Republic Day of India is one of the most important days in the country’s calendar. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect, making India an independent and sovereign nation. It is also a day to honour India’s struggle for freedom and the hard-fought victory that established India as a republic.

The Constitution of India provides the framework for the governance of the country and ensures that all citizens are treated equally, regardless of their caste, creed, or religion. It is a day to celebrate the rights and privileges of all citizens and to honour the brave patriots who gave their lives to make India an independent nation. Celebrated on the 26th of January every year, it commemorates the proud history of India and its people, as well as the progress made over the years.

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Schools across the country use this occasion to teach children about the importance of the day and how to be proud of the country’s rich heritage. On this day, schools across the country conduct special assemblies and activities to commemorate the day. The National Flag of India is hoisted, patriotic songs are sung, and the national anthem is played. Children often participate in various activities, such as essay writing, poem recitation, painting, and cultural performances. These activities are not only fun, but also help to instil a sense of patriotism in young minds.

Interesting activities to do in school on Republic Day of India

Republic Day is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of the day and to instil a sense of patriotism in them. There are a variety of activities that can be done in school to make the celebration of Republic Day an enjoyable and memorable experience. To make learning about Republic Day more fun and engaging, we have compiled some interesting activities in this blog that can be done in school on the day.

Indoor activities

1. Quiz

Hold a quiz competition related to the history of India , Constitution and more in the classroom.

Quiz Competition Republic Day

2. Debate

Hold a debate with the “importance of Republic Day” as the topic. You can split the students into two teams and give each of them an opportunity to express their point of view.

Republic Day Students

3. Poster making competition

You can hold a poster making competition on the theme of Republic Day and even reward the students who create the best posters.

Poster Making Competition

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4. Essay writing competition

Organize an essay writing competition on the topic of “What does India’s Republic Day mean to me?” and let your students’ creative juices flow.

Essay writing competition

5. Write a poem/song

This does not necessarily have to be a competition. You can ask the students to write a poem or song on the occasion of Republic Day.

Write a poem song

6. Make a collage

Make a collage about the Indian Constitution. You can ask students to contribute and even help them put together the collage and display it in school.

Make a collage

7. Short film

There is no limit to creativity these days especially with the availability of technology. You can ask the students to make a short film within the class room on the theme of “India’s freedom struggle” and showcase the works in school on Republic Day.

Short film

8. Fancy dress competition

Organize a fancy dress competition where students dress up as freedom fighters and personalities relevant to the day.

Fancy dress competition

9. Musicals

Hold a musical show with your talented students regarding the history of India to remind everyone of the day’s significance.

Musicals Activity

10. Exhibition

Let your students collect photographs, newspaper clippings and souvenirs that reflect the themes of patriotism and India’s journey to being a republic.

Republic Day Exhibition

11. Letter writing

This is another activity that does not have to be a competition. Ask the students to write a letter to a freedom fighter thanking them for their contribution.

Letter writing

12. Painting competition

Give students a theme related to Republic Day and let them bring to life what they have in mind regarding the theme in the form of paintings. You can even reward the best paintings.

Painting competition

13. Role Play

This activity is both fun and informative. You can organize role play in the class room where students can impersonate any of the personalities who have had a role in India’s freedom struggle or even act out scenes from the various well-known moments of India’s struggle for freedom.

Role Play

14. Create scrapbooks

Ask students to collect news pieces, images and everything related to the history of India and put together a scrap book. You can also have them gift their scrap books to other students.

Create scrapbooks

15. Short story writing

This is yet another activity that helps students get creative. You can ask the students to write a short story based on “India’s struggle for freedom.”

Short story writing

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Outdoor activities
1. Flag hoisting

Our national festivals always start with flag hoisting. Invite an eminent personality or the heads of the school to hoist the national flag to kick start the Republic Day celebrations.

India Republic Day Flag hoisting

2. March past/parade

Conduct a march past ceremony or Republic Day parade performed by the students, waving the Indian Flag.

March Past

3. Skits

Team students and organize skits that showcase the journey to India’s freedom and being a republic.


4. Patriotic tag

Organize the patriotic version of the popular game of tag. Let the students tag each other while reciting patriotic slogans.

Patriotic tag

5. Patriotic charades

Charades has been a favourite game, especially amongst students. This Republic Day, organize a game of “patriotic charades” where teams of students can compete to act out scenes related to freedom fighters.

Patriotic Charades

6. Patriotic treasure hunt

Treasure hunt, but make it patriotic. Leave clues related to India’s history in the school premises and let the students search and find them. You can even reward the student who finds the most clues.

Patriotic treasure hunt

7. Patriotic bingo

This is yet another patriotic version of one of the popular games among students – bingo. In the game of “patriotic bingo,” students can fill out cards with patriotic slogans.



8. Singing competition

Organize a singing competition, where students can sing patriotic songs. This can be a solo or a group event.

Singing competition

9. Dance off

Dance offs bring in the festive mood and enthusiasm among participants as well spectators. Have a “patriotic dance off” where teams of students can dance to patriotic songs.

Patriotic bingo

10. Capture the flag

Organize a game of “patriotic capture the flag” where teams of students can divide into two teams and compete to capture the flag.

Capture the flag

11. Republic Day stalls

Organize Republic Day stalls and let students volunteer to sell souvenirs and materials related to the day. You can even donate the money raised for a national cause.

Republic Day stalls

Tips to celebrate Republic Day the fun and safe way

Celebrating Republic Day in school is a great way to teach children about their country’s history and to instill a sense of patriotism in them. However, it is important to ensure that the celebration is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Here are some tips for a fun and safe Republic Day celebration in school.

  • Choose activities that are age-appropriate and relevant to the occasion.
  • Ensure that the activities are conducted in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Make sure that the students follow all safety guidelines and adhere to the school’s code of conduct.
  • Encourage the students to treat the national flag with the utmost respect.
  • Ensure that all activities are conducted in a respectful and dignified manner.
  • Make sure that all activities have an educational component to them.
  • Encourage the students to show respect and appreciation for their country and its history.
  • Ensure that the students are aware of the importance of the day and the significance of the Indian Constitution.
  • Provide adequate resources and materials for the activities.
  • Make sure that all the activities are conducted in a fun and engaging manner.

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Republic Day of India is an important day that marks the country’s adoption of the Indian Constitution. Schools across the country organize various activities to commemorate the day and to teach children about its importance. There are a variety of activities that can be done in school to make the celebration of Republic Day an enjoyable and memorable experience.

From quiz competitions and poster-making to debates and outdoor activities, there are plenty of interesting activities that can be done in school to make the occasion a fun and engaging one. However, it is important to ensure that the celebration is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. By following the tips given above, schools can ensure that their students have a safe and enjoyable Republic Day celebration.

It is a proud moment for everyone as we approach another Independence Day on August 15th. This annual observance has a great significance and this special day is celebrated for commemorating our brave leaders and fighters of history who won us the freedom we are enjoying today. On this great occasion, schools usually come up with a lot of interesting Independence Day celebration and activities to help kids learn more about the significance of the day.

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The main activities we usually see every year in schools include Independence Day art and craft activities, drawing and painting competitions on special day themes, group reading history storybooks and a lot more. Are you running out of ideas as the special day is near?

Here let us have a look at some of the interesting Independence Day celebrations and activities for schools that instills the freedom spirit in kids.

1. Flag Hoisting

Hoisting the tricolor is the first and foremost activity that is done in any institution which kicks off the rest of celebrations. In fact celebration for the day is incomplete without this proud moment. Followed by flag hoisting, it is very common to sing the national anthem together which triggers the spirit among kids.

Teachers and parents can take initiatives beforehand to help the kids memorize the national anthem so that they can sing along with all proud and happy feeling.

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2. March Past

You can arrange a march past, which is a parade or a procession, within the school campus or in the neighborhood. This activity can be taken as an opportunity to remind everyone of our freedom fighters and the importance of this day for us, as Indian citizens.

Independence Day March Past

Teachers and parents can help students practice for this activity beforehand. March past can be performed along with a drill after hoisting the tricolor in schools on Independence Day. Apart from spreading the spirit of the day, this activity also teaches children the importance of working together as a team.

3. Vande Mataram Fest

Vande Mataram, our national song, has great significance on this special day as we know how our freedom fighters got inspired and motivated with this beautiful creation all through the freedom struggle. The uniqueness of this song is its versatility and it is truly emotional.

A fest can be arranged where kids can form small to large groups to perform Vande Mataram. It can be anything from vocals, shadow dancing, or drama to classical dance performances which can grace the occasion. Parents can also be invited as part of the program and given an opportunity to feel proud of their kids.

4. Show a Patriotic Movie

It would be a good idea to show a patriotic movie on the big screen using projectors in large school halls or auditoriums. Choose movies that include significant incidents that paved the way to freedom and that show the spirit of fraternity in achieving their goals.

You may also have an interesting session after the movie, where kids can share their understandings or viewpoints from the movie. Of course, interesting movies can make a lasting impact on the understanding of perspectives that students have about the subject.

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5. Patriotic Costume Contest

This is a really interesting activity that can be totally exciting for entry-level middle school and high school students. Kids can dress up as freedom fighters in this special fancy dress competition. They can even include unique items, such as spectacles and walking stick for Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose’s cap and rose for Nehru, to make the activity more colorful.

This will surely give a sense of feeling of patriotism for not only the participants, but also for the kids who are on the audience side.

6. Independence Day Theme Party

Just like any other occasion, arranging a theme party helps to get an overall feel of the special day. Every arrangement for the day can inspire some color combinations from our national flag or related symbols. The organizers can take effort to make the food menu based on themes by including tricolored food items.

Theme based games can be made part of the party and the winners may be presented with a national flag. You may also arrange theme based competitions where kids can work in small groups to make it a success.

7. Explaining Independence Concepts through Nature

Teachers and school authorities can take a brilliant step as part of the Independence Day activities- take kids for a tree plantation drive. This is a great way to explain the concepts of the special day through nature. As we enjoy the hard-earned independence, it is really important to preserve our environment.

The life of trees can be set as an example to convey the ideas of unity and diversity. The growth of trees is remarkable in clusters which show the significance of unity. Similarly, the concept of diversity can also be seen when different kinds of trees support each other for survival.

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8. Organize Independence Day Quiz

Kids will be really interested to take part in quiz competitions and Independence Day special quiz can be even more interesting. The questions can be true based on history, freedom fighters, special events, and happenings on the struggle towards freedom, important dates to remember and a lot more.

The quiz can be arranged for kids in single, couple or groups and interesting prizes can be announced beforehand to make it more exciting.

