An efficient school management system is a key component for any school that seek better efficiency and productivity. It is high time to move on from the conventional data keeping methods and adopt an advanced system that handles all school operations at one place. The popular school software comes with different modules that handle multiple functions without compromising on quality.  Whether it is expense handling, financial reporting, data management, performance tracking of students or human resources,a quality system proves vital to the organization. There are online smart class software and in-house applications that serves the role. Each option has its own merits and demerits. Here let us have a look at why the web based application is preferred over the stand alone apps.

  1. No installation needed:Unlike the in-house application, there is no need for any installation when you go for online school management software. So one can save the associated time and cost. As no software is required, there would be no concerns about the incompatibilities or software requirements. All you need is a quality internet browser and a stable internet connection. There is no need of installing the software in every machine that happens with an in-house application and no more worries about server.
  2. Minimal in-school tech support required:The technical support if any would be provided online by the support team of software in most of the cases. So the school management need not have to afford any technical team to deal with the software functionality. In fact, faster deployment without any technical assistance is the key for choosing the online software over other stand alone models.
  3. Accessibility despite location:The web based software can be accessed irrespective of where you are. This gives the convenience of using the software at the comfort of your home with the need of only an internet enabled device. The data can be accessed remotely by learners and other users with consent. Most of the modern software is optimized for mobiles making it easy for students to access it during travel also. The complete access to the system is assured irrespective of whether they log in from their tablet, laptop, desktop, or a smartphone.
  4. Complete automation:The software will have different modules to manage diverse sections such as time table, attendance, library, exams and a lot more. The complete process can be automated with the web based technology. In addition to the automated monitoring of performance, the swift report generation and data updates add to the enhanced functionality. Advanced tools such as MyClassHelper even sends out automatic reminders on events and activity updates.
  5. No need for special hardware: The hardware interdependency is not a concern when you use web based software to manage your school operations. No other hardware need to be bought in addition to the device used for accessing the software. Once you sign up with the software, you just need the login credentials to continue using it.
  6. Real time management:With a steady internet connection, the overall data management can be done real time. As the online smart class software would be upgraded to the latest available versions automatically, accessing any information would be really easy. The real time management of the operations allows you to record any time. The information related to school activities can be managed or accessed anytime with just a few clicks. A popular web based tool, Edmodo offers real-time feedback and content sharing. Using Kickboard, academic as well as behavioural performance of students can be assessed by teachers in real time which is really helpful during field trips.
  7. Better and quicker communication: With a proper internet connection, this online platform assures faster communication between teachers, students, parents and management staff irrespective of where they are. Better and quicker communication between departments makes the overall functioning of the institution smooth and transparent. Proper communication between the co-workers also contributes to enhanced productivity of the institution. EYFS system features a user friendly interface to perform real time data sharing and communication with minimal time and effort.
  8. 24 x 7 access: As the software would be working round the clock, there is no time restrictions to update or access any information. Moreover, communication between administrative management and parents/teachers can be made anytime. Some may use single software to manage multiple schools under a group or society that functions from different locations. And in such cases, time zone would never be an issue if they function from different parts of the world.
  9. Better backup options:The online smart school software will have cloud based backups assuring timely access, update and retrieval of data without any delay. As the vendor is solely responsible for the backups in the web based software, you don’t need to worry about the additional hardware or memory for saving data.
  10. Streamlined administration:With a more organized approach with updated technology, administrative costs can be reduced to a great extent. The streamlined operations with the system assure only minimal errors while effectively handling the day to day operations of the school. The school activities such as staff attendance, library records, progress reports as well as weekly test reports can be managed well online. Moreover, prior information about upcoming events would be send as reminders to everyone with just a click helping them to prepare their part beforehand.
  11. Online admission and registration:The school staff as well as the parents can find it really easy with the overall admission and registration process online. As the admissions will be internet based, new candidates can learn more about the courses online and perform registration from their homes. Some tools even have options to perform online tests for particular students who fail to reach the venue. There are also options for online polls and forums to discuss on topics that need a joint decision. Software like Classmatrix performs online results declaration in addition to admission and biometric attendance management.
  12. Online payment:Parents need not take off from their office hours to reach school and pay the fees as payments can be done flexibly online. Similarly, the online system makes it convenient for the management staff to synchronize the payment of fees and fee dues management pretty easily. Most of the advanced applications offer secure payment options such as PayPal or internet banking.
  13. Parent portals:There would be online parent portals as a part of most of the web based software which is designed to enhance parent’s engagement in the students’ progress and learning curve. Parents can log in to their accounts to learn about their child’s activities within the school. This is also a platform to intimate them about the upcoming events in the school and share information regarding fee payment and dues. There would also be discussion forums where they can contribute their ideas and express their concerns.
  14. Unparalleled efficiency:A proper sync among every individual that are part of the school is the key to its proper functioning. The online school software serves as a collaboration tool among teachers, parents, students and other staff despite time and place thus assuring unparalleled efficiency.Most of the online applications allow free trials before signing up with the actual subscription to let them analyze if the system goes well with their requirements. Its advanced features assure enhanced quality control and supervision and better informed decision making.
  15. Enhanced security:Unlike the stand alone applications that need timely upgrades and constant monitoring to ensure good data security, the web based applications have enough features to provide good data security by default. For the cloud enabled software, the service provider takes the role of updating the system on time and enabling security fixes. With unparalleled security, there are only minimal chances of data theft and are less vulnerable to virus attacks. In addition to remarkable security measures, the privacy of their user base is also well maintained.
  16. Improve staff productivity:As most of the school operations are automated, the additional workload of the teachers and other staff would be reduced to a great extent. This in turn saves their time for other tasks that need manual intervention thus improving their productivity. They can be free from the time consuming tasks thus contributing more on quality teaching and personality development.
  17. Cost effective choice:Unlike the in-house applications, the school need to pay for only the service providers. As most of these systems would be cloud based, there is no need to spend for the individual desktops and other additional network hardware expenses. The in-house systems might benefit from less cost over the period but cannot escape from the huge initial payment to set up the application. Also, there is no cost involved to correct errors with outdated software with the online systems. In fact, cost predictability is a key benefit for the web based school management software.

The online smart class software is an asset to your school that not only reduce the need for administration resources but also improve transparency of the whole process. With just an internet-ready device with updated software, you can effectively collaborate beyond classrooms. Utilize the free trial options to learn about its efficiency in serving your individual needs before signing up with the system.