Parents have always raised concerns about their kids getting addicted to watching anime movies.

However, research studies have claimed that anime movies can be used as a good study tool for kids. The research analysts have enough points to substantiate the findings. Many of the anime movies can motivate Kids to grow successful in life and teach them the importance of hard work.

Moreover,in Japan learning Japanese is considered of immense value right from childhood. Thus, language is no more a concern for kids as watching anime series can help them to grasp the language gradually.

Some mangas and anime brings out the creative side in them and enables them to think out of the box in real life situations. Here we can have a look at some of the important educational benefits of watching anime series or movies.

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1. Learn More About Novel Areas:  Student life is the phase when they start learning about new things and explore new ideas in life. These movies teaches students about areas which they might not come across in their academic syllabus but are useful for them at some point in their life. For example, they can learn about mental health conditions such as PTSD if they watch School Live and Narcolepsy if they watch Little Busters. Many elements that are projected in some anime movies may seem interesting at present but are valuable or useful later in life.

2. Can Learn Real Life Lessons: Having a good understanding about the real life situations well in advance confers students with the ability of proper decision making . Knowing how the heroes have overcome hardships in life help them to think out of the box,save the situations and grow successful. Even the comedy series are more subtle if you check the element of conveying real life lessons. Anime series including My Hero Academia, A Silent Voice and Orange are popular in terms of teaching real life lessons. These series enable students to learn to respect their parents and be thankful and avoid bullying others and most importantly to get rid of their arrogance.

3. Increased Social Interaction: The modern society have witnessed that many of the students are turned to introverts. However, the influence of anime movies has made a noticeable impact on increasing their interaction and they start behaving more social. Kids of working parents can avoid boredom and the depression of being alone in their free time by watching anime movies. This not only takes off their pressure of loneliness but also gives them a feeling of happiness. They can also get connected to other students who watch anime and thus make new friends.

4. Learn About Value Of Relationships: In today’s world, we have seen that the relationships have started losing its value. However, many good anime movies have projected the importance of relationships and the love for anime has persuaded students to keep up such values in their life.. Hopefully, such anime series can help students to understand the value of relationships in life and inspires them to give out some effort to maintain them. 

5. Understand Moral Values In Life: One of the most important benefits of watching anime movies is learning about keeping up moral values in life. The series such as Haikyuu teaches students about the importance of teamwork in getting things done and why they are crucial in achieving success. DBZ is a popular series that inspires students to come out of the limits, push oneself up, keep on practising, set goals and do enough hard work while chasing dreams. The New Game anime series teaches and inspires students about undergoing struggles to achieve what they want in life and to overcome the troubles of starting as a beginner. They also learn other human values such as righteousness, generosity, honesty, courage and patience.

6. Improved Interest In Culture And Language: It is quite common for students to have least interest in the country’s culture as they prefer fun elements. Surprisingly, anime movies are a good option for them to learn more about the Japanese culture in an entertaining fashion. They slowly start having interest in learning more about the culture and related areas. Even if the extent of understanding might be very little, having some sorts of insights into the culture can help them to grow closer to the culture. Also as these movies are made with Japanese audio clips, they can learn the Japanese language a little more easily and get more fluent with it pretty quickly. The students who are born or brought up outside the country can keep in touch with the culture.

7. Improves Creativity And Critical Thinking: This form of storytelling can enhance their creativity and students can start exploring their creative side along with excelling in academics. This improves their drawing skills that help them to start exploring the areas of animation and architecture. Those students who are truly inspired even start designing their own anime characters and develop their own mangas. In fact, this is a good alternative for kids’ stories as this is a form of imaginative story telling.

Parents do realise that the educational value of anime is immense. Watching anime is not always all about fun but the best part is about its learning possibilities. Apart from these benefits, watching anime can teach students about the importance of proper communication.

Like every other areas, anime addiction can have some negatives if kids tend to copy only the hatred or trouble making aspects of anime. Parents have to keep a check on the types of anime being watched by the kids and help them to sort out the suitable ones. If they make watching anime with educational values a part of their routine, parents can find it easy to mould their character right from the childhood.

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