7 Splendid Apps that every Teacher Should Know about

With blended learning becoming popular, there has been a huge rise in popularity and production of educational apps in the market. Educational apps tend to give the otherwise boring classrooms a makeover. The students who were once too ignorant to your lectures will turn interested in classes with these interactive and informative educational apps such as the smartapps for preschoolers.

However, to choose the best from the never ending list of educational apps is not an easy task. Majority of the apps may be good at only some aspects. They may lack in some aspects that may affect their popularity with time. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when you choose the apps for your classrooms.

With technology entering classrooms, there have been notable changes in the curriculum and in what is being taught in the classroom. Lessons have been reduced to games and storytelling in order to instil interest in students and to change the atmosphere of a classroom into a lively one.

Here is a list of 7 Splendid Apps that can be really helpful to you, as a teacher and suit the needs of your classroom:

1. Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a digital storytelling and presentation app from Adobe. The app enables students to narrate stories using a series of digital images. The images can be shown collectively like a montage and the app has various in-built templates and a library of music and images that the students can utilize to build and narrate their story.

2. iMovie

iMovie is a video tool that can be used in ipads or apple laptops. Students can use iMovie to edit video clippings and create short movies of their own. Students can insert titles, add effects and add soundtracks of their choice. At the end, you can choose a day to showcase their works in the classroom.

3. Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express

Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express are online photo editing tools that students can use to manipulate an image creatively. They can crop, add effects and overlay the image which can then be used for project works, assignments etc.

4. Aurasma

Aurasma is a popular augmented reality tool and is available free of cost. With Aurasma, teachers can tag a physical object to a video or 3D scene related to the object and students who checks out the object with a mobile device can see the attachment. For example, students or teachers can create videos about the books they recommend and attach them to the books. This can act as suggestions to other students who are in search of a good book to read.

5. StripDesigner

StripDesigner app encourages students to improve their creative side. The app enables students to create comic strips using images and templates available within the app.  They can also add dialogues to their comic strips and present them in front of fellow students.

6. edWeb.net

This is an app meant for educators. It is a community where educators can discuss about different teaching techniques and tips to improve classroom conditions, online. The site also hosts webinars for teachers occasionally.

7. Too Noisy

You can’t expect a classroom to stay silent for long. The volume gradually increases with you screaming on top of your voice at the end. Too Noisy is a Classroom Management app apt for such instances. Teachers can set a volume limit using the app. Then, the app notifies the teachers and students when the classroom volume goes beyond limits. This helps you to have a control over your class and gradually, you can see your classroom atmosphere turning peaceful.

Give these apps a shot and you will be amazed for sure on having better control over your class. Learning becomes fun and entertaining and you can see your classroom bubbling with enthusiasm for that is all you need to have a better classroom.

Apart from the apps given above, there are many apps available in the market that can also help in the management of a school as a whole like the time table management software, work force management system etc. These software help you to reduce manual efforts while increasing the productivity and save schools of the unwanted expenses. 

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