As the name implies, online learning is a way of teaching in which classrooms and subject matter are all covered virtually. Traditional learning occurs in person, where students attend face-to-face classes at pre-determined time.

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Below we have mentioned the pros and cons of both Online and In-Person learning.

The Pros of Online Learning

Online courses can provide you with a wealth of benefits that help you grow professionally and personally.

1. FLEXIBILITY : – You can learn from any location with online learning. You can finish your tasks whenever you like, as long as you satisfy the weekly deadlines. You have greater flexibility working your education schedule around other commitments in your life, such as your family, profession, and other duties, owing to the flexibility that online learning gives.

2. TIME AND MONEY SAVING :- It is a major advantage of online learning that you don’t have to commute to the school/college campus to take classes. That means you can complete your coursework earlier and allocate more time to your other priorities.

3. WIDER NETWORKING POSSIBILITIES :- If you take an online course, you can interact with other students around the world. This could lead to professional opportunities you wouldn’t have had in a traditional classroom setting. It’s easy to be a passive participant, but if you’re investing the time and money, it’s much more fulfilling to take advantage of networking opportunities.

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The Cons of Online Learning

1. NEED FOR SELF-MOTIVATION :- Need to complete self-paced courses on schedule, you’ll need to be extremely disciplined. If you delay, it may be more difficult to enjoy the full benefits of online education if you don’t have a tight class schedule to motivate you to attend a class at a specific time and location every week.

2. DISTRACTION :- Some people don’t have the luxury of a calm study environment. If your home environment is cluttered and full of distractions, such as screaming children or a noisy surrounding neighborhood, it may be hard to concentrate on your studies.

The Pros of Learning in Person

1.  DISTRACTION-FREE ENVIRONMENT :- Effective education requires concentration and focus. Classrooms, labs, and lecture halls provide distraction-free learning settings with all of the equipment and space you need, allowing you to focus on the lesson rather than the bothersome vehicle noise, or other disturbance noises during household work.

2. PRACTICAL LEARNING :- Everyone learns differently, and some students learn visually, while others prefer to take meticulous notes, and yet others prefer to learn by interacting. Additionally, some professions, such as learning to fix equipment or perform a medical procedure, require practical knowledge. In-Person Learning is a better option for those who need practical knowledge.

The Cons of Learning in person

1. LESS CONTROL OVER SCHEDULING :- You have significantly less control in a traditional classroom than you have in an online class over when and where you attend lectures. You might consider an online class if you have a busy schedule or if your availability fluctuates. You will have more control over your class schedule as a result of this.

2. COMMUTING DIFFICULTIES :- You’ll have to commute to and from campus if you take classes in person. Based on your living situation, this might take up a lot of your time and money. If you’re thinking about enrolling in an on-campus education, consider the difficulties of your daily commute.

3. HIGHER EXPENSES :- Due to relevant factors like student housing, on-campus meals, and public transportation or fuel for commuting, traditional students face higher expenses.

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Conclusion :- The benefits and drawbacks of learning in person or online depend on many factors, including how much each student learns and how well teachers can teach. The costs of both learning styles, and the flexibility they provide, should be considered when choosing one. Recently, students have been exposed to both styles of learning and have become aware of their learning preferences because of recent situations. Although there are varying viewpoints regarding which method of learning is the most effective, it is up to each individual to determine which method works best for them or their kids in today’s competitive environment.

Games are one of the smartest and easiest ways to grab kid’s attention for a long time.

They helps to improve the interest of kids for learning and make study time more fun but productive.

However, choosing the right educational game for your kids is important and it is the role of teachers and parents.

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Here let us have a look at some of the top educational games for kids that teach them various aspects of learning without losing the fun element.

1. Fish School HD: This educational game is a very good choice for preschoolers. Learning more about letters, shapes, numbers and colours are a lot easy and funny than ever before with this awesome app. Kids can learn all these things while playing with animated fish. The fishes form the shape of letters and numbers and kids’ role is to identify them.

2. Dinosaur Park Math: This game is designed to suit the kids in the age group of 8 to 12 years which is a good mix of subtraction, addition, and interesting dino facts. The game comprises 15 Dinosaur math levels that come with as many as 225 questions. The kids can make use of their math skills to slit open the Dinosaur fossils to let Junior Paleontologist Pete to open Dino Park. The highlighted features of the game include audio support for every math question, colourful fun graphics, fun dinosaur facts and over 60 Dinosaur games.

3. Boggle Junior: This game is ideal for playing by 1 to 2 kids that introduces word and letter recognition, spelling, matching and memory. This includes two multilevel games, the first one is ideal for kids of 3 years old and second one for more advanced spellers.

4. Balloony Word: This is an interesting game for kids to improve their vocabulary skills by having some fun time. This is a more joyful version of the old hangman game where kids have to guess the words while broadening their vocabulary.. The kids can keep on guessing words and the same time enjoy the fun of popping the balloons. You can make the spelling skills of your kids sharp and challenge them at times by changing the word list dictionary.

5. Math and Letters Air Control: This awesome game lets your kid to exercise both letters and numbers at the same time. The game comes with three difficulty levels and kids can have unlimited fun while learning the basics of Mathematics and English… This educational game runs smoothly in iOS devices without the need of any in-app purchase.

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6. Tower Math™: This is an action packed, 3D game that gives unlimited fun while practicing arithmetic. The theme of the game involves an evil wizard which turned the numbers into monsters. The role of the kids is to free the numbers.. In addition to earning medals for each completed levels, the game occupies the kids with fun sound effects and music.

7. Stack the States: Learning geography can be a tough job for most of the kids and this tricky game helps your kids to tackle the subject with lots of fun. This colourful and dynamic game covers all basics of the subject including state capitals, geographic locations, shapes, flags and more. By learning more states, kids can unlock free bonus games that motivate them to try hard.

8. Bananagrams: Even when kids can enjoy the game the most, this can be played by everyone. This involves building crossword grids. It can be real fun when done in groups of friends or family. While the game drives you bananas with immense fun, it brings in a lot of educational value when played by kids. The kids can learn how to spell words in the most easiest and funny way..

9. ABCya games: This group of games is one of the top most K-5 educational gaming websites for over a decade. The reports say millions of parents and teachers visit the website every month and kids played over 1 billion games in the past year only. The iOS app allows kids to access six free games every week. The option to browse by grade level is one of the highlighted features of the application. You can also help your kids play the right set of games as contents are organized by skill. With a subscription, you can let your kid access over 250+ games and activities.

10. Scribble Naughts: This is a puzzle action video game that makes your kids go crazy as they can use their imagination to juggle nearly anything from a 35000+ word dictionary. With unlimited hours of fun, the kids can explore an open universe.. As puzzles make the kids think out of the box, they can grow up their creative thinking skills. The mobile optimized controls make the game easy to play in any of your hand gadgets supporting Android OS.


To improve the audience reach, most of the games are made available for multiple platforms whereas some of them are exclusively designed for either Android or iOS.

Do you want to be in the list of such smart teachers or parents who improve the quality of the kid’s study time by bringing in fun elements?

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First assess whether the kid needs special care in the nightmare mathematics or if they lack in vocabulary. Then don’t wait to download any of the interesting apps that would work best for your kids.