When kids are out of the school for the day, they seek for leisure activities to unwind until the dinnertime. But, what if their leisure activities are creative and quality imparting?

Well, being a parent, it becomes your responsibility to motivate kids to learn something new, socialize and stay creative.

In this age where kids have seen to be influenced by social media sites and fictional computer and mobile games, bringing a paradigm shift has become the utmost necessity.

So, take charge of your kids’ lives and push them to stay outdoors, playing with other kids, being creative and sharing ideas with each other.

This article would discuss 21 such fresh Middle School Activities to indulge your kids after school and make them play the real games apart from all those mobile games.

21 Fresh Middle School Activities to Indulge Your Middle School Kids

1. Object Recycling

As we are heading toward sustainability, teaching our kids to recycle and reuse would be a great help toward nature as well as toward their future.

So, after school, you can take kids to your junkyard, where you keep all waste household items and teach them the importance of recycling.

You can ask them to grab any waste material, apply their creativity and come up with something new that could be used further.

For instance, you might have cereal boxes stacked up to be thrown away. However, you can ask kids to apply their creative thinking and convert that cereal box into the mask, or a tissue holder, or anything new.

The activity of object recycling can be a significant step toward making your kids understand the value of the environment and its safekeeping.

2. Be the Scientist Game

When asked, kids sometimes express their desire to be a Nobel laureate or a Scientist. Well, you can make their wish come true by making them play ‘be the scientist game!’

Ask them to get a pen and diary and go outside. Spot animals, birds, squirrels, money or any other animal and pretend to be a scientist. And as a scientist would do in that situation, ask them to note down animal behavior, their physical appearance and social behavior.

This activity ‘be the scientist’ would develop their sense of questioning things and understanding the basic evolution of the organism.

3. Teach Them Gardening

Trees and plants are a vital part of our ecosystem and the only resource which are aiding to keep us alive. But as we humans have been brainwashed to build skyscrapers and develop concrete jungle around us, teach your kids about the essence of planting trees and keeping the earth green.

Indulging them in gardening would teach them about varieties of flower-bearing and non-flower bearing plants and how to keep them healthy and green.

4. Write a Comic Strip

Like elders have a funny bone that tickles their funny side out, kids also have the same. Ask your kids to show their creativity level by writing comic strips and inventing funny characters.

To guide them through, you can teach them to get inspired by different characters present around them and make their own funny character.

Writing a comic strip would not only enhance their analytical and comic skills, but it will also sharpen their drawing skills.

5. Write Poetry and Short Stories

There would be so many thoughts in their little brain which they would want to convey at their best. Well, you can teach them to express their feelings through poetic scenarios.

You can give them instances like Grandparents, My loving Pet or My Family to write small poetries and short stories.

If given a chance, they can prove no less than a budding Shakespeare in their shire!!

6. ‘Draw the Nature’ Game

If you have seen your kids taking an interest in sketching, then this game is going to be the perfect suite.

After school, when your kids have freshened up, gift them a new pair of brushes and colors to paint their heart out.

To bring their creativity aboard, take them out in any garden or park with their drawing board and give them real instances to sketch.

You can choose a nearby tree, house or melting of two horizons during the sunset.

For more fun, you can sit in front of them and see how well they play with pencil strokes.

7. Prepare Handmade Gifts

Yes, we have so many gift options online as well as in nearby marts but how about handmade gifts prepared by your kids?

Isn’t it an excellent idea?

So, when your kids are in their school for the day, you can collect the idea of handmade gifts and be prepared with all the required material to be used. As they come home, let them relax a bit and share your idea.

If there is any birthday or celebration around the corner, it could be a real treat. You can ask them to prepare a handmade basket, a photo frame, a collage of images, etc.

8. Clean the House

Making your kids understand the value of cleanliness could be a daunting task, but not impossible.

By fun ways, we can make them understand that keeping our surrounding is the need of the day.

You can impart this good habit by scheduling ‘clean the house day’ every week. You can distribute the responsibilities among the kids and let them do the teamwork.

With this activity, you would be imparting two important rules to them; 1) being a good team player and, 2) keeping our surrounding clean is only our responsibility.

9. Stage a Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a plot and let your kid’s search for different relatable items indoor and outdoor.

In this game, you can even call other kids of the society to participate in. You can small groups of 3-4 team members and provide clues to each group.

To fill them with enthusiasm, you can keep a prize for the winner.  As you are setting this scavenger hunt game for middle school kids, clues should be easy to understand.

