Virtual classrooms are becoming one of the most significant and inevitable elements of today’s learning platform. That is why today’s education has moved way far from one-sided teacher lectures to interacting learning sessions.

We have seen many phases of virtual classrooms and the technology development is in the progress every now and then.

Synchronous learning with interactive sessions, recording a class lecture for future reference, and whiteboard for visually explaining concepts all have changed the phase of today’s learning.

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Here we can have a look at some of the most discussed and widely chosen virtual classroom tools and apps that have changed the perspective of today’s learning.

1. Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom

  • Last updated-February 20, 2019
  • Size-13M
  • Installs-500,000+
  • Ratings- 3.1

This awesome virtual classroom app is providing a platform for mobile learning and teaching despite the location and time.

Collaboration in a Virtual Classroom surface is no more a query with its pioneering teaching and learning tools.

The app covers everything from conducting and attending live classes to viewing recordings of past classes.

The interaction and communication are taken to a new level with the Raise Hand feature to ask questions.

Some key features and options of the app cover:

>>Interact using live audio and video

>>Use multiple whiteboards and tools

>>View and share files anytime

>>Transfer audio, video, and writing controls to attendees

Download: Android, iOS

2. BrainCert

This is a great tool to set up virtual classrooms and teach, learn and collaborate online all from a single place.

Its specialty is the “Teacher accounts” feature that allows educators to invite their trainees almost instantly and ask them to set up and manage test or live courses.

The tool has separate platforms for three main functions- a course creating platform, a content management platform and an online testing system.

Instructors and students can connect almost instantly.

Here are some other key features:

>>Real-time collaboration

>>Powerful reporting and tracking

>>Online testing and courses

3. Virtual Blackboard

classroom apps

  • Last updated-3 July 2020
  • Size-7.22 MB
  • Installs-100+
  • Ratings- 2.7

This innovative education tool is yet another addition to get the best use of virtual classroom technology.

It may replace the traditional blackboard or digital Smartboard in no time for its simplicity and quick and efficient options to create tutorials.

Your device can be turned into a virtual blackboard in no time through wireless casting or direct connection.

Educators can simply write with finger or stylus and save with narrated voice and the captured dynamic video can be replayed to make their own tutorials.

No video camera or editing tools are required to make these interactive lessons.

Download: Android

4. Eliademy

classroom learning virtual tool

This is also a widely used tool for the virtual classroom that allows educators to share, create and manage courses almost instantly.

It is a really user-friendly platform with unparalleled functions and features considering tools of its kind.

In fact, it is one of the best options available at the moment to sell your courses online.

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In addition to the features and options, the customer care team is always there to help you out. Some of its key features include:

>>Novel ways of creating courses and inviting students

>>Sync notes and calendar easily

>>Easily access and share learning materials on your device or internet

>>Certifications are provided with visibility in social media

5. Google Classroom

virtual classroom technology apps

  • Last updated-10 June 2020
  • Size- Varies with device
  • Installs-100,000,000+
  • Ratings- 3.8

Anyone with a personal Google account can make use of this awesome application free of cost to have virtual classroom experience.

With this application, creating classes, communicating, distributing assignments, and staying organized is a lot easy than ever before.

This allows simple and paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create and review easily from a single place.

Students can see all of the class materials and assignments in a single place which makes the organization easy.

Here are key options, features, and benefits of Google Classroom:

>>Easy to set up

>>Enhances communication

>>Affordable and secure option

>>Start class discussions and send announcements instantly

>>Contains no ads

Download: Android

6. Electa Live

  • Last updated-2 July 2020
  • Size-  Varies with device
  • Installs-50,000+
  • Ratings- 3.6

This awesome virtual classroom tool allows educators to set up and build online learning classes pretty easily.

Arranging webinars, group sessions, live classes, and one-to-one sessions are a lot easy than ever before.

Fully managed and hosted network, protected content, as well as access to unique online collaboration tools, are among a few benefits of this amazing virtual tool. Have a look at its interesting features:

>>Unlimited storage for your content

>>Instructors can easily split their class into groups

>>Fast and easy creation of online classes

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7. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

virtual classroom apps

  • Last updated- July 3, 2020
  • Size-13M
  • Installs-500,000+
  • Ratings- 4.2

This new generation interactive whiteboard app is a great aid for virtual classroom learning with its intuitive visual collaboration features.

Real-time collaboration is possible despite the location of students and teachers thus breaking the stereotype of teaching.

The communication is easy with instant messaging with built-in features.

Here are a few other features and options:

>>Turns your device into a virtual whiteboard

>>Broadcast your ideas live

>>Unlimited online whiteboards to draw on

>>Text tool to add notes and descriptions

>>AI power shape recognition

>>Real-time drawing and whiteboard sharing

Download: Android

8. EZ talks Webinar

virtual apps

It is one of the best tools available in the top list of virtual classroom services.

Educators can provide hassle-free live classes to students and benefit from its ease of use features.

The highlight of the tool is that it allows 100 interactive students along with 10,000 viewers in a single classroom for free.

