What exactly is grammar, and why is it so important?

Grammar is significant because it gives information that assists in the comprehension of the reader. It is the framework that allows the writer to transmit exact meaning to the audience. Remove grammatical faults from your content and provide clear communication to your readers. Grammar describes the many sorts of words and word groupings that make up sentences in any language. Even as rookies, we can put sentences together—grammar is something we can all do.

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Which app is good for improving grammar?

he number of English grammar checker apps in the market is astounding. It just seems like a more convenient solution than learning the basics of grammar. But that should be the end of the illusion. Even the greatest grammar checker software won’t be able to aid you with current English fluency and accuracy. You need to go back to the fundamentals for it. Instead of digging out those grammar books you read at school, check out these fantastic English grammar apps.

The best grammar apps on iOS and Android are interactive, which should be enough to allow you to get through all subjects, objects, and dangling modifiers.

Below we have mentioned some of the best Apps to improve English Grammar

 1. LearnEnglish Grammar:- LearnEnglish Grammar is a free grammar practice software that aims to enhance the precision of English grammar. Thousands of grammar questions are available in the top-rated learning app to help you practice and improve your English grammar. One of the ideal places to learn English is the British Council.

The English grammar app in this app covers 25 grammar topics, more than 600 interactive activities, and thousands of questions from fill-in-the-blanks to multiple-choice. There is 10 specific type of activity in the grammar questions.
LearnEnglish Grammar is available in two versions, with British English and American English versions, and the content is adapted to reflect the differences in usage, spelling, and pronunciation between British and American English. It is free and you can practice English Grammar wherever you are and whenever you want.

Download UK Edition: LearnEnglish Grammar for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

2. Johnny Grammar Word Challenge :- One of the most popular grammar applications is Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge. It’s a fun timed quiz game in which students compete against the clock to answer as many grammar, vocabulary, and spelling problems as possible in 60 seconds.
This engaging timed quiz app, operated by quizmaster Johnny Grammar, with questions ranging from Basic to Expert level on a range of topics such as Foods & Restaurants, and Activities. As they move through the game, players may collect badges and compete with others on a worldwide scoreboard. The application is absolutely free, and it’s a great way to learn the fundamentals of grammar.

Download: Johnny Grammar Word Challenge for Android | iOS (Free)

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3. Grammarly :- Grammarly is a free grammar tool that may assist anyone in improving their English proficiency. Grammarly is a free online grammar and proofreading tool that can save you from unpleasant typos and grammatical mistakes. It’s also an effective spell-checker that ensures your work is error-free.
Grammarly detects plagiarism by comparing your work to the content of thousands of other websites. It’s like if you have someone reading and assessing your work, pointing out any flaws, and proposing methods to improve it. The free edition of the tool checks for grammatical and spelling errors, allowing you to publish a professional work of academic writing. To improve grammar, you should download the Grammarly app for Android and iOS platforms.

Download: Grammarly for Android | iOS (Free)

4. English Grammar in Use :- For intermediate level English learners, English Grammar in Use is the world’s best-selling grammar reference and practicing app. This grammar application is great for self-study, but it’s also good for classroom additional grammar tasks. To assist with listening and speaking abilities, the app includes interactive activities and integrated audio.

Over 100 million students and instructors across the world use English Grammar in Use to enhance their English communication skills. The material is available to view online or to download on an iPad or Android tablet. The app’s starting offer is free, but you’ll have to pay in-app to access all of the grammar modules.

Download: English Grammar in Use for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

5. English Grammar Book :- This is an older grammar application called English Grammar Book. Users can access a full index of grammatical terminology via the Grammar Book option (e.g., parts of speech, usage rules, types of sentences, etc.). The English Grammar Book app teaches kids how to recognise the different parts of speech in sentences.

It’s a grammar reference and quiz app that includes customised tutorials for various grammar rules. The grammar lessons are arranged in order of difficulty, with all of them grouped together. With 138 grammar points and quizzes, you can understand the structure of English. The application is free to use but contains advertisements.