9. T-shirt painting

It is quite common to see kids and teachers come up in costumes based on tricolor for Independence Day celebrations. However, it will all be bought from the shops and kids would be eager to select the best from the collections.

However, you can try the T-shirt painting a part of this event where kids can do tricolor painting on white t-shirts. The personalized t-shirts designed through hand painting can add more thrill and make the day special. Give an idea about what to do and you will be surprised to see how creative the students are when they are given such opportunities.

10. Plan a Historical Walk

There are a lot of historical places like museums or places that have traces of freedom fight struggle. Why not plan a historical walk to that place with the kids? More than just textbook information visiting such places can help kids to have a deeper level of knowledge about the phase and understand the relevance of their struggles better.

You can narrate the incidents while you go for the walk and let the kids take notes if they find the information interesting. You can also give an opportunity for kids beforehand to find out the historical places in the city and make a list to go.

11. Flag Relay

It can be a good fun activity for elementary school and middle school students. You all know about the rules and regulations of the normal relay race. In this Independence Day special relay race, the kids have to run with national flags and they have to pass it to the team member to take it all the way to the final spot.

They can have a lot of fun while the physical exercise keeps them strong and healthy. Moreover, this sports activity instills them the feeling of patriotism and gives a lot of confidence in teamwork.

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12. Independence Day Games

There are a lot of games that can be organized as part of the special day. You may arrange a musical chair game where the songs played can be Vande Mataram or such songs of relevance for the day. Or you may go for crossword puzzle games where words can be related to freedom fight events, special patriotism symbols or words that invoke national pride.

The four corners game can be perfect for the occasion where each corner represent North, South, West and East India. Kids can run from one corner to another while music is played and they have to remain in the current corner when the music stops. If a kid is standing in corner North India, he has to answer a question based on the place.

13. Organize Plays or Skits

This is an exciting activity that can make the celebrations more colorful. Kids can take this opportunity to enact any prominent happening in the history that showcases patriotic feelings. Teachers can use this chance to help kids to have a closer look into the incidents in history.

Organize Plays or Skits

14. Drawing and Painting Competitions

Schools can hold drawing and painting competitions with Independence Day related themes as part of the celebrations. You can also organize poster making competitions based on the same theme.

Choose topics that highlight the importance of freedom and motivate children as they let their creative juices flow. This gives children an opportunity to express their thoughts about Independence Day using colors. Teachers can also join the students to make the event more colorful.

15. Make Scrapbooks

Let students collect worksheets, images and everything related to India and Independence Day, and create their own scrapbooks. The topics can include national flag, national symbols, national anthem, freedom fighters, and much more.

You can organize this either as a fun activity or as a competition and reward the students who make the best-looking as well as informative scrapbooks. The activity sounds fun and engaging. At the same time, it helps students gain more knowledge about India and also the significance of Independence Day.

16. Independence Day Speech Competition

Give students a topic related to Independence Day to speak about. The topic can be given beforehand or on the spot depending on the age group and the students who give the best speeches can be rewarded.

The idea is to spread awareness about Independence Day among students, and also to use the competition as an opportunity to let students gain more knowledge about the independence struggle, freedom fighters and India as a whole.

17. Independence Day Exhibition

Educators and students can collectively organize an exhibition in the school on Independence Day. You can display fact sheets, posters, images, pre-independence souvenirs, and much more related to the day.

Students can also volunteer to guide the fellow students as they attend the exhibition. This activity is a great way to let students have a closer look into the relevance of Independence Day, the struggles faced by our ancestors to attain freedom and also remind ourselves to value the freedom we enjoy today.

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18. Cultural Dance

Unity in diversity is what makes India special. All 28 states of the country are homes to a variety of cultures, many of which we are not even aware of. Independence Day is the best occasion to familiarize with the different cultures across India and you can do it by organizing a cultural dance program.

Independence Day Cultural Dance

Students can dress up in traditional costumes of different states and dance to the folk songs of the respective states. This gives students as well as educators an opportunity to learn more about the beautiful cultural diversity of our country.

19. Independence Day Rangoli

Rangoli is an art form where designs are created on a surface using a poweder of limestone, rice, flower petals and much more. You can buy readymade colors available in the market to make the designs.

Organize Rangoli design event in school based on Independence Day related themes. Students and teachers can work in groups or individually to create their own designs. Rewards can be given to the participants who created the best designs.

20. Independence Day Potluck

Organize potluck in school, where students and educators can bring authentic Indian dishes to school. Like its culture, India is also diverse in terms of cuisine. Therefore, this potluck event will be an opportunity for you to taste the flavors from different parts of India.

You can also get creative with the event by basing it on Independence Day related themes. One example of such theme is tricolor. Students and educators can bring a variety of food items that are of tricolor or any one of the colors in tricolor, adding to the colorfulness of the event.

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Letting them know about how our freedom fighters give their best to get us the freedom through interesting scripts can make them feel proud of our heroes. Moreover, the students watching the skit also take a moment to realize the hardships of our icons which inspires them to use the hard-earned freedom wisely.

Other than these activities, schools with large grounds come up with interesting themes like kids in large groups forming the shape of the country flag. Students are also given special gifts and sweets to make the day more special. Some schools also take this opportunity to let kids come up with campaigns for charity works.

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It would be a great idea to let kids come up with special ideas for the day. Just let them know the significance of the day and you may be surprised to learn the out of the box celebration and activities ideas from the present generation kids.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a special educational edition of the famous block-based game Minecraft. The Minecraft: Education Edition builds on the creativity of the original game to help enhance learning in virtually any subject area. From math to science to history to the Roman Colosseum, students can discover, create, experiment, and make mistakes during the learning process.

When combined with added teacher controls, the combination of an open-world game and the demonstration of higher-order thinking opens up greater levels of engagement among students. Students are able to showcase their knowledge and collaborate in an open, familiar setting, where they feel comfortable taking risks. Minecraft: Education Edition is suitable for students of all ages and classes. Many institutions have utilized Minecraft to provide virtual tours and orientation groups, as well as to help new students integrate digitally during remote learning periods.

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What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

The game Minecraft offers virtual design controls and block-based visuals, and it can be used to create virtual worlds where its players can play as a character and explore freely. There are a lot more sub-games, but we’ll simply focus only on Education Edition options. Over the normal edition, the Minecraft: Education Edition adds specific tools for educators that allow them to govern the virtual environment their students are in. This provides a comfortable environment, allows the instructor to keep students engaged on a topic, and allows for discussions. This game works on a wide range of devices, including laptops, computers, Chromebooks, and tablets. It’s a wonderful idea to provide a virtual world that doesn’t rely on a network connection.

What Makes Minecraft: Education Edition a Good Choice for Students?

It’s no wonder game-based learning is popular among educators. Minecraft is played by students all over the world, with the Education Edition being played in over 115 countries. Because it has a game element, it makes it immediately interesting and engaging for students.

The game creates project-based abilities and allows students to work on problem-solving topics independently or collectively. As a consequence, STEM learning takes place in an atmosphere that develops both digital citizenship and real-world confidence.

This enhances learning and assessment since students can capture a screenshot at any moment during or after the project activity and give it to the teacher for review. It’s also a good approach for students to start building a portfolio of their work.

There is even a Code Builder mode that allows students to learn coding while they play the game. Students can use code for chemistry experiments, and a biome underwater allows students to learn oceanography.

What Makes Minecraft: Education Edition a Good Choice for Teachers?

Teachers may experience the benefits of participating in a community with other teachers using Minecraft: Education Edition. There is a lot to do, from engaging in group discussions to collaborating with other institutions. The website provides a variety of tools teachers can use to learn how to use it. Teachers can watch tutorial videos, download lesson plans, and other materials to aid in learning. Mentors, trainers, and other instructors are available on the site to help them.

Through the Classroom mode, teachers can see a map of the virtual world and zoom in and out to engage with their students. They can also bring a wandering student avatar back to their proper location.

Teachers may also utilize chalkboards to write out tasks and objectives to students, just like they would in the real world. Teachers may also make non-playable characters that function as guides, guiding students from one activity to the next.

How much does Minecraft: Education Edition will cost you?

While the idea of an infinite world backed by a plethora of education-focused tools that kids genuinely want to use seems costly, in reality, it’s not.

There are two alternative pricing options in Minecraft: Education Edition –

1. There is a $5 per user per year price for a small, single-class school.

2. Microsoft offers volume licenses for schools with more than 100 students and several classrooms that want to use the game. This is included in the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions program, and charges vary based on the size of the institution and the plan selected.

Furthermore, hardware must be kept in mind. Minecraft can be run on almost all laptops, PCs, and tablets. The game does not require high system requirements to run.

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Have you been in a situation where you wanted to buy a nice gift for your teacher, but couldn’t as you were running out of gift ideas?

It really can be difficult to find the perfect gift for someone we look up to.

A teacher is more than a guide and a mentor; sometimes they are even our friends and counselors.

To make it easy for you when you go gift shopping for your teacher, we’ve listed 41 interesting gift ideas for your favorite teacher. Check them out to find the best gift for your teacher.

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1. Handmade cards

gift ideas for teachers

A teacher is sure to appreciate the thought behind the gift. That’s why handmade cards are great gifts for all occasions. Whether you want to say “Thank You” or “Happy Teacher’s Day”, you can do it with handmade cards. A simple quote on a sheet of paper or an elaborate gift card – your teacher will love it for sure.

2. Book

Books also make great gifts for teachers. Choose fiction if they enjoy reading novels during their free time or DIY books if they love doing crafts. Or you can gift them a book on their field of interest. There’s so much you can explore when it comes to getting books as gifts.

3. Candies and Chocolates

gift ideas for teachers

Bring a smile to your teacher’s face by gifting candies and chocolates. Most probably, they may share sweet treats with their students. But then, they will surely appreciate your gift.

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4. Homemade Cake or Cupcakes

A homemade cake makes a great gift for your teacher. If you know your teacher’s favorite flavors, you can also gift delicious cupcakes.

5. Tote Bags

You would have seen your teacher carrying a lot of things such as stationery supplies, books, assignment papers, and more. A tote bag will make a thoughtful gift for your teacher. Make the gift more memorable by having a quote or words like “World’s Best Teacher” printed on the bag.

6. Personal laminator and laminating sheets

A useful gift for your teacher. He/she can use the machine to laminate worksheets, flashcards, and other teaching materials.

time table app

7. School supplies

Have you noticed your teacher giving pencils, notebooks, pens, and other supplies to students who may not have them? Most probably they’re using their personal money to buy these supplies. So, why not gift them such supplies?

8. Coffee mugs

gift ideas for teachers (1)

A coffee mug may sound like a boring gift idea. But then, you can personalize it with a quote or a fun anecdote. When you’re buying a coffee mug, see if you can get ones that come with a lid and keep the beverage hot.

