Nothing should come in the way of realizing your dreams. And this principle concerning happy living is represented by the following kidpreneurs who braved all odds in pursuit of their dreams. Establishing successful business at very tender ages, here are the companies that are run by young kids under the age of 13. Even before stepping into high school, these kids demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills not only to their near and dear ones but to the world at large.

Let us now check out these innovative businesses that are powered by the intellect of kidpreneurs.

  1. Super Business Girl – A Candle Company Established by a 5-Year Old

At a tender age of 5, Asia Newson had already gained a foothold in the money-making sphere. Initially buying candles at wholesale rates from a distributor, Asia Newson began making her own candles by the time she was 13. In addition to taking baby steps and stabilizing in the candle selling business, she inspired and trained 40 young kids in Detroit to become entrepreneurs. Taking clues from her dad, she raked in profits in her chosen field of selling candles and now projects an annual revenue to reach $100,000 in 2017.

  1. Cory’s Cookies – The Brainchild of Cory Nieves

At the young age of 6, Cory Nieves established his flagship business titled Mr. Cory’s Cookies. You will be surprised to note the story behind this business when you get to read his website. As it reads, Nieves who was tired of commuting via school bus and wanted to own a car. It was then that his mom prompted him to save money for this luxury.

Stretching his imagination, Nieves began the sale of hot cocoa in his hometown in New Jersey. He further diversified his business, selling cookies and lemonade and this paved the way for the incorporation of “Mr. Cory’s Cookies”. There is a special attraction that comes with these cookies. Offering a host of delicious flavors without any preservatives, all the cookies are sold online to food lovers. This experience also helped him to become a part of the major brands like Pottery Barn and Barney’s J.Crew.

  1. Leanna’s Essentials – A Natural Hair Care Product Line from Leanna Archer

As a budding entrepreneur, Leanna Archer unveiled her completely-natural hair oil to the world at large, when she was all of 8 years old. So true to its name, “Leanna’s Essentials” enlists a host of organic hair and skin care products which are free from sulfates and paraben. Skin conditioners, hair treatment formulae, shampoos and cleansing marks featured as the promising all-natural cosmetics of “Leanna’s Essentials” for which Leanna is the CEO. Her baby steps into the arena of cosmetics earned her a place in global publications like Success Magazine and Forbes.

  1. Mo’s Bows – The Trendy Bow Collection from Moziah Bridges

The fashion-conscious Moziah Bridges was on the lookout for trendy bow ties. Unable to source them from the market flooded with prestigious showrooms, Moziah Bridges as a 9 year old did not take “no” for an answer. He went on to learn sewing from his grandmother and started his venture named “Mo’s Bows” by selling his bow ties on Etsy.

Moziah tasted business success when his fashion accessories began selling like hot cakes. Making their strong presence felt in many boutiques across various states, Moziah through his bow tie venture attracted the attention of the then US President Obama. Meeting him in person, Moziah had the privilege to gift the President a unique “Obama Blue”, Mo’s Bow. He currently is at the helm of affairs of Mo’s Bows as the CEO.

  1. Cheers and Tears – The Greeting Card Business of Cameron Johnson

When Cameron Johnson was all of 9 years, a business brainwave surfaced in his mind. That was when he started making invitations for his parents’ holiday party. Within 2 years, his hobby transformed into a business proposition through the incorporation of Cheers and Tears; his greeting card business. Registering thousands of dollars as revenue from selling greeting cards, Cameron stepped into the online business through the profits he earned by selling Beanie Babies on eBay. This deal earned him a fortune of $50,000 as profit from his internet business.

  1. Kool Kids SnoKonez – A Cool and Tasty Venture of Innovative Siblings

Jaden Wheeler and Amaya Selmon (12 years and 10 years of age respectively) learnt to churn out snow cones with minimum paraphernalia. Employing a blender connected to an extension cord, the siblings fueled their business proposition by establishing a make-shift arrangement in front of their home in Tennessee in 2011. Their mother, who was excited to notice the business streak in her kids gifted them a truck as a big investment to their flourishing snow cones business. After becoming the youngest food truck owners, there was no looking back for the brother-and-sister duo who were nominated for the award of Best Youth-Owned Business.

  1. Cook With Amber – The Food Network Web Series of Amber Kelley

After being named the winner of Food Network Star Kids, a television series featuring culinary competitions of youngsters, Amber Kelley at the age of 13 became a part of the Food Network web series. Much before she claimed her first victory, Amber was already contributing to the fraternity of young celebrity chefs. “Cook with Amber” is a feather in her cap since 2012; a healthy cooking YouTube channel which currently has over 38,000 subscribers.

Closing Thoughts

All the above companies prove the fact that age is definitely not a hindrance to set up a business. It is all about dreaming big and starting small, giving wings to a business idea that will transform into a profitable trade. The stories of kidpreneurs narrated above are enough proof to the fact that it does not call for a huge initial investment to establish a business. However, a push should come from the elderly who should not only identify but also support and suggest kids with this entrepreneurial streak to follow their dreams and help them thrive.