Educational apps have become an inevitable part of education in the past few years. They help students, teachers, parents and educational institutes to carry out their respective education-based responsibilities efficiently.

From learning different subjects to being organized, there are different educational apps available for students that help them to save time and be more productive.

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Best Educational Apps for Students in 2023

Here are some of the best learning apps that students should be using this year.


Evernote is a note-taking app that helps students to stay organized. Users can organize notes in the form of text, images, audio and video recordings or saved web content. You can also create to-do lists and connect to Google calendar to keep up with your schedule. The customizable Home dashboard of the app gives users quick access to the most relevant information.


Forest is a productivity app for students who cannot keep their hands off their mobile devices and find it hard to stay focused. Users can plant a tree virtually when they want to focus on their tasks. The tree grows as you remain focused, and once you leave the app, the tree dies.


SparkNotes app is of great help for students while studying literature. The app comes with study guides for literature, poetry, films, etc. You need to have an in-app subscription to get started. Right when the free trial starts, you will be able to access all the literature guides in the app. Majority of the titles in the app come with interactive quizzes that you can attend to test your knowledge.

Write-On Video

Write-on video app brings out the creative side of students. The app makes video editing an organized and fun experience. The app comes with different features that allow you to create videos, story boards, and edit videos.

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Remind app is a communication platform where students can connect with their peers and teachers. The app can be accessed from anywhere and allows users to stay connected in real time. You can share learning content from any site in the app and also access the content uploaded by other users to learn.

Oxford Dictionary of English

A dictionary is an important part of student life and the digital version of it is even better for quick access. Students can look up words, phrases and meaning in the Oxford Dictionary of English app. The app also comes with other features, such as audio pronunciations and translations.


Quizlet app allows users to learn using flash cards. You can create your own flashcards and share it with your friends, and also use flashcards created by others to study. Students can master different subjects, such as language, history and science, with ease using the Quizlet app.


edX is an online learning app for students where they can take courses from top U.S. universities for free. However, the certification requires payment. The courses are based on a variety of subjects, mainly of science and technology. You can attempt the quizzes after watching the video lectures. The app also features interactive online labs for subjects like programming.


Students can keep pace with colleges and admissions easily using Collegedunia app. The app gives all necessary information that users need to know to choose the right college, which include college fees, courses, admission updates, etc.


C’reer app helps students to choose the right college for them. The app analyses vocal assessments attended by users to figure out their weaknesses and strengths, and recommends careers and connecting them with colleges via chat.


StudyBlue app is another flashcard app, where students can create flashcards and use them to learn. You can also share the custom flashcards you make with other users. The app also has options to add custom audio and images that you can use to create detailed study materials. You can also store and access study materials in the StudyBlue app.


Students can stay organized and productive using the Todoist app. You can use this to-do list app to create reminders, goals, and much more. You can also easily add tasks, and interact with and edit multiple tasks at once in the app. The app also comes with options to monitor your productivity, and makes planning and organizing your tasks interesting.


Mathway app helps students to solve math problems, ranging from basic to complex ones. All you have to do is to type in a math problem or click a picture of it, and the app works on it and shows the answer. You can also say the problem to the app and your words get changed to on-screen problem. As you keep using the app, you learn to solve a variety of math problems.


Notability is a free note-taking app for students. You can create and keep your notes with you, and also categorize them with customizable subjects and dividers. The app allows you to make, present and share notes with others. You can also make annotations, and record and replay your notes and lectures in the app.


EKID is an augmented reality based learning app for students below the age of 8 years. The app features augmented flashcards that you can use to explore the world of animals, mammals, and other different creatures, and also different modes of transport.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study app helps students in learning outside the classroom. The app provides you with all possible aid and resources for learning. Chegg Study app also allows you to rent or buy textbooks, both online and hard copy. You can also get help to do your homework and online tutoring in the app.

Homer Learn and Grow

The Homer Learn and Grow app is meant for students aged between 2 and 8 years, to give them a personalized learning experience based on age and skills. The app helps children to develop their skills through phonics lessons, stories, songs, and much more. Though Homer Learn and Grow is mainly a reading app, it also features activities and lessons to learn basic math concepts and improve creativity.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational app for students of classes 1 to 12 that would help them to learn the concepts well and help them to prepare for the different competitive exams. You can watch video lessons for different subjects, and attempt exercises and tests to learn and check your knowledge. The content of the app is based on NCERT and CBSE syllabus.


Learning is not just about memorizing your lessons. It also includes understanding the concepts clearly. Brilliant app follows a slightly different approach in teaching subject concepts. Students get to learn concepts of math and science through logical problem solving in this app. It includes short descriptions of the different concepts, each accompanied by problems to be solved.

Newsela Student

Newsela is a reading app that comes with loads of interesting content available at 5 reading levels. The app also includes assessments to ensure that the readers focus on the content.  You can read the articles and attempt quizzes according to which the app would adjust the reading levels. You can also keep track of your progress in real time.


Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps for students. The app consists of short game-based lessons. The listening, reading and writing practices will help you to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. Duolingo app offers lessons for 40 languages.

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Learning is important. So is the need social and emotional well-being of students. Calm is a mindfulness app that helps students to build self-awareness, improve focus, patience and resilience as they continue with their learning. The app comes with a collection of exercises and activities for meditation and relaxation that you can follow to remain calm, focused and peaceful as the day begins.


The gamified lessons in Kahoot! App makes learning engaging and fun for students aged between 5 and 18 years. You can create, play and share learning-based games or quizzes, and also hold discussions regarding various topics in the app. It introduces you to new topics through interactive lessons, and also assesses your knowledge and rewards based on your performance.


RefME is a citation management app that students can use to automatically generate citations by scanning a book or journal barcode. The app is capable of creating citations in over 7500 styles and from over 40 sources. You can also organize the citations and annotate them as required.


Udemy app features a large number of online courses, that students can choose from, to learn a new skill or for personality development. The app covers different topics—web design, marketing and personality development to name a few. The registration to the app is free, but you will have to pay for enrolling to the course of your choice. You can complete the course at your own pace without worrying about the deadlines.

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Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are many more apps for students that make the learning process smoother and efficient. Many of these apps are also customizable as per the requirements of students and educational institutions. Schools and colleges can also hire a development partner to build their own custom-made educational apps for students.

In the new arena of learning, technology is playing an important role than ever before. Teaching and learning are slowly moving into more of digital space and outsmarting the traditional classroom system. Moreover, the Covid situations are demanding a great emphasis on online education and that is the reason why e-learning tools are gaining a lot of attention. When the world is moving towards virtual education, there needs a strong platform that connects well between educators and students.

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Moreover, teachers are also looking for some outstanding tools to fill the gaps in classroom education when they are forced to deliver the teaching remotely. Experts always suggest educators not to depend on a single tool but to try multiple platforms and experience the benefits of many for outstanding results.

Here let us have a look at some of the top e-learning tools that can transform the way an online education can benefit the learning outcome.

  1. Google Classroom

e learning tools

This is a comprehensive community-based e-learning solution that can take virtual education to the next level. It is a remarkable option in G suite for education which enables flawless communication between students and teachers when learning online.


  • Teachers can create an online classroom with ease and invite students
  • They can easily interact by posting questions and get solutions from fellow students and teachers
  • Teachers can share lesson materials and stimulating queries for review at home
  • Students who missed the live learning hours can still be provided with catch up notes or additional instructions to easily follow the lesson

The option to integrate with products from Google like Google Forms can trigger the interactive learning experience and receive feedback or suggestions easily from both ends.

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  1. Storybird

e learning tools

Educators can easily create artistic and digitally interactive learning materials and books to boost the experience of the virtual classrooms through this simple but impressive e-learning web app.


  • Teachers can easily assign projects to students and it features worksheets and extended resource lists.
  • Constant feedback can be provided to the learning outcomes
  • It supports Google Classroom imports to easily add student accounts and combine with active classroom tools
  • Simple how-to guides are designed to help teachers to build distinctive curriculums.

In addition, the tool can even help improve the creative side of students by asking to compose their own stories and expanding their reading and writing skills.

  1. WizIQ

e learning tools (1)

Teachers who are looking to train a wider audience can benefit from the amazing customization features of WizIQ. Interactive courses can be created and be shared either as materials or live classes by considering the student choice, as well.


  • Your live sessions recording can be saved in the WizIQ Content Library
  • User can choose a price plan depending on the actual case
  • The basic plan allows up to 300 attendees per class
  • Teachers can share the content as PPT, Video, Doc or PDF
  • Classes can be made interactive through screen sharing and polls

Moreover, the classes can be even attended on the go through WizIQ app for Android and iOS platforms.

