Educational apps have become an inevitable part of education in the past few years. They help students, teachers, parents and educational institutes to carry out their respective education-based responsibilities efficiently.

From learning different subjects to being organized, there are different educational apps available for students that help them to save time and be more productive.

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Best Educational Apps for Students in 2023

Here are some of the best learning apps that students should be using this year.


Evernote is a note-taking app that helps students to stay organized. Users can organize notes in the form of text, images, audio and video recordings or saved web content. You can also create to-do lists and connect to Google calendar to keep up with your schedule. The customizable Home dashboard of the app gives users quick access to the most relevant information.


Forest is a productivity app for students who cannot keep their hands off their mobile devices and find it hard to stay focused. Users can plant a tree virtually when they want to focus on their tasks. The tree grows as you remain focused, and once you leave the app, the tree dies.


SparkNotes app is of great help for students while studying literature. The app comes with study guides for literature, poetry, films, etc. You need to have an in-app subscription to get started. Right when the free trial starts, you will be able to access all the literature guides in the app. Majority of the titles in the app come with interactive quizzes that you can attend to test your knowledge.

Write-On Video

Write-on video app brings out the creative side of students. The app makes video editing an organized and fun experience. The app comes with different features that allow you to create videos, story boards, and edit videos.

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Remind app is a communication platform where students can connect with their peers and teachers. The app can be accessed from anywhere and allows users to stay connected in real time. You can share learning content from any site in the app and also access the content uploaded by other users to learn.

Oxford Dictionary of English

A dictionary is an important part of student life and the digital version of it is even better for quick access. Students can look up words, phrases and meaning in the Oxford Dictionary of English app. The app also comes with other features, such as audio pronunciations and translations.


Quizlet app allows users to learn using flash cards. You can create your own flashcards and share it with your friends, and also use flashcards created by others to study. Students can master different subjects, such as language, history and science, with ease using the Quizlet app.


edX is an online learning app for students where they can take courses from top U.S. universities for free. However, the certification requires payment. The courses are based on a variety of subjects, mainly of science and technology. You can attempt the quizzes after watching the video lectures. The app also features interactive online labs for subjects like programming.


Students can keep pace with colleges and admissions easily using Collegedunia app. The app gives all necessary information that users need to know to choose the right college, which include college fees, courses, admission updates, etc.


C’reer app helps students to choose the right college for them. The app analyses vocal assessments attended by users to figure out their weaknesses and strengths, and recommends careers and connecting them with colleges via chat.


StudyBlue app is another flashcard app, where students can create flashcards and use them to learn. You can also share the custom flashcards you make with other users. The app also has options to add custom audio and images that you can use to create detailed study materials. You can also store and access study materials in the StudyBlue app.


Students can stay organized and productive using the Todoist app. You can use this to-do list app to create reminders, goals, and much more. You can also easily add tasks, and interact with and edit multiple tasks at once in the app. The app also comes with options to monitor your productivity, and makes planning and organizing your tasks interesting.


Mathway app helps students to solve math problems, ranging from basic to complex ones. All you have to do is to type in a math problem or click a picture of it, and the app works on it and shows the answer. You can also say the problem to the app and your words get changed to on-screen problem. As you keep using the app, you learn to solve a variety of math problems.


Notability is a free note-taking app for students. You can create and keep your notes with you, and also categorize them with customizable subjects and dividers. The app allows you to make, present and share notes with others. You can also make annotations, and record and replay your notes and lectures in the app.


EKID is an augmented reality based learning app for students below the age of 8 years. The app features augmented flashcards that you can use to explore the world of animals, mammals, and other different creatures, and also different modes of transport.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study app helps students in learning outside the classroom. The app provides you with all possible aid and resources for learning. Chegg Study app also allows you to rent or buy textbooks, both online and hard copy. You can also get help to do your homework and online tutoring in the app.

Homer Learn and Grow

The Homer Learn and Grow app is meant for students aged between 2 and 8 years, to give them a personalized learning experience based on age and skills. The app helps children to develop their skills through phonics lessons, stories, songs, and much more. Though Homer Learn and Grow is mainly a reading app, it also features activities and lessons to learn basic math concepts and improve creativity.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational app for students of classes 1 to 12 that would help them to learn the concepts well and help them to prepare for the different competitive exams. You can watch video lessons for different subjects, and attempt exercises and tests to learn and check your knowledge. The content of the app is based on NCERT and CBSE syllabus.


