Students follow their teachers’ footsteps in almost everything. So, a good teacher is supposed to demonstrate only those things which they can ask their students also to do. If the teacher can do a similar project what his/her students have been assigned, then students can come up with better work. It means if the teacher is not interested in the thing he/she teaches, then students will not show any interest towards the information that they have been taught.

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A teacher should fairly make time to listen and help their students. If they show kindness and love toward their students, then students will become more comfortable to share their problem and stories with their teachers. If teachers only deliver a lecture and leave the class, then students will lose the trust that is required for a positive student-teacher relationship. Gaining such trust is one of the most important qualities teachers must have.

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20-Things-Teachers-Shouldnt-Do-in-the-Classroom Infographic

In the current scenario, technology has developed in several ways, resulting in the increased number of amazing opportunities. Nowadays, education is no more limited to books. The internet has opened new doorways to the world of knowledge. One such doorway is educational websites that any student and teacher can refer. Some of these sites also encourage project-based learning and provide a better path for learning. These websites allow the students to attain a higher level of thinking and integrated learning in a fun and productive way. These websites can help the student a lot in their learning and in gaining more knowledge.

Let us find out which are the current most popular educational websites.


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Education has always been a vital aspect of society. As the time changes, educational system also changed from traditional classroom to smart classroom. This sort of classroom is really advantageous to today’s students and for their overall learning process as they are very tech savvy.

Smart classes offer a collaborative learning environment both for students as well as teachers. These classes attract students with interactive content. These classrooms not only change the perspective of students towards learning but also help the teachers to prepare lessons that interest the students. Learning becomes less burden and more fun with digital classrooms.

Interactive classrooms make the students capable enough to face some of the most modernized tools launched in the marketplace at a very tender age of their life which results in making them smarter and brighter.


27 Essential Smart Classroom Tools and Websites infographic

Parent’s involvement in the education of their children can make positive effects on their school readiness, academic achievement, and development of social skills.

Developing a strong parent-teacher communication is a necessary factor in student’s success. A powerful parent-teacher communication can play a vital role between the home and classroom. This is an opportunity for parents to meet and interact with their child’s teachers regarding their child’s development and to plan their academic support. It also helps teachers to explain the parents about the issues faced by the children in school and to provide suggestions to avoid them in future.

Parent-teacher meetings are really fruitful for child’s performance in school. But for working parents, it might be difficult to attend these meetings that fall mostly during working days in schools. To tackle this issue, many companies have come up with mobile apps ensuring smooth and comfortable parent-teacher communication whenever possible.

Communication between parents and teachers is really essential to support students in their success and well-being. It enables both teachers and parents to work together for student’s learning and development. Children whose parents actively support their education tend to be better in school and have a better attitude towards school.

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Handling a manual time management in schools can be a hassle at times. Recording and arranging timetable manually for each class and adjusting them according to the availability of teacher is tedious and annoying.

Managing timetables, allotting classes to teachers, routing and planning of school buses, preparing pay scale, calculating each employee’s leave, and much more.

Assessing the advantages of Timetable Management Software will allow you to assess your skills and schedule your time in a productive way. It is a user-friendly application which can be easily accessed and adapted to any educational system. Thereby it reduces the workload on teachers and increases the efficiency of an institution. Now academic institutes can resolute towards quantity and quality of education as they can save their precious time and resources with this software.


7 Benefits of Timetable Management Software You Cannot Ignore

Digital classrooms have been creating a revolution in the educational sector. Embedded with modern day technologies, such interactive classrooms offer a friendly environment to the students where they may clear all their concepts while having endless fun.

Benefits of digital classrooms are a lot more than one can ever think of. They are ideal for educating the little angels about the most basic rules of learning and also help them in retaining their knowledge. They have not only changed the perspective of students towards studying but have also helped the teachers in preparing dynamic multi-media lessons which can be interesting for students. Learning is more of a fun and less of a burden with the introduction of such digital classrooms in education.

Educators can interact with all the viewers and thus keep every individual engaged and focused. Moreover, they may also organise student collaboration in smart classrooms which may help the students in building up healthy communication with each other.


Role of Digital Classroom in Education [Infographics]


Technology has not only changed the way of our daily routine, it also changed the way of our traditional method of education. As of now, we can see various technologies getting implemented in classrooms and educators also trying out different types of technologies in their teaching.

One form of these technologies is wearable technologies, which is growing day-by-day, helping every person to fulfill their tasks smoothly in almost every field.  This technology is gaining popularity in every sector mainly in education after the arrival of laptops and smartphones.

Here is the list of wearable technologies, which has shown a positive impact in the world and knows how you can make use of it, mainly in educational institutes.


Wearable Technology- Shaping the Future of Education [Infographics]

To become an eco-friendly citizen, you must start with your home, classroom, etc.  Even for those who are not going green in the home can learn from the classroom and implement in their home. You might be teaching your students about the significance of environment. Then why don’t you turn into reality by making your classroom eco-friendly?

To create an eco-friendly classroom, green up the things you make use of in the classroom; create eco-friendly projects for your students.

Making your classroom eco-friendly doesn’t happen at once. Here are some tips which you can do to green your classroom. If you start these at the earliest, kids can pick up on these habits and implement it everywhere.


Nowadays students take control of their own learning process. Where once it was all school and homework, the online world has revolutionised the learning.

But most of us think that internet isn’t favorable for studying as we believes that it only contains social media and some videos. But no, we were wrong as there are several websites designed mainly to manage everyday life, learn new skills and is also helpful for students to study for their exams.


      Online Tools That Make Your Studying Easier

By using these online tools, students can categorize, personalise, learn, improve and test themselves and its format can suit their learning style.

These can help students of all age group for all their upcoming exams. Most of the sites included in this lists have upgraded their packages but every site has free tools for all the students.

Just use them and see which is worthy for you as these educational tools can make your learning easy.

Online Tools That Make Your Studying Easier [Infographics]

“Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this.” – Katherine Jenkins

Student bullying is one of the most frequently reported discipline problems at schools as well as colleges.

Report from National Education Association says 21% of elementary schools, 43% of middle schools, and 22% of high schools reported problems with bullying in 2005-06.

Reading anti bullying books may not be able to guarantee zero bullying in schools but they can help reduce it.

Here is a list 8 anti-bullying books every child should read.

1. Chrysanthemum
2. The Juice Box Bully
3. Enemy Pie
4. The Invisible Boy
5. Bully
6. Wonder
7. Dear Bully
8. Tease

To stop bullying in kids, everyone needs to be onboard and involved. Working together with both parents and schools can help break the cycle of bullying.

8 Anti-Bullying Books Every Child Should Read [Infographics]