  1. GrammarFlip

This is one of the best e-learning tools to make teaching and learning grammar a lot easy than ever before. This comprehensive grammar program works well for both traditional and virtual classroom setup and is designed for high school, middle school and elementary students.


  • Instructional videos help students to grasp and understand writing and grammar concepts at their personal pace.
  • There are mixed question formats meant to slot in various learning modalities and self-assessing practice exercises give immediate feedback
  • Downloadable progress reports help educators to swiftly spot students who require assistance

Moreover, the writing portals give immediate access to those writing feedback and engaging writing prompts encourages student contribution.

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  1. Kahoot

e learning tools

Students’ engagement in a virtual classroom can be taken to the next level through this amazing game-based learning app. Educators can easily host live games, create quizzes and do a lot more to make learning more interactive and fun.


  • Teachers can effortlessly create a trivia quiz or learning game on any topic for language of the choice
  • Students can be enabled to master diverse lesson concepts through fun tasks and games
  • Learners will tend to stay attentive and the sessions will be more interactive.

There is no wonder why 50% of educators in US are said to be presently using this e learning tool for online learning to boost the learning experience in virtual classrooms.

  1. Elucidat

E-learning tools

This web-based system is considered as a great choice to create e-learning solutions easily and efficiently. It comes with a built-in page template editor and lots of theme options to choose from to create an ideal solution for the respective audience.


  • Users can simply drag and drop to insert graphics, text, and media to create learning content
  • You can choose from multiple themes which will fit on diverse screen sizes
  • High-quality interactive learning content can be created with minimum expense

The best part is that many hundreds of courses can be managed well at the same time, that too for multiple languages.

  1. Knoword

This is one of the best e-learning tools that promote self-paced learning. It is actually a fast-paced word game that is designed to give a good workout to your brain.


  • The game assesses your typing skills and challenges your vocabulary
  • It is a combination of a teacher portal and vocabulary-building tool with games of easy, medium and hard levels
  • Teachers can make their own subject themed word packs and test the progress of students
  • It can stimulate your mind if played with good spirit

The application is another example of how gamification can boost the virtual learning experience.

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  1. Zoom Education

e learning tools

This is a cloud video conferencing solution that can be a great platform to conduct live classrooms virtually. Sharing schedules, interacting with multiple students and tutoring lessons are a lot easy than before.


  • Options like digital whiteboarding and one-click content sharing promotes student participation in virtual learning
  • Secure video communication solutions are offered for hybrid classrooms
  • The application supports seamless integrations with Desire2Learn, Sakai, Moodle, Canvas, and Blackbo
  • The option to record classes will let students to learn at their individual pace

The keyboard shortcuts and closed captioning are included to assure accessibility for all learners. Moreover, the exceptional clarity and quality of the video sessions will improve the overall experience.

  1. YouTube

e learning tools

This is another great platform that can transform the e learning experience. Educators can easily create mobile friendly video tutorials and engage the students remotely.


  • There are options to create playlists to explore a specific subject or topic
  • Webinars can be created which can be used as reference tools by learners
  • The comprehension rates can be boosted by visually demonstrating a complex concept
  • Privacy settings lets you to share videos only among particular groups

In addition to these, links and annotations can be added to offer additional resources. Moreover, you can promote collaboration through group YouTube videos or projects.

  1. Blackboard Learn

This cloud-based e learning system is an ideal choice for higher education learning and training. It also works very well with learning content from third-party and is being used in many universities to promote distance learning.


  • It offers a simple but powerful learning and teaching experience with a fully responsive and intuitive interface
  • Instructors can easily take actions and stay organized by engaging with the content and audience
  • Grading and collaboration is a lot easy and give actionable insights

Learning and teaching of all kinds can find a perfect solution at Blackboard Learn platforms and the whole process will be more fun and productive.

  1. Seesaw

e learning tools (1)

This is one of the much loved applications by teachers who are looking to improve their remote teaching efforts. A learning loop is created not only between teachers and students but also among the families.


  • Students can use annotation tools that are built-in to learn what they understand in the application’s digital portfolio
  • Teachers are enabled to understand the thinking process of the students in a much better way helping them to teach better
  • Families can keep track of the student’s learning and have an idea of what is happening around

Most importantly, teachers can understand the strengths of students as well as any particular areas that need extra attention in real-time which enables them to differentiate instruction and reap in the best results.

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  1. Schoology

e learning tools

This is a comprehensive learning management system used widely among K–12 and higher ed classes. The e-learning tool is designed to help design lessons, create content, and assess student understanding.


  • It easily integrates with outside programs and apps
  • Assessment monitoring can be a lot easy for school
  • Users and their profiles can be controlled easily
  • It offers some simple but effective options like notifications when a rework is submitted

Unlike similar solutions, this communication and collaboration platform brings together teachers, parents, students, coaches and administrators all in one place to help experience the best of learning solutions.

  1. Edmodo


This is a great solution for hybrid learning and distance learning. Teachers can effortlessly handle the virtual learning as all the classroom tools can be brought to a single platform.


  • Customization of classroom is possible with regard to the learner needs
  • Teachers can create polls for students to collect feedback and check for understanding
  • Content can be shared easily and distribute assignments or quizzes to make learning interactive

The platform lets teachers to manage communication among parents, colleagues and students all from a single place

  1. Educreations

e learning tools

This is an interactive online whiteboard that can be a great platform for educators to create interactive learning content to students while learning remotely. Students can be easily engaged with appealing video content as it can be created and shared almost instantly.


  • All the videos can be stored in cloud and accessed as and when needed
  • User can control the accessibility of the content
  • Videos posted to Educreations can be shared through social media platforms or saved in Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Teachers can easily assess the student works to see what areas need improvement

The e learning platform is designed to enable students to take control of what and when they are learning and easily master different concepts effortlessly.

  1. Google Docs

e learning tools (1)

As we all know, Google Docs is designed to create documents in the best possible ways and that is why it is one among the strong e-learning tools for remote learning. Educators can make the best of the application to define the course project and make sure the output reaches the end-users in exactly the way you meant.


  • Teachers can easily share and collect student works
  • It allows to effortlessly lists points to make and outline each course
  • Courses can also be shared with other educators to coordinate better

Introducing Video Conferencing From Edsys

Edsys proudly introduce our all-new feature ‘Video Conferencing’ for educators and students. What makes it unique are its features and the best user experience that it delivers.

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• Live and recorded classes
• Interacting features like screen sharing, one-one chat etc
• Works seamlessly on all platforms like iOS, Android and web
• Adjusts the video quality in accordance with the internet facility available
• Enhances learning with additional features
• Raise-hand tool option for students
& more

Teachers across the globe have commented it as an outstanding collaborative space to efficiently handle the documents and the autosave and commenting option are added advantages.

Teachers and students can have a look at these amazing e learning tools to experience the best of online education. There are no more barriers of time and space and teachers, students and parents can stay well connected despite where they are. With more and more interesting e learning solutions, the education industry is realizing the potential of e-learning and virtual classroom experience.

Enthusiasts are trying to bring in more amazing e learning solutions to replicate the benefits of face to face learning and at the same time provide exclusive advantages to make education available for all through digital channels.  Moreover, using the most and best of modern technology will surely give a remarkable learning experience for the students.

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Virtual classrooms are becoming one of the most significant and inevitable elements of today’s learning platform. That is why today’s education has moved way far from one-sided teacher lectures to interacting learning sessions.

We have seen many phases of virtual classrooms and the technology development is in the progress every now and then.

Synchronous learning with interactive sessions, recording a class lecture for future reference, and whiteboard for visually explaining concepts all have changed the phase of today’s learning.

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Here we can have a look at some of the most discussed and widely chosen virtual classroom tools and apps that have changed the perspective of today’s learning.

1. Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom

  • Last updated-February 20, 2019
  • Size-13M
  • Installs-500,000+
  • Ratings- 3.1

This awesome virtual classroom app is providing a platform for mobile learning and teaching despite the location and time.

Collaboration in a Virtual Classroom surface is no more a query with its pioneering teaching and learning tools.

The app covers everything from conducting and attending live classes to viewing recordings of past classes.

The interaction and communication are taken to a new level with the Raise Hand feature to ask questions.

