Education and entertainment seem like two different aspects when you look at traditional methods. However, modern-age kids don’t learn like that. They love enjoying the process of learning.
Thanks to a variety of applications, edutainment games are available now for kids. Here is a list of top edutainment games that can help your kid learn in a fun way.

Best Free Edutainment Games Apps ( Check it now)

Remember our childhood when we were asked to keep away from any kind of media when it was time to study?

Until few years back, blending of education and entertainment was unthinkable. Back then, who knew “edutainment” will be revolutionising the way we learn in the future?

Edutainment literally means education through entertainment. It can be video games, television programmes, or any other means that combine learning and having fun.

Edutainment Games

Who does not like to play games?

It is entertaining and engaging that sometimes, we do not even realise that we spend hours on it. So, when you combine education and games, the result would obviously be better understanding of concepts, while keeping the learners engaged.

Educational games are one of the most preferred ways of learning these days.

According to the reports of 2019, 74% teachers across the world have been using digital game-based learning approach as they teach. Also, the use of gamification has been reported to have contributed towards improvement of student productivity by 50% and test scores by 34%.

Today, there are many educational games available that focus mainly on one or multiple subjects, and also, serve different purposes. Here is a list of the best 16 educational games of 2023.

1. Two Dots:-

Two Dots app is a simple puzzle game that tests your colouring speed and skills. It requires you to connect dots of the same colour to create shapes, thus improving your focus, logical skills and competitive spirit.

Two Dots

The game comes with 2875 levels and are available in both online and offline modes.

Two Dots app is available for download in Google Play Store

2. Faces iMake

Faces iMake up app is comprehensive and quirky, and empowers your creative side of kids as you create pictures.

The app has an impressive graphics quality that includes a variety of artistic elements. Kids can explore their artistic side by creating pictures and find the artist inside themselves. The application also offers a music option, which makes it more entertaining for kids.

faces imake

Faces iMake app is available for download in the App Store

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is primarily a language learning app, and it makes the learning process fun through games. The app comes with gamified lessons and exercises that make it easy for you to learn a new language.

Each part of the language learning process consists of advanced activities. This helps to revise what you have learned and improve your language skills, in terms of vocabulary pronunciation and grammar.

Duolingo App

Duolingo app is available for download in both Google Play Store

App Store

4. Math Blaster HyperBlaster 2

As the name suggests, Math Blaster aims to improve your mathematical skills through an arcade-style game. The app features several mini games for each topic—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on.

Math blaster App

Through the games, you can improve your math skills by learning all basic math concepts without getting bored. The game levels are not complicated and you can handle them with ease.

Math Blaster app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store

5. Spacechem

Spacechem is a puzzle-based game where you role play as an engineer, build machines and buildings, fight monsters, all while learning science concepts. Your character in the game has to handle the construction of the building, elaborate plans and manage your counterparts, putting your inner strength and abilities to test.

Spacechem app

Spacechem comes with over 50 puzzle games. It also features cool graphics, designs, structure, and features, to keep you addicted.

Note:- The app is not available in either Google Play store or App Store at present.

6. MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUp is a very popular set of mind games that helps to improve your focus, visual attention, and memory skills. The best part about these games is that it can be personalised based on your abilities and age.


You can see the records of your progress and achievements in the app. You also have options to upgrade your avatar using in-app currency that you earn as your progress through the games.

MentalUp Educational Games app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

7. Lightbot

Lightbot app features a game that introduces you to the world of coding, while helping you improve your technical and problem-solving skills. The game comes with 50 different levels and cool graphics.

The app features robots that you can control as they turn on the lights in each maze. You can enter the different symbols given in the app to guide the robot in order to complete the task.

Lighbot is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

8. Dinosaur Park Math

Dinosaur Park Math is a math game suitable for primary school students. The app helps children to learn addition and subtraction of numbers from 0 to 20.

The game comes with over 15 levels and 225 questions in total. The app features building blocks that you can play with as you learn to add and subtract. You also get rewarded as you complete the different tasks in the app.

dinosaur park math app

Completing four components gives you the opportunity to unlock a battle robot at the math factory. As you progress through the game, you can also open up dinosaur fossils and much more using your math skills.

Dinosaur Park Math app is available for download in App Store

9. Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit is a great app to improve your skills in the language of your choice. In the app, you role play as Reader Rabbit and solve different levels of the game as you improve your reading, writing, spell check and grammar check skills.

reader rabbit app

Reader Rabbit game is easy to play. The app comes with colourful backgrounds and animations making it interesting for users. You also receive daily reports where you can see your improvement.

