There are many puzzles that improve the mind power of children. However, there is one that does not need an introduction. Sporting a colorful and compact cube with 6 faces, each divided into 9 cells, this is the Rubik’s Cube with each face showing a different color.

Solving a Rubik’s Cube is not only for playing but children can hone their brain power making several moves with the cube so that every face shows up one color. If you are interested in introducing your child to this unique and engaging puzzle, here are the numerous ways your child will be better recognized as smart and intelligent.

  1. An Open-Ended Puzzle That Needs No Instructions

Topping the list of advantages a Rubik’s Cube comes with, it is an open-ended puzzle that does not require your child to refer to an instruction manual. There are no hard and fast rules to arrive at a solution. You simply put the cube in the hands of your child and you can see his/her eyes gleam with happiness and excitement with small victories. No rule book or cheat codes are needed to understand the intent of the designer. It is a simple, but not-so-easy puzzle to solve. However, your child who will get to understand the aim of the puzzle will try different moves and combinations to solve it in multiple ways.

  1. Promotes Problem-Solving Abilities

Gift your child a Rubik’s Cube and you will be sharpening his/her problem-solving abilities. Your child, through trial and error method will get to learn the importance of every move which will either get them close to the solution or take him away. Your child will try to solve the puzzle by focusing on multiple patterns. This entire process of trying out multiple moves will pave the way for him to develop a clear understanding of the process of problem-solving.

He/she will also try to visualize the spatial impact of every move and will be promoted to eliminate the combination that does not get him close to the solution. Eventually, he will try to establish a pattern of moves that will get him closer to the goal of showing up a majority of faces with similar colored cells.

  1. Determination and Focus – The Two Important Traits Bestowed By the Puzzle

Any puzzle that employs the trial-and-error method allows the player to indulge in multiple moves to solve it. Through this repeated exercise of toggling between various possibilities and combinations of faces and cells, your child will begin to strengthen his/her determination to solve the puzzle.

Speaking of having a better focus, your child will be able to concentrate on the task at hand. He/she will attempt to apply all his/her mental abilities to tackle the puzzle with an enhanced level of confidence. Here comes another attraction. Since there is no hard and fast rule to complete this puzzle, every time your child picks up the puzzle, they will arrive at the solution in a unique way that was so different from the earlier moves they made. This feature demonstrates the fact that they are multiple ways to solve a problem, provided you put your heart and soul into seeking the solution.

  1. Eye-Hand Coordination Tagged to the Brain

With the Rubik’s cube in hand, your child will enjoy the benefits of a sharper brain that stems from a solid eye-hand coordination. Paving the way to improve their memory, your child will experience better reaction time coupled with an enhanced agility and attention span. While the mind is racing through a number of alternative moves, the eyes and hands of your child will be put to their optimum use; in perfect unison. Thus, a learning system evolves through the perfect amalgamation of various human reflexes.

  1. All about Skill and Nothing to do with Luck

Toggling with the puzzle builds the confidence levels of your child with every small victory. He/she will begin to enjoy a sense of accomplishment of a job done well with a strong belief that they can solve any puzzle. Believing in the concept that nothing is impossible, they will try their level best to solve the puzzle and stay ahead of their peers of their age.

It calls for a great deal of skill to work around the 43 quintillion combinations that the Rubik’s cube can come up with. Here, luck does not have any role to play. Success is guaranteed for children who put their innate and acquired skills to test. Through the multiple moves that your child makes to complete the puzzle, he/she is slowly inching towards bigger challenges that higher education will throw at him. Thus, Rubik’s Cube will sharpen his/her mind.

  1. Observational Skills Lead to a Host of Other Positive Traits

Your child will be glued to the puzzle once he/she starts observing it keenly. They will begin to enjoy a pattern of experimenting and taking note of patterns that will get them close to the winning post. They will also start to draw conclusion and will patiently make moves that will bring him closer to the goal but are time-taking. They will also move on with a sense of perseverance, with all eyes on the puzzle. Eventually, with regular practice, all these brainy activities will help your child identify his/her love for a particular profession that will shape him up into a man of multiple abilities.

  1. The Rewards Are Aplenty

Success with a Rubik cube comes with all the faces sporting cells of the same color. Your child who has taken baby steps to solve the puzzle will now enjoy the satisfaction of applying his/her own abilities. As a child attuned to all the moves of a Rubik’s cube, he/she can become the apple of your eye when they will be cheered in a crowd for their problem-solving abilities. Your child who will improve his/her cognitive abilities will tread the path of better thinking and memory; all thanks to the Rubik’s cube puzzle. He/she can also proudly carry the mantle of an intelligent problem solver who can attract the attention of the management of schools and colleges to offer them scholarships.

  1. The Mind Takes On Center Stage

Tagged as a mechanical 3-D puzzle that can improve the awareness about spaces, toying with this cube hones the analytical abilities of your child. They will be able to recognize images while their brain will work in the direction of seeing these images in the context of the surroundings. It is through the regular movement of the 9 faces on the cube that your child will be able to fine-tune his/her abilities concerning visual and spatial intelligence.

  1. The Ultimate Feel of Victory

Mastery comes through practice. This is so true with the Rubik’s cube when your child will cherish and relive the satisfaction of solving it. Hence it comes as an intelligent move to introduce him to this innovative and multi-faceted puzzle for him to experience the ultimate feeling of victory which can be cherished for life.

  1. A Puzzle to Keep Boredom at Bay

Dealing with a hyperactive kid or a child who gets bored very easily? You have a perfect solution to all such woes. Simply place a Rubik’s cube in his/her hand and you will be helping them to feed the right things into their brain. Not allowing their mind to wander, the puzzle will help him break a particular task into simple and multiple steps. Introduce your child to this leisure activity to get benefitted from all the above physical and brain-centric advantages that the colorful Rubik’s cube has in store.


All in an attempt to raise smart children, the onus is on the guardians to introduce them to such brainy puzzles early on. Get them to play with the cube when their brains are in the stage of development. Solving Rubik’s cube is an activity that will hasten the development of your child’s brain in one or more ways; transforming them into smart individuals.