Some key features and options of the app cover:

>>Interact using live audio and video

>>Use multiple whiteboards and tools

>>View and share files anytime

>>Transfer audio, video, and writing controls to attendees

Download: Android, iOS

2. BrainCert

This is a great tool to set up virtual classrooms and teach, learn and collaborate online all from a single place.

Its specialty is the “Teacher accounts” feature that allows educators to invite their trainees almost instantly and ask them to set up and manage test or live courses.

The tool has separate platforms for three main functions- a course creating platform, a content management platform and an online testing system.

Instructors and students can connect almost instantly.

Here are some other key features:

>>Real-time collaboration

>>Powerful reporting and tracking

>>Online testing and courses

3. Virtual Blackboard

classroom apps

  • Last updated-3 July 2020
  • Size-7.22 MB
  • Installs-100+
  • Ratings- 2.7

This innovative education tool is yet another addition to get the best use of virtual classroom technology.

It may replace the traditional blackboard or digital Smartboard in no time for its simplicity and quick and efficient options to create tutorials.

Your device can be turned into a virtual blackboard in no time through wireless casting or direct connection.

Educators can simply write with finger or stylus and save with narrated voice and the captured dynamic video can be replayed to make their own tutorials.

No video camera or editing tools are required to make these interactive lessons.

Download: Android

4. Eliademy

classroom learning virtual tool

This is also a widely used tool for the virtual classroom that allows educators to share, create and manage courses almost instantly.

It is a really user-friendly platform with unparalleled functions and features considering tools of its kind.

In fact, it is one of the best options available at the moment to sell your courses online.

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In addition to the features and options, the customer care team is always there to help you out. Some of its key features include:

>>Novel ways of creating courses and inviting students

>>Sync notes and calendar easily

>>Easily access and share learning materials on your device or internet

>>Certifications are provided with visibility in social media

5. Google Classroom

virtual classroom technology apps

  • Last updated-10 June 2020
  • Size- Varies with device
  • Installs-100,000,000+
  • Ratings- 3.8

Anyone with a personal Google account can make use of this awesome application free of cost to have virtual classroom experience.

With this application, creating classes, communicating, distributing assignments, and staying organized is a lot easy than ever before.

This allows simple and paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create and review easily from a single place.

Students can see all of the class materials and assignments in a single place which makes the organization easy.

Here are key options, features, and benefits of Google Classroom:

>>Easy to set up

>>Enhances communication

>>Affordable and secure option

>>Start class discussions and send announcements instantly

>>Contains no ads

Download: Android

6. Electa Live

  • Last updated-2 July 2020
  • Size-  Varies with device
  • Installs-50,000+
  • Ratings- 3.6

This awesome virtual classroom tool allows educators to set up and build online learning classes pretty easily.

Arranging webinars, group sessions, live classes, and one-to-one sessions are a lot easy than ever before.

Fully managed and hosted network, protected content, as well as access to unique online collaboration tools, are among a few benefits of this amazing virtual tool. Have a look at its interesting features:

>>Unlimited storage for your content

>>Instructors can easily split their class into groups

>>Fast and easy creation of online classes

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7. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

virtual classroom apps

  • Last updated- July 3, 2020
  • Size-13M
  • Installs-500,000+
  • Ratings- 4.2

This new generation interactive whiteboard app is a great aid for virtual classroom learning with its intuitive visual collaboration features.

Real-time collaboration is possible despite the location of students and teachers thus breaking the stereotype of teaching.

The communication is easy with instant messaging with built-in features.

Here are a few other features and options:

>>Turns your device into a virtual whiteboard

>>Broadcast your ideas live

>>Unlimited online whiteboards to draw on

>>Text tool to add notes and descriptions

>>AI power shape recognition

>>Real-time drawing and whiteboard sharing

Download: Android

8. EZ talks Webinar

virtual apps

It is one of the best tools available in the top list of virtual classroom services.

Educators can provide hassle-free live classes to students and benefit from its ease of use features.

The highlight of the tool is that it allows 100 interactive students along with 10,000 viewers in a single classroom for free.

Have a look at its amazing features:

>>High-quality audio and video

>>1GB free cloud storage

>>Private conversations for confidentiality

>>Public instant messages for team brainstorming

>>The scheduling feature allows optimal time for classes

>>Easily set up paid courses with PayPal integration

Download: Android, iOS

9. Blackboard Collaborate

apps for virtual classroom

  • Last updated-December 16, 2016
  • Size-7.2 M
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Ratings- 2.6

Unlike other virtual classroom apps, this awesome tool won’t ask you to install anything as everything happens on your browser.

The tool assures high-quality audio and video to engage learners seamlessly.

With even options and features to support those with disabilities, it assures a comprehensive user experience.

Its universal accessibility feature assures education for every aspirant. Here are its amazing features:

>>Speedy launching and simple deployment

>>Participation despite location and time

>>Simple and fast file & application sharing

>>Personalized profiles to represent participants

>>Hand-raising feature for attendance and polls

>>One-click access to a virtual classroom

Download: Android

10. WizIQ

virtual classroom apps

  • Last updated-May 2, 2018
  • Size-1.9M
  • Installs-100,000+
  • Ratings- 3.1

Educators can create and offer virtual classroom experience for students with awesome features.

Instructors and learners can find it a hassle-free option to take up remote classes.

The tool is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be easily accessed through a plugin for Moodle.

Educators can plan and manage their classes pretty easily with customized options. Let us have a look at a few features:

>>Record and store sessions

>>Easily track attendance

>>Screen sharing and whiteboarding

>>Easily conduct tests and quizzes

>>File sharing and breakout sessions

>>Supports single sign-on options

Download: Android, iOS

11. My Virtual Classroom

virtual classroom apps

  • Last updated- July 2, 2020
  • Size-32 M
  • Installs-5,000+
  • Ratings- 4.0

My Virtual Classroom is one of the best apps for online learning. It is an online education portal helpful for teachers and students to connect with each other. Teachers can take effective online classes using this app.  Students can also attend quizzes, do assignments etc with this awesome virtual classroom app.


  • Effective video classes
  • Powerful and undisturbed audio lectures
  • Online quizzes and assignments
  • Digital Class: Online Courses Learning App

Download: Android

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12. Digital Class: Online Courses Learning App

virtual apps

  • Last updated- June 30, 2020
  • Size-7.5 M
  • Installs-10,000+
  • Ratings- 4.7

It is one of the fastest-growing education platforms in India. It acts as a single virtual classroom platform between tutors and students.  It offers digital classes for various courses like IT& Software, Spoken English, Business Management, etc


  • Exciting user-friendly interface
  • Settings can be personalized accordingly to one’s requirements
  • Results can be tracked
  • Can attend the class from anywhere&anytime

Download: Android

13. Teacher Connect- For Live Class Students

For Live Class Students

  • Last updated-January 22, 2020
  • Size-7.2 M
  • Installs-50,000+
  • Ratings- 3.5

Teacher Connect is an exclusive virtual classroom app meant for Meritnation Premium members.

Using this free app, teachers and students can connect each other beyond class hours in case of any requirements.

Students are free to clear their class-related or subject related questions.  Doubts. This online teaching app acts as an effective platform for JEE and NEET classes also.


  • Easy platform to clarify doubts
  • Can send images, videos, voice notes etc as attachments.

Download: Android

14. Learn TEZ- Your Online Classroom

Your Online Classroom

  • Last updated-July 3, 2020
  • Size-9.9M
  • Installs-5,000+
  • Ratings- 4.7

It is one of the best E-learning platforms for online virtual classes. It gives wonderful  learning and teaching experience.

LearnTEZ is a universally available and accessible best virtual classroom app. It works on all operating system and browsers at lowest network speed.


  • Keep track of all courses/topics
  • Interactive audio and video classes
  • ‘Raise hand’ feature is available to ask questions
  • Screen sharing feature is available

Download: Android

15. Visible Classroom

virtual classroom for students

  • Last updated- February 1, 2020
  • Size-12 M
  • Installs-50,000+
  • Ratings- 3.2

Visible Classroom is an online education app that helps to empower teachers by providing them facilities to look upon their talk time and speed metrics. Using this feature, teachers can see their impact on the classes and can help to give better classes.

Class Room Activity Apps

This online classroom app is the notion of embedded evaluation with technology to assess and encourage teachers on what they have taught and what students have learned from them.


  • Easy to record and upload classes
  • Receive important metrics on your talk time and talk speed in simple, clear charts
  • Gain insights through lesson transcripts and personalized feedback reports

Virtual Classroom Technology and Apps: Final Thought

There are a lot more classroom tools and apps that can foster the virtual classroom experience of students.

