7 Companies Involved In E-Learning And Smart Education


Technology has developed over the years in almost every field. With the development of technology, way of education has also moved on from old tools like the abacus, ruler, pencil and paper to PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads, software and apps. Education has become smart. This development has changed the way of teaching, learning, and many more school related activities.

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E-Learning solutions are also an example of technological development. It delivers excellent quality course material. With technological advancement, this has become convenient and simple.


There are certain companies involved in e-learning and smart education. Here are 7 such companies:

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Educomp Solutions

Educomp plays a major role in the field of education as it is one of the largest education companies across the world. They are the leader in digital content solutions for the K12 segment. Most innovative initiatives in the field of digital classroom hardware & content are the DTS (Digital Teaching System) and CTS (Class Transformation System).


NIIT Limited, established in 1981 is a global leader in Skills and Talent Development. It provides multidisciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to institutions, firms, and individuals more than 40 countries. It has 3 main lines of business all over the world- Skills and the Careers Group, Corporate Learning Group, and School Learning Group.

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Adobe Systems

Adobe is in the way of changing the world through digital experiences. Their creative solutions allow each and everyone from rising artists to global brands to bring virtual creations to reality and deliver them to the appropriate person at the right time for bringing better results.

They find interesting aspects and work on them till it starts working better. You can see the results everywhere in their award-winning research and hundreds of patents; their “innovation-in-a-box” program which made new product offerings; and the employee check-ins which inspired their people to do their best work.


Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

If your child is studying in a digital school, then he/she can study anywhere at any time. In these schools, students and teachers communicate with each other both in the classroom and after the school, creating a new educational experience. With this, students and teachers can study and teach in a secure environment.

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N2N Services

N2N services founded in 2004 as a systems integration consultancy servicing the higher end market. With N2N service’s e-learning and smart education platforms, attract, retain and graduate more and more students. They are revamping education by technology. Now, it provides the best in class services to institutions all over North America and also has its own suite of web and mobile platforms to improve student success through technology.


K-12 education software of SunGard serves more than 8 million students or 1 out of 6 students across the nation. They provide their services to almost 1400 public, charter & private schools across US.  Most of the staffs of K-12 Education here are former K-12 employees including superintendents, technologists, teachers and other employees.  Their customers can be assured that their investment will not become useless as their investment in our products will be beneficial for their school and students.

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Intel’s pioneering products & deep expertise in everything from teacher professional development to cloud computing made it strong service provider in improving student success all over the world. Its services are fully featured which support anytime, anywhere learning. You can find the appropriate technology with the help of  Intel® Education Solutions Support Team.

“TECHNOLOGY can become the “WINGS” that will allow the EDUCATION to FLY farther and faster than ever before- if we will allow it.”

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