more or lose.

  1. Promises The Best of Both the Worlds

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So true to this adage, if learning and playing are laid side by side, no student will look at education as a boring and tedious mode of assimilating knowledge. Undoubtedly, education and entertainment are two different paths, but they are not the ones that do not intersect. They are not parallel roads but can overlap. And when they do overlap, the result is there for everyone to watch and enjoy. You can enjoy the best of both the worlds through edutainment which promises profound learning through rich and fun-filled experiences.

Wrapping It Up

In view of all the amazing ways in which edutainment favors the knowledge-seeking fraternity, the onus is on the educational bigwigs to promote the use of online content, educational games and mobile applications as novel modes of creative learning. In this manner, you as a decision maker in the field of education can make a huge difference in the lives of students. You will be the benefactor of bringing in a fun element to learning which helps them master their subjects through creative means.