Once you start experiencing the benefits of this technological advancement, there is no way of going back to the traditional methods.

parent app

Many surveys and researches have pointed out how positively such tools have changed the classroom culture.

As they get a chance to experience the subject, students are far more interested in learning than ever before and it is reflecting in their grades.

Moreover, the interactive classroom culture has taken away the boredom of one-sided lectures and these student-centered classrooms are proving good every now and then.

Zoom Video Conferencing App!!!! A wonderful piece of technology that many of us can’t get hold of in this COVID season. This App has been surprising everybody through its incredible popularity in the market. And it’s really true that this App has made Work from Home simpler and easier in this lockdown period.

But are they perfect in terms of their functionalities?? Or do they really show justice to privacy policies offered to us? This is something to be thought of…

Unfortunately, even after several warnings from the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has gained global popularity.

So, let’s check out the Major Issues of the Zoom App:

1) Lack of End to End Encryption:

It has been reported by many that the Zoom Video conferencing meetings aren’t end-to-end encrypted. In fact, it is seen that they use web over HTTPS kind of security features, which makes it clear that the video calls can be decrypted by third parties. And this insecurity can often let cybercriminals to get access to personal or sensitive information.

2) Uninvited People Can Join the Meeting:

As per user reviews, many of them have cited that if not used with proper precautions and care in an ongoing meeting in the Zoom Video Conferencing platform, intruders can get in without our notice and thus steal private or confidential information.

3) Conferences in Zoom can be Hacked easily:

Hacking ongoing meetings in Zoom has not been a big deal for cybercriminals. It has been seen that recently, BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) had to cancel a meeting in the threat of fraudsters.

4) Personal Emails or Photos can be leaked:

This flaw of the app was something discovered earlier, that the personal emails and photos were unsafe with zoom’s platform.

5) DoS Attacks:

The government has hinted users that Zoom can be used for Dos or Denial of Service attacks. The government has also released certain set of guidelines for users to protect themselves from such attacks.

6) Confidential Data can be Leaked with Least Efforts:

If someone is not properly aware of using Zoom, he/she can be trapped and the cyber hackers can easily leak the confidential data.

7) The Threat of Malicious Activities by Authorized Participants:

CERT-In (Cyber Emergency Response Team of India) has warned the users that even the authorized participants of the meeting can carry out malicious activities either by letting intruders or by sharing information.

How do the Zoom Video Conferencing platform toll teachers and students?

  • According to Vance, it is seen that a normal Zoom class does not cope with COPPA, FERPA, and the privacy laws of a student. So, it is recommended not to prefer to zoom for official educational purposes.
  • Beware of Zoombombing: Intruders can sign in into the classroom and message or disturb the class, which at times cannot be controlled by the teachers. This happens because anybody can join the session.
  • Teachers are suggested not to record the videos of classes for further reference, due to the minimal security concerns with zoom. The recorded video including the names of the teachers or the students can be easily leaked by the hackers and used for crimes.
  • FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned Teachers and schools for using Zoom classrooms without permission due to reports of VTC hijacking.

In fact, as of now, many countries including the US, Australia, Germany, NYC, Singapore, and Taiwan have already banned the Zoom Video Conferencing App due to low-security reasons and ease of hacking data.

Below are the reports of certain authorities about banning the use of Zoom:

So, it has been seen that besides the alarming popularity growth of Zoom conferencing App, even the Government officials like Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA ) and Cyber Emergency Response Team in India (CERT-In) has warned the users about the malicious acts of Zoom Video Conferencing App like hacking and using the data for unofficial purposes.

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a social learning platform for students from kindergarten to Ph.D. and beyond…

It is a tool to record and share short and awesome videos. It can be used to engage and empower every voice in your home or classroom.

Educators create Grids and add topics; these grids are the meeting place for the classroom to discuss the topic. Here, learners can share their stories and ideas.

It is 100% free to use tool for educators, students and families.

             “Flipgrid brings the back row to the front.”- Charlie Miller



 English Language Art Ideas

1. Debate about a Topic

Teachers can create a grid and assign a debate topic to students.

Students can start debating and share their ideas and comments here.

2. The Reading Response goes Digital

After teaching or discussing a particular topic in your class, engage students by asking questions based on it.

You can take the discussion further by having students comment on each other responses.

3. 30-Second Book Talk Challenge

Make your students speak on their favorite book in 30 seconds or less. This helps to improve their speaking skills.

4. Celebrate ‘The Global Read Aloud’ all year long

It is a reading fest, celebrated all over the globe which spans for 6 weeks from October to the middle of November. In this, all teachers read one book and connect with every other classroom in the world.

Using a platform like Flipgrid, teachers can connect with students and educators, every time you read a book.

5. Record an Ongoing Story

Students can record an ongoing story. First one can come up with the title, and then the next student can record 30 seconds beginning to the story and next.

Like this, the whole students in the class contribute to the story and it’s being recorded,. Thus a unique story is created.

6. Virtual Vocabulary Word Wall

Students can record short videos about the meaning of new vocabulary words. They can explain the word in detail and also show a few examples with that word.

They can hold a placard with the word in it and can record their video. Thus other students can easily notice the word and can end up in expanding everyone’s vocabulary.

7. Reflect on a Lesson or Unit

Ask your students to reflect on a lesson or a topic you have covered up. How did it go? Which was your favorite part? What all changes would you make?  The response from students can be kept in your mind before planning for next academics.

8. Exit Tickets get a Makeover

At the end of the day is it beneficial to get the feedback from your students. Exit tickets are a great use in this. Ask them “What did you take home today?” or “What did you create today?”.

Math Ideas

9. Number Talks

Teachers can ask students to talk anything about numbers. Using Flipgrid help slow down the pace of discussions and it give room for students to think and respond. Everyone get to record their ideas and views and add to the conversation

10. Weekly Math Problem

You can give a set of questions for review. Students can practice and share after doing the problems. They can interact with each other and check their answers.

11. Student Math Challenge

Give an opportunity for your students to give each other challenging questions to workout.  You can see the wonder; students will love these healthy challenges

12. Find the Mistake

Post a video or picture of a math problem solved incorrectly. Ask your students to find out the mistake and also to explain how to solve it correctly.

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13. Stump the Teacher

This time, students can post a math question they already knew the answer to and teacher need to respond how it was solved. It can make learning process more interesting to students.

14. Share Real-World Experience

Math is all around us!

So ask your students how they connect math to daily life. Like how they figured out if they had enough money to spend, the distance they traveled, measurements used while cooking a recipe, time is taken to do homework, etc. This helps students to relate the things they learned to their real-life to get better ideas.

Flipgrid in Science

15. Make Science Classes Interesting

Students can dress up like a person they are researching for, it can be a scientist, astronomer, inventor etc. They can record a short presenting video about them (like whom they are dressed up).

16. Brainstorming Ideas

Give your students a topic and ask them to research and gather ideas. They can brainstorm ideas and share with their friends.

17. How do you resolve it?

After creating a project in coding, students can share and explain their project in detail. They can describe what all issues they come across and how they debugged it.

18. Point of View Thinking Tool

Teachers can ask students to record and share their point of view on any scientific concept or issue.

For example Archimedes principle, Newton’s Laws of Motion, genetically modified organisms, etc.

19. Class Laboratory Safety Expectations

Ask your students to list out the five most important laboratory safety rules and also to justify their opinion.

20. Summary of Individual Research Investigations

Students can be asked to conduct researches and can share their findings on the Flipgrid, rather than presenting it in front of the class. Other students can come up with comments and opinions.

21. What do you know?

Students can be asked to share their pre-knowledge regarding a topic. This topic can be used as a post-topic technique also. By this method, teachers get to know what students already knew or how far they have understood.

22. Instructional Clip

Students can be asked to demonstrate a scientific skill by recording and sharing among the classmates.

For example- light a Bunsen mirror, acid base reactions using indicators, balance chemical equations etc

23. Reflection of Excursions

In this topic, students are prompted to reflect on their field trips or excursions by sharing a new thing that they learned and how can it be related to their coursework. This task can bring up many different experiences them.

To Sum Up

So, these are some of the innovative ways to use Flipgrid in your classrooms, to make learning interesting and engaging.

Teachers can thus enhance classroom settings in a colorful way. It is very beneficial for students who are shy to present things in front of the classroom, as they can record videos in the comfort of their home.

Unacademy is one of the largest online educational platforms in India with almost 22 million users. It becomes a perfect companion for the aspirants throughout their journey for cracking competitive exams.