9. Handmade Accessories

If you like craftwork and your teacher loves accessorizing, then handmade accessories are a great gift option. You can make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair bands, and other accessories for your teacher.

10. Office Chair

This gift may need a slightly larger budget. But then if the entire class is sharing the expenses, then a comfy chair is a great gift idea. Every time your teacher sits down at his/her table to grade papers or plan the lessons, he/she will appreciate your gift.

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11. Scented Candles

teacher gift ideas (1)

Gift scented candles that will help your teacher destress and relax after a hectic day at work.

12. Gift cards for their favorite coffee shop

Is your teacher a coffeeholic? Present your teacher gift cards that they can use at their favorite coffee shop.

13. Gift cards for a Message

teacher gift ideas

A teacher spends all day taking care of so many kids. Here’s a chance to pamper your teacher. Gift a message!

14. Notes and letters

No gift can beat the sincerity and simplicity of notes and letters from students. Write a heartfelt note or letter to your teacher about how they had helped you and changed your life. A teacher will cherish these handwritten messages.

15. DIY Kit

A creative DIY kit is an interesting gift idea. You can choose from craft making kits or home improvement kits depending on what your teacher may like.

16. A Bouquet of Flowers

gift ideas for teachers (3)

Show your appreciation with flowers! Make a cute bouquet of wildflowers or flowers that you grow in your home.

17. Home Décor Pieces

Gift a tiny statue, a framed art piece, a flower vase or any other decor piece that your teacher will love.

18. Gift Basket

If the entire class is getting together to get a gift for your teacher, then a gift basket can be a good option.

Firstly, because everyone can put something that they want to give. So, no arguments about which present are the best.

Secondly, it works for all budgets. You can also have a themed gift basket like a chocolate and a candy basket, floral basket, stationery supplies basket, or a mix of all.

19. Tickets to their Favorite Concert or Play

Treat your teacher to an evening with their favorite band! If a concert or play is being conducted in your city during the teacher appreciation week, then this gift is even better!

20. Contribute to their Favorite Charity

What better way to let your teacher know that you respect their favorite charity or cause than by contributing to it?

It’s not necessary to donate money for the cause. You can spend your weekends helping with the charity work, have a garage sale to raise money, or volunteer your time.

21. Thank You, Garland

teacher gift ideas

Decorate your teacher’s work table in your classroom with a paper garland.

Say “THANK YOU,” “WELCOME,” or “WORLD’S BEST TEACHER” with cut-out papers strung together to make a garland.

Alternatively, you can also make a photo garland. Get your classmates to hold out a large card with an alphabet and take a selfie. Arrange all the photos in order based on your greeting and string them together to make a photo garland.

22. Restaurant Gift Card

A treat that your teacher will love, especially if they enjoy eating out. Give a gift card that they can use at their favourite restaurant for dinner or a weekend lunch.

23. Basket of Fruits

A basket of fruits would make a healthy gift for your teacher. Depending on your budget, go for exotic fruits or local produce.

24. Appreciation art

Let your creative skills unfold as you draw or paint for your teacher. A personal gift that your teacher will surely appreciate.

25. Party Kit basket

Prepare a basket with all the essentials your teacher may need for the next classroom party. Place napkins, plates, silverware, paper decorations, and more. So, the next time when you have a birthday or holiday party in your class, your teacher doesn’t have to worry about getting party essentials.

26. Gift Cards for Spa or Beauty Parlour

After a week of school work, your teacher will definitely enjoy relaxing and destressing at a spa. Give a gift card that your teacher can redeem at a spa or a beauty salon.

27. Gift Certificate

When you’re not really sure about the best gift for a teacher, go for a gift certificate. You can also give a gift certificate from an e-store, a boutique, or a specialty store. The value of the gift certificate can depend on the number of people pooling in for the gift.

28. Stationery Supplies

Gift your teacher pens, papers, pencils, notebooks, board clips and other stationeries that he/she may need.

29. Insulated water bottle or thermos

teacher gift ideas (2)

A very useful gift! Gift an insulated water bottle to carry hot or cold water. You can also gift a thermos that can keep tea or coffee hot for hours.

30. Sticky Note Set

teacher gift ideas

A sticky note set with markers make fun, but it can be turned out as an interesting gift for your teacher.

31. A Jar of Notes or a Scrapbook

A beautiful goodbye or farewell gift to your favorite teacher who may no longer be teaching you. Get all your classmates to write a note to the teacher. Roll the notes and put them in a jar and gift your teacher. You could also gift a scrapbook with photos, drawings and notes from everyone in the class.

32. Journal

You can gift a journal to your teacher. If you can personalise the journal with interesting quotes or photos, it’ll be even better.

teacher app

33. Notebook

Teachers will always need notebooks – to write their lesson plans, to prepare their lessons or to do research. Gift notebooks with pretty covers and handwritten notes that your teacher will cherish.

34. Personalized Bracelet

gift ideas for teachers (5)

If your teacher likes wearing bracelets, then you can gift a personalized bracelet.

Have the words “Best Teacher” or “Greatest Teacher Ever” printed or engraved on the bracelet. If your teacher has a nickname or fun phrase for you, then you can even have it engraved on the bracelet. Like “From the naughtiest student in your class!”

35. Best Teacher Award

gift ideas for teachers

Create a certificate that says “Best Teacher” and gift it to your teacher. You can even give an “award” like a jar of goodies, a pack of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers with the certificate.

36. Planner

Your teacher will appreciate a planner that they can use to plan their lessons and work. Personalize the gift with a fun quote on the cover or front page.

37. Wind Chimes

A cute gift for your teacher. You can gift tiny metal wind chimes or large bamboo wind chimes that make music with the breeze.

38. Lunch Bag

Gift a fun and useful lunch bag that your teacher can carry to school every day.

39. Fountain pen

Present a fountain pen that your teacher can use for years. Want to say thanks to your teacher? Have those words printed on the fountain pen? You can also personalize the fountain pen by having your name engraved on it.

40. Plant baskets

Plant baskets are gifts that last a long time. You can gift a small pot of succulents, a bamboo sapling or a potted plant.

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41. A Framed photo

Gift a framed photo to your teacher. The photo can be of yours and your teacher’s or a group photo of all your classmates.


A good teacher not just guides the student in academics, but also in life. A student’s happiness and success in life is the greatest gift that any teacher can ask for.

However, they will love it when you take time and effort to get a gift for them. Show your respect and appreciation to your teachers by giving them fun, interesting, and useful gifts.

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Kids can learn better when they indulge in playful preschool activities. That’s why preschools focus on whimsical projects for children to enjoy while learning. This post has been created for teachers and parents who want kids to have practical, yet playful learning before the actual studies start.

These preschool activities list for playful learning consists of 40 such enjoyable projects that have been aggregated from various sources. Let’s dig in and learn about each of them.

1. Bug Fossils Using Play Dough

preschool activities

Here is a fun activity that teaches children about fossils and the basics of Paleontology.

This quick and easy playful activity involves the use of play dough (specifically brown in color), a couple of plastic bags, plastic tongs, and a magnifying glass.

In these  Preschool activities, kids need to flatten the dough first and then press the bugs onto the dough.

After that, with the help of a pair of tongs, they will need to remove each bug toy from the dough carefully.

This will leave behind the bug impressions. It is pretty fun and easy activity to try out.

2. Slimy Bag with Toy Fishes

preschool activities

If your kid loves fishes, then this quick and easy activity could make their day.

Moreover, using live fishes could be a big responsibility for a small child to handle, so we use toy fishes for this activity.

Furthermore, we use a mixture of liquid starch and glue to create the slime for the plastic fishes to swim in. You can also add glitter in it to make it more interesting.

3. Painting Names

preschool activities

If the children want to enjoy a colorful art and craft activity, then this could be the one to choose.

The things you are going to need for it are paint tubes (multiple colors),a small or medium-sized canvas, painter’s tape, a sponge, and a pair of scissors.

It’s quite easy to do this one toom, as you just need to first stick the tape on the canvas to create a name and then go wild with the sponge dipped in colors.

Just make sure to supervise the kids while they use scissors.

4. DIY Wooden Toy Car Storage

preschool activities

This preschool activity can be done to create a display for toy cars.

For this, you are going to need a wooden crate, empty foil tubes (you will need many of these), toy cars (preferably Hot Wheels brand cars), a sponge, scissors, glue, paper cutter, and spray paint (Blue or Red). Creating a garage out of the items is needed for this project.

The tubes need to be cut to align them inside the wooden crate without them protruding out of the crate space.

5. DIY Sponge and Grass Hut

preschool activities

This one is a playful task that involves some botany and a lot of patience. The child will be able to learn and enjoy this preschool project in which the grass actually grows.

It can be a great way of educating kids about growing life. The hut needs to be created using the sponge pieces first.

Then, the grass seeds can be added over the hut’s roof and then the hut should be kept in suitable conditions for the grass to grow.

6. Rainbow Soap Bubbles

preschool activities

Here is a fun-filled project that involves soap, colors, and lots of moist fun.

Kids are going to love this activity. But, make sure to take the necessary steps for the soapy mess that is left behind.

It is quite fun and easy to do this as all it requires is mixing the ingredients to let the bubbly and colorful foam do its magic.

7. Edible Sand Fun

preschool activities

If you have heard of kinetic sand, then this awesome DIY recipe for preschool kids is worth trying out.

The colorful sand prepared through this recipe is not only playable but also edible. So, kids can enjoy eating it once they are done playing with it.

8. House Blocks Stack

preschool activities

This preschool project is all about building blocks. But, the blocks used for this project are all DIY-based.

Note that this activity needs the full guidance of a parent or teacher while handling the tools, as creating blocks out of wood requires wood crafting tools.

After the mini boxes of wood have been created, they need to be painted in the form of a building block with windows to make them look livelier. Stacking up the boxes is the easy part and the children can do it on their own.

9. Play Dough With Apple Scent

preschool activities


The adorable and fruity play dough fruits (apples in this case) are worth admiration.

The idea is simple but can be messy as the dough needs to be created beforehand.

So, make sure that this activity is carried outside to avoid a mess. You do not necessarily have to create apples out of the dough mixture.

If you have any other fruit-scented shampoo that needs to be mixed in the dough, then you can use that to create the relevant fruit out of the dough.

10. Printed Hexi Card Designs

preschool activities

If the children are into crafty ideas using printable and colorful papers, then this task could be the one to choose.

With colorful craft papers, this one is more about creating beautiful geometrical designs using hexagonal shapes.

You need to find printable hexagonal designs online for this first. After printing enough designs, beautiful and colorful figures can be created for kids to adore.