Reader Rabbit app is available for download in the App Store

10. Word Balloons

Word Balloons is an addictive word search game that helps you to improve your vocabulary skills while you have fun. In the game, you have to connect the letters on the balloon in any direction to find the hidden words. The beginner levels are easy to solve, but as you level up, the game gets more challenging.

The game comes with over 2000 levels and can be played in both online and offline modes. You can also solve daily challengers and earn daily bonus coins.

Word Balloons Apps

Word Balloons app is available in both Google Play Store

App Store:-

11. Dragon Box

Dragonbox is a set of math apps that helps students master different math concepts through games. It has different versions; the DragonBox Elements, for example, comes with puzzles that help you to learn concepts of geometry.

DragonBox App

The best part is the visualising features of the app that you get to visually experience it as you solve problems in the app. This helps the concepts to stay in your memory without you even realising it as your entire focus is in playing the game.

You can find the different Dragonbox apps here (

12. Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts app comes with a series of puzzles and tasks that challenge the creativity of students. The games focus on improving your spelling, creativity and reasoning skills.

scribblenauts apps

In the games, you come across a series of obstacles that you must overcome using your imagination. The app also gives you freedom to create your own puzzles that you can share with your peers.

Scribblenauts app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

13. Mind Snacks

Mind Snacks is a language learning app that gives you options to learn Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese languages with the help of games.

mindsnacks app

The app features memory games that help you to easily learn words and phrases. This helps to save your time and efforts where you normally have to rack your brains to memorise the words.

Mind Snacks app is available for download in App Store

Google Play Store:-

14. HyperRogue

HyperRogue is a popular puzzle game that puts your brain to work. In the game, you play a lone adventurer, who collects treasures and tackles enemies simultaneously. As you progress through the game, your enemies grow bigger and stronger.

hyperrogue app

The game is for single players and features some cool visuals and levels. It also includes level editors.

HyperRogue is available for download in both Google Play Store

App Store:-

15. Fish School

Fish School lets pre-schoolers go on an adventurous underwater journey as they take up 8 different activities to learn while having fun. You learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colours as you play with animated fishes featured in the app.

fish school app

The app comes with many visually appealing elements that pique the interest of young children. The activities involve fishes featured in the app forming alphabets that the children have to recognise. They can also find different fishes and matching fishes.

Fish School app is available for download in Google Play Store

App Store:-

16. PBS KIDS Games

PBS KIDS games app is a set of over 200 games in one app. It gives students the opportunities to explore different topics while having fun.

It features some of the games that are popular among young children, such as odd squads, let’s go, Luna, Xavier riddle, etc. The games are available in both online and offline modes.

PBS KIDS games feature a colourful and creative design, and fun elements that make it visually appealing and entertaining for the players. It also makes learning easy in a kid-safe environment.

You can find the different PBS Kids games here (

Apart from the above-listed 15 games, there are many more educational games for you to choose from. You can look for the ones that best suit the subject of your interest and age as you choose.

By now, educational games have become a normal part of learning. According to the latest trends in edtech and predictions of experts, we will get to see more of gamification in education in the future.

Reports state that there will be a compound annual growth rate of 14% in use of gamification in education in another three years. It means the market worth of gamification will be $25.7 billion in 2025, which is $12.3 billion more than the current worth.

In simple words, online educational games will continue to exist in the future of education, in more advanced versions.

So does edutainment, which is expected to have a market value of approximately $8.1 Billion by 2032, at a compound annual growth rate of 16%.

Why Edutainment?

Edutainment focuses on both educational and personal development of learners by ensuring that the learning process includes aspects, such as collaboration, communication, creativity, etc.

The average attention span of students last from few minutes to few hours based on age. You might have seen or experienced how the attention of students tends to shift during lectures and many end up finding classes to be “too boring.” That is where edutainment lives up to its name. Edutainment imparts learning without even the students being aware of it since their focus will be more on the fun factor.

Every student is different. The traditional method of learning, most of the time, fails to cater to the requirements of people with learning difficulties. There are many instances where they might not get the extra attention they badly need. Edutainment, on the other hand, encourages personalised learning that allows them to learn at their own pace, while giving them a better understanding of the areas they need improvement in.

Apart from all these advantages, edutainment has much more to offer, making it an economical and intelligent choice, as a method of learning.

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