Welcome your students with creativity. Find 53 back-to-school bulletin board ideas.

Creative teachers give some great ideas for the back-to-school bulletin board. This article presents 53 of them for you!

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1. Wanted posters



Design board with wanted posters of all the students joining the school. You can choose a color theme, in which, pictures pop out.

2. Clipboard wall

Decorate a wall with a board. Add a border around the board. Now, use clipboards to create 4 to 6 columns. You can write a message for every student in each clipboard.

3. Painted balloon walls

Make your board adorable with some colorful painted balloons. Use the picture of your students tie with the threads that come out of the balloons.

4. A board of goals

A great way to begin classes is by reminding about the goals students have for the year. You write small messages on colorful paper patterns.

5. Superpower of learning

Motivate your students by making learning more fun. Send a positive message about learning, using a board of their favorite superhero characters.

6. Beauty of “Yet”

A beautiful representation of how “yet” can change your perspective. “I don’t get it YET optimism”, “I can’t do this YET perseverance” and similar quotes.

7. Recognize and find

Ask students as well as teachers to draw their own pictures. Then, post them all on a beautiful board. So, everyone can recognize and find each other.

8. Summer stories

Ask students and teachers to submit a positive summer experience in 2-3 lines. Use those experiences to create a board of positivity.

9. Welcome to Adventureland

Use your creative ideas to draw a scenery drawing to welcome students in the Adventureland of learning.

10. Blooming board

Design flowers with colorful paper cuttings to decorate the half side of the board. Then, use the other half to write “Welcome to start a new journey”.

11. Scrabble board

You can design the board like a scrabble game. Use alphabetical pieces to write names of the students connected horizontally and vertically with each other.

12. Fired up for new grade?!

Keep the theme fire or campfire to design the board with the tagline “fired up for 6th grade?!” You can change the grade as per your requirement.

13. Board of hunger games

Students who understand this reference get impressed by such boards. Pick a popular quote from “The Hunger Games” and design your board.

14. Initials of ideas

Have some positive messages to give to students?! Design a board with large alphabets and add a positive message for each alphabet. For example- “A- asking is good!”

15. A selfie board

How about you design a simple empty board! This board will collect all the precious moments of the current year.

16. Mary Poppins and her umbrella

Design the silhouette of Mary Poppins and fill the board with umbrella patterns including the names of the students.

17. Board of kindness

Get help from students and collect kind messages written by them on colorful papers. Put them on a board with some decoration.

18. Bookworm

Make a board with a design of a book and a cartoon worm character reading that book. You can give eye-glasses to the bookworm to add more fun to it!

19. Gumball of students

A beautiful container and colorful gumball papercuts inside it. Write the names of a student in each gumball papercut. And you have a perfect board ready.

20. You’re special

Remind every student why they are unique with your board. Write a special quality of each student and post it on a colorful board.

21. Board of belief

Start your students’ journey with a belief they can hold on to. Fill a board with positive slogans such as “We respect”, “We stay positive” “We work as a team” and “We are 9th graders”.

22. Ladybug for you

A large, colorful ladybug design on the board with the name of all your students on each black spot of its red shell. How does that sound?!

23. Board of genes

Draw DNA patterns on a board and ask students to write their name on one of the strands of DNA. Write a quote on the top of this board “Success is a part of our genes!”

24. Aim to reach stars

Design the board with stars and moon along with a rocket pattern. Then, add this valuable message “Aim to reach stars, if you miss, you can find a moon at least.”

25. Conversion of chalkboard

back to school bulletin boards

Turn your chalkboard in the classroom into a big board of bulletins. Keep the fonts interesting to bring out the beauty in the boards.

26. Balloon ride of learning

back to school bulletin boards

Design a rising balloon with a rainbow pattern. Keep this balloon large and fill the rest of the space with small balloons of messages.

27. Starbooks board

back to school bulletin boards

Convert a bulletin board into a bookshelf design. Ask students to click the pictures of their favorite books and post it on this board.

28. Classroom van gate

back to school bulletin boards

Make a large design of a van around the entry gate of a classroom. Make the gate of the classroom seem like the gate of a van.

29. Rhyme of the year

back to school bulletin boards

Write down a list of goals you want to accomplish with your students. Then, work your way through those goals to create rhymes around them. Add this to your board decoration.

30. Inspiration for books

back to school bulletin boards

Represent the importance of books with a design that includes a drawing of an open book. You can draw many colorful butterflies coming out of the book and call it “The book of dreams”.

31. Paintbrush of possibilities

back to school bulletin boards

Decorate your board with a large paintbrush design. Add rainbow colors to the strands of the paintbrush with a quote on the side “you can paint your future any way you desire.”

32. Exploding volcano

back to school bulletin boards
A volcano design that is exploding the names of the students on the board. This will grab the attention of students for sure!

33. The way of science

back to school bulletin boards

Use a board to explain the way of learning through science. Draw a scientist character on the board with notes related to questioning, researching, thinking, experimenting, analyzing and concluding.

34. Doorway to dreams

back to school bulletin boards

Decorate the classroom door with a message “You are entering the wonderful world of dreams.” Then, list down the careers students can accomplish.

35. Gear up to get success!

back to school bulletin boards

The theme can be mechanics, so you can add the patterns of colorful tools. In the middle of all the tools, write the message “Gear up to get success” to grab the attention of your students.

36. The fun of messy learning

back to school bulletin boards

Use a uniform shirt to paint the stains on them. Each stain should represent a positive activity a student does in the school. Clip the shirt on the board with a list of activities arrowing towards the stains.

37. Library missed you!

back to school bulletin boards

Welcome board with the characters of students’ favorite books. The message should say “Welcome back! The books missed you a lot!”

38. Selfie section

back to school bulletin boards

Use your camera to get a beautiful snap of every student. Then, design a selfie board with multiple frames and the names of the students. Place the pictures in the frames.

39. The cute pirates

Draw smiley faces of pirates with eyepatches and bandanas on a board. Write the name of a student on each pirate’s head.

40. An opportunity every day

Set the stage for the year of opportunity with your board of opportunities. Write an opportunity for each day of school and tie them together with threads attached to your board.

41. Who am I?

Ask every student to draw a self-portrait and write their 5 personality traits. Post this on a board for everyone to know each other.

42. Super teacher

The teacher becomes the central idea of this design. A picture of the teacher is placed as a superhero with all the students flying together with him/her.

43. Wild arts

Drawings of adorable monsters on board. This will make students smile before entering their classrooms.

44. Pacman board

Get an inspiration from the Pacman to design an adorable board for students.

45. The reason I teach is___

Make a board about the reasons why teachers like to teach. Post pictures of each teacher along with their reasons on a board. This way, students get to know their teachers.

46. National park of learning

Use national park as your theme and represent map locations of national parks with an adorable animal character for every location.

47. Sit to read!

back to school bulletin boards

Place a board above a reading bench with a message about reading and its benefits.

48. Write a new word

back to school bulletin boards

Make a board of vocabulary. Ask every student to write a new word they learned this summer.

49. Superstars

back to school bulletin boards

A board of stars, in which, each star can carry the face and the name of a student.

50. Love for owls

back to school bulletin boards

Design a tree on the board and draw colorful owls containing the names of students.

51. Emoji board

back to school bulletin boards

Design board of emojis with yellow plates.

52. Star Wars board

back to school bulletin boards

Take star wars as your theme for the board design.

53. Board of memes

back to school bulletin boards

Collect funny memes online and design your board with them.

So, which one suits the best for you?!