The much-awaited Indian festival of lights, Diwali is just around the corner.

Also called as Deepavali, this festival marks the celebration of togetherness, love, and sharing.

Why not use this time to get away from the hectic study spree and steal slices of joy through fun games and endeavors?

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Students need this break and so do the teachers! So let the fun begin!

Enlisted below are 15 creative ideas for festive Diwali Games and activities that will fill the spirit of Diwali in every student.

1. Hand-Made Greeting Cards

How about helping kids to make some cards with their own hands through the use of some paint and paper? Sounds cool, isn’t it?

To inspire your kids into making these greeting cards, you may show them some downloaded images.

The internet is full of greeting cards which can prompt kids to come up with personalized cards, filled with pictures of family members and friends.

2. Creative Expressions

Diwali is an apt festival to push the creative instincts of your kids.

If you notice your kids’ interest with words, you may encourage them to write poems and essays about the Diwali celebrations.

An additional step that can give a fillip to their writing skills would be to post their writings on either your Facebook page or your blog for your friends and family to appreciate and comment on their gift of expression.

3. Festival Time is Quiz Time

Motivate your students to partake in a quiz about topics they love. Teachers can step in to divide the class into groups, allowing one group to quiz the competing group.

An interesting tip here would be to appreciate the knowledge of the winning kids’ team with prizes and gifts.

4. Girly Stuff

Try out this activity with young girls. You may collect the shells of pistachios and encourage her to churn out exciting jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings.

You can also provide them with an idea to slice kiwi fruits and dry them before using the slices to make attractive earrings and necklaces.

Craft items like glitters, threads, and paints can be used to design beautiful hand-made jewelry.

5. The ‘Go Green’ Project

Given the fact that air pollution levels rise to their maximum on account of bursting firecrackers during Diwali, organize a competition to create an environmental project.

This will encourage them to browse the internet about the harmful effects of Diwali crackers and handhold them to finish an environmental-friendly educational project titled ‘How to Go Green This Diwali?’ Such an act would be infotainment for kids to absorb the positives and negatives about Diwali.

6. Set The Stage for Some Musical Chairs

Another fun-filled Diwali Games/activity especially meant for kids during Diwali would be to set up a musical chairs’ competition.

Teachers can play popular movie songs and cheer their kids who keep running around a circle of chairs till such time the music stops.

The kid who finally gets to sit on the last chair will be crowned the winner of the game.

7. Japanese Creativity Comes Home

Try out the origami activity in the class. Kids have an innate love for colors and creativity.

This is one of the best activities to drive engagement and hone their skills of the craft.

Depending on their age, these origami sessions could be taken to the next level.

Try getting them to make innovative Diwali lanterns and other artifacts for decorating classrooms and home.

8. Colors to Beautify Your relationships

The light and shine of every Indian festival- the Rangoli is the most loved art by every kid in the block.

Encourage students to come up with innovative Rangoli designs. Form teacher-student groups in schools and organize a contest.

All the groups will then compete with each other to showcase their spirit of creativity and innovation through their Rangoli. This also calls for a major student-teacher bonding session.

9. Watch Budding Master Chefs Churn Out Festive Treats

If you have identified the culinary streak in your students, you can use this festive season to get them involved with the art of cooking and food presentation.

Introduce the ‘junior chef in the making’ to some of the Diwali delicacies like laddoos and kheer.

Teachers can lend a helping hand to such kids to pick and choose a recipe that interests them the most and help them prepare it.

10. Let Kids Enjoy The Famous Game of Numbers

Tambola is a favorite indoor Diwali Games of numbers that can be enjoyed by families, especially during Diwali holidays.

Elders can involve kids in this Diwali Games by prompting them to creatively describe a particular number that is picked up from the lot. That way, kids will enjoy this game and will also get to try their luck with winning some prizes as well.

11. Role Play or Storytelling

The legends of Diwali celebration always tell us how good triumphs over the evil.

There are so many accounts in mythology that vindicate the significance of the festival.

Schools can organize “relive the mythology” contests wherein students can be asked to narrate chronicles from the epics and spread awareness about the values and morals of Vedic literature.

12. Painting Diyas and Diya Lighting Competition

You can welcome the festival of lights into your homes with beautifully painted diyas.

Diyas can showcase the creativity in your kids when you allow them to shade these in vibrant hues, using watercolors and paints. Once done, you can light this diyas and proudly announce to your visitors that your kids completed this ‘diya painting’ activity.

Alternatively, you may also conduct a ‘diya lighting’ competition amongst kids. The kid who lights the maximum number of diyas within a pre-set time frame can be declared the winner.

13. May The Most Well-Dressed Kid Win

A fancy dress contest is another innovative Diwali Games means to get students in touch with a prominence of the festival.

The theme could be anything ranging from mythological characters in the legends of Diwali or the colors of Diwali.

Teachers can even lighten up the take on professing the teachings by organizing a cosplay of various cartoons.

14. The Beauty of Paper Firecrackers

Certainly, the enjoyable festival of Diwali has a flipside to it which manifests in the form of harmful effects due to burning firecrackers.

In addition to encouraging kids to work on a ‘Go Green Diwali Project’, you may also engage them with exciting craft activities.

You can sit with them and assist them to create beautiful paper firecrackers like rockets and sparklers.

Once done, you can proudly display all these hand-made artifacts on your walls for that much-awaited festive look and feel.

15. Plan a Kid-Hosted Party

To do this, all you need to do is to plan a Diwali party as well as a Diwali Games in school. Teachers can rope in kids to come up with their preferences about the sweets that should be prepared along with the festive menu for guests.

Involving kids in every stage of Diwali party planning will enhance their planning skills alongside nurturing their interpersonal interactions between friends and families.

You may also host a potluck, asking for families to bring in different home-made dishes to your kid-hosted Diwali party.

This activity will not only be fun but will stem the social bug in each student, giving them the confidence to attend to guests and interact in social gatherings.

Key Takeaways

The forthcoming festival of lights provides umpteen options to engage both students and teachers.

As far as kids are concerned, Diwali will be an apt festival to learn about many things while spending this festival in the most memorable manner.

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The above-described fun-filled activities and Diwali Games will help Teachers and students; establish a strong bond to celebrate many more such bright occasions in the years to come.

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