“One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world”

Teachers influence the lives of students much more significantly than we imagine. A teacher with the right skills inspires and influences entire student lives. They are instruments who can ignite powerful thoughts in students, helping them unleash their true potential.

To bring about such long-standing impacts, it is important for teachers to have certain skills. Let’s take a look at them.Teacher app ad banner

1. Discipline Skills

Discipline is an important skill that you should possess a teacher so as to be labelled as effective. A vital component of effective classroom management, your discipline ensures that positive behaviour is encouraged inside classrooms.

Unlike common belief, discipline is not about punishing students. Rather, it is a way to manage and guide students. Discipline is directly affected by the kind of relationship you have with your students.

The most important discipline skills you can have includes being respectful, responding to students, and reciprocating their interest. A teacher should be skilled in setting an effective routine with the right amount of flexibility.

As you might be already aware, proper communication and relationship building are very important skills as well.

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2. Classroom Management Skills

As a teacher, by ensuring good behaviour of students, the battle is half won.  But to be an effective teacher, you should also be able to help students develop study and work habits.

Good classroom management skills start with setting certain ground rules to stress the importance of classroom dignity.

Teachers should exercise patience along with a deep sense of care and kindness towards their wards. You as an empathetic teacher will win over the hearts of your students by demonstrating sensitivity, especially during student rifts.

Better student-teacher relationships emerge when you demonstrate a willingness to lend an ear to the problems faced by your students. It is important for teachers to establish a good rapport with students so that a positive, productive and safe learning environment is created in classrooms.

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3. Observation Skills

It is the prime responsibility of teachers to have a thorough understanding about the cognitive, emotional and social development of students. Since a classroom is filled with students coming from different parental backgrounds, it makes sense to a teacher to be aware of the learning capabilities of different students.

Here, observation is the key skill that every teacher should possess to become an effective tutor.

A class can be a mix of slow learners and intelligent students. This is a challenge that teachers face day in and day out when they need to adopt specific teaching patterns so that no student is left behind.

Understanding the innate abilities of each student helps you to match your teaching pace. Remember, given the variety of students in your classroom, “One size does not fit all”. You should adjust your teaching pace taking into consideration the overall IQ level of your class to ensure that every student benefits from your classroom lecture.

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4. Student Engagement Skills

Day in and day out, every teacher handles a bunch of students with different mentalities towards learning.

While some students demonstrate a keen interest in learning, others are distracted at the smallest provocation. Hence for you to be called an effective teacher, you should develop student engagement skills so that you can motivate your students.

You can make the educational content interesting for students by using different strategies such as the use of visuals and impressive feats and facts.

Developing a strong rapport with students is one of the best ways to ensure your students are engaged in the class. Show genuine interest in them and their interests. Be receptive to their queries and ideas.

Take that extra effort to understand their lives and problems better. Student engagement skills come naturally to some teachers, but others can develop them with practice. If you do it well, you become a “go to” source for the emotional or educational support that every student longs for.

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5. Strong Communication Skills with Students and Parents

Being a teacher, you are always putting your communication skills to test, every single day. Hence it is very important for a teacher to possess effective communication skills.

Your oratory skills coupled with a strong understanding of the subject matter will attract the attention of your students, paving the way for a high level of concentration towards the topic you are discussing.

Your preparedness comes to the fore when you are in a position to clarify the doubts of students so that you can make the subject material interesting to them.

An effective teacher is also expected to communicate with the parents of their wards. When you begin to constantly interact with parents, you will be able to bridge the gap between what is happening in school to what is expected from a particular student.

Parent-teacher meetings, along with phone and email conversations with parents are the tools that will help teachers stay in constant touch with parents. With such conversations, it becomes possible for teachers to update parents of the progress and weaknesses of their wards.

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6. Teaching Skills

Tagged as a noble profession that can change the lives of students for the better, every effective teacher requires good inter-personal skills along with effective speaking and strong presentation skills. Teaching skills include all of these and more… such as great organizational skills.

Teachers should be well-prepared for their lectures ensuring that they carry all the material that aids in teaching, to the class. You should have a penchant for working in groups.

Along with motivational skills that will keep the fire burning in the bellies of students, an effective teacher should rank high on empathy and rapport-building strategies.

Giving timely feedback about the behaviour and performance of your wards are also part of effective teaching skills.

