Food to the brain comes in the form of logic puzzles that students can solve so that they can better their logical thinking. These are brain games that challenge the higher-order thinking of students. It is through these logic exercises that you as students will be prompted to solve the puzzle by posing the “What”, “Why”, “When” and “How” to puzzles.

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Here are 13 such brain teaser sources that will make logical thinking a fun-filled exercise, alongside improving your reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

  1. Puzzles Shows A Logical Path to A Sharper Brain features an exciting collection of 20 riddles which can be solved by students to sharpen their brains. All these puzzles come with answers and an explanation that clarifies all the steps to arrive at the final result. To name a few, “Find Hidden Animals Riddle”, “Which country am I?”, and “Who are we?” are some of the fun-filled riddles. These are the puzzles that will excite and stimulate the brains of students to come up with solutions using nothing but logic.

  1. – A Set of 5 Lateral Thinking Brain Teasers

Check out this site and you will find five puzzles that come with solutions supported by hints. It is interesting to note that the solution and hints come in white text and you can view them only when you use your cursor to highlight the text. With every hint, you get closer to the solution and then finally arrive at the solution. These puzzles come in the form of story narrations which are made interesting through the use of Manga artwork.

  1. Smartest Brain – A Multi-Angle Brain Challenge

Students can look up the Smartest Brain site to solve a collection of lateral thinking puzzles and brain teasers. Allowing you to look at the problem from different angles, an assembly of dozen puzzles are waiting to be solved. Every puzzle comes with the “view entire puzzle and answer” hyperlink that will clearly explain to you all the parameters of the teaser while handholding you to come up with the right answer.

  1. So True to Its Name-

Students can work their way through various puzzles that feature on PuzzlesandRiddles site. Promising a reasoning workout to your brain, you can select from an array of riddles, brain teasers, word games and perceptual puzzles that will improve your logical thinking in one or the other way. Not one or two, a dozen puzzles are eagerly looking forward to your brainy intervention. After you have solved all of them, you can enjoy the thrill of being named as the one with a smart and creative brain.

  1. Big Riddles – A Platform that Collates Riddles and Teasers from Online Browsers

You can put your brain to its ultimate test by checking out the largest repository of riddles of various flavors; be it a lateral puzzle or a puzzle which deals with probability or is based on logical thinking. A set of detective puzzles featured here challenge your inquisitiveness so that you can dismantle and solve a particular case study. You can answer a series of puzzles posted by the community of brainy online browsers to get recognized as the one who is proud of his sharp and logical brain. Students can visit this site Big Riddles to solve different brain teasers that come with high-quality solutions.

  1. Learning Tree – An Interesting Array of Matchstick Puzzles

Featuring interesting puzzles befitting students of all age groups, check out the Learning Tree site to unleash your imaginary side. These are lateral thinking puzzles that show up a collection of pre-deigned matchstick kits with complete instructions. And the aim of the puzzle is to follow the instructions and come up with a figure using the matchsticks. But here comes a twist in the tale! You need to complete the picture in a certain number of moves. You should move only the pre-defined number of matchsticks to arrive at the final figure.

  1. “I Riddler” Can Tickle Your Creative Side

Check out the iRiddler site to solve a number of dark puzzles that come with hints and the final solution. This site enlists a host of short yet tricky brain teasers that will sharpen the logical abilities of students.

  1. Brain Food – The Cop-Murderer Puzzles

The perfect merger of narrating a story with a puzzle results in lateral thinking puzzles that sharpen the brains of students. Brain Food presents a series of stories and you will start reading them while collecting some clues that are revealed about the scenario in question. But the clues are incomplete. Hence, the onus is on you to plug in the details to churn out a compelling story. There can be many solutions to such a puzzle, but with practice, you begin to understand that only one solution will be the perfect match.

  1. Word Juxtapoz – A Stimulating Repository of Language-Centric Riddles

Inviting students to check out the Word Juxtapoz site for a stimulating collection of brain teasers, riddles, idioms and proverbs. An additional incentive of this option comes in the form of laying your hands on educational material that improves your vocabulary. Tagged as original creations, this site vouches for the authenticity of the puzzles with a guarantee that you will not get to see any of these puzzles in any other online source.

  1. – An Exhaustive Collection of Puzzles

Puzzles can be tagged as a perfect online destination to improve your logical thinking. Featuring a long list of playful puzzles, you can check out the puzzle projects along with a host of logic puzzles and brain teasers. All in all, this site helps you stretch your imagination to come up with a befitting solution to a plethora of interactive puzzles.

  1. IQ FIT Helps You Enjoy A Road-Ride

IQ Fit is a logical puzzle, from the house of Smart Games. Taking you on a road trip full of car journeys, you will be allowed to go on a holiday. A solution to the puzzle comes when you try to place vibrantly-colored 3D shapes into a case. You will also have the support of puzzle cards to complete this puzzle.

  1. Rush Hour – The Puzzle of Arranging Plastic Vehicles

This is a puzzle that allows you to arrange plastic vehicles on a puzzle grid. To do this, you can refer to the puzzle card and then move the pieces so that you make room for a particular car to speed away. Visit this site Thinkfun to download this puzzle which comes with three gaming levels including easy, medium and hard.

  1. Laser Maze Game Lights Up Your Target

Another captivating puzzle that sharpens your logical thinking is the Laser Maze. The aim of this puzzle is to light up your target. To make this possible, you can rely on a set of puzzle cards that come with certain conditions that should be adhered to. Following these conditions, you should peg these pieces in their right places. You can visit this site Laser maze to challenge your mind.

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Closing Thoughts

All the above mentioned 13 puzzles and puzzle collections help you grasp the logic behind a particular scenario that becomes the backdrop of your puzzle story. You simply have to connect all the dots and eliminate blind spots. By doing this, you will not only enjoy the rush of fulfilment but also sharpen your brain to take on more challenging tasks that life will eventually throw at you. All in all, these puzzles will let your creative juices to flow at all times with a guarantee that you can effortlessly provide a solution to any puzzle under the sun.