Paperless administration of schools is now a reality with smart software for schools built with cutting edge technologies. There are multipurpose tools designed to work with different modules that brings diverse functions or departments of an institution under one system. This makes it easy for students, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents for easy access and sharing of records at one place with minimal time and effort. To cope up with the present day demands, online school management systems are now available that works despite of location without compromising on quality.

Easy and faster communication, efficient information management, information tracking and transparency and optimal usage of time are the key benefits of using school management software. The smart tools for schools are designed to manage academics, inventory, fees, reports, notifications, library, timetable, attendance and even hostel and transport management.

Here are a few among the advanced and reliable smart software for schools. If you are looking to have a management system for your school, these smart choices might help you.

1. Smart School: This intelligently developed software makes your school smart with a lot of features to manage the overall functioning. The Smart School offers good user experience with modules starting right from admission to exam results. The software can handle 15 plus modules with user panels for admin, librarian, parent, accountant, teacher, and student.

2. Eduparatos: This comprehensive school management software features a range of different modules to efficiently handle the daily operations within a school. Eduparatos is built on open source technology and is highly adaptive in usage. It can even be integrated with SMS package to get alerts on reminders, dues notice, attendance, fee payment, and other notices. Management of admission, exams, attendance, HR and payroll are the key areas among its many modules.

3. mySkoolapp:  The school staff, parents and students can use this software as an integrated platform to keep informed about the real time updates of activities within the school. The mySkoolapp is a progressive tool for educational institutes with flexible options for smart attendance homework, messaging, exam results, and school calendar. Public relation management, hostel management, and transport management are among the other key modules.

4. EYFS: Collecting student data and sharing them with parents to update them on the activities within the school is now easy with this software. The EYFS management software utilizes the cutting edge technology to ease of recording data by saving time and effort. It offers options for smart search, data syncing, making reports and sharing with its user friendly interface.  Mobile application and web based applications are available for user comfort.

5. SchoolPro: This systematic school management software with advanced options that meet the present day demands is designed as per CBSE schooling rules. The management of academic, fees, examination, library and HR & payroll is taken to a new level with SchoolPro. The latest version of the software is designed to run the application on cloud. It’s more systematic and synchronized approach makes it flexible enough to cover the most challenging needs.

6. EDUMAAT: Right from the student admission to graduation, each and every module within an educational institution could be automated by EDUMAAT. The advanced features covered in its different modules include assessment management, behaviour management, clinic management, enrolment management, enterprise document management and cafeteria management.

7. Smart Card Solutions: The real time tracking of student activities within a school campus is now a reality with advanced smart school software. Smart Card Solutions is one of the best options available so far that does the job well with low frequency RFID cards. With minimal internet usage, the application helps parents to make easy fee payment and students to make purchases from canteen. Library management is a lot easier with Edsys Smart cards.

8. MyClassCampus: This web based smart software for schools allows quick, structured and efficient communication and resource sharing within the institution. This one click tool is an unparalleled solution to manage all the records and data easily and in a more organised form. MyClassCampus provides a bridge between student, parent, teacher & admin. With this software, a personalized app can be created within a few minutes that go well with your specific needs.

9. SchoolTonic: If you are looking for paperless administration in schools without compromising overall quality, this web based school management software could be the right choice. SchoolTonic comes with a wide variety of options such as parent portal, special education, student portal, bookstore management, curriculum management, classroom management and enrolment management in addition to handle the basic day to day operations.

10. School SAAS: This web based management software for schools comes with a lot more advanced options other than the basic tasks such as e-library, online examination, stock/ store tuck shop management etc. School SAAS is offered in 3 levels with varied pricing options. Separate log in accounts can be handled by students and staff which can be accessed anytime with personalized SchoolSAAS mobile app.

11. EduERP: Complete digitization in schools is possible with this software that is designed for effective student and staff administration. Automation of student and staff management will be at your finger tips with EduERP. This easy to use software can offer unparalleled performance for course registration, clearance, HR management, grading, exams processing and transcripts.

12. Classmatrix: This effective online school management software is designed to help teachers to get good student engagement in their classes. Classmatrix efficiently deals with performance management evaluation of students, analysis and reporting. Other than the basic smart school software options, it features admission receipt generation, online results declaration, lecture management, biometric attendance management and staff management.

13. School Cube: This software provides a comprehensive solution to digitalization in schools. With usage throughout the country, the School Cube features effective management options for accounting, admission, courses and batches management, email integration and examination management. It has mobile support and comes with customization option to suit the specific needs.

