Once smart phones were considered a luxury for adults. Now smart phone apps have gained wide popularity due to its usefulness. The advent of smart apps revolutionized the life of every people. People find it very convenient to fulfill their necessity with a single click.

Learning can be made fun for children with the introduction of Smart apps for preschoolers. People often wonder whether kids should be given smart phones.

The benefits of using smart phones for kids listed below answers this Question:

1. It is an Added Dimension of Learning

Smart apps can develop the learning capacity of kids. It is an additional way of learning apart from traditional methods of learning from books. Students are able to access a lot of learning resources from smart phones in the form of encyclopedia, dictionaries, educational app, flash cards etc. Parents can guide their child for using such smart apps. For new information, the application can be regularly updated. It is very handy and convenient to use.

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2. For Keeping in Touch and Locating them

By installing Global Positioning System in the device, one can easily locate the whereabouts of the child. Whenever the child uses smart phone apps, parents would be able to locate the child. If they go beyond the allowed distance, it will be notified to respective parents.

A child as young as young as one year can learn to swipe and press the screen. When the device produces funny sounds, animations, sights etc. it captures the attention of your child and they become curious. The child easily engages in activities and smart phone apps can hold their concentration longer.

Educational apps can help children develop skills from hand-eye co-ordination to learning ABC’s, maths and problem solving.

Here is a list of educational apps which is organized according to specific skills and learning that parents can teach your child:

1. Hand-eye Co-Ordination

When the child touches or swipes the screen of a smart device, something happens in the tablet or smart phone immediately. This entertains the child, which impels him or her to do more. Gradually he learns to touch and recognize different objects and what happens when he touches that particular object. This develops the hand-eye coordination of the child. This skill is very much necessary for the child in order to perform day to day activities ranging from simple to complex. It can be highly useful for sports.

a. Balloon Pops

 Children will have ample fun while popping balloons. They can be popped by touching them when they appear on the screen. There will be a funny sound when it is popped.

b. Slide and Spin

This app can develop children’s motor skills such as turning, sliding, spinning and pushing of a button. While doing these motions, children will be able to reveal multicolored objects. For each image, our voice can be recorded.

c. Toddler Fun

This app includes four mini games that entertain your little ones whenever he touches the smartphone or tablet. The child can make colorful stars burst and explode fireworks. When a child becomes expert, he would be able to draw freely and connect objects.

2. Learning Shapes

When a child learns shapes, he learns the basic observation skills to know what looks alike and different. Learning shape is the stepping stone to learn alphabets. Hence learning shape is very much vital in a child’s education.

a. Toddler Shapes

This app lets children to play with shapes by putting shapes in the corresponding hole. Basic shapes including square, triangle, circle and star are used for this. To put a head start for basic learning in older children, alphabets and numerical models can be introduced in the app.

b. Laugh and Learn Colors Music Show for Baby

Babies can learn about colors and shapes through fun animations, interactions, sounds, dancing of shapes etc through this app. There are two different levels for growing babies.

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3. Puzzles

Puzzles can learn and stimulate the brain of little ones. With these apps, problem-solving skills can be inculcated.

a. Puzzingo

Puzzingo is an android app which helps kids to learn puzzles. Vocabulary, memory and cognitive skills of children can be improved using this app.

b. Animal puzzle

It is more like jigsaw puzzles. The difficulty level can be increased when their expertise increases.

4. Nursery Rhymes

Teaching nursery rhyme is an excellent way to increase the vocabulary and language skills of children. Memory skills can also be developed using this app.

a. Learn Music

Playing music has so many benefits to the brain. Language discrimination,development and other mental benefits can be acquired using this app.

b. Kids Piano Lite

Children can play the piano and know the basics of music with the help of this app. For making new tunes there will be songs, games and exercises.

There are benefits as well as drawbacks for smart apps. Smart apps can provide entertainment, fun, growth and development for the child. But at the same time it has many defects. Children cannot get the comfort of using stuffed dolls from smart apps. If children are obsessed with smart devices, they will get distracted from physical environment and get detached from relationships.