“Show me how to do, without telling me what to do”! This is the novel mantra of visual learning. Contrasting this with traditional learning, students then used to listen to lectures delivered by teachers. Becoming a part of the black-board classrooms, they used to put their heads into volumes of printed study material. Now is the generation of video learning when educational videos are played in classrooms as a part of visual learning strategies. Supported by an educational curriculum, these videos help students in their pursuit of assimilating knowledge from various sources.

If you are curious to know the benefits of visual learning, here are the numerous ways in which this modern method of learning and teaching has transformed the way education is imparted.

  1. Visuals Are Better Tools For Learning

In line with the famous maxim “A picture is worth a thousand words”, an image has a profound impact on the brain of a student. If you are a student who is learning through educational videos, you will be using a large portion of your mental power. This is because of the fact that a major part of your brain is devoted exclusively to process visual information.

When you look at images, you are hastening the responses of your brain. Unlike in traditional learning when all you get to see is black and white text, visual learning through images helps you retain the information for a longer time. Your mind will be able to recapitulate a picture faster when compared to simple text. Hence, it is through videos that you can process information in a jiffy and store it in your mind for immediate retrieval.

  1. Makes Story Telling An Effective Way to Master a Subject

Through visual learning, you are concentrating only on watching the animated video without reading any text. Every frame of an educational video has a different story to tell. Playing a video introduces you to the way in which a situation occurs. You then begin to chalk out a flow of information when one scene follows another, moving from one concept into another. This way, you will be able to effectively narrate a story of the topic by figuratively understanding certain abstract concepts which are difficult to comprehend by reading the text. It is through these visual demonstrations that you can hasten up the process of learning.

  1. Self Help is the Best Help

Educational videos are perfect self-study learning tools. You can pick up from a host of audio and video presentations along with informative webinars which can teach you about the topic of your choice. You don’t need a tutor who will talk about the subject at length. On the contrary, these videos also help you engage in self-study which creates a profound impact on your brain; compared to reading and memorizing from a printed textbook.

  1. Eases the Learning Process

 A smart classroom which supports video presentations lends a helping hand to students with different IQ levels. Given the fact that it takes students of varying intelligence levels to make a class, visual learning eases the process of learning for all students. Drifting away from learning and studying from printed texts and notes, it is through visual learning that you can promote a better interaction between students and teachers.

  1. Saves Classroom Preparation Time

A traditional classroom will need the faculty to take time to draw or write subject details on the board. As a perfect time-saving mode of learning, visual learning calls for the airing of subject information in the form of educative short films and animated visuals which can be accessed in a jiffy.

  1. You Can Experience The Feel of A Classroom

Owing to the growing popularity of visual learning, most of the present day classrooms are seen imparting knowledge through online sessions. You can register for a host of online professional courses that are conducted by some well-known educational platforms and you are all covered. Upon registration, you will be able to access all the pre-recorded videos pertaining to your topic which offer you the experience of classroom learning. Tagged as a type of distant learning, you can become a part of the online learning community that is catching up worldwide.

  1. Makes On-the-Job Training A Reality

Most of the times giving verbal instructions to students fall on deaf ears. But when the same instructions are given through visual media, you will be able to understand the step-by-step process to complete a particular task. In the event of a confusing situation, you can bank upon the video, play it again and you are all covered. In this way, visual training is a strong benefactor for on-the-job training that all the modern day corporates are looking for.

  1. Illustrations Pave Way for Better Understanding

Video presentations are promising tools to help you understand better. Illustrations help you recreate the topic in your mind’s eye, allowing you to recapitulate what all was learnt; all in a jiffy. Students find it easier to connect with the images than with the text. Due to the strength of visual learning, topics are not only understood easily and quickly but also favor an effective application of assimilated visual content.

  1. The Fun Element to Learning

You will agree with the fact that traditional classroom learning is monotonous and distractive. Contrast this with visual learning which is imparted through educational videos. Allowing you to connect with the subject of the video, you can make learning fun which is absent when you sit down with books while you listen to the lectures delivered by faculty. Visual learning goes a long way in engaging you with your study topics, ultimately improving your concentration levels.

  1. Experience The Human Touch

Another component which is critical to learning is to interact with a physical entity as a learned faculty. In traditional learning, classrooms are conspicuous with lectures being delivered from a podium by subject teachers.

Flip this scenario with a visual learning classroom and you have a video session conducted by a subject matter expert. This expert who is a knowledgeable person in his chosen niche will make an indelible impression on your mind through his student-friendly interactive lectures. It is then that you can establish the strong human connect with your online tutor; the human touch that promotes successful and engaging learning.


Making the most of the technology, now is the age of innovative educational tools that are making a headway into schools and colleges. Tagged as a blessing for students of different intelligent levels, it is through visual learning that you can encourage students to employ creative learning techniques. This way, visual learning will not only educate students with subject knowledge but will also pave the way for holistic growth which surfaces in the form of improved concentration and creativity.