Educational systems in India surely have gone up a notch. A primary reason behind it is the presence of educational software companies that aid in education management remotely. Digital product-based companies in India have worked hard to create public and private school portals for a productive student management system focusing on education.

Through such educational software companies, students are learning new and improved ways to polish their educational skills. Gradually, such methods will help them excel in various areas of a career in their lives. In this post, we will go through some of the most prominent Edtech Startups that have laid new platforms of innovative learning for students. Note that this list is unranked and should not be considered otherwise.

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1. Byju’s

educational software companies

Most of you might be familiar with the Byju’s app, as it even broadcasted its commercial on the television (even with Shahrukh Khan).

This profitable educational software company started in the year 2015 under the name Think and Learn Pvt Ltd to target primary and secondary school students in India.

The name of the mobile application is based on Byju Raveendran, the Founder.

Its features are undoubtedly addictive as it certainly is one of the most top-rated educational apps present in the market right now.


educational software companies

The world of the National Institute of Information Technology has been in existence since the 1980s.

Their very soul lies in the world of training individuals for the corporate world. That’s why they came up with a robust and innovative educational curriculum for students all over India.

They have created plenty of projects such as the Computerdrome, Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships program, etc., to come up with ways to promote education among deserving students.

They have also utilized the virtual world to create better opportunities for aspirants.

3. Meritnation

educational software companies

Meritnation deserves an entry on this list because of a versatile online system for developing the intellect of school students. It is a subsidiary of Applect Learning Systems in Delhi.

Their primary mode of education is through interactive video recordings and lectures that help students learn with convenience. Furthermore, they challenge students with time-driven assignments and regular tests to help them prepare for real exams.

4. Edukart

educational software companies

Edukart steps in the world of educational software companies with over 2000 courses that help aspirants prepare for K12, entrance exams, certification programs, diplomas, and high-end degrees.

The highly-qualified tutors working under the founders Mayank Gupta and Ishan Gupta since 2011, is certainly worth the credit for its diverse curriculum.

5. Simplilearn

educational software companies

Unlike the other eLearning companies in India on this list, Simplilearn brings forth a system dedicated to overseas experience.

Their professional courses are readily available online for helping student’s primary excel in fields like Data Science, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security.

Their vision is to target these contemporary courses, which have a high scope among the current generation.

6. Upgrad

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Ronnie Screwala started Upgrad in the year 2015 with the primary focus on industry-driven educational programs for professionals.

This online educational company has delivered outstanding results by creating one of the most engaging environments for learning.

7. Edsys

Edsys is a premier solution provider for Educational Institutions. Backed by a highly qualified and experienced professional team, we offer result oriented, ready to deploy software products with provision for customization.

Our professional services specialized on implementation and training ensures that your returns on investments are achieved at the earliest.


educational software companies


The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU is a diverse government-driven student education management system established since the year 1985.

They have about 67 educational centers readily working through offline and online courses for the development of potential aspirants.

With more emphasis on remote studying, they have created an open education system for providing high learning for helping students raise their skills and standards for competing in the real world scenario.

Over 4 million students are enrolled under their prestigious eLearning institution.

9. Dexler Education

educational software companies

Dexler Education is a top-notch customized educational program provider for talent management, corporate learning, and industry-based e Learning solutions.

Their activity has been registered since the year 2001 towards the betterment of the Indian education system in for technological advancements.

Their services are excellent in providing educational courses for a diverse system.

10. Zeus Learning

educational software companies

Zeus Learning is a Mumbai-based eLearning educational software company that promotes training for students who have a passion for Digital Marketing and similar fields.

Their primary target is towards polishing experiences in the technology-driven areas like Software Simulation training, TEI, CMS, LMS, Mobile apps, HTML-5-driven applications, etc.

This company also focuses on bringing forth a technical program that can help students learn more about the digital world – thus, promoting it in India and abroad.

11. Educomp Solutions

Educomp Solutions formulates a robust system driven by technological and software-based advancements for a smarter education system.

They have been active since the year 1994, and have since enlightened over 30 million aspirants from over 65,000 schools in their active span.

The firm targets four primary divisions, which are OSG or Online, Supplemental and Global Business, K-12 organizations, SLS or School Learning Solutions, and HLS or Higher Learning Solutions.

Their online and digital solutions have helped the Indian education industry gain new heights.

12. IndigoLearn

IndigoLearn is an exceptional education tech startup company that targets quality courses combined with technological utilities for helping students track their careers better in the world.

It might be a new company on this list, but it inevitably is producing excellent results for assisting students to all over India.

13. Talentedge

As the name suggests, Talentedge allows potential students to get better with their skills and commercialize their talents for the betterment of the corporate industries.

They have been critically-acclaimed for bringing forth the “Live & Interactive” format for digital learning.

Their courses tend to create future leaders, professionals, and individuals who want to achieve more than just mediocre.

14. Zeroinfy

Zeroinfy is an online education student portal to provide course videos related to IIT-JEE, UPSC, CFA, CS, CA, etc.

Their notes are fabricated by top tutors who offer their knowledge and experience at an affordable price. Students visiting their platform are free to choose the relevant courses of interest for higher learning.

15. Toppr

Toppr utilizes a fun-filled education system focusing on students that want to prepare for scholarship tests, Olympiads, board examinations, etc.

Their personification is towards an online portal that suits the requirements of potential students to compete in the contemporary world.


No doubt, educational software companies in India are gaining momentum due to upgraded or innovative visions to promote education among students.

With these remote technology-driven tools, scholars surely have found new and improved ways to increase their knowledge.

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