Last week, we had discussed about our Smart apps for toddlers – TinyTapps. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, we are going to explain about our English language apps. We have four colourful and fun apps for teaching English. Let’s take a look at them.

Fun with ABC – Alphabet Learning

This lovely app introduces your kid to the world of English alphabets. It has a colourful interface with jungle theme that children would easily relate to. There are four sections in this app –alphabet recognition (ABC), alphabet tracing (ABC Trace), alphabet activity (ABC Game) and song (ABC Song). These sections together provide a comprehensive learning that children will enjoy. The app is simple to use for both child and parent/teacher.

Small abc

Your child will have fun learning small letters of the English language with this smart app. This app aims to develop and strengthen both visual and auditory associations with alphabets. It also has an activities section that has been designed to build your child’s analytical thinking and recognition skills. This app has a read and writes section that, as the name suggests, is aimed at improving basic reading and writing skills of pre-schoolers. Children become familiar with the letters and their sounds. Apart from that, kids are encouraged to trace or write the alphabets, which have the additional benefit of improving their motor skills.

There is an Activities section too, for evaluating how much the child has learnt and retains in his mind. It incorporates a drag and drop activity that strengthens picture-letter association. Other sections include Blast the Rocket for recognising lower case alphabets through auditory association, Matching Activity that emphasizes on visual association and recognition and Rhythm & Rhyme, which hugely improves your child’s speech, literacy, reasoning, physical, emotional, and social development.


As the name implies, this app encourages children to learn word pairs with opposite meanings such as “hot and cold”, “up and down” and “good and bad”. Children show a tendency to learn certain types of words easily. Opposites are one such concept they grasp quickly. They help children to differentiate and distinguish the world around them. This app includes about 50 opposite words and a game. Opposites challenge and fine tune the cognitive skills of your children.

Rippling Rhymes

Songs are one of the easiest ways for children to learn because they love the rhythm and rhyme. Rippling Rhymes is an app that includes a collection of short and rhythmic songs that make it easy for your children to learn and memorize. Each song is unique and has a special theme. But all of these songs are like stories with a beginning and an end. They are entertaining and add value by incorporating new vocabulary, concepts of alphabets, numbers etc. There are beautiful illustrations, animations, an intuitive user interface and excellent audio quality.

These are the apps that TinyTapps have developed to help pre-schoolers learn more about English Language. Next week, we will explain about the Math/Numbers apps by TinyTapps.

The development during early years is very important to the overall growth of each child. On realizing this, the British government introduced the EYFS system. According to the EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage system, schools should submit a profile report for each child’s learning and development. This happens at the end of EYFS, which in most cases is the year the child turns five.

There are 7 areas of learning which are divided into prime and specific areas of learning.

Prime areas of learning:

  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Specific areas of learning:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The system also mentions three characteristics of effective learning:

  • Playing and Exploring
  • Active Learning
  • Creating and Thinking Critically

The profile reports are graded or judged based on real time observations of children’s activities. This system requires all adults who are part of the learning and development processes to make valuable contributions to the judgements made about children’s profiles.

Being an ongoing or real time process, observations have to be noted down with labels along with photographs taken using cameras. It might not seem much of an inconvenience at first, but imagine taking notes and photographs for 25 children every day for a month or a year. The process that looked very easy on the onset suddenly appears daunting. And don’t start thinking of the problems associated with processing all the valuable observations.

But when you think of it as a modern day problem, an answer pops up – Mobile devices. Yes, those portable, powerful computers with cameras and network connectivity could make it easy for you to collect, sort and process all the information.

Only problem? You need an app for that. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with an EYFS mobile application. This app makes it easy for you to take pictures and label them according to different activities and sub-activities and save to each child’s profile instantaneously. The various options available in the device are put to excellent use making this application an amazing tool for EYFS management.

The main features of the EYFS mobile application are:

Student Profiles – Create profiles of each student and add them to the database with images and other necessary details including classes, divisions etc.

Images & Videos – Capture images and videos as children are doing activities and save them with tags. The captured images and videos can be shared, commented and graded from the mobile device itself.

Smart Search – We all know how convenient a search feature can be when there is a huge database of information. The search feature is quite comprehensive and works with different criteria such as dates and activities. It becomes very useful when parents or senior management asks for immediate feedback.

Generate Reports – Preparing reports gets hassle-free with this application. Generate monthly or yearly reports in PDF format.

Postcards – No pasting and sticking as postcards can be created from the mobile device itself. Images from various activities can be selected for the postcard which also includes the profile picture.

Sharing – There are numerous sharing options such as email, YouTube, Bluetooth etc to share video reports and images.

Database Syncing – The server application maintains a database of all the profiles and activities in the same institution and syncs them between mobile devices. This results in well organised data.

The app has a nice, intuitive interface that’s easy to use. It sure decreases the workload of the faculty and leaves minimal room for errors. The profiles can provide a clear insight to the development and learning of each child. It definitely lets you breathe easy as far as EYFS profiles are concerned!

The progress of a child at school is one of the most important concerns of a parent. They are keen to track attendance, results and the different activities that take place at the school regarding their child. The best way to address this concern is to hand them the ability to track the different aspects 24/7, no matter where they are. This is what the ParentApp mobile application does.

The ParentApp has been designed to help parents in two ways – Tracking and communication.

Tracking Features

  • Attendance Tracking – Attendance of the entire school year displayed on a day to day basis
  • Tracking Semester Results – Semester-wise results with grades received for each subject
  • Track Fee – Find out if there are any fee arrears
  • School Bus Tracker – This is a real time tracking facility that helps parents to pin point the location of their children’s school bus. (This is a feature under progress. It will be fully functional with the next update to the application.)

Communication Features

  • Noticeboard – View schedules, time tables, circulars,etc in PDF format
  • Information section – Push notification facility that shows up critical messages from the school to the parents and bridges the communication gap between teachers and parents.
  • Feedback Section – Allows parents to send feedback on your child’s progress and activities, which help you to improve your service.

Usability and Safety Features

  • Simple Interface – Easy to comprehend and navigate for even the least tech-savvy person
  • Separate Profiles For Each Child – Access the details of your children from the same app
  • Single Point Access – Can be accessed from a single device only. Cannot be logged in from other devices.
  • Login ID and Password Recovery – Enables parents to recover the log in details and password with ease.

The main advantage of using the ParentApp is the satisfaction of parents in being up-to-date with the progress of their children. This application is convenient, saves time and eliminates the need for an extensive setup to communicate with parents. Employ this application and improve your reputation.