14. The School Manager: Renowned as country’s first school management software, it comes with a lot of options and features to smooth out the day-to-day school operations. School Manager has mobile apps designed for easy collaboration among students, parents, teachers and management. It comes with over 20 modules and faculty management, assessment management, student portal and facility management are a few among the many possibilities of this software.

15. Library Manager: A smart solution for library management is now a vital ingredient of any educational institution to automate the system and erase the hassles of paper works. Library Manager makes the overall processing easy with easy memberships, book acquisition and supervision, fee management and due collection, online catalogue system for students to check availability of books and payroll integration.

16. Eduberry: This is a breakthrough educational ERP with a flawless design that can take operation management within an education to a new level. Taking into account its advanced features for smart school operations, this online educational ERP has turned out to be a top choice for premium educational institutes. By using Eduberry, the staffs have a hassle free job in carrying overall management and could invest more time for other productive areas.

17. Smart School Management System: The overall functioning of the school is collaborated as a single platform with this application. The Smart School Management System lets both students and parents to access the information related to school activities with ease. They just need to login in to the account to have a look at the attendance, fee, exam results, communication, homework, circulars/events/gallery, weekly test or GPS tracking.

18. e- Timetable: A good time table management system can make a school smart with better allocation of available resources and optimal management of limited time. The e-Timetable avoids the need for paper-based processes and automates the overall process with quality time table scheduling, generating class-wise and teachers-wise timetable report, blocking and locking mode for the individual adjustments, easy arrangement of substitution work and more.

19. School Assistant: This ZeroERP school management software effectively automates the routine tasks within the institution. School Assistant makes it easy to track the school activities at your convenience. The school assignment, lecture, class timing, time table, and exam results all are very well managed with this comprehensive tool that takes the role of an assistant and manger.

20. My Study Life: As the name suggests, this multipurpose software makes the study life of students and teachers a lot easier to handle. Despite the location and time, My Study Life lets to store and access your classes, homework and exams from the cloud. Almost all areas of your academic life are integrated with this digital tool with no hassles of paper works.

21. Soft School: This advanced software is designed to provide role based security within an educational institution. Soft School is integrated with SMS, access card / biometric for easy access and management. The schools can use this software to monitor teacher performance, evaluate student progress and parents can update on the school activities.

22. Parent Portal: This is one of the advanced smart software for schools that helps parents to get real-time access on student’s daily activities and progress in school. There are many modules in Parent Portal that covers systematic enrollment & registration process, reports generation & sharing and let easy sharing of school news and calendar. Moreover, it improves parent-teacher communication which is important in present era education.

23. eduWare: This multipurpose school management software system is designed to effectively handle diverse administrative activities with minimal time and effort. Its ease of use and accuracy has made eduWare a good choice for over 100 plus educational institutions worldwide. The key areas include parent portal, student portal, financial management, HR & payroll and library management.

24. EduEPedia: In addition to offering complete administration & management for your school, the software is designed to improve interaction between students, parents and faculty. With a seamless interaction, the EduEPedia effectively carries out smooth administration and supervision of diverse non-teaching, teaching and administration activities. This easy to install software can be accessed despite time and location.

25. Eduswift: This would a good choice of time table system for your school that assures optimal use of human and physical resources. EduSwift generate the best possible timetable for your school in a minimal time frame by taking your dynamic needs and availability into account.  This timetable software also covers a lot other areas including assessment management, student information / records and management of attendance, fee and inventory.

26. SchoolTime: Schools can go live with this scientific approach in a few seconds. This is made a reality without any requirement for ICT knowledge or resources. This beautifully designed and affordable SchoolTime software covers courses and batches management, inventory management, database backup/restore, event management and a lot more in addition to the basic smart school software options.

27. CloudSchool: This is an interactive platform that lets to systematically manage the activities within schools. It is designed to work on an easy to use approach that transforms most of the manual work into automatic tools. The efficient working of the CloudSchool app assures a hassle free and paper less management. The key features include management of attendance, fee, library, examination and admission.

28. Eduflex: Schools can use this advanced application designed with service oriented approach for betterment of the overall day to day management. Eduflex lets the student, parent, staff and management to access the relevant data at a very good pace. It comes with customization options and mobile support. It helps with better management of academics, admission, event calendar, student portal, fee management and more.

29. MyiSchool: This is a comprehensive online school management information system that is designed to effectively enhance the administration of educational institutions. The important areas covered in the MyiSchool software include attendance of students, school news and events, student info management, timetable, examination and results, fundraising management and more.

This short list of smart software for schools is just a few among the many options available at present. Make a smart choice and experience a remarkable change in the overall productivity and efficiency in a short time.