Download: English Grammar Book for iOS (Free)

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6. English Grammar Test :- One of the most popular grammar applications is English Grammar Test. It has a lot of information, with 1,200 tasks in total and 20 English grammar units in each test. This is spread out across the app’s many skill levels, assessments, and other features. It also tracks your progress and scores. Tenses, Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and other subjects are covered in the app. This isn’t an app that you’ll be able to finish in a day, or even a week. The application is absolutely free.

Download: English Grammar Test for Android (Free)

7. Grow Grammer :- Grow Grammar is a basic English grammar application that teaches kids about sentence structure and how to make and deconstruct them. Many features in the application assist young people in improving their grammar skills along with sentence construction and grammar improvement. Grow Grammar is divided into four stages, each of which is more difficult than the last. Students have difficulties with increasing complexity grammatical structures and sophisticated vocabulary as they go through the levels. Students can study individually or with the guidance of a teacher or parent, progressing through the levels at their own pace.

Download: Grow Grammar for iOS (Free)

8. Grammaropolis :- Grammaropolis is a comprehensive and entertaining application for young grammar freshmen. Grammaropolis is a playful city full of individuals who represent each of the eight components of speech. Grammaropolis offers creative songs, videos, books, quizzes, and activities based on the eight parts of speech in the app version (there is also a Web version), all focused at making grammar interesting for youngsters.
The parts of speech in Grammaropolis are animated characters with characteristics based on the roles they perform in the phrase. Grammaropolis accomplishes the seemingly impossible: making learning grammar fun! From the sinister pronoun that constantly tries to usurp the noun’s position to the motherly conjunction who simply wants everyone to get along, Grammaropolis accomplishes the seemingly impossible: making learning grammar enjoyable!

Download: Grammaropolis for iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

9. Killer SAT Grammar :- Killer SAT Grammar is an outstanding grammar application. Although the grammar studies in the Secondary School years prior to GCSE were intended for American students taking their SATs, UK students will benefit from them as well. Modifiers, subject-verb agreement, direct expressions, the economy of expression, comparison mismatch, indefinite pronouns, and combining two sentences with a comma are all covered by the app as a stand-alone offering.

Download: Killer SAT Grammar for iOS

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10. Grammar Express (Super Edition) :- You may access the whole range of grammar applications by downloading this application. Each one focuses on a different aspect of English use. The Super Edition, on the other hand, maybe a more useful buy because it combines all of them into a single application. You get over 600 pages of grammar courses with over 5000 examples demonstrating each rule, according to their own copy. Take it all in and test your knowledge with the app’s 8500 questions. The app is not cheap. Another option is to purchase individual applications that address your grammatical issues.

Download: Grammar Express Super Edition for iOS

11. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation :- The name tells it all: Oxford Grammar and Punctuation. Over 250 grammar and punctuation rules are clarified and outlined in the app. It makes use of simple language, numerous examples, and supplemental courses to help learners. This one even comes with OCR. That is, you may use your camera to search for words and other information. Offline support, no advertisements, and all features are included in the full version. Some users aren’t fans of commercials. That is, however, pretty normal of any application.

Download: Oxford Grammar and Punctuation for Android

12. Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels :- Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels is an app with 112+ important grammar subjects and 12.000 English grammar questions accompanied by detailed explanations for each one. There are no hidden fees. The Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels app is ideal for students at beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels – a language app is the best approach to learning English. A solid understanding of English grammar is invaluable to every student.
A grammar check is an essential part of this English grammar app, regardless of whether you’re learning English or a native speaker. By improving your English Grammar skills, both your writing and speaking increase.

Download: Learn English Grammar Exercises For All Levels for Android

13. English Grammar Complete Handbook :- It isn’t your normal grammar book. Each topic is thoroughly explored with numerous real-life examples and simple definitions. This application will not only assist you in learning fundamental grammar, but it will also assist you in understanding complex areas of grammar, which is a unique function. Most grammar learning platforms just provide information on the fundamentals; however, their project offers solutions to common English grammatical problems, and they update their app on a regular basis.

