With the influence of digital technology, the way faculties teach lessons and how students perceive it has changed a lot.

In today’s student-centered classrooms, teachers play the role of guides or motivators while students study themselves.

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Irrespective of the change in the educational system, we have seen that many of the students fail to succeed and the reasons behind it have remained almost the same over the decades.

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There were many studies conducted to figure out the exact reasons why students fail despite the larger influence of modern educational technology.

Lack of motivation and perseverance, the absence of preparation and effort, poor time management and a lot of other external factors were seen in the list.

Even when the reasons remain more or less the same, the perspective of a student and faculty to the same problem is different.

Here let us have a look at some of the most important reasons why students fail according to the faculty’s perspective.

1. Lack of preparation

Many students approach the studies with an easy mindset and they do not feel the importance of proper preparation.

This is one of the main reasons why many students fail despite having all the top class educational facilities.

Teachers and parents should make sure that students have a proper understanding of the study phase in their life.

They should give them proper guidance and advice on how to utilize the time fruitfully to lay a better platform for the future.

That is why it is important to challenge them on preparedness while providing them enough free time to relax and enjoy.

2. An absence of Motivation or Interest

Not being active learners is another reason why some students fail and the lack of motivation and interest is the cause behind it.

Parents and teachers should take the role of motivators in a student life and this helps them to easily relate the significance of studies to real life.

It is important to inspire them to set goals for life and work hard towards achieving it.

The absence of passion or interest can be a hindrance in their success journey.

So invest some time to let students understand the importance of taking up opportunities in life and be dedicated to tasting success.

3. Lack of Effort

This is another key reason why students fail and not see any progress in their lifetime.

This category of students tends to satisfy with grade C or D and never realize the significance of trying for better grades.

The faculties are greatly worried about the mindset of such students who are not ready to make an effort to better their grades.

Even when they provide them opportunities such as retests, extra classes or home assignments, they lack a drive from within to give some effort and better their positions.

4. Personality issues

This problem varies with each student and the reasons can be hard to find and get corrected.

Some students may be lacking peace of mind due to the way they are raised or they may be worried about their parent’s conduct.

Some others may lack a social connection and stay isolated from the classmates and institution.

Maintaining good relationships with faculties and classmates and being an active learner are all factors that lead to their success.

The faculties may arrange talk sessions or seminars for weak performing students and try to sort out their personal problems and see if they can do something to better their condition.

5. Lack of perseverance

Students should understand that learning is an ongoing process and it is not something that can be stopped in a matter of years.

Even when the priorities change in life, they should dedicate a considerable time for proper learning to succeed in life.

One should not take life easy and give valuable dedication to overcome the unexpected obstacles and challenges life offers you.

Thinking that success in life comes easy leads to wrong hopes and expectations.

6. Not Ready For College 

High school phase is the most important time when the student gets a foundation for the advanced level learning.

However, those students who take the phase lightly seem to be not ready for college.

When they approach college with an easy mind, the challenges and obstacles around them seem a burden for them.

Their poor note-taking skills, presentation and organization skills, and poor study habits they followed in school will backfire them once they enter the college phase.

7. Economic issues

This is a factor affecting a larger section of students.

They may not afford the bus fare to travel every day to school or buy additional resources to help them in their study.

This category of students will have an urge to study hard and experience success but the economic situations are taking them backward.

They may not afford to have a computer or internet connection at home which has become indispensable elements in today’s education.

8. Poor Educational System

Despite the advancements in the industry, a poor system can spoil a student’s learning and winning attitude.

The lack of incorporating diverse learning and teaching styles may affect a set of students who do not prefer the presently followed style.

The faculty’s attitude and behaviour towards students can be another reason behind their failure.

Helping them to set a good roadmap towards success and lifting them up in their small failures can give them a lot of positive energy.

9. Poor Time Management

Managing time efficiently and using the available time for the right purpose is important.

A student should know to fix his priorities in life and dedicate the time for the learning.

Wasting the time for the living areas that need the least priority and placing studies later in the list is another reason for the academic failure for most of the students.

The college students keep apart the same time for learning which they used to keep in high school learning which may be inappropriate in most cases which they realize late in life.

10. Lazy Mentality

Another set of students who experience academic failure seem to have a lazy mentality towards life.

They fail to think for themselves and they hardly spare any time to analyze what actually they want in life.

The lack of being solution oriented and the inability to take responsibility for their deeds or learning can be a setback for them in their advanced studies.

A student should be able to develop an independent mindset rather than depending on others to make decisions for them.

11. Fear of Failure

One of the first few things to teach students is that failures are stepping stones to success.

They should be raised in a comfortable system where they accept failures and success as part of their life.

Fear of failure is one among the top reasons why many students fail. They tend to have a negative attitude towards progress and they never take a step to better their grades once they fail in life.

That is why it is important to teach them to learn from failures and quickly move on in life.

12. Lack of Thinking Skills

A good student should have the ability to think well which is lacking in most of the present era students.

This is another reason why some students fail in practical sessions. Teachers should challenge them to think critically, analytically and creatively to become good learners and apply theory in practical life.

This will help them to analyze situations better and solve problems in a much smarter way.

13. Procrastination

Last but not least, the lack of good study habits is affecting the success rate of students to a larger extreme.

They don’t take any effort to study the daily lessons and not practice the problems regularly.

The pending portions to study get piled up at the end and they make a futile effort to study it all together just days before the exam.

Also, a lot of factors are distracting their focus for study and some of them get diverted from their study goals.

If you go through the reasons, it is pretty clear that faculties can play a key role in helping students to succeed.

Whether it is motivating them or helping them overcome their fear of failure, teachers can play the role of positive mentors who can make a drastic change in the overall output.

Moreover, the educational institutions can come up with seminars, campaigns or motivational programs to help students to identify the reasons why they fail and help them overcome it.

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Identifying these factors at the right time and giving them solutions to come over it can really boost their spirit of succeeding despite all obstacles that come their way.

Also, parents need to give moral support to their kids and make sure that they have a peaceful ambiance at home to study well.

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