Unacademy is one of the largest online educational platforms in India with almost 22 million users. It becomes a perfect companion for the aspirants throughout their journey for cracking competitive exams.

It offers live classes from experts and also gives them an opportunity to clear doubts. Apart from this, the aspirants can also test the level of preparations they have made by attending Live Test Series, Quizzes, Practice Sessions and much more.

Features of Unacademy App

  • Interactive Live Classes: Aspirants can attend live classes by experts, participate in Live Chat and get their doubts cleared during classes.
  • Weekly Mock Tests & Quizzes: The App provides full length Mock Tests and quizzes for the learners to evaluate themselves, and that they can spend more time in weaker topics.
  • Practice Sections: This section gives the students a set of quizzes and their explanations topic-wise, so that after learning a topic they can practice their knowledge with these quizzes.
  • Performance Statistics: This is one of the main highlights of this app, as it provides a detailed report of correct and incorrect questions one has answered, topic-wise breakdown, percentile score and overall rank. This gives an idea of where he/she stands when compared to others.
  • Lecture notes: This makes aspirants not to miss classes or notes. They are given a provision to download lecture notes and get access to recorded sessions of Live Classes. They can also revisit important topics whenever needed.
  • Easier accessibility: The app can be accessed easily from anywhere and anytime using smartphone devices or laptops.
  • Real-time notifications: Students will get real-time notifications for lessons, upcoming courses and recommendations.

Success Story of Unacademy

Unacademy is a learning app founded by Gaurav Munjal along with his co-founders Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini. It has more than 3 million subscribers and more than 250 million views on Youtube channel.

Though there are many other education channels that may boast about their comparable viewership, it’s pretty clear that they haven’t been able to do it the way Unacademy has monetized.

Here, it makes a sense in analyzing the success of Unacademy players, and to analyze their success graph.

Since the parallel system of education has been one of the major revenue eaters in our country, who were called by the so called well-polished name- “Coaching Centres”, it played a good role in the success of Unacademy App. They have always been successful in helping students to learn and understand the concepts better.

Let’s delve deeper into their success tricks:

  • Ensured high-value intensive courses
  • The role of influencers and marketers were always played by educators
  • Monetized the followership quickly by introducing premium services
  • Created content at least cost
  • Exclusive offers for the courses

Why you should consider developing an App Like Unacademy?

Unacademy’s victory in India has unquestionably disturbed the learning framework. Such Apps guaranty a comprehensive standard of instruction with ease, adequacy and simplicity. Innovation within the learning has empowered Unacademy to get finance from brands like Facebook and other such premium speculation firms.

With extraordinary keenness and security, Unacademy gives an inclusive and comprehensive learning model. By associating with the correct instructive app advancement company, you can dispatch an e-learning application that produces learning more addictive. Making a mobile-centric learning stage is without a doubt a beneficial investment.

So, how much do you expect as the cost of making an app like Unacademy?

Almost 89% of the people, who use smartphones, download various applications like mobile games, e-shopping apps, social media and more than half of them download apps from education categories (As per a research conducted in 2019), and Unacademy is one among them.

Just like every other e-learning platform, Unacademy too has some basic courses, for which the app developers must take effort to make it more easy and comfortable.

Let’s check some of those features and requirements to create an App like Unacademy:

  • Authentication: Every modern e-learning platform is bound to provide quick and easy signup access via email or id and password.
  • Maintaining User Types and Profiles: Since there will be two types of user-profiles- Students and Teachers, they must be created accordingly.
  • Course Creation: Apart from the provision of creating courses, it must also have an option to add various types of content like audio, video, graph, image PDFs, and many more.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard must include a list of courses, Performance statistics, Ratings, Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue.

These are unavoidable features.

  • Payment Integrations
  • A development team with:
  • Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA tester
  • Project Manager
  • An academic team with:
  • Subject specialist
  • Content Writers
  • Editors

The final cost of developing an app like Unacademy depends on its features, size and design. Besides this, it will also depend on the company for app development, that you are partnering with.

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Let’s check out a rough estimation of creating an app like Unacademy:

  • Based on hours the average price of developing an e-learning app:
  • In Europe, it can be about $85 to $ 180/hour
  • In the USA, it would range from $105 to $190/hour
  • In India, it may be from $30 to $50/hour
  • For Technical Implementations, the average cost will be about $1500 for 45-55 hours.
  • For UX and UI designs, it would be $20,000 for 350 hours
  • For Front-end and Back-end process, the cost will be about $15,000 for 450 hours
  • For testing, it would be almost $2500 for 80 hours

Anyway, for creating an app like Unacademy or for creating an e-learning app, the cost may vary depending on the features, rate of specialists, and the place of making. So the above blog will give you a rough estimate of the cost of development and the features to be used.