Students get easily inspired by the innovations around them which can even change their perspective about life. Artificial intelligence is one such area which has gained much popularity among the student groups and has now become an important element in the digital classrooms. Teaching and learning scenario has transformed to the next level with the widespread acceptance of the technology in classrooms.

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There are lots of movies based on the concept of artificial intelligence which has showcased many aspects of technology for the viewers. Watching AI movies can help students to get closer to the technology and get more motivated to learn more on the domain. AI is undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the scientific world and its possibilities have grown to remarkable levels. Here let us take a look at some of the most fascinating movies about AI for students which can really enhance their love for the technology:

1. Metropolis

This is a 1927 science fiction movie that showcases some classic excellence of artificial intelligence. This is one among the first Sci-Fi films of the time that influenced many similar scripts later. It introduced idea of the human interaction with machines and helped viewers set a perspective to AI. The movie tries to highlight the message that no understanding can be guaranteed between the brain and hands till the heart takes the role of a mediator. This awesome movie was directed by Fritz Lang and key roles were played by Brigitte Helm and Alfred Abel.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Directed by Stanley Kubrick this movie hit the screens in 1968. The key roles were played by Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. It is an epic drama on exploration which was rated as an ultimate trip on artificial intelligence for the viewers. The movie is equally thoughtful and fictional and at times questioning the meaning of life. When you watch the movie in 2018, you will have no idea that the movie was screened when the technology was just in the beginning phase. Students will be amazed to see a machine similar to human in the way of thinking and decision-making.

3. Her

 This 2013 AI movie is the right mix of scientific fiction, drama and romance. The technology shown in the movie is an expected reality in the near future. This interesting plot tells the story of relationship of a writer with an OS which can satisfy all his needs. It was directed by Spike Jonze and the lead roles were played by Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. Samantha is just the software but the emotions and feelings in the voice sound very much human. The connection was portrayed as true and loyal and the OS even questioned about the lack of physical existence.

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

 This movie is one of the best master pieces from James Cameron which made viewers excited right from beginning to the end. It hit the screens in the year 1991 and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton; Edward Furlong played the key roles. In this version, a more advanced robot, the T-1000 was in action to kill John Connor. A terminator is sent from future to protect them and the creative genius was portrayed with a brilliant sequel. It is intelligent in nature and more human in the approach.

5. Wall- E

This 2008 AI movie is an animated story for kids which show a philosophical journey of the sentient robots. The titular has gained the intelligence through the human inventions such as Rubik’s cubes and light bulbs. This awesome movie was directed by Andrew Stanton and the key roles were handled by Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight and Jeff Garlin. The heroine of Wall-E is a true example of how to perceive and shower deeper emotions of love. The movie puts a platform to think deeply about what actually distinguishes robots from humans.

6. The Matrix

 One of the best movies to showcase the idea of artificial intelligence in the most advanced and brilliant form. This action packed Sci-Fi movie was from the directors, Lana and Lilly Wachowski and it hit the screen on 1999. The plot is interesting which says how powerful machines created Matrix that was capable of imprisoning human minds. Interestingly, they feast on the humans’ body heat. It was scary at times to see how machines were powerful over humans and they even created superhuman agents that can keep hackers. The main roles of the movie were brilliantly portrayed by Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss.

7. Big Hero 6

This is an animation movie based on artificial intelligence which is loved by kids of all ages. The plot includes lot of adventure and action with thrilling scenarios. This awesome movie directed by a team of directors, Don Hall and Chris Williams hit the screens in the year 2014. In the interesting plot, viewers can feel good to see a special bond of prodigy Hiro Hamada and plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax. They teamed up with a set of friends to set up a band of high-tech heroes. The cast lead of the movie includes Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit and Jamie Chung.

8. Blade Runner

This movie is rated as a visual master piece on artificial intelligence which was released in the year 1982. The script is in fact a catalyst of intense thought which was directed by Ridley Scott. Deckard was the hero of the movie who was given the task of terminating four replicates which was actually android beings but resembled humans. The leading roles of this scientific thriller were handled by Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young. Once you see the movie, you are made to think a lot and in fact may question the meaning of life, reality, and who are humans.

9. Moon

A lunar experience turned lunatic gets astronaut Sam Bell stuck on the moon with a younger, angrier version of himself which appears from who knows where!

Sounds crazy right? Exactly!

But you won’t mind taking up this chaotic journey with him for every mishap that occurs is well complimented with a well thought and practically extra ordinary come back for survival.

From a carefully crafted script to an incredibly executed performance, moon is a treat to the taste buds of every sci-fi freak.

Don’t forget the take away- Grow perseverance and mental strength to deal even with the most hopeless situations that life throws.

10. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

 This AI movie is interesting to watch for students as it is full of action, adventure and fantasy. This was directed by the popular director George Lucas who gave us lots of movies to remember. In the plot, Luke Skywalker joined forces with a team with the motive of saving the galaxy from the Empire’s apocalyptic battle station. This top rated movie hit the screens in the year 1977 and the lead cast include Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

11. Aliens

This is one of the top rated movies from the director, James Cameron and it hit the screen in the year 1986. In the interesting plot, Ellen Ripley who has been in hypersleep for 57 years was saved by a deep salvage team. The key roles in this AI movie were played by Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn and Carrie Henn.

12. The Iron Giant

This is an interesting animated movie on AI that is rich with action and adventure. The movie was directed by Brad Bird and star led by Eli Marienthal, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Aniston. It is a beautiful work of art that hit the screen on 1999. It portrays a beautifully bonded friendship between a young boy and a giant alien robot. As the relationship grows, the alien technology of sophisticated intelligence was revealed to the boy, which in turn created some interesting twists.

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The thought of converting this great idea into movies started ever since Metropolis hit the screen about 90 years ago. These are just a few among the many amazing movies made on the concept of artificial intelligence. These top rated movies can help students to learn more about the possibilities of the technology and watching the theme on big screen can change their perspectives about the modern technology. Many of the students have got inspired by watching such movies and got self motivated to bring out the creative side in them and worked more towards using technology in the right way for the society. This is one of the best ways to introduce the modern scientific technologies among the students and instil innovative ideas in their minds.

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