It offers live classes from experts and also gives them an opportunity to clear doubts. Apart from this, the aspirants can also test the level of preparations they have made by attending Live Test Series, Quizzes, Practice Sessions and much more.

Features of Unacademy App

  • Interactive Live Classes: Aspirants can attend live classes by experts, participate in Live Chat and get their doubts cleared during classes.
  • Weekly Mock Tests & Quizzes: The App provides full length Mock Tests and quizzes for the learners to evaluate themselves, and that they can spend more time in weaker topics.
  • Practice Sections: This section gives the students a set of quizzes and their explanations topic-wise, so that after learning a topic they can practice their knowledge with these quizzes.
  • Performance Statistics: This is one of the main highlights of this app, as it provides a detailed report of correct and incorrect questions one has answered, topic-wise breakdown, percentile score and overall rank. This gives an idea of where he/she stands when compared to others.
  • Lecture notes: This makes aspirants not to miss classes or notes. They are given a provision to download lecture notes and get access to recorded sessions of Live Classes. They can also revisit important topics whenever needed.
  • Easier accessibility: The app can be accessed easily from anywhere and anytime using smartphone devices or laptops.
  • Real-time notifications: Students will get real-time notifications for lessons, upcoming courses and recommendations.

Success Story of Unacademy

Unacademy is a learning app founded by Gaurav Munjal along with his co-founders Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini. It has more than 3 million subscribers and more than 250 million views on Youtube channel.

Though there are many other education channels that may boast about their comparable viewership, it’s pretty clear that they haven’t been able to do it the way Unacademy has monetized.

Here, it makes a sense in analyzing the success of Unacademy players, and to analyze their success graph.

Since the parallel system of education has been one of the major revenue eaters in our country, who were called by the so called well-polished name- “Coaching Centres”, it played a good role in the success of Unacademy App. They have always been successful in helping students to learn and understand the concepts better.

Let’s delve deeper into their success tricks:

  • Ensured high-value intensive courses
  • The role of influencers and marketers were always played by educators
  • Monetized the followership quickly by introducing premium services
  • Created content at least cost
  • Exclusive offers for the courses

Why you should consider developing an App Like Unacademy?

Unacademy’s victory in India has unquestionably disturbed the learning framework. Such Apps guaranty a comprehensive standard of instruction with ease, adequacy and simplicity. Innovation within the learning has empowered Unacademy to get finance from brands like Facebook and other such premium speculation firms.

With extraordinary keenness and security, Unacademy gives an inclusive and comprehensive learning model. By associating with the correct instructive app advancement company, you can dispatch an e-learning application that produces learning more addictive. Making a mobile-centric learning stage is without a doubt a beneficial investment.

So, how much do you expect as the cost of making an app like Unacademy?

Almost 89% of the people, who use smartphones, download various applications like mobile games, e-shopping apps, social media and more than half of them download apps from education categories (As per a research conducted in 2019), and Unacademy is one among them.

Just like every other e-learning platform, Unacademy too has some basic courses, for which the app developers must take effort to make it more easy and comfortable.

Let’s check some of those features and requirements to create an App like Unacademy:

  • Authentication: Every modern e-learning platform is bound to provide quick and easy signup access via email or id and password.
  • Maintaining User Types and Profiles: Since there will be two types of user-profiles- Students and Teachers, they must be created accordingly.
  • Course Creation: Apart from the provision of creating courses, it must also have an option to add various types of content like audio, video, graph, image PDFs, and many more.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard must include a list of courses, Performance statistics, Ratings, Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue.

These are unavoidable features.

  • Payment Integrations
  • A development team with:
  • Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA tester
  • Project Manager
  • An academic team with:
  • Subject specialist
  • Content Writers
  • Editors

The final cost of developing an app like Unacademy depends on its features, size and design. Besides this, it will also depend on the company for app development, that you are partnering with.

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Let’s check out a rough estimation of creating an app like Unacademy:

  • Based on hours the average price of developing an e-learning app:
  • In Europe, it can be about $85 to $ 180/hour
  • In the USA, it would range from $105 to $190/hour
  • In India, it may be from $30 to $50/hour
  • For Technical Implementations, the average cost will be about $1500 for 45-55 hours.
  • For UX and UI designs, it would be $20,000 for 350 hours
  • For Front-end and Back-end process, the cost will be about $15,000 for 450 hours
  • For testing, it would be almost $2500 for 80 hours

Anyway, for creating an app like Unacademy or for creating an e-learning app, the cost may vary depending on the features, rate of specialists, and the place of making. So the above blog will give you a rough estimate of the cost of development and the features to be used.

Educational systems in India surely have gone up a notch. A primary reason behind it is the presence of educational software companies that aid in education management remotely. Digital product-based companies in India have worked hard to create public and private school portals for a productive student management system focusing on education.

Through such educational software companies, students are learning new and improved ways to polish their educational skills. Gradually, such methods will help them excel in various areas of a career in their lives. In this post, we will go through some of the most prominent Edtech Startups that have laid new platforms of innovative learning for students. Note that this list is unranked and should not be considered otherwise.

Education App Directory Banner

1. Byju’s

educational software companies

Most of you might be familiar with the Byju’s app, as it even broadcasted its commercial on the television (even with Shahrukh Khan).

This profitable educational software company started in the year 2015 under the name Think and Learn Pvt Ltd to target primary and secondary school students in India.

The name of the mobile application is based on Byju Raveendran, the Founder.

Its features are undoubtedly addictive as it certainly is one of the most top-rated educational apps present in the market right now.


educational software companies

The world of the National Institute of Information Technology has been in existence since the 1980s.

Their very soul lies in the world of training individuals for the corporate world. That’s why they came up with a robust and innovative educational curriculum for students all over India.

They have created plenty of projects such as the Computerdrome, Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships program, etc., to come up with ways to promote education among deserving students.

They have also utilized the virtual world to create better opportunities for aspirants.

3. Meritnation

educational software companies

Meritnation deserves an entry on this list because of a versatile online system for developing the intellect of school students. It is a subsidiary of Applect Learning Systems in Delhi.

Their primary mode of education is through interactive video recordings and lectures that help students learn with convenience. Furthermore, they challenge students with time-driven assignments and regular tests to help them prepare for real exams.

4. Edukart

educational software companies

Edukart steps in the world of educational software companies with over 2000 courses that help aspirants prepare for K12, entrance exams, certification programs, diplomas, and high-end degrees.

The highly-qualified tutors working under the founders Mayank Gupta and Ishan Gupta since 2011, is certainly worth the credit for its diverse curriculum.

5. Simplilearn

educational software companies

Unlike the other eLearning companies in India on this list, Simplilearn brings forth a system dedicated to overseas experience.

Their professional courses are readily available online for helping student’s primary excel in fields like Data Science, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security.

Their vision is to target these contemporary courses, which have a high scope among the current generation.

6. Upgrad

educational software companies

Ronnie Screwala started Upgrad in the year 2015 with the primary focus on industry-driven educational programs for professionals.

This online educational company has delivered outstanding results by creating one of the most engaging environments for learning.

7. Edsys

Edsys is a premier solution provider for Educational Institutions. Backed by a highly qualified and experienced professional team, we offer result oriented, ready to deploy software products with provision for customization.

Our professional services specialized on implementation and training ensures that your returns on investments are achieved at the earliest.


educational software companies


The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU is a diverse government-driven student education management system established since the year 1985.

They have about 67 educational centers readily working through offline and online courses for the development of potential aspirants.

With more emphasis on remote studying, they have created an open education system for providing high learning for helping students raise their skills and standards for competing in the real world scenario.

Over 4 million students are enrolled under their prestigious eLearning institution.

9. Dexler Education

educational software companies

Dexler Education is a top-notch customized educational program provider for talent management, corporate learning, and industry-based e Learning solutions.

Their activity has been registered since the year 2001 towards the betterment of the Indian education system in for technological advancements.

Their services are excellent in providing educational courses for a diverse system.

10. Zeus Learning

educational software companies

Zeus Learning is a Mumbai-based eLearning educational software company that promotes training for students who have a passion for Digital Marketing and similar fields.

Their primary target is towards polishing experiences in the technology-driven areas like Software Simulation training, TEI, CMS, LMS, Mobile apps, HTML-5-driven applications, etc.

This company also focuses on bringing forth a technical program that can help students learn more about the digital world – thus, promoting it in India and abroad.

11. Educomp Solutions

Educomp Solutions formulates a robust system driven by technological and software-based advancements for a smarter education system.

