“Nine-tenths of education is encouragement”. This is an adage quoted by Anatole France. Ponder over this thought and you will understand the basic foundation of parenting is to encourage kids. While you as parents and teachers encourage your children, you will be showing them the way to learn new things.

  1. Empathy Towards Kids

Kids who are on the threshold of becoming individuals need to be respected and supported at all times. They should be appreciated and valued. Only then will these positive stimuli help kids to learn about life much more easily.

  1. Freedom is the Keyword

You as parents and teachers will be doing a great favor to your kids if you just allow them to be the way they please. Bestow them the freedom of thought, expression and action. And then watch the magic unfold. You can witness remarkable changes in the intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects of your child.

  1. Introduce Them To the Power of Saying “No”

It is very important to teach your kids not to say “YES” when they want to say “NO”. “NO” is a powerful word in human psychology which dons the hat of an instrument in support of one’s integrity. Kids who have the courage to say “NO” will protect themselves from being exploited.

  1. Nurture Positive Aspects Linked To Self-Esteem

It is equally important for parents and teachers of toddlers to work in the direction of developing their self-esteem. Self-esteem is a positive trait that is a combination of self- respect and self-confidence.

But how do you nurture their self-esteem? It is by inculcating the strong feelings of self-acceptance.

When kids begin to accept themselves, they will start trying new challenges. And if they make mistake in that, they will repeat it until it becomes perfect. But parents can criticize them for repeating the wrong activities as this criticism can be really helpful for kids. It will bring self-confidence in them.

Self-acceptance helps kids take pride in their innate abilities and allows them to grow in an environment in which their accomplishments are highlighted. By extending such efforts, guardians of toddlers will be able to help their kids give their best to any task at hand. Hence, the secret behind successful parenting is to establish a congenial environment for kids to grow up into confident and productive individuals without an iota of self-doubt.

  1. Comparison of Kids – A Strict “No”

You should appreciate the fact that kids are highly sensitive beings. They are at a juncture when their personality is slowly evolving. They learn a great deal through observation and experimentation. Each kid is unique with a set of innate strengths and weaknesses.

It is when you compare kids that you will be hurting their ego which will manifest in the form of unruly behavior and self-doubt. Comparing your kid with another should be avoided in-toto since it damages the self-respect your kid has for himself or herself.

  1. The Power of Unconditional Love

It is very important for kids to grow up in an environment when they are loved for who they are and not for what they do. There can be many situtations when your child has wronged. But that mistake should not draw you against your child. You should make them clear about the mistake they did not in a rude way but in a lovable way and ask them to not repeat it ever after.

  1. Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

This is the 5th habit from the book of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, penned by Stephen Covey which says: “Seek first to understand. Then to be understood”. This can be applied to while dealing with kids as well.

This habit is all about attentive listening to deeply understand people as human beings with strong individualities. You can apply this habit to parenting by listening to what your kid wants to convey to you. You should listen to understand and not with an intention to reply.

  1. Allow Them to Thrive in A Goal-Centric Life

Parents and teachers who practice setting up achievable yet small goals to their wards will be creating a fruitful environment for kids to grow through experiences. Here, it is very important for guardians to set goals to kids in accordance with their ages and capabilities. With a goal in mind, your kid will be steadily moving towards progress, taking baby steps in the direction of attaining the target. It is here that your kid will need constant guidance until he/she reaches the flag post. You should encourage your kids at every stage of their goal-meeting and rejoice their victory with an applause that will reinforce their self-confidence.

  1. Appreciate The Presence of Kids

Most of the times, in households or in schools, kids are not given their due importance. Their emotions and concerns are shunned away as a childish chatter. Their curious questions are either not answered or sometimes, answered with distorted information. You will be doing a lot of harm to your kid when you start avoiding him/her while he/she is saying something about her dissatisfactions and irritations. So, You as a guardian, must indicate to your kids that their presence is precious.

  1. Small Incentives Go A Long Way

Motivation is another keyword that works in favor of your kid. And what best way to motivate your kid than shower him/her with rewards? These rewards can be small and need not don the hat of expensive gifts or tangible stuff. It can be a trip to park, plying games them, etc., A motivating environment at home and school will help your kids grow up into sensible and level-headed human beings.

  1. The Benefits of a Close-Knit Family

It is indeed a blessing for any kid to be born in an affectionate family. A close-knit family can create a solid foundation for your kid’s psyche. A family that eats together, stays together. You as parents of kids should take out time for your kids. Spending quality time with them is the best means to delve deep into their minds. Providing enough space for healthy discussions, another perk of growing up in a close-knit family is that you can indulge in friendly and funny chats with family members. Being a part of a happy family does wonders to your kids when they begin to appreciate the fact that they are loved and cared for; at all times by their family and extended family members.

A close-knit family is also one that does not expose your kids to the disagreements between parents. Any argument between parents should be dealt with behind closed doors without being displayed to kids. This way, your kids will grow up in a healthy and happy family setup.

  1. A Congenial Environment That Leads to Healthy Living

It is the dream of every parent to raise her children into happy and healthy kids. In order to promote a healthy well-being of kids, parents should concentrate on the eating and exercise habits of their kids. For ensuring a healthy pattern of eating, it is appropriate for parents to bring back the practice of family dinners to the dining table. You, as parents can show your kids the path of healthy eating by cooking and serving low-fat foods which are equally delicious.

The second component of healthy living for kids is to include physical exercise as part of their lifestyle. Allow them to play and sweat it out at a park or engage them with a sport of their choice. This way, your kids will be active and agile and will enjoy the long-standing benefits of healthy living for life.

  1. A Home Which Spares the Rod

Corporal punishment should never be the solution to correct your kid. In fact, tending to physical punishment demonstrates your helplessness as parents, in correcting your kids. Inflicting physical pain by spanking is the worst punishment you as parent can ever give to a hyperactive or disobedient child. Parents at home and teachers in school should avoid threatening their wards. Instead, efforts should be directed towards reinforcing desirable behavior.

There are other non-violent ways to teach your kids the right way. Not only at home, teachers should also stop this strict disciplinary action of spanking.

You can instead try to discipline your kids by counseling them and setting rules around which they should operate at home and in school. These rules should be supported by consequences that the erring child will face in the event of non-compliance. If these specifications are clearly laid out early-on, then  chances of your kids becoming a deaf ear to your corrective suggestions will be less. To sum it all, a home which spares the rod preserves the self-respect of the child.

  1. Lead By Example

You as a parents and teacher must consider the fact that kids are very observant. They catch and mimic the behavior of their guardians. Teach them one virtue and demonstrate to them just the opposite and you have completely lost your child.

For example, the virtue of honesty. If you teach your kids to be honest at all times and you get away with white lies, you are sending a contradictory signal to your kid. Hence it is best to open up to your kids about your mistakes and how you have learned from them. This will not only help you appreciate your faults but will also pave way for an honest channel of communication between you and your kids.

  1. Recognize and Encourage Their Talents

Every child is indeed very special. However, the child does not realize his/her uniqueness. Hence, the onus is on the guardians to recognize and nurture their innate talents. It is hence very important to promote a homely atmosphere that provides ample opportunities for kids to demonstrate their talents. Along with this, it pays a great deal to provide constructive feedback about your kids’ talents so that your family can uncover and enrich the nascent talents that your kids are gifted with.

Closing Thoughts

Parenting is all about inculcating the right attitude to kids. It is also about striving hard to provide the best environment at home and in school. All your efforts of creating a productive atmosphere will bear fruit once your kid begins to tread the path of self-confidence and appreciation for all the blessings that are making his/her life so beautiful and worthwhile.