11. Cool Shadow Puppets

preschool activities

Who would have thought shadows would be this fun? That’s what this task is all about.

With just a couple of cutouts of various animals, everyday things, etc., the magic can come to life.

Moreover, shadow puppets can increase the creativity of children as they will indulge in their own stories and plots while playing with these.

12. Painting with Feet

preschool activities

The best thing about being a kid is that there are no rules to be followed.

The same applies to this fun activity, where they will not have to use their hands to paint. Instead, their feet are required for this project.

Make sure that these preschool activities are being done on a huge waterproof mat to avoid ruining the floor. Children will also need to clean their feet afterwards, so be ready for that too!

13. DIY Animal Puzzles

preschool activities

This one could be great for kids who love animals. So, enjoying a puzzle that tests their brains with fun would be a great idea, wouldn’t it?

On a piece of paper, animal shapes are laid down beforehand by the teacher or parent to trace it.

Then each child can be given the paper with the animal shapes with the animal figures.

He or she will then try to figure out which shape belongs to which traced image.

14.  Scavenger Hunt Games

preschool activities

Kids are curious, so they are going to love this fun preschool activity.

It is an engaging game played by children by making a list of objects to find and clues to help the players to identify the items.

15. Lego Mosaics

preschool activities

If the kids are a fan of Legos, then this would be a fun thing to do.

Teaching them the artistic prominence of mosaics through Legos would give them a boost of appreciation and enjoyment towards this event.

You can choose any themed mosaic that the kids will love. You can choose any popular theme to create items and beings related to it.

16. DIY Zoo

preschool activities

Here is another fun-filled idea for playful learning involving toy animals.

Using such figures, children can imagine their own little zoo using wooden blocks or even Legos to build parks and cages for the animals.

Cages can be built using the relevant material available, which can then be filled with plastic animal toys to give it an impression of an actual zoo.

17. DIY Colorful Clean Mud

preschool activities

Somepreschool activities are fun and simple to do, just like this one.

All you need is to prepare colorful mud and let the children enjoy it.

You will need to add food colorings to the mud clean mud to make it look more attractive for this project.

18. Woodland Meadow DIY

preschool activities

Here is an exercise that can help bring out the creativity in children.

In this DIY project, children are guided to decorate a mat by creating an artificial, three-dimensional scene of a meadow.

Various items can be used for this, such as pebbles, paint colors, grass, plastic toys, or anything that is available for such a project.

19. Human Body Project

preschool activities

A decent way of teaching kids about the human body and its parts. This one requires them to create various organs using various craft items.

You can start with the easy organs and body parts first, then move to move intricate ones to make it more exciting.

20. Jar Rainforest

preschool activities

This is a fun way of creating a biome in a jar that requires some knowledge of biological conservation and sustenance.

Teaching children the way plants grow is good for educational purposes as well.

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21. Customizable Magnetic Run

preschool activities

If you want to teach kids about Physics, then this is an interesting activity that uses pipes, magnets, balls, and of course, gravity.

Being changeable, the design of the magnetic run can vary as per imagination.

22. Chalk Maze

preschool activities

Kids can enjoy a lot with these fun-filled DIY mazes.

For instance, they can try a math-driven maze that will act as a good physical and mental exercise.

23. Outdoor Dice Game

preschool activities

The perks of DIY preschool activities are that they polish a child’s creativity and imagination.

That’s why this energetic dice game played outside is a perfect mixture of indoor fun with an outdoor twist.

24. Polyhedra Totems

preschool activities

This cultural activity can teach children about making ancestral emblems out of paper.

Creating polyhedral shapes using craft items can be cute and enjoyable.

25. Spiral Sun Catchers

preschool activities

Suncatchers are known for showing off their beautiful spectrum of colors, which is why it can be the perfect project for children.

A lot of guides are available online for creating DIY spiral sun catchers. You should check them out.

26. Wood Stick Wands

preschool activities

These preschool activities involves using sticks of wood to create beautiful magic wands.

It can be the perfect props used for wizardry and witchcraft.

It is quite easy to make wands, as all you need to do is find relevant wood sticks that can act as such magical props.

Kids can embellish these stick using paint, glitter and whatnot!

27. Water Wall DIY Project

Here is another gravity-based, customizable task that uses water instead of a ball.

Once the water is poured from the top, it washes down through the pipes and empty bottles used in this project.

The bottles will need to be cut in half vertically to make openings for the falling water to pour in without interruption.

Also, an empty wall space will be needed to stick the plastic bottle pieces for creating the project.

You can search for images related to this activity to know how it needs to be doneexactly.

28. Ocean in A Bottle

For summer preschool activities, this could be a fun one where kids can create their own mini-oceans in a bottle.

It needs a few things, like colored water/oil, a miniature boat, some pebbles, shells, etc., to set up the project.

29. Cardboard Organisms

This activity is easy and fun to do. With cardboard as the primary crafting item, it transforms itself into lively organisms depending upon the child’s imagination.

You can search for cute creatures created using cardboards for your reference.

30. DIY Sailboat Cork Jar

Children will love this ship in a bottle DIY project that uses bottle corks for creating the sailboat. This task can teach kids the value of patience and precision.

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31. Cardboard Spinning Thread Toy

Here is another cardboard project that has been a popular pass-time among the kids of the ’80s and ’90s.

Now, it is time to relive those memories with the kids of today. Search online to locate the right way of creating these spinning cardboard toys.

32. Music Note Game

Children need to have knowledge of music notes if they are into it. So, this particular project involves using music notes in a creative way.

33. Nature Weaving

Here is a crafting preschool activities that involves the use of natural resources found outdoors in the park, etc.

First, it involves weaving ropes over twigs and sticks to create a framework.

Then children can embellish it with natural or artificial ornaments of their choosing.

34. Lego Balloon Car

In this task, children can enjoy playing with their Legos by building a car model installed with a balloon.

An inflated balloon will give a constructed Lego car a push and make it move by itself.

35. Paper Forts

Crafting with papers and cardboards is always achievable through a cost-effective and accessible project plan. That’s why we bring you another lovable preschool activity to teach kids how to make paper forts.

Final Notes

It’s funny how children can learn so much at such a young age due to ever-growing energy and curiosity.

That’s why preschool age is the perfect time to teach them such cool and intriguing preschool activities.

Try them out as a teacher or a parent and help them improve their minds and grow their imaginations.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

As the name suggests, this is the time to thank or appreciate the people and things in our life we are grateful for.

This is really a great occasion for schools, offices, and families to have some fun time and celebrate togetherness.

Kids are always looking for such special days to get out of the boredom of daily lessons and enjoy with school mates and friends.

Teachers often take special interest to bring in some great activities for the students to give a good break for them from busy study schedules.

There will be lots of arts, crafts, creative plays, and fun worksheets. Teachers will surely be looking for incorporating awesome activities that can not only bring fun but also improve their reading, vocabulary and creative and critical thinking.

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

Are you looking for interesting Thanksgiving ideas and activities to make the day special for the students?!

Here we are sharing a few of the much-loved fun and easy activities that can make the Thanksgiving Day celebrations really enjoyable for the students.

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1. Thanksgiving Crosswords

This is a fun thanksgiving activity that can be given to the students on the eve of Thanksgiving. It is a good opportunity for students to learn more about the holiday history.

Teachers can go for many interesting crosswords available online or create a fresh one on your own.

You can brief about the special day before the activity and discuss the answers after the time frame to help them have a complete picture.

2. Thanksgiving Turkey

This is an interesting writing and coloring activity that makes students think harder about the real meaning of gratitude.

All students are given a page of feathers and a turkey to color. For every feather, students have to write about something or someone to whom they are really thankful for.

Meanwhile, they can color it, cut it out and stick the feathers to design an adorable Turkey for the special day.

3. Thanksgiving Men

Students are asked to prepare a comparison chart of the items included in the very first Thanksgiving Day and the present menu.

They can even prepare a chart to compare the menu items for celebrations in North America and other parts of the world. This will improve their research skills and help them to get their facts right.

4. Thanksgiving Word Searches

This thanksgiving activity can be tried out by students of all grades. Students can find this as a great opportunity to reinforce vocabulary, spelling skills and problem-solving.

You can create a puzzle on your own or download from a variety of templates available online.

There are different categories like holiday word search or fall word search puzzles from which students have to figure out a specific number or set of words.

5. Popcorn Race

This is an interactive game to make the classroom live on this special day. Divide the class into two groups and let them name their team with a Thanksgiving-style name.

Give two bowls to each team, one empty and one with popcorn kernels.

Place the empty bowl on one side and popcorn bowl on the opposite side. Let each of the teams line up with a spoon in everyone’s hand.

Ask them to transfer the popcorn using spoons to fill up the empty bowl. The team that moves all kernels first wins.

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6. Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is always a great fun game for students of all grades. In this particular Bingo, you can include words that connect well to Thanksgiving Day.

This is a great way to improve their vocabulary associated with this celebration. For higher grades, you can make it even more challenging with playing combinations like edges, four corners and finally full card.

7. Play T-Day True or False

This is a great opportunity for students to do thorough research and get a better understanding of the Thanksgiving Day facts.

Give students enough time to be prepared with the facts about the day. On the activity day, teachers can group the class into two and read out statements about T-Day.

Each student from a group can take their turn to write if it is True or False on the blackboard. A teacher can finally add up points to announce the winning team and correct them if their facts are not right.

8. Reach out to the Community

Schools can use this as an opportunity to think big about helping at least the nearest community.

Let students come out with plans about small thanksgiving ideas they can do together to contribute some goodness to the society. This can be something like cleaning the nearby playground or planting trees in a free area.

Everybody can sit together and discuss these plans and choose some realistic thanksgiving ideas and work on it.

9. Turkey Spelling Game

This is a creative and fun spelling activity. Teacher has to first write a Thanksgiving special word like ‘TURKEY’ on the class board.

Divide the class into two groups. A student from each group can now take the turn to form a word using only the alphabets of this particular word (Example: Key).

When one team fails to write a word, the other team wins. Or you can continue the game with more ‘words’.

10. Thanksgiving Poems

This is a great way to bring in some art and creativity and introduce poetic vocabulary to students.

In this activity, students are asked to write a poem based on anything that can be related to Thanksgiving Day.

It can be about the memories of old celebrations or about how you wish to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving. They can later share their poems in front of the class and may even tune it to make a song out of it.

11. Disguise a Turkey

This is a fun art project in which you can incorporate anything like writing connections and literacy.

There are fun turkey books available from which you can discuss turkey disguise projects through short stories or poems.

If you are out of thanksgiving ideas, just go online to find many turkey templates.