They have been active since the year 1994, and have since enlightened over 30 million aspirants from over 65,000 schools in their active span.

The firm targets four primary divisions, which are OSG or Online, Supplemental and Global Business, K-12 organizations, SLS or School Learning Solutions, and HLS or Higher Learning Solutions.

Their online and digital solutions have helped the Indian education industry gain new heights.

12. IndigoLearn

IndigoLearn is an exceptional education tech startup company that targets quality courses combined with technological utilities for helping students track their careers better in the world.

It might be a new company on this list, but it inevitably is producing excellent results for assisting students to all over India.

13. Talentedge

As the name suggests, Talentedge allows potential students to get better with their skills and commercialize their talents for the betterment of the corporate industries.

They have been critically-acclaimed for bringing forth the “Live & Interactive” format for digital learning.

Their courses tend to create future leaders, professionals, and individuals who want to achieve more than just mediocre.

14. Zeroinfy

Zeroinfy is an online education student portal to provide course videos related to IIT-JEE, UPSC, CFA, CS, CA, etc.

Their notes are fabricated by top tutors who offer their knowledge and experience at an affordable price. Students visiting their platform are free to choose the relevant courses of interest for higher learning.

15. Toppr

Toppr utilizes a fun-filled education system focusing on students that want to prepare for scholarship tests, Olympiads, board examinations, etc.

Their personification is towards an online portal that suits the requirements of potential students to compete in the contemporary world.


No doubt, educational software companies in India are gaining momentum due to upgraded or innovative visions to promote education among students.

With these remote technology-driven tools, scholars surely have found new and improved ways to increase their knowledge.

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School management is an important part of any educational system.

School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous activities to efficiently manage school functions and provide a better educational experience to students.

However, managing school affairs is not at all easy in this fast growing world.

To better perform the functions of school management and assure parents of their child’s safety and progress, schools are using school management software nowadays.

This software boasts a variety of features that improve the overall administration of schools. Now, let’s have a look on the top 12 characteristics of highly effective school management software.

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1. Student Information

Attendance, homework, discipline, grades, and achievements! Almost all the information regarding the students can be accessed easily using efficient school management software.

Teachers can use the student database to avail basic information of students like grades, address, information regarding parents and siblings etc.

In addition to this information, details regarding the students’ medical history, accounts, billing etc. are also added by the administration.

Smart cards for schools can be used as identity cards to access the details regarding a particular student when required. As simple as that!

2. Parent Access

Being part of your child’s school activities and stay connected with their academic progress can be a difficult thing in this busy world.

However, now it’s easy for parents to avail updates about their child’s academic activities through parent portals and school apps.

It helps parents to be with their child and teachers the whole day.

Benefits of Parent Portal

• Helps parents to actively participate in their children’s educational activities
• Provides up-to-date information regarding PTA meeting, grades, assignments etc.
• Provides great relief to teachers by providing students’ attendance report and progress cards to parents without any delay
• The feature of a direct line of communication to teachers helps students and parents to contact teachers in case of any doubts, questions, comments or suggestions

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3. Teacher Information

Effective school management software not only helps in availing information regarding students but also provides information regarding teacher activities inside the school.

It’s easy to view a particular teacher’s class schedule, file reports efficiently etc.

Also teachers can use their database to keep the details regarding class timings, student progress and classroom activities in one place.

Some of its advantages include:

• Teachers can log onto their database securely to access the records regarding school, classroom and student activities
• Classroom forms and reports can be filled quickly using the school management software where almost all information regarding the classroom and students are updated accordingly
• Teachers can easily notify parents about their student’s report once it is filed

4. Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI has slowly started to make its presence felt on our daily lives. In 2018, AI is has become part of many mainstream software. For effective school management software, one of the key areas with AI integration is School Bus Fleet Management.

With Integrated AI features such as Auto Routing, Auto Optimisation and Auto Allocation, managing school buses has become much easier than ever before. So, check out if the software of your choice offers any AI features.

AI is not a fancy term. It actually reduces your expense and makes a significant difference to safety and your ROI

5. Communication Facilities (Voice Messaging, E-mail, Chats, etc)

To a great extent, student success depends on the effectiveness of communication among parents, schools and teachers.

School management systems have Parent portal, which are capable enough to facilitate the communication process by sending text, voice messages and e-mails to a predefined set of parents and the whole school.

Thereby lessening the time invested by the school administrators in making phone calls or leaving messages to parents.
Another small but important feature of highly effective school management software is the facility to use templates that can be saved to communicate important days like teachers’ day, annual day, cultural day etc.

6. Attendance & Timetable Management

Attendance management is an important school administrative task and it requires teachers to spend a small chunk of time at the beginning of each class.

Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to manage the whole process of taking attendance and recording them accurately.

Marking attendance in grids having small squares is very hard and errors can occur very easily.

But attendance management is no longer a burden with the Teacher App. Now, recording attendance of each student is just a click away. You can manage attendance of your students without any errors using online attendance pages and share the details with parents within a short time.

The teacher app also provides an effective way for teachers to mark their own attendance, check the timetable and apply for leaves from their smartphones.

Timetable management for schools become a much easier process with this feature.

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7. Online Assessments and Assignments

While term examinations are still relevant, it is of much help to teachers and students to test and learn the knowledge each student has acquired continuously. Online assessments and assignments are therefore very important.

Teachers can provide individual assessments to each student looking at their level of knowledge if so required. Rubric-based assessments can be used by teachers for such purposes. So, this is an important feature for school management software to have.

8. Report Cards

A Report Card represents a student’s hard work throughout the year and it is the most anticipated thing in an academic year. However, both the teachers and the school administration find it a time-consuming responsibility.

School management software can help teachers and school authorities to streamline the process of generating report cards using an interactive database. With the already available information about a student’s class performance, attendance and exam results, the database completes the report card automatically.

Teachers can review this before finalizing and approving the report card and make it accessible to parents and students immediately.

9. Fee Tracking and Online Payment

Managing receipts and incoming payments, preparing bills, tracking several types of fees before applying them to the right student etc can be time-consuming and difficult without proper software to handle the functions.

A simple way to manage and deliver payments, charge fees and prepare bills is by using Smart Cards for payment system. It is easy and convenient to use.

Online billing helps schools to allow credit card payments and parents can pay their child’s school fees at home easily. This make the whole process of fee payment hassle-free for both parents and the school.

10. Admission Management

Avoid keeping bundles of files as you can save all the data in a system. This method can help you to access the data immediately if required. You can do this with effective school management software.

Such software is capable enough to manage the registration and admission process of both old and new students smoothly. This software can remove the difficulties caused by human errors and treats the new and old students differently based on the information provided.

11. Profile Management

School management system software efficiently performs profile management. It is one module of the system which is used to manage students, parents, staff and teachers. It captures information such as name and contact information of the users. Every user has unique login credentials to access.

12. Homework

With this module, daily classroom homework assignments become easily available to students 24 hours a day. It also contains the date when it was assigned and when it should be submitted. In addition to these, teachers can also modify homework assignments and projects as per the requirements.

13. Library Management

This module is an effective solution to make school library management simple and effective. It has features such as find, search, issue and return books. It supports bar code & scanning capability to automate your library. It also includes reports of library members, daily issue register and much more.

14. Transport Management

Any effective school management software will have the facility to manage school transportation effectively.

With this, you can keep track of each student’s route change history. They also display information such as students who has opted for school transportation without routes assigned to them.

It ensures student safety by making sure whether a student is present on the bus or not and later submits the report to their parents.

Edsys For Education” Presenting You Teacher App – A Complete Class Schedule and Attendance Management App

15. Use of Convenient Apps

As smartphones are daily drivers these days, it is a given that any school management software worth its salt should make use of apps. Smoothly performing apps with the right feature sets make lives easier for students, teachers, parents and support staff.

Some key apps that should be in School Management Software include Parent App, Teacher App, Fleet Management/Transport Manager App

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16. Academic calendar

Academic calendar is one of the basic needs of an effective school management software. It helps parents to stay updated about the events, meetings, assignments, lectures, exam schedules etc.

17. Cloud based technologies

Cloud based school management software’s have become the need of the hour. It is a blessing for educators.

If the school needs to update the existing system or face any technical issues, it can be resolved easily with a closed based software.

You don’t have to spend time and need manual efforts, updates or edits can be done online via internet.

Managing multiple schools under a single educational trust is also made convenient, data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

18. HR & Payroll management

With this module, employee details can be maintained properly. All data regarding staff enrolments, staff recruitments, staff payroll, staff leaves etc can be kept systematically using HR module.