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7. Subject Matter Expertise

Every teacher comes with a specific specialization. Putting in years of teaching experience, effective teachers stand in line with the changes to the curriculum of their favourite subject.

Keeping themselves abreast with the new topics that are added to the course, effective teachers will ensure that their students receive the best education from them.

When teachers demonstrate a high-level of subject matter expertise, students will be encouraged to pose questions with a belief that they will be clarified then and there. This overall knowledge about the subject you have chosen to teach will thus pave the way for interesting classroom sessions.

8. Time Management Skills

It is easy to get carried away by so many different aspects of teaching. But you only have limited classroom time.

Alongside ensuring that the curriculum is completed within the pre-defined time frame, you should also attach importance to the time taken by students to complete their assignments. You should follow a strategy to organize your working day around educational and non-teaching priorities.

An effective teacher, with an intention to offer repetitive practice to students, should strategically plan homework tasks. You can ensure the best use of classroom time by framing and structuring assignments which will help students sit for studies while at home.

Effective time management skills are vital for providing quality education to students while also meeting the specific learning needs of each student.

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9. Clear Planning Skills

You should be able to clearly plan what the objective for each class is. Planning ahead of time allows you as a teacher to be more confident about what you are going to teach each time you are in a class.

There can be holidays and unexpected events which need to be taken into consideration while planning. Also, have measures for students who are absent at times to help them catch up with the rest of the class.

10. Passion & Positivity

While not exactly a skill, being passionate about teaching is a pre-requisite to be an effective teacher. When you are passionate, you can learn from experience and there would be a constant search for methods to improve yourself as a teacher.

Maintaining a positive attitude is also very important, as you are a role model for your students. Your attitude towards each student will reflect in the way they behave and grow. So, maintain a positive attitude towards each of your students and avoid negative elements in the classroom.

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11. Be a Team Player

Students would love to have teachers who are friendly and understands them. Rather than forcing students to learn by disciplining, working with your students as a team would help them have fun while learning.

It creates a positive atmosphere in your classroom, helping students to associate learning with fun activities. If you are a team player, it helps students to bond not just with you, but also amongst themselves.

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12. Patience

Let’s deal with it; managing a classroom full of students is not the easiest of jobs. There are going to be few students who would test your patience. But, if you lose your nerves during such testing times, it can produce only negative outcomes.

By being patient and working with troublesome students individually, you would be able to improve your classroom atmosphere effectively.

Key Takeaways

To be an effective teacher, you should be able to motivate and support students so that they are well-equipped to deal with any challenges life throws at them both academically and otherwise. With all the above skills in place, you will invariably take on the title of an effective teacher who inspires students in more ways than one.

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Technology has developed over the years in almost every field. With the development of technology, way of education has also moved on from old tools like the abacus, ruler, pencil and paper to PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads, software and apps. Education has become smart. This development has changed the way of teaching, learning, and many more school related activities.

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E-Learning solutions are also an example of technological development. It delivers excellent quality course material. With technological advancement, this has become convenient and simple.


There are certain companies involved in e-learning and smart education. Here are 7 such companies:

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Educomp Solutions

Educomp plays a major role in the field of education as it is one of the largest education companies across the world. They are the leader in digital content solutions for the K12 segment. Most innovative initiatives in the field of digital classroom hardware & content are the DTS (Digital Teaching System) and CTS (Class Transformation System).


NIIT Limited, established in 1981 is a global leader in Skills and Talent Development. It provides multidisciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to institutions, firms, and individuals more than 40 countries. It has 3 main lines of business all over the world- Skills and the Careers Group, Corporate Learning Group, and School Learning Group.

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Adobe Systems

Adobe is in the way of changing the world through digital experiences. Their creative solutions allow each and everyone from rising artists to global brands to bring virtual creations to reality and deliver them to the appropriate person at the right time for bringing better results.

They find interesting aspects and work on them till it starts working better. You can see the results everywhere in their award-winning research and hundreds of patents; their “innovation-in-a-box” program which made new product offerings; and the employee check-ins which inspired their people to do their best work.


Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

If your child is studying in a digital school, then he/she can study anywhere at any time. In these schools, students and teachers communicate with each other both in the classroom and after the school, creating a new educational experience. With this, students and teachers can study and teach in a secure environment.