12. Make a Gratitude Tree

This is an amazing mindfulness activity for students on this special day. Students can take this as a great opportunity to count their blessings.

This practice is heartwarming, easy and fun to do and it is even backed by science as it enhances social intelligence and happiness. All that you need is Twigs or tree branches, vase, colored paper to make leaves, and string to hang leaves.

13. Thanksgiving Charades and Pictionary

This is a fun thanksgiving activity that keeps students in their toe with full-on energy. The classroom can be divided into two groups. Each student from a group can take a turn to come in front of a classroom when a volunteer from another team will secretly convey a Thanksgiving word.

The student has to act the word or draw it on the board depending on the game rules. His/her team can try guessing the words when they act or draw. Repeat the activity with other teams and so on.

14. Thanksgiving Timeline

In this activity, students are asked to design a timeline of the Thanksgiving celebrations. They have to do research on what all celebrations or rituals were there on the very first Thanksgiving Day.

And they can frame a timeline with what all changes happened year after year and finally the insights of the upcoming Thanksgiving.

15. Thanksgiving Matching Game

This interesting activity can trigger their memory skills. First of all, the classroom can be divided into groups and provide cards of Thanksgiving symbols.

This includes corn, pilgrim, turkey, America Indian, tepee, log cabin, leaves, canoe, etc.

Each team gets two cards each of the same symbols. The supervisor can now scramble the cards and give them back and ask to match the pairs. The team that does the job first wins.

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16. “Secret Friend” Exercise

This is one of the very common but really interesting activities in school for many celebrations and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Teachers can coordinate all students for this activity at least a week before when they can choose a ‘secret friend’ from paper lots with names of all students.

And on a special day, they can disclose their secret friend and give a special gift.

17. Thanksgiving Posters

As students get a few days off from studies on this eve, let them do research posters on Thanksgiving on their return.

The teacher can divide them into small groups and give them a topic or a particular area of the celebration to make posters. The topics can include Autumn Equinox, ancient harvest celebrations, or different countries that celebrate the harvest.

18. Pass the Plate

On this special day, the family usually invites their friends and dear ones home and serve them special meals.

Why not make it a classroom activity? Students can invite friends from other classes and serve them ‘food’. In this activity, you can use actual paper plates in which they can write down the food name and the ingredients.

It can be made more fun by bringing lots of food magazines and they can cut out pictures and paste on plates or make them draw it.

19. Thanksgiving Quiz

This is an interesting activity that can be performed on a special day. A lot of Thanksgiving quizzes are available online for various class grades.

Teachers can personalize the quiz for a specific set of students. It can even be made a competitive activity by conducting classroom wise or by making it a whole school quiz activity.

A special Thanksgiving gift can be offered for the winning team.

20. Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids

This is also a great occasion for making and sharing delicious foodies. Teachers can arrange a session where students can be involved in making simple recipes.

Give enough guidance to make sweet potato pie, turkey cookies, and marshmallow pilgrim hats or let them research new cool recipes. Let them surprise their mother and family members with these recipes on Thanksgiving.

21. Thanksgiving Puzzles

This is a good option for the lower grade students and they will have fun.

Teachers can opt for a variety of Thanksgiving puzzles like fill in the words puzzle, spelling maze, circle the correct word, word building, fill in the missing letter and a lot more.

Make sure that these puzzles are customized for the special day to make it fun.

22. Research Global Celebrations

This is an interesting activity that can be given to high school students.

Even when the celebrations for Thanksgiving are at peak in the United States of America, people in many other countries also celebrate the festival in their own ways.

In this activity, you can ask students to do research on the global celebrations that are happening on this special day.

23. Design Tissue Paper Turkey

Ask students to shed out their creativity by designing a tissue paper turkey.

They can do good research to design it to perfection and make it a competition to build a good spirit among the students. School can provide the materials needed to do the craft and the resulting adorable, non-edible turkey would be a treat to watch when it is made by little hands.

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24. Thanksgiving Classroom Decorations

Decorations are always part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Ask students to come up with ideas to decorate the classrooms and common areas of the school with Thanksgiving special decors.

This is also a craft activity for students as they design Thanksgiving cut-outs, letter banner, Turkey centerpieces, pumpkin spice sign, fall banners and more.

There are a lot more options and thanksgiving ideas to make the day even more fun. Students can take this opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity.

Teachers may consider the suggestions of students also before finalizing the list of activities. There are lots of printables and worksheets available online to help teachers to set up the day’s activities with ease.

Teachers can even come up with videos about Thanksgiving or simply a slideshow to introduce different celebrations and activities or ask a group of selected students to take up the role.

When kids are out of the school for the day, they seek for leisure activities to unwind until the dinnertime. But, what if their leisure activities are creative and quality imparting?

Well, being a parent, it becomes your responsibility to motivate kids to learn something new, socialize and stay creative.

In this age where kids have seen to be influenced by social media sites and fictional computer and mobile games, bringing a paradigm shift has become the utmost necessity.

So, take charge of your kids’ lives and push them to stay outdoors, playing with other kids, being creative and sharing ideas with each other.

This article would discuss 21 such fresh Middle School Activities to indulge your kids after school and make them play the real games apart from all those mobile games.

21 Fresh Middle School Activities to Indulge Your Middle School Kids

1. Object Recycling

As we are heading toward sustainability, teaching our kids to recycle and reuse would be a great help toward nature as well as toward their future.

So, after school, you can take kids to your junkyard, where you keep all waste household items and teach them the importance of recycling.

You can ask them to grab any waste material, apply their creativity and come up with something new that could be used further.

For instance, you might have cereal boxes stacked up to be thrown away. However, you can ask kids to apply their creative thinking and convert that cereal box into the mask, or a tissue holder, or anything new.

The activity of object recycling can be a significant step toward making your kids understand the value of the environment and its safekeeping.

2. Be the Scientist Game

When asked, kids sometimes express their desire to be a Nobel laureate or a Scientist. Well, you can make their wish come true by making them play ‘be the scientist game!’

Ask them to get a pen and diary and go outside. Spot animals, birds, squirrels, money or any other animal and pretend to be a scientist. And as a scientist would do in that situation, ask them to note down animal behavior, their physical appearance and social behavior.

This activity ‘be the scientist’ would develop their sense of questioning things and understanding the basic evolution of the organism.

3. Teach Them Gardening

Trees and plants are a vital part of our ecosystem and the only resource which are aiding to keep us alive. But as we humans have been brainwashed to build skyscrapers and develop concrete jungle around us, teach your kids about the essence of planting trees and keeping the earth green.

Indulging them in gardening would teach them about varieties of flower-bearing and non-flower bearing plants and how to keep them healthy and green.

4. Write a Comic Strip

Like elders have a funny bone that tickles their funny side out, kids also have the same. Ask your kids to show their creativity level by writing comic strips and inventing funny characters.

To guide them through, you can teach them to get inspired by different characters present around them and make their own funny character.

Writing a comic strip would not only enhance their analytical and comic skills, but it will also sharpen their drawing skills.

5. Write Poetry and Short Stories

There would be so many thoughts in their little brain which they would want to convey at their best. Well, you can teach them to express their feelings through poetic scenarios.

You can give them instances like Grandparents, My loving Pet or My Family to write small poetries and short stories.

If given a chance, they can prove no less than a budding Shakespeare in their shire!!

6. ‘Draw the Nature’ Game

If you have seen your kids taking an interest in sketching, then this game is going to be the perfect suite.

After school, when your kids have freshened up, gift them a new pair of brushes and colors to paint their heart out.

To bring their creativity aboard, take them out in any garden or park with their drawing board and give them real instances to sketch.

You can choose a nearby tree, house or melting of two horizons during the sunset.

For more fun, you can sit in front of them and see how well they play with pencil strokes.

7. Prepare Handmade Gifts

Yes, we have so many gift options online as well as in nearby marts but how about handmade gifts prepared by your kids?

Isn’t it an excellent idea?

So, when your kids are in their school for the day, you can collect the idea of handmade gifts and be prepared with all the required material to be used. As they come home, let them relax a bit and share your idea.

If there is any birthday or celebration around the corner, it could be a real treat. You can ask them to prepare a handmade basket, a photo frame, a collage of images, etc.

8. Clean the House

Making your kids understand the value of cleanliness could be a daunting task, but not impossible.

By fun ways, we can make them understand that keeping our surrounding is the need of the day.

You can impart this good habit by scheduling ‘clean the house day’ every week. You can distribute the responsibilities among the kids and let them do the teamwork.

With this activity, you would be imparting two important rules to them; 1) being a good team player and, 2) keeping our surrounding clean is only our responsibility.

9. Stage a Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a plot and let your kid’s search for different relatable items indoor and outdoor.

In this game, you can even call other kids of the society to participate in. You can small groups of 3-4 team members and provide clues to each group.

To fill them with enthusiasm, you can keep a prize for the winner.  As you are setting this scavenger hunt game for middle school kids, clues should be easy to understand.

10. Arrange Social Activity

There could be so many things around us to be a part of. Like, your neighbor might be having a bad day due to sickness, or there might be a small party in the nearby.

Well, in this scenario, you can teach kids to socialize and help each other. It could be more like serving the community but on a smaller level.

With such small community middle School Activities, you can impart moral values in kids and taught them to be helpful and generous to everybody.

11. Know Me If You Can

As the name suggests, this game could be an excellent way for relationship building with your kids.

For the game, all you need to do is – prepare some cards with questions written on it. The questions can be a general informative question about you and your preference.

Some examples are;

  • What’s your nickname?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What cartoon character you adore much?

Similarly, you can prepare the cards according to your likings. After school, when kids are home, distribute cards and get started.

This game will help you explore a lot about your kids’ choices and likings, vice versa.

12. Arrange a Cook and Bake Competition

This is undoubtedly like a hit mark for those students who have a keen interest in baking, cooking, or just getting messy with the food.

However, this activity requires some supervisors who can help kids to begin with cooking.

You can simply start with sandwiches, and go further up to their interest. You can also introduce them to different types of food techniques for making delicious food items at homes.

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13. Dress the Way You Like

It is more like a fancy dress competition where kids dress up according to their likings.

For example, you can bring costumes of animals, army, a police officer and certain superheroes like spider mad, captain marvel or even Disney Characters.

Ask your kids to choose and get ready. As they get ready, ask them to share the stage and say a few words.

Not only kids will be enjoying dressing up like something different, but they would also gain the confidence to speak in public for any such occasions in the future.

14. Play Dexter’s Laboratory

Kids love exciting games and experiments. One such after-school activity could be ‘PlayDexter’s Laboratory’ game.