19. User -Friendly UI

For a successful execution of any software, it needs to have an easy to use and well- designed user interface. It should be designed in a way so that a person with least computer knowledge should also be able to access the system. The software must also be customizable as per school requirements.

20. Tag vendor module

Tag vendor module is a must for a school management system.  Using this, ID cards can be generated easily.

This third parties will have all student details. If a child lost his/her ID card, then parents can directly request for a new one and get it immediately.

These are some of the characteristics of highly effective school management software. So, what are your thoughts on the same? Please feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

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As we welcome another New Year, changes are inevitable in every field and it is no different in the education sector. When you talk about modern education, what a student wants the most is a good classroom experience. With advancements in technology, there is a lot for classrooms to expect in 2018, as well. Incorporating the modern technologies in the right mix can really lift the spirit of classroom learning. With the convenience, security and flexibility offered with new technologies, students would have more interest towards learning and they would crave for more.

So, here let us look at the most modern technologies that we can expect in a 2018 classroom and how they are going to improve the learning experience.Teacher app ad banner

  1. 1. Class Websites: A modern classroom will have a personalized website which helps students, teachers and parents to be in touch always. This web application provides a single place for everyone in the class to communicate any related things round the clock. The website will have access to announcements, events, & calendars and students can have a look at the upcoming assignments and syllabus. The website can even include additional sections such as blogs where students can share their views on any subjects or polls and contests as part of some celebration or decision making.


  1. 2. Interactive Whiteboards: The period of one-way lectures with a black board and chalk are now getting outdated. The interactive whiteboards that can be connected to computer are really changing the way different subjects are covered in class. These large computer monitors are also visually appealing for students and teachers can easily handle multimedia presentations. Teachers and students even have the option to draw or write on them with ease using its touch screen capabilities. Similarly, note taking is taking a new form with lightweight and flexible digital displays replacing paper note books.


  1. 3. 3D Printing: With this technology, students will have access to 3D models of different elements covered in their subjects. A 3D view helps them to have a deeper level understanding of certain lessons which they otherwise have only limited access when referring just text book pictures. Some working mini-models of certain applications can be set up in class to better learn about some principles. This technology erases the limitations of experimenting options for students. Without giving much emphasis to time and costs, they can freely experiment their preferred designs. The complex concept models can be reconstructed to easily convey tough subjects.


  1. 4. Online Social Networking: An online platform within a classroom will be an added advantage for students to socialize with their classmates and teachers. Teachers can act as moderators and students can utilize this platform to share their ideas freely with friends. Such opportunities for students can help them to identify their role in taking up learning as a personal responsibility. This can also act as a source for interactive learning where they can discuss their home works and projects and make learning more productive. The social networking tools can play crucial roles in improving engagement, interaction and team building activities in the classroom.


  1. 5. Big Data: Data generation within classrooms are on the rise every year which includes assignments, attendance, projects and weekly tests. Monitoring all these data in a regular manner is necessary to get an assessment of student’s performance which is a tough job. Big data is an efficient tool that helps to manage this monitoring pretty easily by analyzing significant patterns and trends. With this technology, data can be utilized in an efficient manner by saving a lot of time.


  1. 6. Student Response System: Teachers can receive instant feedback about their classes with such response systems. The modern tools such as Google Forms and Socrative are making the job really easy after every class which helps teachers to develop better strategies in the next class if needed. They can make necessary changes based on the understanding level of the students. This is also a good way to make in-class quizzes or polls at the time of decision making with regard to any event.


  1. 7. Tablets: With its portable nature and endless possibilities, this minicomputer like gadget is becoming a popular element in today’s classroom. With easy to store capabilities and internet connectivity, these are now replacing heavy text books. With possibilities of internet browsing, word processing and digital textbooks, the tablet is turning out to be the most popular classroom tool of the era. Whether it is Google Nexus, iPads, or Amazon Kindle, there are models built with students needs in mind. Adding to the overall convenience, new brands are offering paper-thin smartphones which is highly portable and easy to store.


  1. 8. Cloud Computing: This kind of advanced technology avoids the burden of students to carry their home works, heavy text books and assignments. They can just log in to their device to access their work saved at home system from their class. They can access the reading materials from digital library whenever they have an internet connection. Students can work on the projects anytime with the convenience of their device. The cloud technology also opens a world of virtual classroom learning experience when they can log in from their systems even at the comfort of their home.


  1. 9. Document Cameras: The advanced document cameras are now replacing the old era projectors for displaying learning content in the classroom for a wider audience. With precise display of text in big screen, students can get a visual treat of interesting lessons. The advanced models can easily capture movies with audio in addition to images. This technology provides ease of convenience in teaching with possibilities of even displaying content from SD cards.


  1. 10. Augmented Reality (AR): Engaging students in a classroom is the key to gain their interest for learning and this is possible up to a great extent with augmented reality (AR). The technology provides students an indirect vision of a real-world setting. They get an experience of getting physical with elements which are bettered with sensory inputs and graphics. With improved engagement and interaction, learning can be all fun for students. The endless possibilities of this technology help students to think out of the box and excel in the learning.


  1. 11. Communication Apps: These are becoming a must-have tool in today’s classroom. Whether it is Teacher Kit or Remind 101, communication between teachers, students and parents are a lot easy than before. The child’s activities in school can be monitored by parents with a virtual presence. They can also be intimated about any upcoming events or happenings in school. Students will get reminders from teachers regarding project deadlines and homework assignments which make the job a lot easy for teachers.


  1. 12. Virtual Field Trips: With limited time to go out of classrooms and explore different places and subjects, the virtual field trips are proving really beneficial for modern classrooms. With the endless possibilities of World Wide Web, the students can experience a guided exploration. This online learning experience can be customized depending on the subjects to be covered. Teachers also add tools for visualization, modelling and simulation along with this digital trip to enable them to think critically. They can engage in data collection and analysis, scaffolding and discussion to get the better out of this experience. Virtual studios are also slowly becoming an important tool in today’s classroom.


  1. 13. Artificial Intelligence: As each student prefer a varied learning style, the regular teaching methods may not be feasible for everyone. Their different progress rates and pace in learning can be better handled with artificial intelligence. With this technology, they would be able to pick up lessons in their preferred pace. The machine learning and artificial intelligence can play a key role in improving the weak areas of different students with customised learning.


  1. 14. Biometrics: Even when this technology is dominant in security industry, its possibilities are opening a new phase in the education sector. The eye tracking are finding its use for teachers to learn how the students understand and absorb the lessons. In libraries, the iris patterns can be used to know the identity of the students who are borrowing books which avoids the manual labour and saves time. The facial recognition and fingerprints are also helpful in easing off the class attendance.


  1. 15. Education Apps: These are now becoming integral elements of a new era classroom. With the dominance of mobiles, education apps are now a strong but flexible tool to teach and assess students in a smarter way. Being handy, students are finding it really convenient to maximise the possibilities of classroom experience. When Class Dojo gamifies the classroom, Nearpod aids to develop interactive lessons and students’ understanding level can be assessed easily with Plickers app.

Easy information access is the key to a successful learning phase and these future technologies are designed to bridge the online and offline gaps. With the use of modern technology in classrooms, students are getting all freedom to express their voice and creativity while learning new concepts in a different way. A sense of pleasure and the opportunities to explore new technology helps students to approach the world of learning in a positive mode. The modern classroom experience has really changed the way students perceive education and they love this phase of life than ever before. With more and more technologies to be introduced in the near future, tomorrow’s classrooms would be a better place for students.

Gone are the days when knowledge was limited to classrooms and lecture notes. Thanks to the internet, education is now accessible to a larger group of people who actively seek it and educational websites play a key role in providing relevant and updated information.There are mainly two kinds of Educational websites:

(1) – provides information about entrance exams, courses, and career guidance.

(2) – provides educational materials and information.

Listed here are 40 top educational websites that can help a student hone their skills and update their knowledge bank.

Access Here More Than 1000+ FREE Educational Apps


JagranJosh is a website that offers educational information on Banking, Civil Services, MBA Entrance, SSC, etc. and is known for simplifying test preparation. It is also a rich repository of CBSE, JEE, IAS-PCS, SSC study materials. Students can prepare well for their exams by downloading Previous Year’s Question Papers or they can ask or answer questions on their interactive forum. Current affairs and general knowledge quiz provide information in a fun way.