Download: English Grammar Complete Handbook for Android

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14. English Grammar Exercises :- This is an excellent app for expanding your vocabulary and improving grammar. For you, this application functions as an English grammar in-use book. This app contains almost 100 grammar lessons. These topics are presented in an engaging and systematic manner. This will greatly assist you in improving your English grammar, writing, and reading skills. Even if you don’t have access to the Internet, this English learning app works just fine as it can be used both online and offline. This Grammar application is incredibly user-pleasant, with a basic design and a simple user interface. In addition, the application’s quick English grammar lessons make it simple to master English grammatical standards.

Download: English Grammar Exercises for Android

15. Learn English Grammar :- This English grammar app covers 120+ simple grammar topics with easy-to-understand explanations, numerous examples, and colorful graphics. All grammatical subjects are open to the public for free. This English Grammar application is appropriate for students at the beginner and intermediate levels. Over 2000+ grammar questions will help you develop your abilities over time. After you’ve finished your English test, you’ll be able to identify which elements of English grammar you excel in and which ones need more practice. It’s simple to test your grammatical abilities because of the minimalist design and straightforward user interface.

Download: Learn English Grammar for Android

16. English Grammar Test – Yobimi :– This app contains 1000+ English grammar test questions with easy-to-understand explanations, lots of examples, and interesting quizzes. This English grammar application will assist you in learning the concepts of the English language. Your writing and speaking skills will both get better as your English grammar continues to improve. This app is the ideal option for beginners who want to learn English Grammar in the simplest method possible. Everything in the app is unlocked and absolutely free.

Download: English Grammar Test – Yobimi for Android

If you’re looking for more educational apps, check out our Educational Apps Directory. We’ve made a comprehensive list of applications for teachers, students, and parents in one place, so you don’t have to go looking for them elsewhere.

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Parent Portal

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

Over the past few decades, influence of technology upon children and education has been immense. Education was once equated with money, but things have changed. Great education for your children is no more a dream. It’s affordable. Even average families can afford a mobile phone in which applications can be downloaded.

While there are a lot of applications available at the app store, choosing the right one for your child can change the way they look at the process of learning. Educational apps are making things easier for children to understand. Books are often found to be tiring and boring for children while replacing them with colourful pages and moving animations can make learning fun to the core.

Educational App Directory List

Benefits of Using Mobile Applications in Education

1. Enhanced Interaction

Experts say that apps in education can make children more interactive and activate better engagement between parents and children. The most effective way is to engage with the children while they are using applications. Interaction tendency in children is enhanced by mobile applications.

2. Novel learning techniques

Thoughts of traditional methods of learning accompany a generic feeling of boredom. They do not favor drifting from the monotonous learning patterns of restricted and upright book learning, thus dissipating the engagement factor.

Technology in the guise of apps is helping those looking for some newness in the universe of learning. In addition to the feel of novelty, apps add an element of fun and involvement to the learning process. Through games, puzzles or other challenging tasks, app learning stimulates the brain cells to actively metabolize the input unleashing a new perspective.

3. Parent-teacher communication

The ideal concept of frequent parent teacher interactions finds its space in the articles and books regarding performance enhancement but not in reality. Owing to the tight schedule of both the parties, it is just not possible to maintain the rapport through physical interactions. But now, we have apps. Teachers can attend to the queries of the parents anytime and anywhere through an ominous device called the phone. This fosters transparency regarding the child’s growth at school.

4. Online resources

The power of digital world lies in the ginormous amount of resources that fill its nooks and corners. The wealth of this platform implicates its popularity among knowledge seekers. The reach of this platform makes it a favorite to people who cannot afford the luxury of full time courses in schools or colleges. Mobile applications help them access a compendium of ebooks and pdfs and other online materials and the freedom to access it beyond the boundaries of time and space.

5. Entertainment

According to studies, mobile apps promote entertainment. Learning is no more a passive activity, it’s active with applications. Lessons transforming to games can change the face of education. Children will enable a kind of interest in learning.  Level based apps instil determination to pass each level. Apps without doubt enhance education. No more boring home works and tough class lectures.

