Learning with fun is one of the most effective teaching strategies that are being adopted in most of the smart schools in the country. The right mix of games and curriculum are proved to be really effective in improving the learning skills of students. The game based learning enhances their interest for studies with an improved memory and attention.

Smart schools are including the proper mix of these games to help them learn better. Here let us have a look at how different games are fun and at the same time improve learning:

  1. Memory games: Memorizing what they have learnt in class is important to apply it in real life and to excel in exams. Game based learning can be always fun and certain games can boost up their memory skills. Activity based learning always helps them to grasp the subject better than just one way lecture sessions. Some popular educational memory games such as bingo are good to teach mathematical expressions. Games such as Jeopardy are good to revise lessons at end of class or before exams. The play way method in fact increases their interest for learning as kids always crave for more games.
  2. Computer games: Today’s world is dominated by technology and so it is important to make your kids well versed in adopting at least some of them from their early days. Computer games are one of the best ways to help your kid to learn more about technology and use of devices. With this strategy, even kids now know the working of computer and they can easily gain technical efficiency while they grow up. With cartoon network games, children would easily follow up the eye hand coordination and proper usage of keyboard and mouse. The exciting games in the internet also help them to enhance their general internet navigation.
  3. Puzzles: Teachers now bring puzzles to classrooms to take away the boredom of one way teaching. Puzzles help them to improve their thinking and problem solving skills. Most of the games demand utilizing their logic and assessing the problem from different levels. Students will have to think out of the box to solve many puzzles. Understanding its importance in today’s education, teachers are using games as a tool for teaching. Even kids can learn spelling through spelling puzzles such as Hangman and formation of new words through a game known as chain spelling. Teachers have to wisely choose the type of puzzles for different levels of classroom to make the strategy more effective.
  4. Vocabulary games: Improving a student’s vocabulary is really important to enhance their communication skills. Reading comprehension is a widely used strategy in which students would read aloud the lessons and teacher would correct their mistakes. However, some vocabulary games such as sentence race is really fruitful in improving their vocabulary in a much better way. This is actually a vocabulary review game for high school students in which they are asked to frame a sentence and write on the board that includes a given word. Some funny mime games are also now a popular choice to revise particular words or verbs. Engaging scenarios that include real life situations can improve the essence of gaming.
  5. Adventure games: There are various digital and non digital forms of adventure games that are brought as part of learning sessions. This is one of the best ways to learn a new language in your school days. Exploring different levels of a game by clearly going through the guidelines itself give a chance to understand the language better. Adventure games are also good to develop a mindset to explore new things while you are a kid. This quality can really help a student to try and learn new things in life without a second thought. Gaming in classrooms promotes interactive learning and sometimes it can even give way for peer supported learning experience.
  6. Skill acquisition games: Smart schools are including skill acquisition games into daily learning which helps kids to develop their social, cognitive and physical skills. The skills and knowledge one will get through activity learning can be retained for a comparatively longer period than what they gain through conventional learning methods. The video games such as car races are not only entertaining but teach them to control speed, move accurately or type quickly. Some games even trains them to have fine motor skills and spatial skills. This can be an added advantage once they move out of the school life. Some skills can really impact the way they face real life situations.
  7. Creativity games: Bringing creativity in classrooms can make the learning phase more productive. Creative games are made a part of the lessons that help them to think creative and imaginative to find out solutions. Interesting games such as blind artist is popular in the list in which a kid has to draw a picture using his creativity and imagination by listening to his/her friend. More than entertainment, educational games are aimed at teaching the player about something new. Teachers are using such games to introduce new topics or discuss hard to understand subject areas. Nowadays, teachers are also promoting student made games that takes their creativity to new quality levels.
  8. Competitive gaming: Competitive games are often challenging and students are forced to think out of the box to give their best. In a game based learning environment, students are utilizing the freedom of choosing their learning method. By pushing themselves harder and asking more questions, they are taking up an active role to learn on their own whenever they can. In multi player games such as competing with students from other schools, they can develop their non-cognitive skills too such as self control, motivation, perseverance and patience. This type of learning also promote mental stimulation, decision making and reasoning which they can apply better in real life.
  9. Team work activities: Smart schools are also focussing on including games that promote team work activities. When you play as a team, it is not only fun but students can experience collective learning and collaboration. It is also an open platform for developing social skills while getting a chance to interact with your peers. He may also asses about his position among the peers and work towards achieving the goals. Students can break the cultural and language back grounds while working together towards achieving the goals. Game based learning is always a part of constructivist learning theory that backs students to perform better next time.
  10. Outdoor sports: Being physically active by engaging in one or more sports can boost their energy level. More than simple fun, the characteristics associated with gaming such as definitive objectives, rules, challenge and measurable goals helps them to easily relate learning with practical life. The results of their decision making during game are understood almost instantly as compared to waiting for weeks or months for class test results. In fact, this is an open platform for them to try out their decision making skills without any fear. Higher retention rates are one of the key highlights in comparison with book learning.
  11. Gamification at home: The classroom learning experience can be integrated with learning at home through gamification. Parents can take the role of bringing in some game based activities at home to revise what they have learnt in class. Kids are nowadays spending quality time in playing video games during their free time at home. In the present era, a student should be qualified in digital literacy which includes accountability and ethics in addition to strong communication skills. Playing by utilizing the possibilities of today’s technology can really help them to gain sufficient knowledge in digital learning.