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N2N Services

N2N services founded in 2004 as a systems integration consultancy servicing the higher end market. With N2N service’s e-learning and smart education platforms, attract, retain and graduate more and more students. They are revamping education by technology. Now, it provides the best in class services to institutions all over North America and also has its own suite of web and mobile platforms to improve student success through technology.


K-12 education software of SunGard serves more than 8 million students or 1 out of 6 students across the nation. They provide their services to almost 1400 public, charter & private schools across US.  Most of the staffs of K-12 Education here are former K-12 employees including superintendents, technologists, teachers and other employees.  Their customers can be assured that their investment will not become useless as their investment in our products will be beneficial for their school and students.

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Intel’s pioneering products & deep expertise in everything from teacher professional development to cloud computing made it strong service provider in improving student success all over the world. Its services are fully featured which support anytime, anywhere learning. You can find the appropriate technology with the help of  Intel® Education Solutions Support Team.

“TECHNOLOGY can become the “WINGS” that will allow the EDUCATION to FLY farther and faster than ever before- if we will allow it.”


With smart education in place, experts feel that repetition learning is likely to diminish in the coming years.


Technology has brought about a huge revolution in the education sector. Laptops, e-readers, and even e-learning apps are now part of everyday education. Thanks to the advanced learning solutions that generates smart students. Transformation from a class room with dusty duster and black board, chalk dust and a large cane to a smart class with LED, Dell computer, UPS and software teaching aid did not happen in a day. This smart education initiative has been supported by diverse technology brands by introducing various digital learning solutions.

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Impact of Technology in Education

School as well as college classrooms are now slowly inching towards advanced education, which rules out the most conventional method. Devices including document cameras and projectors make it possible for schools and colleges to implement instructions in smart classrooms.

  • Smartboards – This is an interactive white board which allows the teacher to project an image from a laptop to the front of the room and the teacher can digitally draw on that image.
  • Digital Podium – This advanced lecture stand is all-in-one smart classroom equipment features a Touch Monitor, Document Camera, Visualiser, Public Addressing (PA) System and Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  • Smart Class ICT – The solution includes K-12 Digital content, assessment suite introduced on a most advanced offline or online LMS. The content can be strictly mapped as per school course and can be further localized as per requirement.
  • Visualizers – Also known as document camera, this visual presenter is a real-time image capture devices that helps to display an object to a huge audience. The device can magnify and project the images of actual, three-dimensional (3D) objects as well as transparencies.

These educational products are highly beneficial for Teachers, Educators, Presenters, Trainers and Corporate Professionals.

Smart Classroom Market to Grow

The recent market research report from Technavio predicts the smart classroom market in India to grow at a CAGR of more than 20% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2020.

As per the report, initiatives taken by the Indian government play a key role in popularizing smart ways of learning.

As per the report –

  • With the exponential increase in use of everyday mobile devices in India, schools, colleges and other educational institutes might also implement Bring your own device (BYOD) policies in the near future.
  • To support their digital initiatives, teachers also require software to create e-learning content, which is likely to fuel the demand for learning products during the forecast period.
  • The top players in the market include Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, Dell, Educomp, HCL Technologies, IBM, Lenovo, and more.

Adobe Supports Educator-Technology Partnership

A new report by software major Adobe indicates that India’s educational institutions should strengthen their partnerships with technical companies to create a reliable platform that can build a new generation of highly achieving students. The study is based on survey results participated by above 1,300 educators from the Asia Pacific. The survey reports that about 85% of educational institutions believed that it is important to provide a fostering environment that has the right mix of technology and education.

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Mobile Learning Apps – They are the Future

Instead of exams, studies and the tension behind all these, learning via portable devices such as smartphones and tablets is what students are getting comfortable with now and in the coming years. The m-learning concept is expected to be a boon for India’s education sector.

Some of the mobile learning apps are-

  • Microsoft OneNote – Though it looks just like a traditional notebook, it rocks interactive whiteboards. The notes teacher write on the board go directly into the notebook that they share with the students. The frontrunner for school note taking, this app also allows teachers to edit simultaneously. With diverse new features rolled out in the last few years, students can write notes, grab screenshots, and make to-do lists as well.
  • Evernote – Evernote is a tool that can be effectively used on iPad in classrooms. With its capacity to type, insert images, explain, and record sound, students can incorporate their iPad with Evernote in a number of ways.

Smart education is the future, where dusty, traditional classrooms are on its vanishing stage. Technology-supported learning environment can generate smart students.