While it is a common phenomenon to experience an exam stress, you should also keep in mind that the stressful thoughts should not get out of control. It is a feeling of an uncertainty having an edge over the exam preparation that prompts you to feel “butterflies in your stomach”.

Don’t worry

Here are 15 ways to deal with your exam stress.

  1. Maintain a Positive Outlook

First and foremost, you need to inculcate a positive approach to life. Passing or failing an exam does not threaten your life. You should learn to focus on the idea that there is life after exams and your preparation time for exams is just a passing phase. When you begin to attach objectivity to your exams through such positive thoughts, you will be able to give the attention that exams need. This way, you will sail through the exam preparation time without any negative thoughts draining out your physical and emotional strength.

  1. Accept the Fact That You Are Stressed and Let Out the Steam

It pays to accept the fact that you are getting stressed because of the ensuing exams. Just take a short break from reading, it is good for you and  can engage in a casual chat with either a senior or  confidante who can help you put things in perspective. He/she who is familiar with your stressed feelings can become your top choice to hear you out. Talking out your concerns not only eases you but will also help you put things in the right perspective.

  1. Comparison – A Strict “No”

Most of the students experience bouts of stress when they begin to compare themselves with others with regard to the pattern of revising or the number of chapters completed. Since every student has his/her own style of brushing up study notes, you should check out and follow a pattern of study that suits you the best. While avoiding comparison is one trick, you can help yourself by framing an orderly study timetable with enough room for short breaks and then stick to it; come what may.

  1. Reward Yourself

Working towards a pre-set goal can be beneficial in more ways than one. While you are striving to achieve your own goal of revising a chapter within a particular timeframe, you should also have something to look forward to as your reward. A celebration with friends and family after your exams can push your limits to give it your best during exam time.

  1. Focus on Your Palpitating Breath by Meditating

It is during stressful times that your breathe rate goes up drastically. Palpitations occur as an after-effect of the panic you are experiencing because of the forthcoming exams or during an exam. It is during such times that you need to actively focus on your quick and shallow breaths. A simple trick that can help you alleviate your panic in the examination hall is to just sit back for a moment and focus on your breath. This  can help you to fight  with the exam stress in a jiffy.

  1. Limit the Time For Social Media Interactions

Your lifestyle which revolves around social media interactions bombards you with unnecessary information and chatter that saps your mind power. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. All these social media networking apps drain your valuable time and energy. No doubt, shunning away to stay in touch with your near and dear ones especially during exam time can be taxing. But there is a way out. You can choose to exercise some self-control and allocate a time during the day when you will respond to the messages of your family and acquaintances. These apps should help you connect with your loved ones and not become prime distractions that will pull you away from your goal of acing the exam.

  1. Eat Right

Diet takes a backseat for most of the students preparing for exams. An erratic diet does a lot of harm to your well-being, especially when you need to concentrate on your studies. It is during exam time that you need to eat right by treating yourself as a well-built machine that needs fuel at regular intervals. A hearty breakfast is mandatory. Feeding your body thus provides the much needed energy and nutrition to the brain as well which will help you ace your exams. Fresh fruits and veggies are the most recommended foods to consume during exam time.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

While food is fuel to body, sleep replenishes the lost brain power. While preparing a study timetable, you should make sure that you can enjoy a 8 hour sleep before you wake up for your exam. It is best to avoid revising any topic after you hit the bed.

  1. Enjoy Dark Chocolate

It is a well-known fact that dark chocolate which contains more than 70% cocoa can work wonders as a stress-buster. Consuming dark chocolate not only satisfies your taste buds but also helps you relax your body. During stress, your body releases a steroid hormone called Cortisol. Dark chocolate works against this hormone and helps you soothe your nerves. Another benefit of relishing dark chocolate during exams is that it also releases feel-good hormones that work as natural stress busters.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Herbal teas, fluids and water are highly recommended to beat exam stress. However, care should be taken to avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks. Consciously hydrating your body can help you maintain optimum energy levels that are required to prepare for an exam with confidence.

  1. Don’t Rewind and Replay

Past is past, so goes a common maxim. You have absolutely no control over your answer script once it leaves your hand and reaches the desk of the invigilator. So why fret over it? Reviewing an exam that you already appeared for should be avoided as a clever means to focus on the next exam that you will have to appear. Brooding over the exam that is over will cut down your valuable preparation time for the next exam and thus cause anxiety with the next paper too.

  1. Allow Technology To Become Your Tutor

The educational space is thriving with a host of mobile apps that can become your “on the go” tutors. You ask for help pertaining to any subject and you are sure to find a befitting app on your mobile that will teach you. Downloading these student-friendly and free mobile educational apps will help you assimilate online information from anywhere and at any time. Students who tread the path of technological learning can beat the symptoms of exam stress; the digital way.

  1. Engage in Creative Activities

Music is indeed a great healer. Playlists can become your soulful friends, especially when you are preparing yourself for an exam. Listening to music can not only elevate your mood but will also help you concentrate better on your studies. Encouraging you to study for long hours, music works as a soothing instrument to beat exam stress.


With so much of attention being given to grades, marks and percentages, students bear the brunt of a lot of expectations coming from their parents and at times, themselves too. All in an attempt to help students give the due importance to exams, the above study and preparation hacks will help them put things in perspective and soothe their nerves during exam time. After all, exams and results do not end your world!