If you are a school authority, you can understand what a tedious task school time-table management is. The introduction of software to the education management field has changed this situation completely. A school management system involves everything that is required for the efficient working of a school. 

Managing timetables, routing and planning of school buses, allotting classes to teachers, calculating each employee’s leave, preparing pay scale, thus goes the list. 

Creating timetables are one of the biggest headaches for teachers. It can be confusing and time-consuming when done manually. Timetable management software is the best solution in such situations. 

Apart from generating efficient timetables, timetable management system software can also help you in the overall academic and administrative management of a school. The e-timetable by Edsys is one such software, which can help you in effective timetable and school management.

Here are a few ways time table management software can benefit you:

1. No more Paperwork

No more paperwork - Time Table Management Software

The toughest thing about manual school management is the endless list of paperwork. Time table management software, with its simple and user- friendly interface helps users with effective school management. With its introduction, school related operations became paperless and confusion-free.

2. No more Confusion

No more confusion - Time Table Management Software

Creating timetables manually is a headache for teachers. With timetable software, it is possible for you to automatically generate timetables effectively, sticking by the requirements. Timetable management software generates timetables considering the limitations such as availability of teachers, special rooms, classes etc. 

3. Automatic Timetable Generation

Automatic timetable generation - Time Table Management Software

If you are using timetable management software, you no longer have to spend hours figuring out the timetable for each class. You just need to enter your criteria and within no time, you will get your timetable generated without any hassle. 

4. It is Error-Free

It is error-free - Time Table Management Software

When you manually prepare a timetable, you tend to make errors. You may end up with allotting   two  teachers for a single Shop @ TrackSchoolBusclass at a time or vice versa, or you may miss the allotment of certain periods. Timetable management software helps you to avoid such errors. In case, there is an error in the data you entered, timetable management software detects them and provide alternatives, thus helping you create an accurate timetable possible.  

5. Substitution Management made Easy

Substitution management made easy - Time Table Management Software

You come to school and you get to know that a teacher is absent. You will surely panic because you have to revise the day’s timetable as soon as possible. You’ll have to check if the  leave has been marked by any other teachers and allot the classes to the teachers already present, within a short period of time. Timetable management software can help you avoid such chaos. Timetable management software looks into leave taken by teachers and allot substitutions accordingly.

 6. Generate records easily

Generate records easily - Time Table Management Software

Generating records on leave taken and other details of individual employees of a school is another hurdle you may come across while manual school management. With the help of a timetable management software, you can generate reports on a monthly basis, which include:

  • Substitutions made on a daily basis
  • Informed and uninformed leaves taken by teachersgivenday or 
  • Working hours of each employee

7. Access to every employee’s details

Access to every employee’s details - Time Table Management Software

When you create records on every employee of a school, you can end up making errors, or you may miss out some details. May be, you will have to search the whole school in case you need some details regarding an employee in the future. Timetable management software can come handy in such situations. It stores every employee details and you can easily access them in case you need to refer it in future. 

 8. Number of working days does not matter

Number of working days does not matter - Time Table Management Software

Number of working days of each school differs, so does the effort taken for effective school management. But it does not affect you at all, if you are using a timetable management software. You can easily create efficient timetables for schools with any number of working days. 

9. Preparation of pay scales made easy

Preparation of pay scales made easy - Time Table Management Software

Preparation of pay scales is another painstaking job in terms of effective school management. You have to go through leave taken by each employee to prepare pay scales. Since, timetable management software generates reports on leave taken by employees, preparation of pay scales is no more a tough task. 

10. Timetables for Whole School

Timetables For Whole School - Time Table Management Software

Preparing timetable for a class itself is a laborious task, forget whole school. Time table management software is there for your help. It not only creates timetable for the entire school, but also helps you in saving energy, time and money. If you are still depending on manual school management system, it’s time you switch to a timetable management software. Available at an affordable price, it is cost-effective and helps you save plenty of time and it also helps you in preparing the best timetables possible for your school.

11. Increased Security And Confidentiality

Increased Security And Confidentiality - Time Table Management Software

No outsider is permitted to change the timetable, which is already stored in the system. There will be restricted access for users. Modifications can be made only by the relevant authorities in the school. Hence, the timetable generated will be secure and confidential.

12. Easy Integration

Easy Integration - Time Table Management Software

The timetable of a school can be easily integrated with calendar applications. And, you will be able to receive notifications via email, SMS alerts, and reminders whenever the timetable gets modified or generated.

13. Efficient Resource Allocation

Efficient Resource Allocation - Time Table Management Software

With the help of a time table management software, you can assign teachers and classrooms, and improve the task of resource allocation in other staff in the best possible manner.


By analysing today's scenario, usage of time table management software is advantageous than preparing timetable manually. It helps in reducing risk as well as  headache of school authorities, especially the teachers who are responsible for creating timetable. Thus, it is better to take the aid of software for better management of schools.

With blended learning becoming popular, there has been a huge rise in popularity and production of educational apps in the market. Educational apps tend to give the otherwise boring classrooms a makeover. The students who were once too ignorant to your lectures will turn interested in classes with these interactive and informative educational apps such as the smartapps for preschoolers.

However, to choose the best from the never ending list of educational apps is not an easy task. Majority of the apps may be good at only some aspects. They may lack in some aspects that may affect their popularity with time. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when you choose the apps for your classrooms.

