Known as one of the most challenging entrance tests in the country, IIT-JEE exam allows students to find a place in one of the prestigious IITs for the study of engineering.

In order to tackle and successfully crack IIT-JEE, you have to systematically structure your study patterns.


Your academic knowledge has to be strong, but that’s not the only criteria. You have to work on building analytical skills, situational intelligence and time management skills.

This article discusses highly effective tips to tackle IIT-JEE exam this year.

Tips to prepare Physics

1. Invest Time in Memorizing Formulas

Almost every concept in physics involves one or more formulas. As you study the subject, you find out the importance of formulas. Remembering those formulas is extremely important for you in order to solve problems and memorize concepts.

You have to divide a fixed time for learning new formulas every day and revising the old ones. At the same time, keep using the learned formulas in solving problems. The more you use, the better they are retained in your brain.

2. Understand Formula Derivation

In the study of physics, every concept is related to some other concept. This relationship gets visible if you look at the derivations of formulas.

By learning the derivations of formulas, you will become aware of the world of physics as a whole. Every concept is interconnected to others and you can decipher those connections by understanding and learning the derivations of formulas.

With that, the chances of forgetting formulas diminish. Even if you do forget a formula, you can use the derivation to resolve your confusion.

3. Strengthen High Scoring Topics

Smart studying is critically important if you want to crack IIT-JEE. You need to list topics that are high scoring and make them your strengths first.

Mechanics is one such topic, as it usually offers high scoring opportunities.

Similarly, you can work hard to make Thermodynamics your strength, as it is a common topic in Physics as well as Chemistry.

4. Solve Questions and Practice Papers Every Week

It is good to test yourself and see the results of your weekly efforts. You can do that by solving as many questions as possible on a weekly basis. Give yourself a question assignment to complete in a week. You can also indulge in online practice tests to check your topic-wise strengths in the subject.

Tips to prepare Chemistry

1. Memorize and practice the concept of Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry is about fixed concepts and their processes. Memorize some concepts and practice them consistently to get a hold.

Start with the study of elements and their reactions in different conditions and scenarios. Keep making a list of important reactions for every chapter you cover. This will help in finding the reactions that commonly re-occur in multiple chapters.

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Also, make a list of important concepts for every chapter you study. Make sure that you choose highly important concepts that help you revise the whole chapter in one go. So, avoid adding unnecessary points in the summary list for every chapter.

2. Understand the processes in Organic Chemistry

Memorizing chemical formulas and practicing reactions are important in Organic Chemistry too. But this part of Chemistry requires more attention to the process of reactions.

The process stays the same, so you would immediately know what type of reaction you have in front of you and how to work with it.

3. Divide your revision pattern intro Equations, Topics, Mechanisms, and Problems

When you study a chapter, you learn topics, concepts, mechanisms, equations and solve problems altogether. But this can’t be a systematic method of revising topics.

When revising Chemistry, you can divide your strategy into four parts. These four parts include equations, topics, mechanisms, and problems.

So, you can focus on one aspect of revision at a time. This way, your mind creates a sorted memory of everything you revise.

Tips to prepare Mathematics

1. Pick your Favorite Topics Alternatively

Mathematics requires a consistent interest if you want to build conceptual understanding. You have to give your heart in learning concepts, formulas and making it your own when solving problems.

A great study strategy is learning one of your favorite chapters, then, working on a chapter you dislike or feel uncomfortable about. This way, you can make your strong chapters stronger and work to improve your weak topics as well.

And as you are studying your favorite topics alternatively, it keeps the interest in your study.

2. Work on Accuracy and Speed with Mock Tests

As mentioned before, cracking IIT-JEE is not just about your academic knowledge. This theory applies to all the subjects, especially in mathematics. You have to work a lot on your accuracy and speed together, if you want to attempt every question successfully.

Mock test services are available online and offline both. You can choose a reputed service and utilize mock tests to improve your stamina. Regular mock test practice will allow you to see how much accuracy is compromised when you have to restrict your brain with time limitation. Sometimes, the lack of proper time restricts your ability to think clearly and stresses your mind. That’s why you need mock test practices.

3. Don’t stop any Chapter without Completing every Practice Question

You can choose your books as per your choice or the suggestions of your teacher.

But no matter what, you can’t move to a new chapter just because you have completed learning all the concepts and formulas.

Solving a few practice questions is also not enough. You have to finish every practice question provided in the book and provided by your teacher.

There are so many chapters and every chapter contains practice questions. If you postpone practice questions for another day, that day will never come. Moreover, your concepts will get weaker with time, as you haven’t practiced them on solving questions.

4. Define your Strategies Depending on the Time Availability

Your study pattern for mathematics has to depend on the time you have in hand before the exams.

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For instance, digging deeper into a chapter is effective during the initial stages of preparation. But that would be a bad study strategy during the last stage of preparation.

If you have only 2 to 3 months before the exam, give your whole time to practicing questions from previous years’ papers.

Tips to prepare your Mind and Body

1. Meditate

The mind of a student who prepares for IIT-JEE goes through an immense level of stress on a daily basis. Sure systematic study patterns help in reducing stress. But the concerns and self-doubt start pressurizing your mind as the exam dates come near.

You need to believe in yourself and that is only possible if you learn to control your thoughts. Build a habit of giving at least 15 minutes to meditate. This is not too much time, you can easily find 15 minutes at the end of the day to meditate.

Simply, sit in a quiet room with dim lighting and focus on the tip of your fingers. Regular meditation will help you rejuvenate your mind and allow you to concentrate better.

2. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day

Students, who compromise sleep to study more, need a reality check. Not getting enough sleep reduces your IQ level and kills your brain cells too. Even simple things like figuring out left and right directions become difficult if you constantly compromise your sleep.

For a healthy mind and body, you require 7 to 8 hours of sleep every 24 hours. No need to exceed this time, as sleeping for more than 8 hours is also harmful to your mind and body.

3. Eat Healthy

Have someone design a healthy diet plan for you. And follow your diet on a daily basis. Don’t avoid any meal or rely on too much junk food. Bad food choices and empty stomach directly impact your ability to think.

Include green vegetables, a moderate amount of protein and carbs in your diet. Have fruit juices and have dry fruits when you need snacks.

Final words

IIT-JEE tests your academic capacity along with the ability to think actively and make critical decisions.

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The tips offered in this article cover the most effective ways to tackle IIT-JEE. All you need is your determination now and self-discipline to achieve your goal.