Aimed at providing valuable feedback to organizations, The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai has completed its annual survey, which was carried out among 70000 principals, teachers, students and their parents from private schools in Dubai. This survey is expected to be beneficial in guiding community-building activities and informing education policies.

The survey comes in handy to choose feasible solutions for numerous problems ranging from parental anxiety over kids’ identity and development to designing stress-busting programs for teachers. In addition to these it aids in building awareness to adopt fun filled educational techniques.

2013 survey feedback help introduce new ideas

The positive impact created by the 2013 survey has made KHDA to send around 220,000 surveys this year. Around 110,000 people, including 67 principals, more than 7500 teachers, 90,000 parents and more than 15000 students have already been issued the first batch of the survey. According to Hind Al Mualla, Chief of Engagement, the feedback from last year’s survey helped KHDA introduce new concepts and ideas. He is also of the belief that Dubai’s education sector will improve significantly in the years to come providing high-quality learning experience for all students.

‘Parent Safaris’

As a result of the KHDA survey, informal meetings such as ‘Parent Safaris’ has been arranged for parents to opine about the educational system in Dubai and to make them aware about the services offered by KHDA. Also, the weekly school visit by KHDA team members facilitate them to meet and talk with principals, teachers and parents.

96% parents happy with the Parent/School contract

The KHDA survey revealed the effectiveness of its Parent/School contract which outlines the rights and responsibilities of students, parents and schools. According to the survey results, 96% of parents agreed that it is essential to have a legally-binding contract between them and the school.

93% students feel safe and secure

The contract makes it mandatory for schools to have an anti-bullying policy and student conduct rules which have been instrumental in lessening inappropriate behavior and instances of bullying. These actually helped schools to deal with bullying incidents and administering safety measures inside the school campus. According to the survey, 80% of students aged 15 and above were happy with the way their schools deal with bullying, 81% are of the view that they are treated fairly in their schools and 93% feel that they are safe and well-looked at the school.

Teachers get enough time to assess students

The teaching practices shared across Dubai’s schools incorporate ideas and articulate values. In the survey, 65% of teachers said that they were provided sufficient time to prepare teaching lessons and assess students. For teachers to manage their workday, sessions on stress management, teacher well-being etc. will be included in the latest What Works events.

Principal’s Playground

To develop the quality of education in Dubai, KHDA established a networking event called the Principal’s Playground for Dubai’s school principals where they can meet regularly and share their ideas. At present, 97% of school principals surveyed were satisfied with the educational system in Dubai.

Initiatives to meet the targets of the UAE National Agenda

In June, 101 principals from across Dubai’s private schools attended a special session to share and discuss about the educational system in Dubai. It was meant to figure out new ways in which schools can work together to achieve the education targets of the UAE National Agenda for 2021.