Have a look at its amazing features:

>>High-quality audio and video

>>1GB free cloud storage

>>Private conversations for confidentiality

>>Public instant messages for team brainstorming

>>The scheduling feature allows optimal time for classes

>>Easily set up paid courses with PayPal integration

Download: Android, iOS

9. Blackboard Collaborate

apps for virtual classroom

  • Last updated-December 16, 2016
  • Size-7.2 M
  • Installs-1,000,000+
  • Ratings- 2.6

Unlike other virtual classroom apps, this awesome tool won’t ask you to install anything as everything happens on your browser.

The tool assures high-quality audio and video to engage learners seamlessly.

With even options and features to support those with disabilities, it assures a comprehensive user experience.

Its universal accessibility feature assures education for every aspirant. Here are its amazing features:

>>Speedy launching and simple deployment

>>Participation despite location and time

>>Simple and fast file & application sharing

>>Personalized profiles to represent participants

>>Hand-raising feature for attendance and polls

>>One-click access to a virtual classroom

Download: Android

10. WizIQ

virtual classroom apps

  • Last updated-May 2, 2018
  • Size-1.9M
  • Installs-100,000+
  • Ratings- 3.1

Educators can create and offer virtual classroom experience for students with awesome features.

Instructors and learners can find it a hassle-free option to take up remote classes.

The tool is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be easily accessed through a plugin for Moodle.

Educators can plan and manage their classes pretty easily with customized options. Let us have a look at a few features:

>>Record and store sessions

>>Easily track attendance

>>Screen sharing and whiteboarding

>>Easily conduct tests and quizzes

>>File sharing and breakout sessions

>>Supports single sign-on options

Download: Android, iOS

11. My Virtual Classroom

virtual classroom apps

  • Last updated- July 2, 2020
  • Size-32 M
  • Installs-5,000+
  • Ratings- 4.0

My Virtual Classroom is one of the best apps for online learning. It is an online education portal helpful for teachers and students to connect with each other. Teachers can take effective online classes using this app.  Students can also attend quizzes, do assignments etc with this awesome virtual classroom app.


  • Effective video classes
  • Powerful and undisturbed audio lectures
  • Online quizzes and assignments
  • Digital Class: Online Courses Learning App

Download: Android

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12. Digital Class: Online Courses Learning App

virtual apps

  • Last updated- June 30, 2020
  • Size-7.5 M
  • Installs-10,000+
  • Ratings- 4.7

It is one of the fastest-growing education platforms in India. It acts as a single virtual classroom platform between tutors and students.  It offers digital classes for various courses like IT& Software, Spoken English, Business Management, etc


  • Exciting user-friendly interface
  • Settings can be personalized accordingly to one’s requirements
  • Results can be tracked
  • Can attend the class from anywhere&anytime

Download: Android

13. Teacher Connect- For Live Class Students

For Live Class Students

  • Last updated-January 22, 2020
  • Size-7.2 M
  • Installs-50,000+
  • Ratings- 3.5

Teacher Connect is an exclusive virtual classroom app meant for Meritnation Premium members.

Using this free app, teachers and students can connect each other beyond class hours in case of any requirements.

Students are free to clear their class-related or subject related questions.  Doubts. This online teaching app acts as an effective platform for JEE and NEET classes also.


  • Easy platform to clarify doubts
  • Can send images, videos, voice notes etc as attachments.

Download: Android

14. Learn TEZ- Your Online Classroom

Your Online Classroom

  • Last updated-July 3, 2020
  • Size-9.9M
  • Installs-5,000+
  • Ratings- 4.7

It is one of the best E-learning platforms for online virtual classes. It gives wonderful  learning and teaching experience.

LearnTEZ is a universally available and accessible best virtual classroom app. It works on all operating system and browsers at lowest network speed.


  • Keep track of all courses/topics
  • Interactive audio and video classes
  • ‘Raise hand’ feature is available to ask questions
  • Screen sharing feature is available

Download: Android

15. Visible Classroom

virtual classroom for students

  • Last updated- February 1, 2020
  • Size-12 M
  • Installs-50,000+
  • Ratings- 3.2

Visible Classroom is an online education app that helps to empower teachers by providing them facilities to look upon their talk time and speed metrics. Using this feature, teachers can see their impact on the classes and can help to give better classes.

Class Room Activity Apps

This online classroom app is the notion of embedded evaluation with technology to assess and encourage teachers on what they have taught and what students have learned from them.


  • Easy to record and upload classes
  • Receive important metrics on your talk time and talk speed in simple, clear charts
  • Gain insights through lesson transcripts and personalized feedback reports

Virtual Classroom Technology and Apps: Final Thought

There are a lot more classroom tools and apps that can foster the virtual classroom experience of students.

Once you start experiencing the benefits of this technological advancement, there is no way of going back to the traditional methods.

parent app

Many surveys and researches have pointed out how positively such tools have changed the classroom culture.

As they get a chance to experience the subject, students are far more interested in learning than ever before and it is reflecting in their grades.

Moreover, the interactive classroom culture has taken away the boredom of one-sided lectures and these student-centered classrooms are proving good every now and then.