These school games are gradually becoming part of the learning curriculum. Most of these games are in one way or the other effective in raising the learning spirits of students. Gamification alleviates the stress of a typical classroom and the concepts can be retained better through positive learning memories.

In this digital era, education is not just lecture and blackboard sessions within the four walls of a classroom. The influence of handy gadgets, education apps as well as smart school software are taking education to a new level. The role of teachers changes from just one side dictators to more of a guidance and support giver when students utilize the pros of digital era to learn on their own.

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Moreover, schools are taking good initiatives to utilize the advancements in technologies to give their students the best benefits of smart classrooms. With the use of projectors and friendly apps, they are giving an opportunity for students to watch movies in classrooms that better depict some areas of study that are difficult to understand with just text book assignments. The watch list also includes some really inspiring movies that can change the way students see the world and helping them to live as better individuals.

For schools which are looking forward to set up a movie show for their students, here is a short list of the best movies that help to educate and inspire students.

1. Freedom Writers: This inspirational movie depicts the story of a young teacher who took effort to encourage her students to receive higher education despite their challenging early school days. Freedom Writers teaches you to always have your ultimate end goal in your mind and work towards achieving it. Students who watch this movie are sure to live their dreams with tolerance and hard work.

2. The Paper Chase: Are you finding it difficult to keep the motivation to meet your dreams alive? The Paper Chase which was directed by James Bridges in the year 1973 can be really inspiring for you to achieve your heights despite all struggles and hurdles. This movie is based on the story of James T. Hart who overcame all his challenges during the first year life in Harvard and came out successful.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness: It is the real-life tale of a person who was just a salesman at first who used to sleep on the subway and later used his will power and hard work to overcome the obstacles and turned out a wealthy man. The Pursuit of Happyness gives the message that one should not give up on his dreams despite whatever hurdles come on the way. His hard work and perseverance and his keenness of not missing any opportunity that came his way at last paid him in the end.

4. Precious: This American drama film made in 2009 was based on a book that depicted the story of a young girl who was harassed mentally, physically and sexually in her early days. Precious discusses how a high school teacher inspired her and how she manages to fight back and improve her life as well as her children’s life. This movie is really inspirational for students to fight their life and reach successful heights.

5. Life of Pi: The American drama made in the year 2012 was a visual master piece with a brilliant execution which is really inspiring for students. This amazing movie came under the direction of Ang Lee and tells the story of a young boy who survived a shipwreck at the age of 16 when his family expired. Life of Pi in fact gives not just a single message but many rethinking ideas for students such as to learn how to let it go, importance of having faith in yourself and the universal need of survival.

6. Dead Poets Society: This movie directed by Peter Weir is based on the story of an educator who motivates his students to confront the norm with his poetry teaching. Dead Poets Society was released in the year 1989 and Robin Williams played the role of teacher who inspired students with his unorthodox teaching methods. This is one of the best American dramas you must show your students to help them improve their learning life and find their individuality.

7. It’s a Wonderful Life: This is an American drama released in the year 1946 directed by Frank Capra. It’s a Wonderful Life gives really good lessons for students such as learning to see how blessed you are when compared to those around you and accepting and being happy with what you have. Students can also get a good message on how to understand the actual purpose of your life.

8. Good Will Hunting: It is a 1997 movie that depicts the story of a mathematical prodigy named Will Hunting who was an underachiever at first who didn’t give importance to studies. And later he was inspired by the determination and hard work of a therapist who fight life despite his limitations. He then found out his hidden talents and utilized his potential to solve difficult mathematics problems. Good Will Hunting can help students to take an effort to do what they really can rather than stepping behind.

9. Legally Blonde: This is the story of a young girl who overcame her inferiority feelings and insecurity to get her education from the most prestigious Harvard school. Legally Blonde is really inspiring for those who fail to recognise their talents and keep on standing backwards. This movie makes it to the point that a good effort and a deterministic mindset can help anyone to utilize their potential and achieve good heights and gain more respect in life.

10. Searching for Bobby Fischer: It is a 1993 American drama film from the pen and direction of Steven Zaillian. This movie tells the story of a young chess prodigy who was encouraged and motivated to reach the best spot. Pomeranc plays the role of chess player Joshua Waitzkin. Searching for Bobby Fischer gives the challenge to the society about how to act rightly to motivate gifted children and help them get their best.

11. Stand and Deliver: This movie is based on a real life story of a teacher who went out of normal way to teach mathematics. His effort helped a group of students who were struggling earlier to come out successful. If you find yourself hopeless in handling a subject, then spend some time to watch Stand and Deliver and the story of Jamie Escalante is really motivating to see the possibilities to overcome past failures and be top achievers.

