The internet boom is facilitating students and elders alike to browse websites that contain volumes of information.

Tagged as a leisure-time friend of students, it is through the World Wide Web that they can satiate their inquisitiveness.

You name a topic and you have a website that provides tons of information.

If you are looking to nurture the curiosity of students, here are some websites that will ensure that your ward makes the most of his/her internet time.

Below are the repositories of online information that will enable students to lay hands on educational and productive facts that will make learning interesting and safe.

  1. How Stuff Works

The student fraternity is always seen interested in interrogative pronouns, namely: “how”, “what” and “why”. In an attempt to fulfill the curiosity of students, you can check out the which is loaded with interesting articles about games, current events and quizzes.

You also have videos which provide the much-needed audio visual experience to learning via the internet. Providing answers to the most common or unusual queries that students can come up with, HowStuffWork tops the list of informative websites..

  1. Teen Reads

Students who wish to hone their reading skills can check out this website which offers book reviews and recommendations.

Alongside encouraging students to make reading a favorite and productive pastime, students can also pen their thoughts in the form of blogs while trying to answer FAQs that are posed on the site. All those students who are looking for the next best book to read can bank on this book reading interface.

  1. Spatulatta

All those budding kid chefs can gain an ocean of information that is presented in a website called Spatulatta. You can browse from a wide range of interesting and delicious recipes that will tickle your taste buds, as you start to sharpen your culinary skills.

If you are curious to know about dishes that can brighten up your mid-afternoon meals or the entrees that are rich in nutrition, Spatulatta is the noted destination.

  1. Google Earth

“Gain a new perspective” is indeed an apt tag line that sums up the offerings of Google Earth; an educational website that encourages the curiosity in students about outer space..

You can go on a voyage to the space from the comfort of your living room. Google Earth can become the best friend of a budding astronaut through Oceanic Tours and 3D images of celestial objects.

Through this website, you will definitely experience the feel of having the entire world in your hands.

  1. Scratch

Students do need a helping hand to find answers to questions that keep cropping up in their minds. One such assistance comes in the form of Scratch; an online interface loaded with interactive games, stories and interesting animations.

This website is the noble initiative of MIT Media Lab aimed at nurturing the creative and logical thinking skills of students.

Prompting kids to work in collaboration with each other, students can also showcase their creativity to the online community by sharing their works.

  1. National Gallery of Art for Kids – (NGAKids)

Another interesting way to nurture the learning abilities of students interested in art history is to introduce them to NGAKids.

This art-centric website blends information with entertainment when students share their works on their personalized online gallery.

  1. Curiosity Machine

Living by every single word of the tag line “Imagine a better world and build it together”, Curiosity Machine is yet another online learning platform that deserves a special mention.

This website is specially meant for kids and young students who will be encouraged to design engineering objects using common, household items.

A host of informative videos, design contests and a user-guide engage and support curious students.

  1. Kahn Academy

If you are looking for an all-in-one learning platform that meets the leaning needs of every student, you can bank on Kahn Academy.

Allowing students to learn anything from science and engineering to economics and finance, this is an umbrella of information designed for students aiming to crack competitive exams like SAT, GMAT and LSAT.

  1. Brain Space

An innovative platform loaded with more than 1 million educational subjects is now available.

This website tagged as “Brain Space” was curated by a group of expert software engineers, education industry leaders and user-experience designers.

This educational interface makes use of an array of flashcard models which assist students in mastering foreign languages alongside offering assistance to educate drivers.

  1. Play Kids Games

When learning is teamed with a fun element, it leads to a promising form of edutainment.

The fun element is, when it comes in the form of games makes learning even more interesting for students to try their hand at winning games alongside mastering their subjects.

You can check out “Play Kids Games” as an awesome website that allows kids to master subjects like arts and music, geography, math, and vocabulary, exclusively designed for various grades starting from the 1st all the way to 8th grade.

A number of puzzle and skill building games are sure to spark the inquisitiveness in students.

  1. Energy Kids

All those kids who are curious to learn about science can bank upon the informative website titled “Energy Kids”.

It is loaded with plenty of educational games, articles and activities revolving around the history, the various types of conventional and non-conventional energy options and their sources.

Grant your kids the excitement of going on a virtual science trip through this informative website that can ignite and satiate their curiosity about various types of energy and their sources.

Key Takeaways

Curiosity is an attribute of humans allowing them to learn continuously through observation.

Kids are believed to demonstrate a great deal of curiosity when they demonstrate an eagerness to discover and explore new things.