There is no institution or establishment which remains untouched by technological advancements. One such development is school management system software, which helps to manage everyday activities of schools easily and efficiently.

While opting for this software, you must be very careful as choosing the right school management system software is important for long-term efficiency and other benefits. While selecting such software, you ought to consider several things such as features, functionality, pricing and the provider’s experience in this field. Don’t just get carried away with one attractive feature. Do  a complete assessment depending upon your needs and ensure that the software is worth it.

Here are few things to consider while looking for school management software.

Constant Upgrades

Technology moves at a fast pace. So, when selecting school management software, it is necessary to ensure it will get timely updates. Timely updates will ensure you will have the latest features available.


Before choosing a school management system software, you are supposed to test it. If you are a school owner, then you must try to know how long other schools have been using this software and whether it is working according to their needs. Picking up a software that can be dependable for a minimum of 5 years would be great.


One of the main things to consider while selecting the school management software is flexibility. When you are going to adopt some software for your school, it is necessary to know its flexibility level. The software should adapt to changes according to the needs of school, not the other way round. A software might be the best in the market. But if not suitable for your needs, it’d be useless to you.

Long Term Support

Make sure that the company you choose as a provider of your software is a well-established one having years of experience in this field. In this way, you won’t have to face any difficulty in getting essential documents or records. Moreover, you won’t have to depend on any individual if you face any problem.


Your chosen software must be designed in a way that it can scale depending upon the requirements. As the school grows, the data will also increase. The number of students, staff, and parents accessing this application will keep rising as time goes on. So, if the application is not scalable, it becomes useless. To find whether it is scalable or not, just check the track record mentioned earlier.

Ease of Use

To enjoy the maximum benefit from a management software, it should be user-friendly. Teachers will find it difficult to adopt and it will end up in a mess rather than making the work easier.

Impact on Learning

The main aim of a school is to provide knowledge to their students. So, the solution you pick up should enhance or assist with student learning. It should show you student performance intelligently. It would be advantageous to have features such as teacher improvement modules, performance monitoring, etc, There can be automated assessment tests of different types which help improve student learning.

Useful Features

It’s really important to check if the features of the software are useful for you. The features should be capable of solving your problems. Having fewer features that are 100% useful is better than having lots of features of which only 20% are useful.

So, before choosing quality school management system software, consider the above mentioned points as it might be helpful for you to avoid costly mistakes.

With the advent of 21st century, students have become smarter and learn at a face pace. During such times, it is always a delightful experience for the institution to upgrade from the old traditional model to a platform which is easy to manage as well as smart. Schools, these days, try to adopt a modern learning system with school management system software. This paves way for better administration and help teachers to interact with students and their parents on a regular basis.

Let’s get into some of the vital requirements of a school management system software.

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1. Track student performance and progress

One of the most important aspects of a software is to track student’s performance on a regular basis. As a result, the school management system software must be smart enough to let the teacher analyse performance of the student.

This will help them to track the loop holes and help students grow in the right direction. Moreover, teacher should be able to compare the performance of a student in particular and know about the overall performance of the class in general.

2. Keep a check on student attendance

School management software should come with a set of features which manages student attendance. This will help teachers make sure that the students are on time and do not engage in proxy marking. If the teacher finds absenteeism by the student, they can take required action and inform parents about the same.

3. Availability of the exam schedule at regular intervals

School Management system software should come up with a section where exams can be scheduled on a monthly basis or small assessment tests on a weekly basis. This will reduce a lot of pressure on the teachers.

The schedule should be made available to the students and their parents. In this way, they will be well-informed about the same which will help them prepare well for the upcoming test.

4. Help in two way interaction with students as well as their parents

Earlier parent-teacher meeting were held once or twice in a year to keep the parents updated about their child’s performance. But with growing complexity in the education system, parents are alert and trying to be in contact with the teacher all the time to know all about their child’s performance.

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Thus, management software should give way for effective interaction between the teaching staff and parents about students’ performance and behaviour.

5. New room facility feature to boost school’s recognition

Students who perform extraordinary in the academics or who are smart enough to make a mark in sports deserve recognition and accolades. This calls for a section in the school management system software which lists such names.

Other than this, its dynamics keeps students updated about cultural and sports news, various upcoming events and other such social events taking place in the school. This will foster the active participation of students and prepare well for the same.

Hence, there is no dearth of requirements when it comes to school management system software but few of the vital ones are listed above. When it comes to managing school, nothing does better than a management system software. Starting from taking care of the attendance to keeping up-to-date information of each student, it takes care of everything like a pro.

If you have been to a school managed by school management system software then you must have realized how easy things get done there. The school management system software is developed so as to simplify daily work. It also goes to an extent of the simplifying assessment system. Although it comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages, is the school management system software really a boon to the schools these days? Let’s find out.

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1. Maintenance of records

One of the prominent tasks to be done by the school authorities and staff is to maintain records of each student. This also means keeping a track of all the activities starting from admission till the exams.

Relying on school management software helps a lot as it makes things quite easier and saves on a lot of time. You don’t have to flip pages in register to find the required data. You are just a click away from all the useful data about a student.

2. Reduces communication gap between teachers and parents

Face-to-face meetings between students and teachers take place twice or thrice a year. This leaves less scope for discussing student’s progress with their parents. But with a school management system software, it is possible to do communication through messages, calls or emails which increases teacher – parent interaction.

Choosing advanced communication methods are an excellent way of giving all the necessary information about a student to their parents in detail. Moreover, it gives the parents boundless opportunities to keep track of their child’s performance and intellectual growth.

3. Reduced efforts during and post exams

As exams come closer, teachers are burdened with a lot of paperworks and preparations. Preparing an exam schedule, taking mock tests, helping students to revise – the list practically never ends.

But with school management system software by their side, teachers can save a lot of valuable time and complete tasks on time. Calculation of marks as well as a performance graph of the student gives more than sufficient information to track his or her progress.

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4. Effortless administration and data management

Get away with all the worries you might have about data of the school being lost. The software comes with updates where the data is stored locally, on the database as well as on the Cloud to make sure it never wipes out permanently.

The features are user-friendly and easy to learn so that a newbie can learn within minutes without much confusion.

5. Each comes with its share of disadvantages

Talk of any software, and you will surely find some of the flaws. Likewise, talking about school management system software, they do come with a hefty price which is unavoidable.

Other than this, due to increasing virus attacks, there is always a risk of software damage, leading to deletion of useful data. Many a times, reasons like slow internet connection and software performance can hamper the quality of work.

Having discussed about the pros and cons of school management system, it is obvious that the strengths overweigh the drawbacks. Overall, the school management system software will surely be a boon for teaching institute because of its flexibility, good performance and security at every level.