Learning is not just about memorizing your lessons. It also includes understanding the concepts clearly. Brilliant app follows a slightly different approach in teaching subject concepts. Students get to learn concepts of math and science through logical problem solving in this app. It includes short descriptions of the different concepts, each accompanied by problems to be solved.

Newsela Student

Newsela is a reading app that comes with loads of interesting content available at 5 reading levels. The app also includes assessments to ensure that the readers focus on the content.  You can read the articles and attempt quizzes according to which the app would adjust the reading levels. You can also keep track of your progress in real time.


Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps for students. The app consists of short game-based lessons. The listening, reading and writing practices will help you to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. Duolingo app offers lessons for 40 languages.

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Learning is important. So is the need social and emotional well-being of students. Calm is a mindfulness app that helps students to build self-awareness, improve focus, patience and resilience as they continue with their learning. The app comes with a collection of exercises and activities for meditation and relaxation that you can follow to remain calm, focused and peaceful as the day begins.


The gamified lessons in Kahoot! App makes learning engaging and fun for students aged between 5 and 18 years. You can create, play and share learning-based games or quizzes, and also hold discussions regarding various topics in the app. It introduces you to new topics through interactive lessons, and also assesses your knowledge and rewards based on your performance.


RefME is a citation management app that students can use to automatically generate citations by scanning a book or journal barcode. The app is capable of creating citations in over 7500 styles and from over 40 sources. You can also organize the citations and annotate them as required.


Udemy app features a large number of online courses, that students can choose from, to learn a new skill or for personality development. The app covers different topics—web design, marketing and personality development to name a few. The registration to the app is free, but you will have to pay for enrolling to the course of your choice. You can complete the course at your own pace without worrying about the deadlines.

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Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are many more apps for students that make the learning process smoother and efficient. Many of these apps are also customizable as per the requirements of students and educational institutions. Schools and colleges can also hire a development partner to build their own custom-made educational apps for students.

Today, Play Store has become a vast collection of useful apps for people.

This collection also includes great educational apps that allow students to learn faster and better.

Here are top 15 Android educational apps students can use regularly:

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Table of Content

1. English Grammar Book
2. Chemistry Helper  
3. SparkNotes
4. Math Lite
5. Mathway
6. Duolingo
7. YouTube
8. High School Physics  
9. MapMaster
10. SkyView
11. My Class Schedule
12. Memory Trainer
14. WolframAlpha  
15. Trello

1. English Grammar Book

Understanding the Grammar is the foundational requirement that every student should start with.


English Grammar Book can help you with that.

The app has been developed by Apps of India.

It accurately teaches about Tenses, Voices, Prepositions and other English Grammar concepts with tests and notes.

The app is available on the Play Store for free.

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2. Chemistry Helper

Chemistry can be a mystery to many students without proper learning resources.


Chemistry Helper is a solution to that problem.

The app comprises a periodic table and online articles about the concepts of chemistry.

In fact, you can even use an inbuilt calculator to find out compound mass, molecular mass and conduct other calculations as well.

Chemistry Helper is a perfect reference provider and calculator for chemistry students.

The app is available for free on Android. But you can choose the Pro version to stay ad-free.

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3. SparkNotes

Apart from the basic grammar, a student also requires an understanding of the nuances and intricacies of the English language.

SparkNotes allows users to find literature reading materials and helps with the report making for an English paper.

All the famous literature are available in the vast storage. In fact, you can create and maintain multiple study groups.

The app allows you to share materials in the groups formed.

Developed by SparkNotes, this great app is available at no price for Android device users.
4. Math Lite

Students, during pre-schooling, require interesting ways to learn.


The visual appeal matters if you want them to remember a complex subject such as mathematics.

Math Lite is a great choice for such students. The app provides attractive animations and vivid colors in the interface.

With that, students learn the basics of mathematics smoothly.

The app includes concepts of subtraction, addition, comparison, naming and counting as well.

Developed by Intellijoy, Math Lite removes the struggles of mathematics and makes it interesting for young students.

The app includes free as well as paid versions for Android users.
5. Mathway

After passing the early stages of schooling, students come across some new concepts of mathematics.


