Brain Training Apps for Students

Learning is important. However, today’s competitive world tends to push students to go extra miles to perform and achieve. The outcome might be the success you desire. But, the adverse effect the stress has on your physical and mental wellbeing is worrisome.

Well, what can you do about your tired brain?

Taking a long break is a great option. But when exams are around the corner or with the amount of lessons and school work piling up, it is almost impossible.

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So, one of the best options would be brain training apps. Brain training apps are created with the idea of focusing on specific parts of the human mind. You can spend few minutes every day in the app and it will help you to control stress-related emotions, such as anxiety, and improve memory and keep your brain sharp.
It is also a great way to take a break from studies and give your brain an opportunity to think and engage, rather than filling it with information.

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Brain Training Apps

There are so many brain training apps available for students that serve different purposes. For example, some apps come with challenges to improve memory, while others will have an extra option that helps you to work on your emotions.

You can look into the apps that meet your requirements and choose the one suitable for you.

1. Lumosity :-

Lumosity is one of the first brain training apps. The colourful app comes with games that focus on improving your memory, attention span, problem solving, speed, and flexibility. Each session consists of three brain challenging games with time limits. You have to complete the challenges before time runs out.

The app comes with a free, 10-minute long fit test that determines your baseline scores, and shows you how you fared in the test compared to other participants of your age. You also gain access to three free games per day.

Lumosity app has both Android and iOS versions. You can upgrade to a Premium plan of $11.95 per month or $59.95 per year, which would give you access to 60 training programs, tips for better game accuracy, speed and strategy, and some additional exercises that help you to focus and relax.

2. Peak :- 

Peak is a popular brain training app available in both Google Play Store and App store. The app comes with short and intense brain workout challenges that focus on improving memory, focus, problem solving skills and mental agility.

The app also assigns you a “coach” that monitors your progress and shows you the areas that need improvement.

Peak app has a free version that allows you to play four brain games per day. You can also upgrade to a Premium version at $4.99 per month or $34.99 per year rates. The Premium version gives you a more personalized experience. You can also gain unlimited access to over 40 games and compare your performance results with other participants.

3. Elevate :-

Elevate is another popular brain training app available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

The app contains many challenging games and personalised brain workouts that focus on improving your abilities to communicate, analyse, focus, and also reading comprehension and other cognitive skills. The difficulty levels of the games increase as you progress.

You can attempt daily training sessions of five games in the free version of Elevate app. The paid version, Elevate pro, offers 14-day free trial followed by a fee of $4.99 monthly or $39.99 for one year.

You also get to play over 35 games and have access to features, like daily reminder to play and observe your progress.

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4. Mensa Brain Training :-

Mensa app comes with exercises that help to strengthen all elements that make your brain sharp. The app offers a training program, created by puzzle experts, that focuses on improving your memory, focus, agility, perception and reasoning.

Mensa Brain Training app only has an iOS version. New users get to enjoy a 7-day free trial subscription.

When you sign up for the first time, you get to attempt exercises that the app uses to check your Mensa Brain Index (MBI). The results would determine your training baseline and you can go back to your trial and continue with the challenges that the app offers. The subscription rate varies for this app.

5. Cognifit Brain Fitness :-

improving cognitive abilities of individuals, which include memory and focus. The app also consists of program that help to improve brain function of people diagnosed with brain conditions, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injuries, etc.

Cognifit Brain Fitness app also comes with online tests to analyse cognitive disorders, like depression, ADHD/ADD and insomnia; each test costs $49.99.

You can track your progress in the app, and also challenge your friends and see where you rank real time. The app sets the difficulty levels of challenges based on the user profiles and also provides game suggestions based on the results.

The app is available in both Android and iOS. The basic free plan allows you to play three games. You can upgrade at a cost of $12.00 per month and $189.99 per year. The upgraded version give you access to more than 25 games.

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6. Fit Brains Trainer :-

Fit Brains Trainer is a free brain trainer app that consists of 10 sets of games that focus on different areas of the brain and help you to improve your mental agility. The challenges get difficult as your progress and ensure that you receive an intense brain workout.

You can take up and complete one task from each category on a daily basis, and see your progress in the form of a colour coded graph. The app also provides you training recommendations.

Fit Brains Trainer is free and is available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

7. Happify :-

A happy and stress-free mind can create great results. And that is the outcome that Happify app offers, according to its developers.
Happify app is loaded with activities that help you to be capable of getting a hold of your negative thoughts, and improve your ability to cope with stress, show gratitude, empathy, and much more—all that is needed to remain stress free and happy.

The app consists of lots of quizzes, polls and gratitude journals that apply fundamentals of positive psychology. With all the challenges and tasks, the app intent to ensure that users learn to control their stress and negative emotions, and be happy.

Happify app is free and is available in App Store.