12. The Great Debaters: This movie retells the real life story of a professor who encouraged a group of students to taste the success. The theme of the movie is the way he moulds the students to give a strong challenge during debating championships. The Great Debaters can obviously lift your study spirits and motivate you to challenge yourself and others to win in life.

13. A Beautiful Mind: This American biographical drama film made in the year 2001 gives a strong message of enjoying every moment of your life. A Beautiful Mind directed by Ron Howard tells the story of a great mathematician scientist who considered him the best after a great discovery and failed to enjoy life but lived in fantasies. The movie depicts the journey of his self-discovery and how he realised the little joys of life.

14. The Manhattan Project: This 1986 movie hit the screens under the direction of Marshall Brickman. The Manhattan Project tells the story of teenagers whose school science project came out in a much bigger way than the norms. The making of nuclear bomb by the students with the information gathered from the internet is inspiring in terms of what a teenager can do with will power and hard work and at the same time gives the alert of how badly the technology can inspire youth.

15. The Blind Side: This American sports drama under the direction of John Lee was released in the year 2009. The Blind Side tells the real life story of Michael Oher who went through many rough patches in life. His blessing came in the way of a loving family who offered him shelter for a day and then adopted him for life. The family gave their true kindness and love to motivate him to find his skills in football and he utilized this opportunity to come up as a successful football player.

16. Harry Potter: This is a British-American film series in the time period of 2001 to 2011 based on the Harry Potter novels from the great author J. K. Rowling. Rather than spending hours in front of computers to play video games, the Harry Potter movie has really inspired students to come out and accomplish challenging tasks. Teachers are also adopting many Harry-Potter themes as part of their classroom activities to encourage and inspire children to learn and live successfully.

17. Lean on Me: This 1989 movie showcase the real life story of an unorthodox teacher who utilized his second chance to come out successful. His come back to the idyllic high school from where he was first fired from the role of principal witnessed a strong success tale. Lean on Me can really lift your spirits in the middle of struggling studies and gives the message of how to wisely use your extended chance in your education or career.

18. Remember the Titans: This movie showcases the importance of team work, a true leader and perseverance to achieve success. Remember the Titans tells the story of a good coach of a school’s football team who used his leadership qualities to bridge the cultural gap among his students to help them perform as a team and win the championship. This American sports movie came to screens in the year 2000 and was directed by Boaz Yakin.

19. I Am Kalam: This 2011 Indian movie from Nila Madhab Panda can be said as a guide for students to show them the importance and value of education. The plot of the movie is based on a young boy who admired Kalam and wished to follow his path. Harsh Mayar who played the role of Chotu was brilliant with his performance who became a favourite for many students. I Am Kalam gives a strong message to the society on the value of education and the right of every student for achieving it.

20. WALL-E: This is a science fiction movie that hit the screens in the year 2008 which was directed by Andrew Stanton. This computer-animated film came under the production of Pixar Animation Studios. WALL-E teaches to improve our focus on relationships to find true meaning to life and to face the problem rather than sitting with it. And at times it is important to live the life rather than surviving and it is good to make decisions based on the current status of the situation rather than going with the past experiences.

21. Stand by Me: The movie directed by Rob Reiner is a journey of four kids in which they discover themselves and their real identities. Stand by Me is a 1986 movie from the director, Rob Reiner which was made based on a book ‘The Body’ by Stephen King. The movie throughout showcases how kids handle the unfair expectations on their way to find their missing friend.

22. Dangerous Minds: This American drama film that hit the screens in the year 1995 came under the direction of John N. Smith. Dangerous Minds is the story of a marine turned teacher who got the job to deal a class of tough students with distinctive back grounds. With her wise way of teaching to suit the class, she succeeded in her job of turning it out a class of studious.

23. Start Wars: This is an American film series from renowned George Lucas. The series of movies started early back in 1977 and is still continuing the journey. Star Wars series have a strong base for giving life lessons to kids. For the last three decades, the movie is gaining the acceptance of the students of the respective eras. More than space ships and explosions, the movie is teaching kids to have the determination to accomplish anything in life and to learn to distinguish right from wrong.

24. Schindler’s List: This historical period drama was released in the year 1993 which was directed by Steven Spielberg. Schindler’s List gives students a deeper understanding of the Second World War scenario and the hardships of the people. The movie tells the real life incidents of Oskar Schindler who was a hero who saved the lives of about 1,100 Jews at the Holocaust. This movie also helps students to value the importance of love than war for handling things.

25. Cinema Paradiso: This is an Italian drama film that came out under the direction of Giuseppe Tornatore in the year 1988. Cinema Paradiso teaches students to grow up with an imaginative mindset which makes life really beautiful. Students will also get the message that learning is never completed and it is a life long journey to be accomplished. Kids will also learn about how sharing and caring can give them the ultimate joy.

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Final Thoughts

This is just a few among the lots of movies that help students to motivate and inspire and create a better world for them and others. These inspirational movies for school students and teachers are really going to boost their studies and educate them about the importance of hard work, determination and teamwork in their life. This new phase of smart classroom education with education apps and smart school software are creating a novel learning experience for students.