The findings and advancements of this modern digital age have a great influence on the way we learn and perceive life.

Today’s classrooms are one of the few places where we can witness the actual impact of modern technology.

This ranges from virtual education, student privacy, paperless textbooks, adaptive learning, augmented reality, and improved access to learning resources, more creative mindsets to virtual parent teacher communications.

Here are a few among the top most innovative trends in educational technology that are going to make a huge impact in shaping the present student generation.

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Paperless Textbooks: The digital devices such as tablets are now slowly replacing the heavy textbooks.

Cost was a highlighted issue; many schools have now recognized that this cost is much affordable over the time.

School authorities can easily upload the study materials every term or year on the same devices and save the extra cost of new textbooks every year.

The ease of accessibility and storage and comfort of carrying only a light weight tablet to school every day makes this a smart choice.

Artificial Intelligence:

The use of artificial intelligence in today’s classrooms has really transformed the quality of education.

It can provide a great insight into student learning and improves the overall process with better communication.

Teachers can make use of its possibilities to speed up the grading and other daily chores and utilize the saved time for quality teaching.

It acts as a personalized learning companion to meet a variety of student needs and help teachers to act as learning motivators.

The automation in classroom can help both students and teachers to stay more productive in the daily chores.

VR/AR In Classrooms:

By accommodating the possibilities of visual learning and overcoming language barriers, augmented reality has made learning more effective.

As the price of AR and VR equipment are showing a downfall, more of teachers are now making it a part of their teaching strategy.

Virtual field trips are one of the most effective benefits of VR in classrooms.  This helps students to go deeper into various subjects at the comfort of their classroom.

Moreover, this technology has enhanced creativity among students through imaginative play and thinking.

Social Media Influence:

Social media has a great influence in almost all industries now and. It is in fact playing a crucial role in shaping today’s classrooms.

This platform is helping teachers and students to globalize the classroom and connect easily with others with similar interests and mindsets.

The right use of this social platform is giving opportunities for students to think about the lessons outside the classroom.

Online Courses And Learning:

The present education industry is more inclined to online courses and learning than just the classroom education.

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Students are largely utilizing the possibilities of online courses to study their preferred field of interest and research on their favorite subject areas.

Students are also utilizing similar online courses to have an additional educational support on their tough subjects.

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Digital and Media Literacy:

As students are spending a considerable amount of their study time online, it is high time for the teachers to understand the importance of digital and media literacy.

The school authorities are taking initiatives to guide them on how to behave online which includes rightly processing information they encounter online and communicating online by respecting others’ views.

In fact, the inclusion of digital and media literacy in the curriculum is aimed at helping students to learn how to responsibly utilize online resources.

Embedding Innovative eResources:

Educators who are looking to incorporate digital content to the classrooms can now make use of the vast array of educational resources available online.

However, selecting the right set of teaching materials from this wide array of information is the key.

Today’s technology is giving them options to access refined and well-researched digital materials that are relevant for their purpose.

Gamification and Gamified learning:

Creatively engaging students in learning is one of the smartest means of getting their attention for a longer time.

Understanding the importance of games to engage students, schools have shifted their strategy to gamification and gamified learning in classrooms.

This not only improves their interest for learning but also instils a friendly competitive mindset and invokes their creative thought process to win situations. 

Gaming through digital platform also improves their social behaviour and problem solving skills.

 Wearable Technology:

This technology is creating a big bang in the school campuses as wearble devices are not only making the kids safe but also improving their quality of life.

As it can track the location, students are safe inside the campus and parents and teachers can easily track them.

The options to make payment through these smart devices avoid theft and bullying while facilitating paperless transactions.

Data Privacy and Cyber Security:

In this modern educational system, one of the major areas of concern is the data privacy and cyber security of students.

So authorities are making serious steps towards preventing cyber bullying and maintaining their desired privacy in the digital platforms.

This is in fact a shared responsibility and only a mass campaigning can make a vital improvement in the areas of concern.

School authorities are now more focused on providing lectures and campaigns in schools led by scholars to educate students about data protection and cyber security.

Flipped Learning:

The modern educational technologies are putting forward the possibilities of inverting traditional teaching methods to enhance learning process.

In this teaching strategy, students are making use of the advanced educational technologies to have a look at lessons beforehand.

They go through tutorials or videos to study the lessons at home and utilize the classroom time to do assignments.

They can work out problems under the supervision of teachers and clarify their doubts if any.

Moreover, having an idea about the subject beforehand makes it easy for students to easily catch up what teachers are talking about.

Analytics and Data Driven Decisions:

More than getting drowned in large collection of data, educators are now more focused on understanding the analytics and coming up with data driven solutions.

With the advancements in technology, they are not just conducting analysis and keeping data aside but making serious steps to ensure that the results are relevant and diagnostic.

Effectively utilizing the wealthy information we have is the key to experience positive results and changes.

Relevance to STEM Materials:

 As advancement in technology has made many remarkable changes in today’s education system, schools are slowly changing their focus to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects once again.

This in fact places a platform for institutions providing higher education to develop a more engaging curriculum for coding, robotics and programming.

Moreover, the possibilities of integrated learning are helping educators to provide the best possible learning experience for students.

With the rise in technology and innovations, it is normal for students to expect seamless technology in school.

There is nothing surprising to see if machine learning overcomes other learning aspects and school systems can turn more scalable.

In the next few years, all or most of the critical data will be stored in the cloud.

Above all these elements, a serious thinking should be dedicated to improve social-emotional skills and student well being.

As outside the classroom learning is becoming more important, the collaboration tools will become more prevalent. Moreover, the big data analysis helps schools to learn the areas where the students excel and identify the areas in which they struggle and thus provide additional support.

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