These concepts develop the foundation of higher mathematics guidance. Hence, having an app like Mathway is a great choice for students.

The app is simple-to-use and offers comprehensive solutions to mathematical problems.

A student can understand every step of a math problem and reach the answer.

Or, you can simply use the instant answer feature for a problem.

The solutions come with valuable explanations to help you understand the concepts.

It covers Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and other topics. The free version is available on Play Store.
6. Duolingo

Are you thinking about learning new languages?!


Students studying their second or third language can leverage Duolingo.

The app includes multiple language learning features for Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and many others.

The interface is easy and requires no complex efforts to use.

You get complete guidance and complete levels by completing small lessons. The app offers digital rewards for your successes.

Progress tracking is possible, hence, you can improve your language skills faster. The app is available at no price for Android device users.

7. YouTube

An all encompassing universe of any and every kind of regulated video content available on the internet!


YouTube is no less than an educational app when it comes to finding explanatory videos.

It is the second largest search engine after Google.

Considering the vast database of video content with an added aesthetic element, students can rely on it for a considerably illustrative tutorial about almost any concept under the sun.

A smart student leverages advanced technologies to improve his or her life.

Each and every app mentioned in this list has one property to enhance your knowledge or make you productive.

So, grab all of them now!

8. High School Physics

High School students get intimidated by Physics.

This app offers an impressive way to understand concepts and actionable skills in physics.

Noted by top newspapers for its practical usability, this app has gained a lot of admiration in a short span of time.

Developed by Arjun S Bhardwaj, the app is available for free for all Android device users.

9. MapMaster

If geography is a complicated subject for you, MapMaster can help.

The app can assist with continents, countries, cities, capitals and even small towns.

The collection of information also includes locations of lakes, rivers, islands and mountain ranges.

The app is fast and accurate at the same time, which can help you with your school assignments.

Developed by Droidplant, this app provides a study mode as well. You can have a free or paid version by visiting the Play Store.

10. SkyView

The large database and appealing interface of SkyView makes solar system a fun subject for you.


The app provides a Zoom-in feature to admire the beauty of the solar system and various components of space.

The animations are detailed and include 3D quality.

Developed by Terminal Eleven LLC, this educational app allows students to learn and memorize all bodies of our solar system.

The application is available on the Play Store in a paid version.

11. My Class Schedule

Student life is all about becoming efficient.


My Class Schedule is a perfect app to manage your timetables, lesson plans and handle your study hours.

You can schedule notifications regarding your upcoming lessons.

These educational apps reminds you of unfinished homework and notifies about upcoming exams.

12. Memory Trainer

Sharpening your memory is a positive activity during your student life.


You have to improve your memory retaining abilities. Memory Trainer assists in improving your memory and intelligence.

The app enhances your cognition, spatial and concentration skills. Your mind learns to stay alert with the lessons you learn via this app.

Created by GRuV, Memory Trainer is a must-have app for every student.

You can visit the Play Store to download the app on your Android device for free.


Learning more words is possible now online as well as offline with this app. shows words and even pronounces them to help you understand the voice tones.


The interface looks beautiful and provides simple features to use the app online as well as offline.

You don’t have to worry about time lag or any other accuracy issues. The app has been developed by, LLC.

As this educational apps are free for all Android users, you can simply install it on your phone via Play Store.

14. WolframAlpha

Gathering information for your assignment or researching for an upcoming exam.

Everything seems easier when you have WolframAlpha to provide answers.

This educational apps has a huge collection of algorithms that collect and refer data from authoritative online platforms.

You can simply ask a question and let the app generate an accurate answer for you.

The topics include Physics, Stats, Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Astronomy, Chemistry and many others.

You can get the paid version for your Android device.

15. Trello

Becoming a productive student is possible only if you can optimize your time efficiently.


Trello is one organizing educational apps that can help you with management tasks. The app has been designed to keep a track of your time.

Plus, it assists you to manage all your daily functions as a student.

Developed by Fog Creek Software, Trello makes you an organized student, which results in on-time project submissions, early preparations for exams and much more.

Hence, you live a stress-free student life.

A smart student leverages advanced technologies to improve his or her life.

Each and every educational apps mentioned in this list has one property to enhance your knowledge or make you productive.

So, grab all of them now!

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