Having a parent portal seems to be very useful from a school administrator’s perspective. It provides them a single point reference to all the school related activities of a student. But, the people who are first and foremost concerned and connected to a child’s welfare are obviously his or her parents. So, what does our parent portal offer to parents?

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On logging in, a parent lands to the home page or the dashboard of our parent portal. Here you can find a top navigation pane as well as a side navigation menu. The top/horizontal navigation menu has five options – the Dashboard, Online Payment, Academic Calendar, Notification Center, and Communication Center. In the side menu, the parents can find different modules to generate reports such as Results, Attendance and Fee. Below that, there are also modules related to school work such as assignments and study materials. Let us look at what all of these offers to a parent.

1. Main Menu

Online Payment: Physically going to the school to make payment, or entrusting a child with the fee amount are not the best options for today’s working parents. With our online payment portal, they don’t have to do either. They can conveniently login to the online portal and pay the dues from their internet connected device from anywhere using their credit/debit card or by net banking.

Academic Calendar: The academic calendar will provide a comprehensive view of the various events in a school year. From annual day and exam time to holidays, the parent can know the dates by looking at it. Parents can also find out about the student’s attendance by looking at the academic calendar.

Notification Center: Parents can keep up with the latest happenings by just taking a peek at the notification center. It might be a circular about an upcoming quiz competition or it might be the announcement of the exam schedule. All of this information along with school bus attendance messages will be displayed in the notification center, which is just a click away for parents.

Communication Center: Parents can stay updated about their children’s progress and behaviour in school at the communication center. It allows them to exchange feedback to the school principal or teachers.

2. Reports

Results Module: Parents get easy access to their children’s results from this module. They can see the detailed semester wise reports of how children have performed in various subjects. The results can be downloaded in PDF format for your convenience.

Attendance Module: The attendance module, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive view of students’ attendance. It lets the parent know the number of days their children has been present and absent from their classes.

Fee Module: Want to know how much amount has been paid as fees for the whole year? Parents can now get the complete details using our fee module. They can also find out the details about fee dues. All from their Internet connected device.

3. School Work

Assignments/Home Work: Parents can conveniently find out what assignments are there for their children and download them as PDF files. Once the assignment or home work is completed by the child, parents can upload it as PDF files to the parent portal.

Study Material Module: Study material will be provided as downloadable PDF files in the Academic section. Parents can either view it on the screen or download it according to their convenience.

4. Multiple Profiles

If a parent has more than one child studying in the same school, then the parent can view both children’s details from the same login. For instance, in the case of attendance, a parent can choose which child’s profile needs to be checked from inside the attendance module.


The Online Parent Portal is a comprehensive solution for parents. However, a dedicated mobile application would obviously be more convenient to carry around and access. ParentApp is exactly that and a little bit more. It can do pretty much everything that is possible with the online portal.


Attendance Tracking – Parents can track the children’s attendance on the go, at their convenience.

Results – They get detailed semester-wise results complete with grades received for each subject

Track Fee – Parents can find out if there are any fee arrears

School Bus Tracker –This solution helps parents to pin point the real-time location of their children’s school bus

Notice board – Parents can view schedules, time tables, circulars etc
from the school in PDF format

Communication Center – Parents are notified of critical messages with push notifications, bridging the communication gap between teachers and parents. They can also initiate conversations with the school principal and teachers

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Feedback Section – This section allows parents to send feedback to teachers on their children’s progress and activities.

The online parent portal will be hosted alongside the school website. It helps parents to communicate with teachers and stay informed about their children’s progress and discipline at school. All details for parents like school circulars, fee payment details, marks and attendance are reported through the portal. Parents with multiple children studying in the same school need only one login to view all details. The ParentApp is the icing on the cake as it provides a solution for busy parents to keep track of their children’s school life.