The discipline you learn and character you build from setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself.”

Discipline plays a vital role in maintaining a civilized life. Proper discipline can significantly decrease unnecessary chaos existing in daily life. For the effective operation of an institution like a school, discipline is very much essential.

School discipline is a system of a certain code of conduct, behavior and punishments for regulating students and making school well organized. For making teaching learning process effective, the classroom environment must be favorable and opportune.

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Here are the ten awesome tips to manage discipline issues:

1. Be Organized

If there is no proper organization in the classroom, kids feel bored and starts to misbehave. It will be better if the lessons are properly planned, make supplies ready and thus be organized in everything as possible. Always think about items that can be displaced and figure out a system that help to keep track of those items.

2. Deal with Problems Right from the Start

It is advisable to deal with problems before they become too large to handle. You can address each and every small issue happening in the classroom. A tiny mistake in discipline issue can be a nightmare in the future.

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3. Have Good Control Procedures

Certain good control procedures are developed to prevent problems. For instance, a cover sheet can help prevent children from cheating during written exams. Such procedure should be easy as possible for the students to choose the right thing and be difficult as possible for them to misbehave or take imperfect decisions.

4. Teach the Procedures Well

Making good and appropriate procedures is not enough. They should be taught to the students properly as well. Four steps involved in teaching them are:

a. Clearly explain the procedure

b. Practice it with children

c. Correct the parts that were done incorrectly

d. Repeat it constantly until they do it in the right manner

If you don’t take time to teach procedures properly, students may not follow them which leads to utter frustration.

5. Keep your Students Engaged

The more students are engaged in activities, the less they cause problems. Make sure you give interactive classes and teach the students passionately. It is better to make students involved than just giving lectures. Hence it would be advisable to make the students write while teaching.

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6. Move Around the Classroom

Most of the teachers stand at the front of the room without even moving their position. It would be a good idea to walk around as you teach. It is not only a different approach of teaching, but also helps to keep an eye on what the students are doing.

7. Develop a Rapport with the Students

If we want students to follow us, they not only need to respect us, but also create an impression that we care about them. Always be genuine, kind, approachable and ready to admit mistakes. Also, students must be given compliments, and show that you love them. With the above qualities, you will be able to create a good rapport with students.

8. Be Professional

Rather than becoming a too friendly teacher, try to become a good mentor. Interactions must be made friendly but not familiar.

9. Require Students to Clear their Desks

Students should be asked to keep only the required items on the desk. When desks are cleared, teachers will be able to know exactly about the activities done by their students. Teachers will have better control of students.

10. Establish Structure First

Train students to work and do their activity in a structured environment. Once they understand the structure, they should be able to work in an unstructured environment without losing control.

All these tips help to manage disciplinary issues in school. No institution can be operated successfully without proper maintenance of discipline. Hence, discipline should be given top priority.

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