When it comes to classroom management, setting up some ground rules is a necessity.

This will not only help teachers and students to go forward in a well organized and systematic way but also reflects in good classroom discipline.

This is, in fact, a set of precepts that play a vital role in setting a structure for school classroom functions and organize learning activities.

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However, teachers should oversee that they maintain consistency while setting and implementing classroom rules just to avoid confusion among students.

Moreover, teachers are supposed to lead from the front by setting an example.

Here we are listing a few among the best classroom rules that can be implemented to improve student behavior and classroom discipline.

1. Come to class prepared to learn

Always come to class with complete preparation for learning.

This includes taking all important materials needed for the day like textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens, geometry boxes, lunch bags, and water.

If the teacher has asked to prepare some lessons for the day, make sure that you do it before reaching the classroom.

Also, have a look at the day’s time table to not miss any subject books.

2. Don’t ever cheat

 It is not recommended to cheat in the classroom in any circumstances.

You should keep moral values such as honesty always.

It is not a big deal to fail in exams at times but succeeding by cheating is never tolerable.

Also, it is not advisable to lie to anyone and always speak the truth.

3. Always be on time

Punctuality is one of the best qualities to be developed right from school days.

Be warned about the starting time of your class and start from home early to reach before time.

Develop a routine to reach school before the bell rings and be seated in your classroom position before the warning bell.

4. Be attentive to teachers while teaching

It is mandatory to give your full attention to the classroom while teachers are taking classes.

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You can relax during break times and be dedicated to listening while teaching is going on.

This will help you to not miss any lesson areas and ask any doubts about the teacher straight away.

5. No vandalism is allowed in the classroom

Making deliberate damage to objects are not allowed on any grounds in the classroom.

Understand that the chairs, desks, blackboard, and cabinets in the classroom are common properties.

Always handle it with care and not even scribbling in desks is allowed.

Have a feeling that these objects are to be reused by the next batch of students and it is your responsibility to give it clean to them.

6. Be well dressed in complete uniform

Always come to the classroom in complete uniform as described in school policy.

It is good to plate your hair if you have a long one and avoid jewelry.

Make sure that dresses are washed properly and socks are changed daily.

Coming to classroom presentable can help you stay fresh day long.

7. Respect your body

You should understand that your body is your responsibility and you should respect it.

Never ever allow somebody to touch your body without your consent.

There are many bullying reported among school students.

If you experience any such incidents, straight away tell your parents and report to the teacher.

8. Keep your classroom clean

It is your responsibility to keep your classroom clean.

It is not advised to litter your classroom premises but make use of trash cans for dumping wastes.

See that you don’t spill food or water during lunchtimes and get assistance from cleaning staff if you notice any such dirt.

9. Don’t ever distract the class during lessons

Students should see that they never distract the class during teaching through any means.

Even sharpening the pencil in pin-drop silence in a classroom can distract the teaching flow.

Never walk around the class during lessons and avoid talking to other students.

If you have anything to ask the teacher, just raise your hand to ask permission before you speak.

10. Maintain good personal body hygiene

It is the most important to maintain personal hygiene while you are in class and always.

Take a daily shower in the morning before class and evening also to stay fresh.

Wash your hands properly before and after having food and use handkerchief while you sneeze.

11. Complete home works and assignments daily

It is the responsibility of students to come to class after completing the daily home works and assignments.

Instead of rushing to the classroom in the morning and doing in a hurry or copying from others, always do it the night before.

Be systematic on revising the daily lessons and preparing for the next day’s lessons.

12. Wait for your turn in queues

classroom rules

Whenever you are asked to stand in a queue, it is advised to stand politely on the line and take your turn.

Always keep a minimum distance from the person standing in front and don’t try to push them to move forward.

And it is not a good behavior to push people back and take their position in the queue.

13. Respect every one

Students should learn right from the school days regarding how to give respect and take respect.

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You should start off by respecting your teachers and elders in school.

Even when you are friends, it is always good to respect the space of your fellow mates.

14. No food allowed in the classroom other than breaks
classroom rules

There will be a specific time allotted in every school as lunch breaks or brunch breaks.

Students are advised to use that time only to have food and it is not good manners to have food while teachers are taking classes.

15. No sleeping in the classroom unless with permission

Students are supposed to stay fresh and active while the teacher takes the lessons.

Do a warm-up in between the sessions if you feel sleepy and drink enough water.

But don’t sleep in the classroom sessions unless you are ill and you have permission for the same.

16. Don’t hurt others

It is quite common among kids to have friendly fights and disagreements.

But you are not supposed to hurt others physically under any circumstances.

Even if somebody kicks you or beats you, you are not supposed to give it back which makes the situation worse.

You can complain about this to the teacher or guardian so that they take further measures.

17. Actively participate in classroom activities

There will be a lot of activities and classroom games as part of learning.

Every student should voluntarily come up to actively participate in all of them and never stay behind.

This is the age where you have to polish your potentials and never say ‘no’ if the teacher asks you to take up some small responsibilities.

18. Respect other students’ personal belongings

Just like you value your personal belongings, it is equally important to value other students’ belongings too.

Don’t take other’s belongings without their permission and take proper care of it if you happen to use them with their permission.

19. Comply with all school policies on handbook

You should sit with your parents to learn about the school policies written on the handbook before the first day of the school itself.

You are supposed to always comply with all these policies under any circumstances.

Have a talk with the teacher if you have doubts or concerns regarding any of the guidelines.

20. Follow the directions during activities

There will be a lot of classroom activities happening place during the learning sessions.

This can include games, debates, quiz etc.

Students are supposed to follow all the directions put forward by teachers or organizers and always be fair throughout the sessions.

21. No name calling, insults or put-downs

classroom rules

Students should be well-disciplined inside the classroom premises and need to be polite and well behaved.

There should not be any deeds from your side that pave the way for insulting others or that put them down.

There can be friendly disagreements or small fights, but calling by ‘names’ is not allowed.

24. Respect views of others

Just like you have an opinion about something, others might have a different view or perception.

You should be always polite to listen to others’ views and respect them rather than enforcing your particular view.

This can be more evident when you take part in classroom debates.

25. Be kind always

Students should learn to be kind right from the school days.

You should help people in need whenever possible and don’t miss any opportunities in front of you to shower kindness.

You should grow up by caring for each other and helping each other.

26. Always do your best

Always maintain a positive attitude in life and do your best despite what all obstacles life offers you.

There can be failures but that should not be letting you down.

You should be well determined to try again despite failures and come out with your best.

Applying these comprehensive classroom rules as part of classroom routines can make a remarkable difference in student behavior over the period.

However, teachers should take initiatives to make the whole process comfortable for students.

Ensuring good transparency in setting and implementing the rules is really important.

Similarly, students should be given a chance to contribute their ideas while setting up these rules.

This not only gives them a feeling of importance in the classroom but also help them to work towards it more sensibly and responsibly.

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However, make sure that you don’t enforce many hard rules in the classroom or give unrealistic expectations which give unwanted pressure.

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Applying a few basic rules alone can bring a pleasant and cooperative classroom ambiance.

Teachers can try writing down these rules in charts and keep in the classroom which acts as a reminder always.