XYZ School was not the same before. They used to participate actively in all the cultural fests happening across the country and the students gave their best performances in all the examinations. Things changed when the school failed to recognize the contributions of a teacher who was responsible for majority of the fame the school received.

A doubt on the teacher’s potential and questions raised on what exactly she was doing for the school, caused her to quit her job and the result? The school’s reputation fell low because no one else could keep up with the work the teacher did all by herself. By the time the school authorities realized their mistake, it was too late. They lost one of the best employees any school could have.

Employees add to the strength of an organization. In the case of a school, it’s the teachers and non-teaching staff who prove to be pillars of strength. But many a time, the school authorities fail to notice the contribution of staff in the betterment of school. Of course, manually monitoring the activities of each and every employee does not work; especially in a school where the staff strength is more than 100. But, you have a solution to the problem-the Workforce Management software by Edsys.

Apart from simply recording the activities of the employees, the Workforce Management software also helps you generate reports of attendance, salary etc. Every employee will have their own profiles along with a login ID and password, which they can use to mark their attendance, apply for leaves etc.

Why you will love School Workforce Management software?

You’ll absolutely fall in love with the software for its


That include,

Seperate user accounts

User access is provided for teachers and other employees of the school to apply leaves, to mark their punch-in and out details, to enter their productivity details etc. However, the admin has access to manage the leaves, payroll etc.

Unique profiles

Every employee can create a profile of their own using the School Workforce Management software. The personal and official details of the employees can be entered there.

Maintenance of Attendance

A biometric system will be used, where the employees are supposed to punch-in for the day. If that doesn’t work, the employees can log into their profiles in the School Workforce Management portal and punch-in for the day. In case an employee fails to punch-in for the day, he/she receives a notification via mail about the same. Also, notification about the previous week’s attendance will be available to the employees on the Monday of the following week.

The attendance feature of School Workforce Management software is quite useful, in terms of payroll calculation. The attendance details for an entire month can be generated from the web portal, which can be used to calculate the payroll.

Leave Application/Management

Writing a long leave application to apply for leaves is a tiring process. You may not know how to begin or whom to address and may end up being confused. With School Workforce Management software, you can easily apply for leave sans any worries. The leave application page of the Workforce Management portal will display the number of leaves remaining, in terms of casual leave, medical leave, earned leave, loss of pay etc. Also, the status of the leave you applied will be shown in the sub menu under the leaves section. The school principal or the department head will approve the leave.

Salary Processing

Manual payroll calculation is a horrendous job. You’ll have to collect details of leaves taken, calculate the number of working days and lot more to calculate the salary of an employee. Imagine doing the same for may be 50 or 100 people! The payroll feature of School Workforce Management software makes the job lot easier. Also, HR managers can generate digital pay slips without any trouble. Employees can view their salary details by simply logging into the Workforce Management Portal, which can be retrieved on a monthly basis.

Daily Productivity

Employees can enter their activities for the day in the School Workforce Management portal, which the employers can use to monitor the productivity of the employee. It helps them to analyze the performances of teachers and other staff.


The School Workforce management software proves to be equally useful for the school management as well as for the teachers and other non-teaching staff mainly due to its easy functionality and ability to convert even the toughest tasks related to school management to something very easy and manageable.

  • Both the staff and employers can keep track of the employee’s performance through School workforce management software. This helps them identify the areas the employee is good at and those areas they need improvement in and give training to improve the skills of the employee. This adds to the productivity
  • Keeping track of an employee’s productivity gives an idea of what the employee is good at, apart from the job they do and utilize their skills for the development of the school
  • School management will become much better and easier with the School workforce management software

From tracking productivity to pay roll calculation, the School Workforce management software makes all tasks related to school management easier and hence, you cannot resist liking it!