2) provides complete guidance for MBA, MS, Engineering, Fashion designing and a variety of courses available in various colleges of India. It also has a forum that allows students to post career-related questions and receive answers from experts through a community known as Shiksha Cafe. The website also offers guidance and mock tests to prepare for courses abroad. It has a list of courses offered abroad, countries offering these courses and application process for the same. View here


Aglasem(next semester in Hindi) is a student’s guidance portal that offers study material, class notes, sample papers and more for students of CBSE and ICSE board. The website also offers guidance for national, state and college level entrance exams and also provides admission updates, preparation, query solving. Aglasem also provides recruitment updates and aids in the preparation of Government jobs, bank jobs, teacher eligibility test, railways recruitment etc.


This is an exclusive website that caters to commerce, accounts and finance students by providing innovative online coaching facility. The website offers guidance for professional courses like CA, CS, ICWA and also has many useful articles on subjects like Audit, Income Tax, Corporate Law, Accounts, etc. The interactive CCI forum is extremely useful to students to get expert answers to their questions directly from the experts.


Meritnation offers study materials designed specifically for the students of Class 1 to 12. Its Smart study feature offers videos, study materials, and textbook solutions for students. The website acts as a platform for live classes and online coaching for students of classes 4-12. The website’s Homework Help is popular for providing solutions for queries and doubts. MeritNation’s mobile app for Android and iOS users is available for download.

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6) offers guidance to students on the selection of suitable college, course, school, etc. The website provides previous years question papers and has useful articles and practice tests that can help them prepare for the tests and improve their skills. Their active discussion forum provides answers and also aims at improving English Language skills of students.

7) focuses on the field of MBA, Banking, UPSC, Engineering, and SSC. The website provides guidance on competitive exams, courses and entrance exams. Students can prepare for CAT, JEE, SSC and IBPS exams with PaGaLGuY’s free learning app – Prepathon. It also has a forum where students can post queries and receive answers from the experts.

8) provides complete information on various exams like CAT, MAT, CLAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. It also offers information on a range of topics including Study in India, study abroad, Distance education, college admissions and more. You can download ebooks and study materials for free and also take free mock tests to evaluate and improve your skills.


Education observer features mock tests, recruitment exam guides, admissions, scholarships etc. and also provide news related to career and job search. Education observers’ interactive forum is a great platform to ask questions and receive expert answers.

10) Admission News

Admission News provides information regarding entrance exams, application dates, admission notices, scholarships and various career avenues. The website offers dedicated career counseling service and career-related info in fields like library science, fashion technology, biotechnology, engineering, law etc.

11) StudyNation 360

StudyNation has a wealth of information on courses provided abroad and aims to facilitate application and admissions to foreign institutes. It provides a range of information on exam and admission preparation. The website also offers support for securing education loans and promises to bridge the gap between universities and students.

12) India Education

This website features up to date news related to education and provides information on career choices, distance education, guidelines for online education etc. Students can download ebooks, find updated information on entrance tests, and receive expert answers on Ask an expert discussion forum.

13) Indiaedu

Indiaedu offers complete guidance on education, career choices etc and has extensive information on entrance exams, distance education, and education loan. The website also has a comprehensive list of career courses in countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

14) Dimdima

Dimdima is an online children’s magazine that makes learning fun. It features information on topics related to sports, ecology, science etc. This unique website caters to school students; craft and activities, book buzz, poetry corner and more add to the fun quotient.

15) Youngbuzz

Youngbuzz offers online career counseling and academic guidance which are of great help to a student who has to make the crucial decision of which career path to choose. The website’s “Online Career Counseling Test” has helped many young aspirants narrow down their career preference. YoungBuzz has a wealth of information about entrance tests, and the best colleges and universities in India and abroad.

16) India Education Stat

This website provides students with statistical information on literacy rate, educational infrastructure, distance education, research, and development within India’s education arena.

17) Room 108

Room 108 features a range of educational games for students on subjects like Science, Maths, English and Social Studies. It also offers puzzles, worksheets and stories for fun learning. Primary school teachers find the website as an excellent source for creating assignments.

18) Indiaedunews

Indiaedunews is a unique website that helps students make informed decisions by providing the latest information on the education sector in both India and abroad. Students can find a wealth of information on important institutions, courses offered, career options and entrance exams. The website also offers career counseling, information on vocation and distance education and online tests.


edHelper is yet another website that offers a range of interactive educational materials for primary school teachers. It features bulletin board ideas, handwriting, cursive writing, social studies, geography, and other subjects including science, maths, English and social studies. edHelper also has downloadable coloring pages, puzzles, worksheets and stories for fun learning.

20) Kids Web India

Kids Web India features nursery rhymes, jokes, games, tongue twisters, stories, poems and riddles for kids. It has an exclusive Parents and Teachers desk and mothers corner that provides useful and exclusive information.

21) eSiksha

eSiksa offers valuable information regarding career opportunities and academics in India and abroad. Students can also find mock test papers, career and distance education guidance, astrological analysis, relax zone, quiz zone and more.

22) Scholastic

Scholastic is a website well known for its unique educational tools that give children access to a great number of books, easily downloadable videos and a variety of games.


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IndiaBix is a great website for students who want to improve their Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Reasoning skills. The website also provides placement papers, body language tips, HR and technical interview tips and much more. 39. Britannica Britannica is a great website for children who are looking to improve their knowledge in areas such as Science & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, History & Society, Travel & Geography, and much more.

24) Britannica

Britannica is a great website for children who are looking to improve their knowledge in areas such as Science & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, History & Society, Travel & Geography, and much more.

25) Enchanted Learning

Enchanted learning is a website created exclusively for children and is aimed at maximizing their learning abilities and creativity. The website covers a range of topics including geography, astronomy, inventors, explorers and more. It also has Coloring Pages, Games, and more that can be used by teachers for assignments or to supplement their lesson plans.

26) Coursera

Coursera is keen to make education accessible to everyone. It offers free courses online from world’s top-class universities such as the University of Michigan, Princeton University, etc. Lectures are in series in the form of 15-minute long clips.

27) Udacity

Udacity, founded by 4 Stanford roboticists is a free education website which is free for brainy types. It offers 11 courses related to science and maths and is free of prerequisites, deadlines, quizzes and other school stuffs which are irritating.

28) Open culture

Open culture offers an amazing collection of 400 courses online for free from Ivy League Universities such as UCLA, Stanford, Oxford and Columbia University. It offers a complete range of courses from science and art to economics and maths.

29) Learnist

Learnist, an interactive medium providing educational contents and teaching materials which are grouped into boards

30) Mentormob

MentorMob is just as similar to YouTube as in this users can create learning playlists from top rated websites. It is also a community where members can share and rank each other’s learning playlists.

31) Memrise

Memrise, an education website providing stress-free learning based on 3 pillars namely science, community and fun. This is based on scientific methods to implant new information.


edX offers free courses mainly designed for interactive learning via web, provided by Harvard, Barkley, MIT, Georgetown, University of Washington, Boston University, Kyoto University, Karolinska Institute and many more.

33) Scitable

Scitable, a free personal learning tool and science library focused on genetic- the study of evolution, variation and the rich density of living organisms.

34) Open2study

Open2study offers free and high-quality education online. With this, you can study the subjects with its real value. These subjects are provided by Australian Institutions and are taught by experts and academics.

35) Open YALE Courses

Open YALE Courses offers free and open access to various introductory courses which are taught by scholars and notable teachers at Yale University. And moreover, all lectures are available in audio, video and in text transcript formats.


Academic Earth offers a wide range of academic options to student from traditional to current day studies and also provides online degree courses from economics and accounting to engineering. In addition to this, it also has collaboration with many reputed colleges like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Stanford University and so on…


Internet Archive is one of the finest websites providing free and accessible knowledge making your learning process easier. It is a genuine website that stores the original education material from several top rated websites.


With Big Think, students can create their own distinct ideology as it offers several options on one subject. The articles in it were written by the experts which are further refined by the website’s editorial team there by providing authentic material to the students.


Brightstorm is one of the best platforms for high school scholars for reference. They offer help in every subjects from science to mathematics, history and various other subjects. They have arranged the topics in such a way that you can crack the competitive exams devoid of too much effort.


Access Here More Than 1000+ FREE Educational Apps

As compared to other websites, CosmoLearning not only provides academic learning to students but also provides skill-based learning. Students can refer the provided material or else can enrol themselves in any of the 58 courses. This website includes mainly 3 options: courses, educational materials and documentaries and the subjects are divided into 2 sections namely academic and extra-curricular subjects.