In this game, you can search Google for kid-safe experiments like staining Kale leaves with different colors, doing practices to understand the concept of different types of solutions, etc.

The easiest is staining kale leaves with colors water. All you have to do is keep the apparatus ready with 5 different colors of water.

When your kids are ready to play the game, hand over kale and ask them to submerge its root in the colors water.

Leave the apparatus for a few hours and ask them to keep the track. To enhance their interest, bring them with laboratory coat and safety glasses. Your bundle of joy will definitely enjoy this activity cum game.

15. I am the Doctor Activity

As kids adore playing with doctor kit, turn their interest into a full-fledged activity.

Bring them a doctor’s kit and prepare some situations for them to handle. The situations could be basic medical treatment at home when someone gets a cut, a burn or a wound.

You can teach them first aid, CPR and other Middle School Activities like checking the fever, controlling bleeding, applying antiseptic, etc.

16. Making Natural Stamps

You might have seen postal stamps but have you wondered about making natural stamps?

Well, teach your kids to do it by collecting varieties of tree leaves and flowers. You can also give them a task to carve fruits and make a stamp out of them.

The basic items required to carry out the task are paint (oil paint for better effect), plain paper and mug full of water.

17. Slimy Alphabet

Out of different varieties of slims available in the market, bring home a few for the slimy alphabet activity.

In this activity, distribute a differently colored slime to each kid and read-aloud Alphabets.

The kid should come up with the right design of the alphabet to win the activity.

18. Make Crayon Gems

For this activity, collect all the broken and waste crayons from your kid’s pencil box and grade them according to similar colors.

Now melt all the graded crayon and pre-buy a candy mold having the shape of gems.

Under your guidance, ask your kids to pour melted crayons in the mold and after an hour or so, demold all the gems.

19. Organize Kid Theatre

This is an exciting activity where you can give your kids pseudo scenarios to act upon.

You can ask them to improvise any of their cartoon character or movie characters. For an after-school time, this could be a chillax activity.

20. Food Craving

These days, food carving has changed the way how you decorate food.

You can teach your kids food carving and help them decorate the cut vegetables in different ways. You can use zucchini, radish, eggplant or variety of fruits for carving.

Note: Do not leave alone with a knife; it could be dangerous.

21. Be an Athlete Activity

Out of all Middle School Activities, as mentioned above, this is unique and good for kids’ healthy regimen.

You can motivate your kids to perform running, jumping, racing, etc. Practicing these physical sports will develop their stamina and keep their metabolism healthy.


When your kids come back from the school, present them with one of the above-mentioned Middle School Activities to engage them differently.

Kids these days are often seen lingering with mobile and Laptop screen when they are supposed to run in the park and play outdoors.

Fitness APPS! If you go through the Android play store or even iOS app store you can find them in hundreds. However, if you are a student or even a youngling who is in desperate search of a good one, it’s better that you don’t randomly pick one.

The main reason is many of them have unwanted features, might be full of bugs or even don’t have the features that you are looking for. Since tracking your fitness/activities/exercise effectively and continuously requires a stable app.

You need to go for one that suits your needs and can help you in attaining health or even the chiseled figure that you have been dreaming about.

But, as mentioned above we all know that Fitness apps are of plenty. Relying on reviews might not give you a clear picture. So to keep you away from the struggle we have picked 45 fitness app that can be used by students. Go through it and download the one which suits you.

Fitness Apps (iOS)

First, we can have a look at some of the best exclusive fitness apps for students using iOS devices.

1. Map My Fitness

best fitness apps

This app lets students to track and map every workout they do and the performance can be improved with instant feedback and stats.


  • Gain in-depth insights on every workout
  • Easily connect with other fitness apps and wearables
  • Join a community of 40 million athletes that motivate each other

2. GymGoal ABC

best fitness apps

This is a comprehensive and flexible workout planner and tracker ideal for college students.


  • Students can easily organize the workouts based on goals like strength, muscle size or weight loss
  • Comprises 390 exercises with animations and step by step instructions
  • 67 workout routines and options to add personalized routines
  • Flexible tracking system for cardio, strength etc

3. Strava

best fitness apps

This fitness tracker app is a comprehensive healthy meal planner with a mix of quick workout routines that are tailored for your particular needs.


  • Features customized healthy meals and diet plans
  • Comprise workout plans that challenges you
  • Have over 350 exercises with a variety of levels
  • Get inspired with daily motivation, activity tracking and fitness trainer tips

4. Sweat Deck

best fitness apps

This app features an interesting deck of cards workout that makes your fitness routine fun but challenging with simple & effective workouts.


  • Students can choose from a list of common exercises that comes with demonstration videos
  • Features joker cards for adding extra challenge
  • Upgrade to Pro to time your workouts and add your own custom exercises

5. Fitocracy

best fitness apps

Reach your fitness goals systematically with this application by working with expert trainers.


  • Features to rearrange workouts and save routines
  • Easily join fitness teams led by expert trainers and benefit from personalized nutrition and workout programs
  • The awesome Fitocracy community helps you stay motivated

6. Pedometer++

best fitness apps

This amazing application lets you use your iPhone as a step counter while you walk and get inspired to walk more every day.


  • Easily track your daily and weekly step counts
  • Displays step count, active calories, walking distance, and heart rate data
  • View your progress each day and stay inspired

7. Healthy Out

This app is a healthy restaurant nutrition guide that helps college students to find healthy restaurant meals near them.


  • Easily find 1/2 the calories, 1/2 the fat dishes compared to average restaurant meals
  • Effectively filter by type of dish, cuisine and ingredients
  • Can try out popular diets like Paleo, South Beach, Atkins and Zone

Fitness Apps (Android)

Are you using devices with Android platforms? Here are some exclusive fitness apps for you guys.

8. My Virtual Mission

best fitness apps

This is an awesome virtual fitness challenge that lets you map out a long-distance mission and inspires you to achieve it.


  • The app is ideal for any long-distance activities like running, walking, cycling or swimming
  • You have options to dedicate your mission as a fundraiser for approved charities or for your own cause
  • Share your progress easily with friends to stay motivated

9. Slim NOW 2019

This is a woman-specific workout app that is ideal for college students to lose belly fat at home without any equipment.


  • This anytime fitness personal trainer inspires you to lose weight in 30 days
  • Features daily workout plans that target full body workout, leg work out, belly fat etc
  • Daily & weekly meal plans personalized for you with over 100 healthy meal recipes

10. My Diet Coach

best fitness apps

This is a comprehensive fitness app that helps you avoid exercise laziness, make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings and keep you on track.


  • Features inspiring tips, photos, and virtual rewards to keep you motivated
  • User-friendly calorie counter helps you stay on track
  • Comes with customized reminders, visual weight tracker and personalized diet planner

11. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

best fitness apps

This user-friendly app lets you track the daily calories and inspires you to stay fit on the go.


  • Handy bar code scanner lets you find and track food easily
  • Gives you a personalized daily calorie goal
  • Keeps you on track with meal-time reminders
  • Real-time, 24/7 support from the motivational community

12. HIIT & Cardio Workout

best fitness apps

This awesome app inspires you to burn calories wherever you are without the need of any equipment through free workouts & exercises.


  • Features unique workouts like High-Intensity Interval Training, Plyometric Jumps, and light cardio
  • Choose from over 90 bodyweight exercises
  • Design custom workouts with duration and rest intervals
  • The training level is adjusted based on feedback

13. Six Pack in 30 Days

best fitness apps

This is an inspiring abs workout app that helps college students to stay in shape and be fit.


  • 3 levels of workout plans in step by step mode to lose belly fat and build abdominal muscles
  • Systematic and scientific 30-day workout routines help you get six pack if you stay determined
  • Records training progress automatically
  • Effectiveness assured with animations and video guides

Cross-Platform Apps

Here is the list of fitness apps that are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

14. HiFit

best fitness apps

This is a comprehensive fitness app ideal for college students that come with various fitness courses and scientific workout plans.


  • You can get Live-recorded HIIT workout courses at good rates
  • Professional video guides with coaching voice inspires you to stay fit
  • Share your daily fitness achievements with friends

15. Runkeeper

best fitness apps

This amazing fitness app helps you to set measurable goal, track exercise and see progress on the go.


  • You can record activities like running, hiking, walking, biking etc to track progress
  • Choose from six inspiring voices that keep you motivated
  • Join in-app challenges and receive exercise rewards while reaching goals

16. Asana Rebel

best fitness apps

This great app transforms your lifestyle into a healthy one and empowers you to feel better and get in shape.


  • Features high-intensity workouts to moving meditations personalized for you
  • Explore the yoga-inspired programs to stay physically and mentally fit
  • Build lifelong habits and get a healthier you

17. Runtastic

best fitness apps

This all in one app inspires you to run a bit more every day by tracking distance, elevation, time, speed and calories burned.


  • Built-in GPS lets you track workouts in real time
  • Voice Coach inspires you with audio feedback
  • Easily track & save your favourite routes
  • Join a group & run with friends

18. Seven

best fitness apps

This app is a comprehensive workout platform that works based on scientific studies to assure results in the shortest time possible, as early as 7 days.


  • Everyday workout challenge helps you create a habit of working out
  • Get extra encouragement and support by competing with friends
  • Receive personalized workouts based on needs and preferences
  • Drill Sergeant and Cheerleader are instructors that keep it fun

19. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

best fitness apps

This science-based application helps you to stay in shape and fit in the fastest and simplest way possible.


  • Features 22 preset workouts in Workout Library of diverse intensity and duration.
  • Customize 72 exercises to create over 1,000 variations
  • 72 high-definition video tutorials lets you learn exercise easily
  • Inactivity reminders inspire you to stay on track

20. Daily Yoga

best fitness apps

This awesome handy yoga training app is an ideal choice for college students to develop a healthy mind and body.


  • Features 200+ guided yoga classes, 500+ asanas, pilates, 50+ workout plans and meditation
  • Comes with 10+ top coaches’ workshops for advanced and beginners
  • Be part of Global Community to stay motivated

21. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

best fitness apps

College students can look forward to a healthier and happier future with assistance from great fitness and nutrition experts through this app.


  • Features lots of nutrition tips and guides
  • Make use of muscle-building HIIT workouts with interactive videos
  • Benefit from extensive meal plan customization
  • Provides proper exercise form and progression

22. Lifesum

best fitness apps

This application gives you the upper hand of having personal diet planner, calorie counter, food tracker & healthy recipes in a single wallet.


  • Diet plans & tips for healthy food habits and weight loss
  • Easy food tracking with barcode scanner of calorie counter
  • Track daily nutritional & calorie intake through Macro tracker

23. FatSecret Calorie Counter

best fitness apps

This comprehensive weight loss and dieting app is the easiest way to track calories despite which country you are.