10. Arrange Social Activity

There could be so many things around us to be a part of. Like, your neighbor might be having a bad day due to sickness, or there might be a small party in the nearby.

Well, in this scenario, you can teach kids to socialize and help each other. It could be more like serving the community but on a smaller level.

With such small community middle School Activities, you can impart moral values in kids and taught them to be helpful and generous to everybody.

11. Know Me If You Can

As the name suggests, this game could be an excellent way for relationship building with your kids.

For the game, all you need to do is – prepare some cards with questions written on it. The questions can be a general informative question about you and your preference.

Some examples are;

  • What’s your nickname?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What cartoon character you adore much?

Similarly, you can prepare the cards according to your likings. After school, when kids are home, distribute cards and get started.

This game will help you explore a lot about your kids’ choices and likings, vice versa.

12. Arrange a Cook and Bake Competition

This is undoubtedly like a hit mark for those students who have a keen interest in baking, cooking, or just getting messy with the food.

However, this activity requires some supervisors who can help kids to begin with cooking.

You can simply start with sandwiches, and go further up to their interest. You can also introduce them to different types of food techniques for making delicious food items at homes.

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13. Dress the Way You Like

It is more like a fancy dress competition where kids dress up according to their likings.

For example, you can bring costumes of animals, army, a police officer and certain superheroes like spider mad, captain marvel or even Disney Characters.

Ask your kids to choose and get ready. As they get ready, ask them to share the stage and say a few words.

Not only kids will be enjoying dressing up like something different, but they would also gain the confidence to speak in public for any such occasions in the future.

14. Play Dexter’s Laboratory

Kids love exciting games and experiments. One such after-school activity could be ‘PlayDexter’s Laboratory’ game.

In this game, you can search Google for kid-safe experiments like staining Kale leaves with different colors, doing practices to understand the concept of different types of solutions, etc.

The easiest is staining kale leaves with colors water. All you have to do is keep the apparatus ready with 5 different colors of water.

When your kids are ready to play the game, hand over kale and ask them to submerge its root in the colors water.

Leave the apparatus for a few hours and ask them to keep the track. To enhance their interest, bring them with laboratory coat and safety glasses. Your bundle of joy will definitely enjoy this activity cum game.

15. I am the Doctor Activity

As kids adore playing with doctor kit, turn their interest into a full-fledged activity.

Bring them a doctor’s kit and prepare some situations for them to handle. The situations could be basic medical treatment at home when someone gets a cut, a burn or a wound.

You can teach them first aid, CPR and other Middle School Activities like checking the fever, controlling bleeding, applying antiseptic, etc.

16. Making Natural Stamps

You might have seen postal stamps but have you wondered about making natural stamps?

Well, teach your kids to do it by collecting varieties of tree leaves and flowers. You can also give them a task to carve fruits and make a stamp out of them.

The basic items required to carry out the task are paint (oil paint for better effect), plain paper and mug full of water.

17. Slimy Alphabet

Out of different varieties of slims available in the market, bring home a few for the slimy alphabet activity.

In this activity, distribute a differently colored slime to each kid and read-aloud Alphabets.

The kid should come up with the right design of the alphabet to win the activity.

18. Make Crayon Gems

For this activity, collect all the broken and waste crayons from your kid’s pencil box and grade them according to similar colors.

Now melt all the graded crayon and pre-buy a candy mold having the shape of gems.

Under your guidance, ask your kids to pour melted crayons in the mold and after an hour or so, demold all the gems.

19. Organize Kid Theatre

This is an exciting activity where you can give your kids pseudo scenarios to act upon.

You can ask them to improvise any of their cartoon character or movie characters. For an after-school time, this could be a chillax activity.

20. Food Craving

These days, food carving has changed the way how you decorate food.

You can teach your kids food carving and help them decorate the cut vegetables in different ways. You can use zucchini, radish, eggplant or variety of fruits for carving.

Note: Do not leave alone with a knife; it could be dangerous.

21. Be an Athlete Activity

Out of all Middle School Activities, as mentioned above, this is unique and good for kids’ healthy regimen.

You can motivate your kids to perform running, jumping, racing, etc. Practicing these physical sports will develop their stamina and keep their metabolism healthy.


When your kids come back from the school, present them with one of the above-mentioned Middle School Activities to engage them differently.

Kids these days are often seen lingering with mobile and Laptop screen when they are supposed to run in the park and play outdoors.