Are you planning to throw a party on your college campus anytime soon? Having interesting themes right from advertising to the decorations can make the whole event fun and live. Bringing in some cool college theme party ideas can keep everyone entertained. How do you make them all a part of the event?

Choose some awesome themes that stand out and attract a crowd and have a memorable event this time.

Here are a Few College Theme Party Ideas to Spice Things up and make it Enjoyable.

1) High School Stereotypes

College Theme Party Ideas

You may have just moved into the college phase or passed a year or two.

This theme is an exciting option when you can get into your old school uniform again and go back into those wonderful memories.

Show off the high school stereotype of yourself, let it be a cheerleader or band kid.

You can also try out options like a preppy, emo kid, nerd, geek or skater that reminds the school day fun memories.

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2) Seven Deadly Sins

College Theme Party Ideas

This amazing party theme gives girls a chance to dress up in their impressive outfits and guys to be a little lazy.

This is loads of fun as everyone can pick a sin and deck the costume out.

Choose your favorite from Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed and Sloth so that you can be at your creative best.

For Lust, you can dress up like others desire you or Wrath so that you look angry or Gluttony to look fatty.

3) Paint Party

College Theme Party Ideas

If you have enough space in your party area, go for this exciting theme where you can make the guests as your personal paintings.

It is a golden chance to bring out the artist in you and get good applause.

Ask guests to come up in light-colored clothing or simply in pure white if they have one.

This is to make the paintings to look stand out and everyone can easily mingle with their walking canvas.

Stock up non-toxic bright colored paints for guests to show off their creativity and put some awesome theme music to get the mood.

4) Anything But Clothes Party

This is a really interesting theme party idea where you can show off your creativity.

Everybody should come dressed in whatever material they want but except for clothes.

Some cool ideas are to use Monopoly money, garbage bags, maps, and flags in a creative manner.

This is fun, cheap, and creative and you will get a lot of interesting snaps to post in social media or your fun campus dairy.

The plan can include some extra incentive for the best costume so that everyone will come up in the best creative outfit.

5) Famous Who

College Theme Party Ideas

This is more or less similar to the already popular look-alike party.

The guests can dress up as some famous personalities while coming for the party and others can keep guessing who it is. Show up as Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson and be the center of attraction.

You can plan for some incentives for the people who guess the personalities right and maybe even some funny punishments for those who get it wrong.

6) Movie Theme Party

This is another costume theme party where guests can dress up as their favorite movie character.

You can also divide the guests into small groups earlier and give a movie theme to each group.

This means that the group can try to replicate the atmosphere of that movie by dressing up as the main characters.

You may also include movie posters and movie trailers in addition to costumes.

Another interesting idea is to bring in items like director’s chairs, popcorn machine, clapboard, reproduction film reels, and cans and movie character cardboard cut outs to give an overall feel.

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7) Anything But Humans Party

College Theme Party Ideas

This awesome theme party idea gives every guest an opportunity to dress up as anything under the sun but human.

The simple option is to dress up like an animal but you can also think for more outstanding options like dressing up like any interesting object you see around.

This can bring out the creativity at its best and you may go for special incentives for the ones who go extra miles to make the theme a great success.

You will get a lot of interesting snaps to post in social media and exciting memories for a long time.

8) Choose a Decade

College Theme Party Ideas

This is an amazing theme where everyone can come up as a representation of a particular decade.

Choose a decade, say 80’s, 90’s or even 70’s and plan everything from costumes, foods, the invitations to the overall design of the venue in the selected decade.

It will be fun to see how you all will look like if you were in a different decade.

You can also come up with some games or activities that were popular in that decade.

9) Video Game Theme Party

Video games are so popular among the college buddies and so are the favorite characters.

Here is a chance for everyone to look up like their most favorite video game character.

Guys can go for Altair (Assassin’s Creed), Nathan Drake (Uncharted) or Kratos (God of War) and girls can go for Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Elena Fisher (Uncharted), Nariko (Heavenly Sword) or Chloe Frazer (Uncharted).

If you are too lazy to dress up, you can even go for ideas like showing up as a gamer in the middle of a long gaming binge.

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10) Guys in Ties & Girls in Pearls

In this party theme, college students get a chance to dress up in their best attire they have.

Go for scattered candles rather than bright fluorescent lighting and use a fancy tablecloth for the food space.

You can add some cool classical music for the event to amplify the overall mood.

Guys can dress up in button-up shirt, suit jacket, tie – either bow or standard, dress shoes, and vest. Gils can opt for pearls, cocktail dress, heels, and flats.

11) Halloween

The ideas are endless if you plan Halloween as the theme for your college party.

You can either go for only a costume party where guests dress for the theme or go for full decorations of the venue based on this.

Include traditional Halloween decorations like a fake cop and spider webs or easy stereotypical items like tombstones, bats and ghosts.

12) Alphabet Game

This is an amazing choice of party theme where everyone should dress up on a costume that starts with a particular letter.

For example, you can go for the first letter of your college name or the first letter of your event name or any special alphabet.

If the chosen letter is N, you can dress up like a nurse or a Ninja or something like that.

It would be total fun to see how everyone will use this opportunity to showcase their creativity.

13) Choose a Colour

This is a fun theme where you choose a particular color for your party.

Of course, everyone should dress up in a particular color, say green red or yellow.

The fun part is that everyone should make sure that whatever you use within the party circle should be of the same color.

Let it be the plates in which you serve food or the glass for drinks and maybe even the outfits for tables and chairs can be of the same color.

More than the attractive snaps, it will be loads of fun.

14) Cops and Robbers

This is another interesting party theme idea in which you can dress up as typical cops and robbers of your country.

Include handcuffs, police clubs, hats and sunglasses to give an overall feel.

Send out summons as invitations and post “Wanted” posters with photos of your guests to spice things up.

Come up with a list of silly “laws” for guests to follow during the day. You may even replicate the cop car’s flashing lights with party lights and strobes.

15) Pajama Party

If you are planning for a pretty relaxed party and everyone is tired after back to back exams or preparations, go for this simple but fun theme.

Everyone can simply show up in your pajamas and invest the time in some fun games along with yummy food.

The best part of this college party theme is that you don’t need to remove your makeup or artistic stuff once you reach back home.

You can straight away get into the bed and have a relaxing sleep after all the fun.

Hope you liked some of these  College Theme Party Ideas to make your college campus party live and joyful.

You can even customize these College Theme Party Ideas into a more engaging one depending on the wavelength of your group and add your special interests also into it.

Plan in advance to contain all small elements out of the idea to make it a grand success.

No more typical boring parties where everyone will just have some food; take snaps and leave.

Give a reason for everyone to enjoy every moment of the party and make it a well celebrated and memorable one!

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