  • Food diary lets you plan and keep track of daily food
  • Exercise diary records the calories burnt everyday
  • Track nutrition of your food with just images
  • Get awesome recipes and meal ideas

24. Sleep Genius

best fitness apps

This scientifically designed application helps you have a proper sleep cycle every night and lets you experience a better health.


  • Features multiple revive cycle alarm tunes and 4 sleep programs
  • Relaxation program reduces stress and anxiety
  • Benefit from emotional, physical and mental benefits of a good night’s sleep

25. FIT Radio Workout Music

best fitness apps

This application lets you utilize the power of music to benefit from amazing workout goals.


  • Features 100 chart-topping DJs creating mixes explicitly for your workout
  • A consistent & energetic tempo makes your sweat sessions more productive
  • Benefit from video-guided strength training sessions

26. Studio Tone It Up

best fitness apps

Top personal trainers design the daily workout routines specifically for you to get in good shape.


  • Tone the abs and strengthen your booty in an easy way
  • Top fitness trainer helps you learn the proper exercise technique
  • Get motivated and inspired by community members

27. C25K 5K Trainer

best fitness apps

This is an easy to use workout app for beginners with millions of success stories.


  • Easily track your calories and distance for each workout
  • Comes with convenient audio coach and alerts
  • Features real-life inspirational transformations
  • Integrate with social media platforms to stay motivated

28. Aaptiv

best fitness apps

The app gives you an awesome platform to work out the way you want despite the time and location.


  • Unlimited access to certified personal trainers’ audio-based fitness classes
  • Awesome playlist of music gives you the perfect rhythm to work out
  • Refresh your routine with 30 new classes added each week

29. Freeletics Bodyweight

best fitness apps

Train anywhere, anytime with this amazing application to get in better shape, build muscle or lose weight.


  • Designs 10-30 minute workouts for you based on bodyweight
  • Workouts are tailored to your schedule and fitness level
  • Receive feedback on your performance every time and stay motivated

30. Skimble Workout Trainer

best fitness apps

Download this application and experience expert coaches led custom training programs and thousands of free workouts.


  • Benefit from timed step-by-step photo, audio, and video instruction
  • Adjustable difficulty levels lets you train at your pace
  • Get detailed workout performance analysis and stay inspired

31. Fooducate

best fitness apps

This awesome application is a great assistant for your diet plan as it lets you scan and grade foods based on their ingredients.


  • Lose your weight easily and keep it off
  • Track your food intake, quality of calories and exercise
  • Scan the food to learn the hidden facts that diverts you from goal

32. Lose It!

best fitness apps

This effective weight loss program lets you reach the goal by having lots of fun.


  • Easily scan in foods using barcode scanner
  • Track more than just calories for each food
  • Step up your game with fun weight loss and exercise challenges
  • Stay on track with Meal Targets

33. AllTrails

best fitness apps

This amazing application inspires your fitness journey by exploring 60,000+ hiking trails and mountain bike routes.


  • AllTrails GPS Activity Tracker lets you record your outdoor adventures
  • Save your favourite trails to make it easy next time
  • Easily filter kid friendly, dog friendly, and wheelchair friendly walking trails
  • Share your latest achievements through social media

34. SportsTracker

best fitness apps

Millions of fitness enthusiasts are getting inspired over the decade through this amazing sports app.


  • Powerful GPS and maps let you track your training
  • Easily track calories burned, cycling speed/running pace and average training pace
  • Get inspired through voice feedback during training
  • Share your progress through social media platforms

35. Daily Cardio Workout

best fitness apps

A certified personal trainer developed this app that is ideal for both men and women to help you reach your fitness goals.


  • Features two different 5 to 10 minute cardio workouts
  • Comes with on-screen instructions and timer
  • Benefit from video demonstrations of exercises
  • Go for full version to get random & custom workouts

36. Nike Training Club

best fitness apps

One of the best health and fitness apps that let you do free workouts on endurance, strength, yoga & mobility.


  • Features body-part focused workouts
  • Comes with low, moderate and high intensity sessions
  • Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Follow your preferred workout times ranging from 15 to 45 minutes

37. 7 Minute Workout

best fitness apps

This scientifically proven app is loved by over 3 million users to reach weight loss goals and improve cardiovascular function.


  • Do 7 minute exercise to get a flat tummy, lose weight, & strengthen your abdominal muscles
  • Improve your muscular and aerobic fitness and get a healthier you in no time
  • Features Google Fit support and voice guidance
  • Comes with adjustable circuit time and rest time
  • Get notifications for daily workout

38. Strong

best fitness apps

This comprehensive workout and exercise tracker is an adaptable application for the workout routine of your choice.


  • Features over 300 exercises with no need of equipment
  • Rest Timer lets you know when to start with next session
  • Personal records and previous workouts let you see your progression

39. Sworkit

best fitness apps

It is rated as one of the best fitness apps in the industry with use over 25 million people.


  • 6 week program helps you to become fitter, leaner and stronger
  • Benefit from a huge database of body weight exercises
  • Make your own custom workout and stay motivated

40. PumpUp

best fitness apps

Be part of the world’s most positive community and celebrate your health goals.


  • Features video demonstrations and voice prompts for over 700 exercises
  • PumpUp Certified coaching gives you comprehensive fitness plans
  • Millions of like-minded people cheer you and inspire you

41. Pocket Yoga

best fitness apps

Practice yoga with this awesome application at your own pace with the comfort of your home and stay healthy.


  • Features 27 different sessions of diverse duration and difficulty
  • 200 illustrated pose images with proper posture and alignment
  • Detailed voice and visual instruction to support you on the go

42. MyFitnessPal

best fitness apps

This awesome application can be your best buddy on your run for staying healthy by inspiring you to change your habits, tone up and lose weight.


  • Simply scan barcodes to log foods
  • Biggest food database with over 6+ million foods
  • Features restaurant logging and gives you food insights
  • Easily calculate calories and track all nutrients

43. Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

best fitness apps

The application comes with a 3D-animated personal trainer to work alongside and learn to do exercise in the proper way.


  • Features full workouts for home & gym
  • Progress tracking feature for over 100 values
  • Easily create custom workout routines
  • Tone up with 3D-animated exercise videos and written exercise instructions

44. Noom: Health & Weight

best fitness apps

This great application works on a proven psychology-based approach that tracks your deep-rooted thoughts to help you build healthy habits.


  • Tricks your body to build healthy habits easy and smart
  • Challenges are identified in real time to keep you on track
  • Personalized feedback from your coach to inspire you

45. Headspace

best fitness apps

Practice the skills of meditation with this amazing application with over hundreds of sessions.


  • Help you to focus, breathe and stay calm
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness for a better night’s sleep
  • Easily manage anxiety and stress relief
  • Courses to improve relationships, self-esteem, kindness and happiness


These are just a few among the many fitness apps that stand unique with its wide acceptance and positive reviews since it was introduced.

You can find a lot more apps in the Android and iOS app store that suits your exact requirements and expectations.

best fitness apps

Having a few of these best fitness apps on your handset can really lift your spirit high when it comes to maintaining health and fitness. It is not only about doing regular exercise but also about watching a proper diet. These top fitness apps can come really handy for college students to stay healthy despite their busy schedules.

Are you planning to throw a party on your college campus anytime soon? Having interesting themes right from advertising to the decorations can make the whole event fun and live. Bringing in some cool college theme party ideas can keep everyone entertained. How do you make them all a part of the event?

Choose some awesome themes that stand out and attract a crowd and have a memorable event this time.

Here are a Few College Theme Party Ideas to Spice Things up and make it Enjoyable.

1) High School Stereotypes

College Theme Party Ideas

You may have just moved into the college phase or passed a year or two.

This theme is an exciting option when you can get into your old school uniform again and go back into those wonderful memories.

Show off the high school stereotype of yourself, let it be a cheerleader or band kid.

You can also try out options like a preppy, emo kid, nerd, geek or skater that reminds the school day fun memories.

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2) Seven Deadly Sins

College Theme Party Ideas

This amazing party theme gives girls a chance to dress up in their impressive outfits and guys to be a little lazy.

This is loads of fun as everyone can pick a sin and deck the costume out.

Choose your favorite from Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed and Sloth so that you can be at your creative best.

For Lust, you can dress up like others desire you or Wrath so that you look angry or Gluttony to look fatty.

3) Paint Party

College Theme Party Ideas

If you have enough space in your party area, go for this exciting theme where you can make the guests as your personal paintings.

It is a golden chance to bring out the artist in you and get good applause.

Ask guests to come up in light-colored clothing or simply in pure white if they have one.

This is to make the paintings to look stand out and everyone can easily mingle with their walking canvas.

Stock up non-toxic bright colored paints for guests to show off their creativity and put some awesome theme music to get the mood.

4) Anything But Clothes Party

This is a really interesting theme party idea where you can show off your creativity.

Everybody should come dressed in whatever material they want but except for clothes.

Some cool ideas are to use Monopoly money, garbage bags, maps, and flags in a creative manner.

This is fun, cheap, and creative and you will get a lot of interesting snaps to post in social media or your fun campus dairy.

The plan can include some extra incentive for the best costume so that everyone will come up in the best creative outfit.

5) Famous Who

College Theme Party Ideas

This is more or less similar to the already popular look-alike party.

The guests can dress up as some famous personalities while coming for the party and others can keep guessing who it is. Show up as Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson and be the center of attraction.

You can plan for some incentives for the people who guess the personalities right and maybe even some funny punishments for those who get it wrong.

6) Movie Theme Party

This is another costume theme party where guests can dress up as their favorite movie character.

You can also divide the guests into small groups earlier and give a movie theme to each group.

This means that the group can try to replicate the atmosphere of that movie by dressing up as the main characters.

You may also include movie posters and movie trailers in addition to costumes.

Another interesting idea is to bring in items like director’s chairs, popcorn machine, clapboard, reproduction film reels, and cans and movie character cardboard cut outs to give an overall feel.

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7) Anything But Humans Party

College Theme Party Ideas

This awesome theme party idea gives every guest an opportunity to dress up as anything under the sun but human.

The simple option is to dress up like an animal but you can also think for more outstanding options like dressing up like any interesting object you see around.

This can bring out the creativity at its best and you may go for special incentives for the ones who go extra miles to make the theme a great success.

You will get a lot of interesting snaps to post in social media and exciting memories for a long time.

8) Choose a Decade

College Theme Party Ideas

This is an amazing theme where everyone can come up as a representation of a particular decade.

Choose a decade, say 80’s, 90’s or even 70’s and plan everything from costumes, foods, the invitations to the overall design of the venue in the selected decade.