With technology entering classrooms, there have been notable changes in the curriculum and in what is being taught in the classroom. Lessons have been reduced to games and storytelling in order to instil interest in students and to change the atmosphere of a classroom into a lively one.

Here is a list of 7 Splendid Apps that can be really helpful to you, as a teacher and suit the needs of your classroom:

1. Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a digital storytelling and presentation app from Adobe. The app enables students to narrate stories using a series of digital images. The images can be shown collectively like a montage and the app has various in-built templates and a library of music and images that the students can utilize to build and narrate their story.

2. iMovie

iMovie is a video tool that can be used in ipads or apple laptops. Students can use iMovie to edit video clippings and create short movies of their own. Students can insert titles, add effects and add soundtracks of their choice. At the end, you can choose a day to showcase their works in the classroom.

3. Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express

Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express are online photo editing tools that students can use to manipulate an image creatively. They can crop, add effects and overlay the image which can then be used for project works, assignments etc.

4. Aurasma

Aurasma is a popular augmented reality tool and is available free of cost. With Aurasma, teachers can tag a physical object to a video or 3D scene related to the object and students who checks out the object with a mobile device can see the attachment. For example, students or teachers can create videos about the books they recommend and attach them to the books. This can act as suggestions to other students who are in search of a good book to read.

5. StripDesigner

StripDesigner app encourages students to improve their creative side. The app enables students to create comic strips using images and templates available within the app.  They can also add dialogues to their comic strips and present them in front of fellow students.

6. edWeb.net

This is an app meant for educators. It is a community where educators can discuss about different teaching techniques and tips to improve classroom conditions, online. The site also hosts webinars for teachers occasionally.

7. Too Noisy

You can’t expect a classroom to stay silent for long. The volume gradually increases with you screaming on top of your voice at the end. Too Noisy is a Classroom Management app apt for such instances. Teachers can set a volume limit using the app. Then, the app notifies the teachers and students when the classroom volume goes beyond limits. This helps you to have a control over your class and gradually, you can see your classroom atmosphere turning peaceful.

Give these apps a shot and you will be amazed for sure on having better control over your class. Learning becomes fun and entertaining and you can see your classroom bubbling with enthusiasm for that is all you need to have a better classroom.

Apart from the apps given above, there are many apps available in the market that can also help in the management of a school as a whole like the time table management software, work force management system etc. These software help you to reduce manual efforts while increasing the productivity and save schools of the unwanted expenses. 

Gone are the days when students used to carry heavy backpacks. During those days, teachers used to give lectures in classrooms while students sat quietly listening. Education field is undergoing an evolution where mobile devices are replacing books and lessons with apps such as smart apps for preschoolers. The mobile devices, which include smart phones, tablets, laptops etc., were once confined to our homes or offices. But now, they have found their way to class rooms. The idea is to replace the traditional learning techniques with digital learning to create a more interactive and engaging class room atmosphere that the mobile devices can offer. In fact, 52% of teachers around the world firmly believe that mobile devices can motivate students to perform better by improving their creativity, thinking and problem solving skills.

Apart from learning purposes, software have also occupied their own space in overall school management saving schools of unwanted expenses and efforts. For example, manual timetable management is quite a laborious task where errors make it tougher. There is Time table management software that makes the job easier by automatically generating timetables.

Though students were once restricted from carrying mobile devices to schools, now most schools agree that the use of such devices can bring out the potential of students to the fullest. Even parents who once were against the use of mobile devices by children are supporting the idea of integrating mobile devices in learning.


Because mobile devices can:

Prepare students for a better future

Digital literacy is the need of the hour. As an adult, you may be using technology in your everyday lives. Also, technology plays a vital role in defining career paths. Nowadays every job criterion ends with a demand of expertise in computers and latest software. In the future, the demand will get even tougher. Also, in the connected world today, mobile devices form an important part. Therefore, use of mobile devices in classrooms enable students to prepare themselves as they transition from being students to being a part of a workforce.

Keep students updated

As students, you used to refer the encyclopaedia to get more information about a topic. But, the encyclopaedia might not have been the latest version and there was no guarantee that the information you just read was out dated. Times have changed. Now, students can use mobile devices to learn more about a certain topic while knowing more about the latest updates on the topic.

Save students from carrying around stacks of textbooks

Every textbook does not carry reliable information. Also, they cannot provide students with instant and updated information like mobile devices can. Also, to carry around lots of textbooks can be a burden to the tiny shoulders. Digital textbooks can be a solution to all the problems. They give easy access to information for the students in an organized manner. Also, most digital textbooks are constantly updated, creative and less expensive than the printed textbooks.

Expand learning beyond classrooms

Traditional learning is confined to textbooks and the walls of classrooms which made students deprived of expanded knowledge on a topic. However, use of mobile devices enables students to be a part of the connected world and to expand their learning to a global level.  Students can use mobile devices for doing any group work or project work or may be, they can connect with people around the world to learn more about a particular topic.

Students nowadays love technology. Therefore, introducing mobile devices in learning motivates them to learn more even after reaching home. Also, apps such as smartapps for preschoolers, digital textbooks etc. can make learning more interesting while adding to every student’s knowledge. Also, most students are always curious to know more about different topics and the mobile devices serve as the perfect platforms where they can explore and deepen their knowledge.  An engaging classroom can instil interest in students, inspiring them to learn and therefore, integrating mobile devices can really transform education for a better tomorrow.