6. Availability 24/7

Unlike school, mobile applications are available round the clock. No need to be worried about schedules. Anywhere can be a classroom. App learning is not time-bound learning, its relaxed learning.

Most of the apps promote child-friendly control. Children should only need to reach out for the device when they feel like learning. Little ones can operate it without much effort.


7. Leisure Hours Utilization

No responsible parents want their kids to get addicted to the “idiot box”. Too much internet usage and talking over the phone for hours are not wise options for killing time. This is where mobile apps prove their worth. Mobile app learning is one among the wisest choices of utilizing your free time actively.

If a child has lots of leisure time,  it can be utilized to learn something new with the help of a learning app. Entertainment guaranteed without wasting time.

8. Routine tasks

It’s a relief to get all the mundane tasks done with a few taps. Be it tasks like fee payments, other transactions which require us to stand in a queue for hours or the laborious job of marking attendance that drives teachers crazy with the amount of paperwork smiling back at them each day. All this drudgery has been put to an end simply by having apps in place. The life of each individual associated with the ecosystem is now simple and functioning, more efficient.

9. Filling in the gaps

The wheel of time has spun to drive the progress to land us into the world we live in today.

The advancement that schools have seen eliminated a lot many glitches that prevailed in the education system. A major one being the lack of interaction between the teachers and the teachers. Apps and websites have been created to help reduce the gap not just between the students and the educators but also among parents and the teachers. Students and parents can be kept in the loop of every event, schedule change or announcement.

10. Better Earth

While millions of trees are cut down for making papers for the traditional method of learning, mobile apps in education requires just a download. It means a greener earth for future generations.

Mobile learning process has sustainability. Completing a lesson with an app is much more effective as it is learning from experience rather than from compulsion.

11. Systematic Learning Activated

Smart learning is one thing and systematic learning is next. App based learning enables both. Mobile apps help in systematic learning. Apps are arranged in such a way that, it promotes not only a craving for learning but systematic learning.

The apps are arranged in a systematic way that it becomes possible for students to go with the flow without even realising.

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12. Portability 

There are no constraints for mobile phones.. They can be constant companions of parents and students. Thereby, apps are available to children anywhere, anytime. Learning will not be confined to the classrooms alone.

13. More Than Just Children

It’s a misconception that only children are benefited out of the apps. Teachers and parents also benefit from using educational apps. Teachers can make use of apps in classrooms. There are apps that help teachers to plan teaching materials. App based learning allows teachers and parents more time to discuss lesson plan for better interactive classes. While selecting apps for children, parents and teachers can contribute a lot.

14. Sustainability

Using mobile apps for learning is more sustainable compared to the traditional learning methods which include papers, pencils, and pens. Getting reference notes is very simple in mobile learning- just download it. This results in a lesser number of trees being cut down every year.

15. Instant Updates

There are some apps which are not only meant for learning but also to stay updated about campus events, timetables, alerts and other important information. Soon apps will allow you to do the educational related payments such as tuition fees, library fines, etc. They also provide opportunities to interact with students throughout the life cycle of prospects, enrolled students, and alumni.

16. Track Your Children’s Progress

With some apps, you can track your children’s progress which is one of the important things that every parent wants to know. Along with the progress, you can visualize how each app is helping your children to improve their skills such as reading, maths and much more.

17. Staying connected

Educational apps are the best way for children to stay connected with their teachers. Though the way of learning through apps is entirely different from the traditional learning method, it adds value to the entire process.

Apps for Betterment All The Way

  1. Over 20 million students use Google apps for education
  2. The use of Google apps for education has increased 100% by 2 years
  3. Opting Google apps for education can save up to $1.5 Million per year in classrooms
  4. 72 of the top 100 universities in the United States use Google apps.
  5. 73% teachers access digital content from their handheld mobile device
  6. Mobile networks are accessible to more than 90% of the worlds population