It will be fun to see how you all will look like if you were in a different decade.

You can also come up with some games or activities that were popular in that decade.

9) Video Game Theme Party

Video games are so popular among the college buddies and so are the favorite characters.

Here is a chance for everyone to look up like their most favorite video game character.

Guys can go for Altair (Assassin’s Creed), Nathan Drake (Uncharted) or Kratos (God of War) and girls can go for Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Elena Fisher (Uncharted), Nariko (Heavenly Sword) or Chloe Frazer (Uncharted).

If you are too lazy to dress up, you can even go for ideas like showing up as a gamer in the middle of a long gaming binge.

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10) Guys in Ties & Girls in Pearls

In this party theme, college students get a chance to dress up in their best attire they have.

Go for scattered candles rather than bright fluorescent lighting and use a fancy tablecloth for the food space.

You can add some cool classical music for the event to amplify the overall mood.

Guys can dress up in button-up shirt, suit jacket, tie – either bow or standard, dress shoes, and vest. Gils can opt for pearls, cocktail dress, heels, and flats.

11) Halloween

The ideas are endless if you plan Halloween as the theme for your college party.

You can either go for only a costume party where guests dress for the theme or go for full decorations of the venue based on this.

Include traditional Halloween decorations like a fake cop and spider webs or easy stereotypical items like tombstones, bats and ghosts.

12) Alphabet Game

This is an amazing choice of party theme where everyone should dress up on a costume that starts with a particular letter.

For example, you can go for the first letter of your college name or the first letter of your event name or any special alphabet.

If the chosen letter is N, you can dress up like a nurse or a Ninja or something like that.

It would be total fun to see how everyone will use this opportunity to showcase their creativity.

13) Choose a Colour

This is a fun theme where you choose a particular color for your party.

Of course, everyone should dress up in a particular color, say green red or yellow.

The fun part is that everyone should make sure that whatever you use within the party circle should be of the same color.

Let it be the plates in which you serve food or the glass for drinks and maybe even the outfits for tables and chairs can be of the same color.

More than the attractive snaps, it will be loads of fun.

14) Cops and Robbers

This is another interesting party theme idea in which you can dress up as typical cops and robbers of your country.

Include handcuffs, police clubs, hats and sunglasses to give an overall feel.

Send out summons as invitations and post “Wanted” posters with photos of your guests to spice things up.

Come up with a list of silly “laws” for guests to follow during the day. You may even replicate the cop car’s flashing lights with party lights and strobes.

15) Pajama Party

If you are planning for a pretty relaxed party and everyone is tired after back to back exams or preparations, go for this simple but fun theme.

Everyone can simply show up in your pajamas and invest the time in some fun games along with yummy food.

The best part of this college party theme is that you don’t need to remove your makeup or artistic stuff once you reach back home.

You can straight away get into the bed and have a relaxing sleep after all the fun.

Hope you liked some of these  College Theme Party Ideas to make your college campus party live and joyful.

You can even customize these College Theme Party Ideas into a more engaging one depending on the wavelength of your group and add your special interests also into it.

Plan in advance to contain all small elements out of the idea to make it a grand success.

No more typical boring parties where everyone will just have some food; take snaps and leave.

Give a reason for everyone to enjoy every moment of the party and make it a well celebrated and memorable one!

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Welcome your students with creativity. Find 53 back-to-school bulletin board ideas.

Creative teachers give some great ideas for the back-to-school bulletin board. This article presents 53 of them for you!

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1. Wanted posters



Design board with wanted posters of all the students joining the school. You can choose a color theme, in which, pictures pop out.

2. Clipboard wall

Decorate a wall with a board. Add a border around the board. Now, use clipboards to create 4 to 6 columns. You can write a message for every student in each clipboard.

3. Painted balloon walls

Make your board adorable with some colorful painted balloons. Use the picture of your students tie with the threads that come out of the balloons.

4. A board of goals

A great way to begin classes is by reminding about the goals students have for the year. You write small messages on colorful paper patterns.

5. Superpower of learning

Motivate your students by making learning more fun. Send a positive message about learning, using a board of their favorite superhero characters.

6. Beauty of “Yet”

A beautiful representation of how “yet” can change your perspective. “I don’t get it YET optimism”, “I can’t do this YET perseverance” and similar quotes.

7. Recognize and find

Ask students as well as teachers to draw their own pictures. Then, post them all on a beautiful board. So, everyone can recognize and find each other.

8. Summer stories

Ask students and teachers to submit a positive summer experience in 2-3 lines. Use those experiences to create a board of positivity.

9. Welcome to Adventureland

Use your creative ideas to draw a scenery drawing to welcome students in the Adventureland of learning.

10. Blooming board

Design flowers with colorful paper cuttings to decorate the half side of the board. Then, use the other half to write “Welcome to start a new journey”.

11. Scrabble board

You can design the board like a scrabble game. Use alphabetical pieces to write names of the students connected horizontally and vertically with each other.

12. Fired up for new grade?!

Keep the theme fire or campfire to design the board with the tagline “fired up for 6th grade?!” You can change the grade as per your requirement.

13. Board of hunger games

Students who understand this reference get impressed by such boards. Pick a popular quote from “The Hunger Games” and design your board.

14. Initials of ideas

Have some positive messages to give to students?! Design a board with large alphabets and add a positive message for each alphabet. For example- “A- asking is good!”

15. A selfie board

How about you design a simple empty board! This board will collect all the precious moments of the current year.

16. Mary Poppins and her umbrella

Design the silhouette of Mary Poppins and fill the board with umbrella patterns including the names of the students.

17. Board of kindness

Get help from students and collect kind messages written by them on colorful papers. Put them on a board with some decoration.

18. Bookworm

Make a board with a design of a book and a cartoon worm character reading that book. You can give eye-glasses to the bookworm to add more fun to it!

19. Gumball of students

A beautiful container and colorful gumball papercuts inside it. Write the names of a student in each gumball papercut. And you have a perfect board ready.

20. You’re special

Remind every student why they are unique with your board. Write a special quality of each student and post it on a colorful board.

21. Board of belief

Start your students’ journey with a belief they can hold on to. Fill a board with positive slogans such as “We respect”, “We stay positive” “We work as a team” and “We are 9th graders”.

22. Ladybug for you

A large, colorful ladybug design on the board with the name of all your students on each black spot of its red shell. How does that sound?!

23. Board of genes

Draw DNA patterns on a board and ask students to write their name on one of the strands of DNA. Write a quote on the top of this board “Success is a part of our genes!”

24. Aim to reach stars

Design the board with stars and moon along with a rocket pattern. Then, add this valuable message “Aim to reach stars, if you miss, you can find a moon at least.”

25. Conversion of chalkboard

back to school bulletin boards

Turn your chalkboard in the classroom into a big board of bulletins. Keep the fonts interesting to bring out the beauty in the boards.

26. Balloon ride of learning

back to school bulletin boards

Design a rising balloon with a rainbow pattern. Keep this balloon large and fill the rest of the space with small balloons of messages.

27. Starbooks board

back to school bulletin boards

Convert a bulletin board into a bookshelf design. Ask students to click the pictures of their favorite books and post it on this board.

28. Classroom van gate

back to school bulletin boards

Make a large design of a van around the entry gate of a classroom. Make the gate of the classroom seem like the gate of a van.

29. Rhyme of the year

back to school bulletin boards

Write down a list of goals you want to accomplish with your students. Then, work your way through those goals to create rhymes around them. Add this to your board decoration.

30. Inspiration for books

back to school bulletin boards

Represent the importance of books with a design that includes a drawing of an open book. You can draw many colorful butterflies coming out of the book and call it “The book of dreams”.

31. Paintbrush of possibilities

back to school bulletin boards

Decorate your board with a large paintbrush design. Add rainbow colors to the strands of the paintbrush with a quote on the side “you can paint your future any way you desire.”

32. Exploding volcano

back to school bulletin boards
A volcano design that is exploding the names of the students on the board. This will grab the attention of students for sure!

33. The way of science

back to school bulletin boards

Use a board to explain the way of learning through science. Draw a scientist character on the board with notes related to questioning, researching, thinking, experimenting, analyzing and concluding.

34. Doorway to dreams

back to school bulletin boards

Decorate the classroom door with a message “You are entering the wonderful world of dreams.” Then, list down the careers students can accomplish.

35. Gear up to get success!

back to school bulletin boards

The theme can be mechanics, so you can add the patterns of colorful tools. In the middle of all the tools, write the message “Gear up to get success” to grab the attention of your students.

36. The fun of messy learning

back to school bulletin boards

Use a uniform shirt to paint the stains on them. Each stain should represent a positive activity a student does in the school. Clip the shirt on the board with a list of activities arrowing towards the stains.

37. Library missed you!

back to school bulletin boards

Welcome board with the characters of students’ favorite books. The message should say “Welcome back! The books missed you a lot!”

38. Selfie section

back to school bulletin boards

Use your camera to get a beautiful snap of every student. Then, design a selfie board with multiple frames and the names of the students. Place the pictures in the frames.

39. The cute pirates

Draw smiley faces of pirates with eyepatches and bandanas on a board. Write the name of a student on each pirate’s head.

40. An opportunity every day

Set the stage for the year of opportunity with your board of opportunities. Write an opportunity for each day of school and tie them together with threads attached to your board.

41. Who am I?

Ask every student to draw a self-portrait and write their 5 personality traits. Post this on a board for everyone to know each other.

42. Super teacher

The teacher becomes the central idea of this design. A picture of the teacher is placed as a superhero with all the students flying together with him/her.

43. Wild arts

Drawings of adorable monsters on board. This will make students smile before entering their classrooms.

44. Pacman board

Get an inspiration from the Pacman to design an adorable board for students.

45. The reason I teach is___

Make a board about the reasons why teachers like to teach. Post pictures of each teacher along with their reasons on a board. This way, students get to know their teachers.

46. National park of learning

Use national park as your theme and represent map locations of national parks with an adorable animal character for every location.

47. Sit to read!

back to school bulletin boards

Place a board above a reading bench with a message about reading and its benefits.

48. Write a new word

back to school bulletin boards

Make a board of vocabulary. Ask every student to write a new word they learned this summer.

49. Superstars

back to school bulletin boards

A board of stars, in which, each star can carry the face and the name of a student.

50. Love for owls

back to school bulletin boards

Design a tree on the board and draw colorful owls containing the names of students.

51. Emoji board

back to school bulletin boards

Design board of emojis with yellow plates.

52. Star Wars board

back to school bulletin boards

Take star wars as your theme for the board design.

53. Board of memes

back to school bulletin boards

Collect funny memes online and design your board with them.

So, which one suits the best for you?!