8. Clockwork Brain :-

Clockwork Brain app features a series of fun challenges that helps you to improve your memory, focus, reasoning, language, and fine motor skills.

The puzzles are short and game play is fast paced. Also, the app adjusts the difficulty levels of challenges depending on the users. Sprocket, the robot, will be your guide as you attempt the challenges.

The app is absolutely free and is available in Google Play Store.

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9. Eidetic :-

Eidetic app uses a spaced recognition technique to help users to enhance their memory. The technique helps users to learn and remember words, facts or numbers. It then notifies you to take a memory test after specific intervals. This will help you to remember the information for a long time.

Eidetic app only has an iOS version. The free version of the app offers only a limited number of tests. You will have to pay to gain access to all tests.

10. BrainHQ :-

BrainHQ is a problem-solving app that acts like a fitness coach only that it is for your brain. The app features a series of brain exercises that adjusts to your performance and gets more challenging as you progress.

You can go for a fast, five-minute long training session or an intense brain workout that lasts an hour.

BrainHQ app has both Android and iOS versions. It offers one free exercise every day. Access to rests of the exercises would require a paid subscription.

11. ReliefLink :-

Initially developed to serve as an app for suicide prevention, this app also keeps track of users’ mood using all relevant information related to your mental health.

The app includes unique coping mechanisms, such as voice-recorded mindfulness, and exercises and music to relax, when you are experiencing stress. The map locator in the app also informs you about therapists, support groups and mental health treatment facilities in your location, in case you need professional help.

ReliefLink app is free and is available in App Store.

12. Braingle :-

Braingle app is not your regular games and challenges for brain training kind of app. It features riddles and optical illusions to keep your brain sharp and improve your reasoning skills. You can solve the riddles by yourself or compete with your friends and family.

The app is available in App Store and is free.

13. NeuroNation –Brain Training and Brain Games :-

Neuronation is well known for its brain training programs and scientifically developed online courses that help users to improve their cognitive skills, memory and speed.

They also have a brain training app. The NeuroNation brain training app creates a personalised brain training program for you, by observing your strengths and potentials. The app features 27 games with about 250 levels to work out your brain.

The app has both Android and iOS versions. It has a free version and also options foe Premium subscription to receive further benefits.

14. Personal Zen :-

Personal Zen app features two animated characters who are extremely opposites. One is calm and friendly while the other looks angry. Users can follow these characters as they travel through a field of grass.

The app helps reduce anxiety and teaches your brain to focus on the positive aspects. The app’s Developer says that even a single play session can help you to remain resilient for hours. You get to see the best results if you use the app for 10 minutes every day.

Personal Zen app is available for free and has only an iOS version.

15. Not the Hole Story :-

Not the Hole Story app is for the hard riddle lovers to develop your thinking and to challenge your mind. The app features a book through which it offers the riddles for you to solve.

The app provides hints to help you solve the riddles. The answers will be shown when you give up.

Not the Hole Story app has just an iOS version and is available for free.

16. Brain Kids :-

Brain Kids is an award-winning fun brain-training app for children above the age of 6 years. The app features a series of brain training games that can be played by both students and parents. It helps you to improve your cognitive skills with its different games, which include puzzles, matching game, connect the dots, math, etc.

Brain Kids app only has an iOS version. It consists of three books. You can play the first chapter of each book for free. Rest of the chapters can be bought through in-app purchase.

17. Memorado Brain Training Games :-

Memorado Brain Training Games features lots of brain training games capable of giving your brain an intense workout. The app consists of 24 games with more than 270 levels that help you to work on your memory, focus and cognitive skills.

The games featured in the app were developed by brain training experts with the aim of improving cognitive functions in users. You can set goals and the app will create the brain training program for you and analyse your performance.

Memorado Brain Training Games app is available in Google Play Store and is free.

18. Cognito :-

Rather than memory tests and puzzles, Cognito app trains your brain through secret agent missions and spying games. All these challenges, however, revolve around the main aim- to improve your memory and logic, and to analyse your progress.

You can compete with other users and see how you fared. The app also provides you with data to show the effect the exercises have on your mental agility.

The iOS app has a free version with in-app purchase options. However, if you need those extra details of the data and access to more games, you can go for the paid subscription.

Do Brain Training Apps Actually Work?

Brain training apps are getting popular. But still, many wonder if they really benefit the users like they claim to be.

There are a number of studies that say brain training apps really help improve cognitive abilities of users, while there are some studies that say otherwise.

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However, it is true that brain training apps can bring about positive changes in students by relieving them from the stressful environment for a while. At the same time, this is never a permanent solution for your positive mental health.

But, technology is advancing with time. Soon, we might see more of innovative brain training apps that might fully serve the purpose.

The above-mentioned list consists of brain training apps that help to improve almost all cognitive requirements of students. You can choose from the list, or go for an innovative and customised brain training app that meets all your necessary requirements, by hiring a development partner.