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Here are some interesting gps facts – DID YOU KNOW?

1. There are a total of 31 satellites, including 2 reserve satellites, out of which at least 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth. This means that each GPS satellite orbits the earth in every 12 hours. 

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
2. The basic idea of Geo Positioning System or GPS was based on LORAN and Decca Navigation System, which were used during World War II to help in the navigation of ships and planes at a long range.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
3. When Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957, two American physicists started monitoring the satellite’s transmissions. They soon realised that they could identify the satellite in its orbit using Doppler Effect . This would later become the key principle used in GPS system. The change in frequency of signals from the GPS satellites helps in identifying locations.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
4. GPS was first used by US for military purposes. Their need of a global navigation system during the cold war triggered the introduction of GPS.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
5. Before GPS came into existence, navigation system of Navy was being used. Their need of a faster navigation system for high speed air force operations forced them to think whether navigation using satellites is possible.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
6. In the beginning, GPS was called Navstar. The first Navstar satellite was launched in 1978. Out of the ten satellites launched, only nine made it to the orbit. The first fully developed GPS satellite was launched in 1989.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
7. GPS was open to the public following a disaster.  In 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet Union killing 269 passengers on board as the flight entered the prohibited Soviet airspace. This incident prompted President Ronald Reagan to provide public access to the United States military satellite navigation system DNSS, which is known as GPS at present.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
8. Though availability of GPS was made public, high quality GPS signals were confined to military use until recently. However, on May 1, 2000, this practice was taken off. At present, the GPS for civilian purposes is more accurate.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
9. GPS was first introduced in automobiles in 1996.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
10. With 31 active satellites in the orbit, GPS has become a part of every gadget we use, ranging from mobiles phones to cars.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
11. If you thought GPS was all about navigation, you were wrong. It can also be used to determine the accurate time. Each GPS satellites consist of atomic clocks and time signals that the GPS receiving device can use to obtain the correct time. These signals are used to set the time in our mobile phones.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
12. GPS has become very popular that GPS shoes are available in the market now, mainly aimed at locating people with Alzheimer’s disease, in case they get lost.

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About
13. Do you know who invented the GPS navigation system? Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory,  Ivan A. Getting of The Aerospace Corporation, and Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research Laboratory

12 Interesting GPS Facts You Never Knew About

For any school, routing and planning for transportation is a headache. The routes may not be the most efficient one; there might be special needs to be considered for some children, etc. So why not use the School Bus Tracker and tackle all these issues effectively.

Here are the advantages of employing School Bus Tracker for automatic routing and planning.

Automated Data Entry

The software automatically loads student info into the system. It saves manual effort, thereby cutting out on manual errors. The time spent for manual effort is minimized.

Efficient Management

School Bus Tracker’s interface helps school authorities to track all activities from one place. It helps to monitor school buses while they are running; making it immediately noticeable in case of any anomaly.

Optimized Routing

While routing, the software utilizes Google Maps to determine the most efficient routes, thereby removing inefficient routing.

Children’s Safety

The software allows choosing routes that are very safe and secure. School authorities will be able to avoid hazard zones, busy areas, predators, etc.

Work Flexibility

Work the way you are most comfortable with, using spreadsheets, forms or maps on the display.

Customized Software

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The School Bus Tracking Software will be customized according to your requirements with the best tools required for routing and planning.

A good school bus tracking software should invariably be able to manage drivers too. Imagine the scenario where you have the complete database of driver time and attendance. Wouldn’t it be really helpful? Definitely! You will be able to compare driver performance over time. The School bus Tracker would in fact be a single tool required to analyse and improve your employees’ performance no matter where you are.

Let’s see how the School Bus Tracker software helps to manage drivers


Driver attendance and time can be tracked with the bus. Drivers would need to log in to the GPS tracking system when they start their day.

Performance Evaluation

Analyse actual performance against planned schedules for employees with the data collected over time. It can be used
to improve employee performance.


Re-assign drivers with ease in case there is some sort of trouble. Also, be updated about the maintenance requirements of your vehicles.


Along with the location of the bus on a route by route basis, the driver can also be tracked. You will be notified in case of unscheduled stops, over speeding, etc.

Managing drivers can bring some real benefits to you. Employ our GPS school bus tracker and enjoy these benefits.

Last year, a school bus with 11 children was hijacked in Arkansas. The hijacker had blended in with parents and got into the bus before the driver could stop him. He himself started driving the bus. GPS tracking system was recently installed in the bus and that helped the police to track it down immediately. The hijacker drove another 10 miles and was finally caught. All the students were saved without much fuss.

It was an incident that brought forth the advantage of having GPS tracking facility in school buses. Now, these are not incidents that happen to everyone or everyday. But think about it. Wouldn’t you be at peace knowing your child is safely on the way home? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your child is late only because of heavy traffic? Safety and convenience are advantages that school bus tracking systems provide.

These advantages has immensely popularised real-time GPS school bus tracking in middle-east countries such as UAE as well in Europe and USA. It is also slowly picking up in Asian countries as people realize the utility in implementing GPS School Bus Tracking software.

However, GPS tracking would offer more value if it works with another application such the ParentApp. This android application acts as a single point reference for real time tracking of the students’ whereabouts as well as school activities. It is a handy application for tracking attendance, fees, results and much more.

Individual student tracking is made possible through RFID tags that students carry everywhere. It is an economical option and is more convenient than typical barcodes that needs to be scanned by the bus driver.

GPS and RFID are undoubtedly at the forefront of tracking technologies and would give you additional safety, savings, efficiency and ease of use. The main features of school bus tracking are given below

  • Real-time Tracking – Real-time location to parents with the help of GPS satellites including pickup and drop information.
  • Notifications – Parents can choose to get notified by sms, Android push notification or iOS push notifications.
  • Accurate & Efficient Reports – Get reports that include information on travel distance, travel history, travel speed, stops, etc.
  • Simple, Clutter-free Interface – The School Bus Tracker applications have simple, user-friendly interface with minimalist design